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on January 6, 2012
This review is based on my first 6 six days. Day 7 begins tomorrow ... WooHoo!

I am loving this 28-Day Bootcamp! This is what I wrote about my Day 1 experience on Sparkpeople.com "This was a little tougher than I thought, but a very good workout! Although I will admit the warm could be a workout [in] itself. I had to be careful with the grapevine/mambo turns as I was working out on carpet, so the turns were a bit of a challenge. I like the idea of clicking the day on the calendar that takes you to the workout. I originally thought I had to click the warm/workout/cool down separately. Nice feature."

I disagree with one of the posts that this dvd is not for beginners. Beginners can follow this fitness routine - Jewel, featured on the right, does an excellent job at the modifying the moves. And the moves can be modified even more. I have a shoulder/back injury so I'm limited with some of the moves. If you have never done a particular move before, of course it will seem difficult at first, but keep going, keep moving. If you find that you have two left feet, take your time, you WILL get it. If you work out on carpet, the mambo turns will be a challenge or just don't turn. I weigh 219, and consider myself an advanced beginner/intermediate exerciser.

I have nothing negative to say about this dvd. Coach Nicole's positive attitude upbeat attitude keeps you going and her cuing is excellent. The 28-Day Calendar is by far, the best feature I've seen - well structured! More fitness dvds should be like this. Just click and your right where you need to be to get started!

And Ditto on Exercise Junkie's review ....

EDITED - On 1/28/2012 I completed the 28-Day Boot Camp dvd. I am happy to report that I successfully met my two goals.

The first was committing to ALL 28 days. Other than adding in a little cardio on rest days - I accomplished what I set out to do from the start, complete the program - no excuses, no distractions.

My second goal, which was to release 5 lbs. I was super excited when I finished Day 28 - the feeling that I accomplished is beyond words - it was a great feeling.

Sunday morning, 1/29/2012 - I stepped on the scale for my final weigh-in.
Start Weight - 219.4
Goal Weight 214
End Weight - 213.8
TOTAL RELEASED - 5.6LBS WooHoo! I did it I did it!!!

Although I did not take measurements, I can definitely feel a difference in my clothes. They fit just right, not snug or hug my body like before starting bootcamp.

Coach Nicole was easy to follow and her cuing was superb. I teetered between watching Jewel for modifications and toward the end of the 28 days I would try a few of the advanced moves. I was aiming for Progress NOT perfection.

Currently I am following another program for cardio, but incorporating the 28-day boot camp strength training. Although the strength training kicked my butt, it was just what the doctor ordered. I can see the definition in my arms and legs. Thanks Sparkpeople, Coach Nicole, Linsey and Jewel ... you ROCK!

I'm sure that most people look forward to the last day of any boot camp and I'll admit I was, but I am looking forward to Round 2 in March!
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on December 21, 2014
More motivating than 30 day shred, and much more variety in the moves which keeps it way more interesting. I first tried 30 day shred and the tone of that dvd is a harping " give it all you can so we can get outta here". With JM's constant verbal reminders about how hard it is, how its only 20 minutes so its gotta be hard, look how hard the girls are working etc etc.. it always made me feel like I just wish it was over already.

Not so with this one, Coach Nicole gives off such a different vibe about working out that is pleasantly motivating. Though it is hard, I don't find myself wishing it was over as I am doing it. And even though the dvd has a clock countdown on the screen, which I love, somehow the clock helps with the motivation. I just finished the 28 day program and was not bored at all...and a few of those days are 30+ minutes. I also love the days off and I plan to do this video again a few times, since several levels are presented throughout and my goal right now is to get in better overall shape.

I also finished 28 days injury free thanks to her reminders on what to focus on. As far as the fancy footwork complaints, I don't like grapevine either so I substitute a move I loved from 30 day shred, the " skater' move. It's cardio, she often tells you that also, so ...anything you do to get your heart rate up ,in good form, is going to do the job. The boxing arm/ footwork is really hard for me to coordinate, but I really want to learn that so I keep trying and just keep moving and laughing at my uncoordinated mistakes.

Lastly, here's what i have learned over the years about protecting my knees and back..in case this helps someone else.Though I have always had a physical job I never was athletic and over the years I hurt myself most every time I tried to work out. The fine points of form can be subtle if you are starting, or, if like me, you are overly enthusiastic about giving it your all.

First, if you don't have a lot of strength be careful not to do moves by throwing your weight around, its really important to pay attention to form and control so you will gain strength in your muscles. Also, you want to use your big muscles to protect your knees and back. I used to squat and lunge by pushing my body down which threw the weight forward on my knees; I have learned to push back and down to use my leg muscles and protect my knees. On the ab work on the mats I am learning to really focus on feeling it in the abs, not the neck, shoulders, arms. etc..

All in all I like this the best of any exercise video and after a few times through I will be looking for others by Nicole. For the curious, I did not magically lose any weight on either program, but then again, I did not change my eating or scotch habit either :-)) My current goal is to get stronger and in better physical shape, then I will work on the 15 or 20 pounds I'd like to lose.

Edit 2/15 I completed this tape again and went back to 30 day shred. I found Level 3 of that to be the perfect transition after two rounds with this video.
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on May 20, 2013
Coach Nicole really delivers with this work out dvd.

