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on February 12, 2012
Size and feel: The size is slightly smaller than the otterbox iPhone case. (For those of you that don't know what an otterbox is, look here :OtterBox Universal Defender Case for iPhone 4 (Black Silicone & Black Plastic) It is as sturdy as the otterbox, with the same bulky feeling without the rubbery texture. Instead, it has a rigid plastic feel. The size is not overwhelming at all... For those of you that are borderline violent with your phone, this case will suite you...

Does it interfere with anything?
All buttons, ports are easily accessible... Does not block the camera, speakers, microphone, etc. It was designed handsomely well.
Be careful with third party accessories! Non apple chargers, and head phone jacks may not fit here... ("L" shaped headphone may struggle to fit into this case, depending on the thickness of the jacks). There is nothing magnetic here (so there is no possibility of erasing your credit card information)

How does the wallet work?
Inside the "wallet" portion of the case is a rubber protrusion (about half a square inch right where the "apple" logo is on the phone)...It keeps pressure on the cards to provide that "snugness". When its new, its ridiculously tight... (2 cards will be perfect) 3 cards will hold up the line at the grocery store while you take out cards... You can break the snugness in by sticking 4 cards in there (perpendicular to the phone for easy removal) for about a day.

Screen Protection:
Unfortunately, unlike the otterbox, there is no plastic film. However the case does protrude in the front, (I wanna say about the thickness of two credit cards)

Can I carry cash?
I do not think this case is practical for cash. You could put just cash without the cards, but I feel clumsy folding the bill twice and finding an optimal way to keep it there. You could wrap cash around your cards... But I fear old bills may rip...

This case is excellent for the minimalist. A drivers license and a single credit card. (Perhaps a 3rd for a school ID for your cafeteria). If you want additional capabilities, you will have to continue your search. I enjoy this case because I can still hold it and use it like a phone (Unlike those other iPhone case-wallets that are bi-fold and makes things REALLY bulky). I have easy access to the touch interface screen.

Easy removal?;
Unfortunately no. This is the most difficult case I've had to remove (although I personally do not mind as I only remove them when they break). Its not impossible, but it will take more effort than other cases. It will be up to you to decide if this "wallet-case" is worth the difficulty in removing the case... For me, I got the hang of it after the third time I removed the case. You may have different experiences.

Happy Shopping
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on November 19, 2012
I bought this because I was on my way to Vegas and didn't want to get pick-pocketed for my wallet with my life in it. I was reluctant to bu because I read that it only has enough room for three cards and maybe a dollar bill if folded, nope it fit three cards and 2 $100 bills when I was out in Vegas. Always had it in m hand with my license and two credit cards with the paper money. It is tight, but wouldn't you rather know your money is valuables are secure than to have yourself drop $200 because it the case wasn't tight enough around your valuables?
It worked and I carry around this more than I carry my wallet. Just the convenience of it and not having to get uncomfortable sitting on my wallet. Plus, you always have your phone on you so why not make it convenient and safe to know that you have them both in one spot?
Just don't lose your phone.
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on June 14, 2012
I bought this case after already owning the Casemate credit card iphone 4 case, which I really liked for quite some time. It's only downfall was that it only fit two cards and had an opening beneath the cards that allowed dust and debris to get in. With this Speck case, I don't have to worry about that anymore. It seems pretty secure and I love the compliment of the turquoise and white (my old one was black with pink rubber). The only thing I don't appreciate about this case is the difficulty to remove it. It literally took me 15 minutes to take it off for the first time. Normally, I'd be happy with such a secure device, but I was hoping to use my iphone with the new jack I purchased for playing music in my car, but it wouldn't fit in the bottom because of the case. Looks like I'll have to find some sort of alternative. Other than that though, it's a fantastic case and totally worth the money.
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on December 24, 2013
This iPhone case is super durable! It was useful too since you could fit money in it. There was no worries about bringing my wallet since i had this case. It is kind of bulky though. When I wear it in my back pocket it looks awkward. It is also very hard to put on your phone. When I put it on my phone, the screen protector started peeling off. Air bubbles started appearing in my screen protecter because of this case. I recommend you get this case if you don't have a screen protector, tend to protect your wallet, or if you just want a better case.
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on January 3, 2013
I've always loved speck products since the day I got my iPhone, especially the candyshell series. They're very protective cases and come in so many fun colors to match your personality. I've recently been wanting a phone case with a card holder in the back and after seeing this one, I decided to do my research. After reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, I decided to go for it. The kiosk at my local mall was out of the color I wanted (teal/white) so I found myself here on amazon. I ordered the case on Friday night at around 8-9 o'clock and when I checked my email, the case had shipped that same night!! I was able to track my package the whole way. The estimated date of delivery was for the following Saturday but if Tuesday hadn't been a holiday, it would have been here then!! It was here on Wednesday morning, bright and early!! Very pleased.

Anyways, this case fits great on my phone and surprisingly isn't so bulky! I have a white iPhone so the white and blue looks great with my phone. The camera hole is big enough so the flash is able to capture a great picture, no blur. Fits in my coat pocket or scrubs at work. Easy to find in my big "suitcase" of a purse (so my hubs says). Very protective of my iPhone with the rubber on the inside and hard shell on the outside. The rubber also is a rim to the face of your iPhone so less broken screens!

A con I've always had with speck cases is that the charging port can only accept the special Apple cord that comes with your iPhone. I