In general, I dislike exercise videos. I get annoyed by cheesy routines that usually make me feel like a lunatic bouncing around my home office. I get tired of the perky, fake attitudes of the instructors.

But this routine is different!!

This dvd gives me plenty of variety to keep me from getting bored. I can change up my routine whenever I want, and not feel like I'm messing up my exercise regimen. The flexibility keeps me motivated.

And Nicole's personality keeps me motivated, too! She comes across as down-to-earth and friendly, not condescending or aloof like I've seen on various different exercise videos.

I appreciate the different levels of challenge to choose from. You can start out with minimal exertion and work your way up to some very challenging moves.

Personally, I started seeing exciting results quickly. I was very out of shape after having two kids--not obese, and no one would have even called me fat, but I knew I wasn't looking or feeling the way I should. Even just the warm-up routine bested me the first time I did it. At one point Nicole says, "We're not working out yet," and I just groaned! But soon I noticed improvement, and with persistence, now I'm able to handle any of the routines without feeling like I'm dying. I am really proud of the results I'm seeing physically--toned muscles and decreased weight. But even more importantly, I'm excited about the major increase in energy and mood improvement I'm enjoying.

I can't say enough good about this dvd and sparkpeople in general. As a devoted reader of amazon reviews, I'm hoping this little review I've written will encourage you to meet your fitness goals using this dvd. I haven't been disappointed in the least.

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on April 4, 2012
This is a great exercise DVD for all fitness levels, in my opinion. Nicole gives choices for each level, and you can start small and go more intense, etc. But the thing I like the most about this video, is that I can do the MOST in the shortest amount of time. She is very creative in using one move to stregthen a few muscles at a time. I like this because for me personally, being a full-time Mom of 2 active little boys, I've got to work out fast while I can! ;) I walk away after the workout, feeling like I worked many muscles simultaneously. I love that!!
One more positive point is that she gives you a 28 day workout plan, so you literally go to that screen on the DVD and press the day of your workout and it brings you right to it. That's another plus for busy exercisers...And if you don't like that, you can obviously make your own plan.
I don't have a con for this video, other than some might initially look at the DVD and think of it as simple(that is, before you do the workouts!) I will admit that it is not a high budget video in technology, but for what it lacks in that way it makes up for it by far in fitness technique. And I think that this is what most of us are looking for right??
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on March 10, 2017
I love, love, love this dvd. It's not boring. It doesn't stay on the same exercise for a long time, which I love! I was surprised when my muscles were sore the next day, since I'm in good shape and the moves weren't complicated at all. I wish there were more dvds like this!
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on February 1, 2012
I really enjoyed Coach Nicole's 28 Day Boot Camp DVD. The routines were pretty easy to follow. I am pretty much out of shape, only doing some walking, and so I found the workouts challenging. However the adaptations really helped!

The music is not obtrusive. It has a decent beat but it is not loud or overpowering. The set is not distracting (I wish I had such a wide area to work out in). I just love the trainers. Coach Nicole leads the workouts and does the intermediate level. On the left is Lindsay, so does the higher level and on the right is Jewel, who does the lower level. I really appreciated having Jewel demonstrate adaptations for the routines where I could not keep up with Coach Nicole. I didn't feel bad because I couldn't keep up.

I really like the fact that there is a clock in right hand corner that counts down each routine. It helped to know how much longer there was - when it was really hard I felt like "I can do this for just 4 more minutes". I think without the timer I would have quit on some of the routines before they were done.

I guess this might not be intense enough for hardcore exercise DVD users, but I found it really challenging but not to the point where I felt like quitting. I really like the fact that you can mix up the workouts and choose shorter ones on days when you don't have a lot of time but still want to get in a workout. I think it would be a good workout for the "lighter" days for those at the highest levels.

I would recommend it for anyone!
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on April 3, 2017
To challenging for large beginner
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on August 24, 2015
I love this work out video. Coach Nicole offers an easy to follow work out, and I especially love that the workouts are laid out in a monthly format so it's easy to keep track - you can just pick the day of the week you're on and start working out! It increases intensity as you go thru the month, but they are all really good workouts! I've been recommending it to my friends as a good alternative to some of the other fitness routines out there (I have Jillian Michaels 20 minute workouts and to me she is not motivating rather more demeaning, Coach Nicole is more inspiring to work out with).
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on December 26, 2013
I am trying to lose weight. And I was going to gym to do cardio workouts. After a while I heard that cardio workout itself is not enough for weight loss. I had to to strengthen my muscles as well. I didn't know what to do and searching throughout internet for workouts which would be best for a beginner like me. At some point, I found sparkpeople.com, which is full of workout videos (and also hundreds of articles on healthy life style, food, exercises etc.). I watched several workout videos and loved the way that Coach Nicole teaches.
28 Day Boot Camp has a 28 day workout program, where you can start with short cardio workouts and gradually work more on muscles. I think this is perfect for a beginner. You can also mix and match any workouts you like in the DVD. You don't have to follow the program.
Summary: I think it's great.
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on May 15, 2017
OK. Just didn't interest me though so I didn't follow through with it
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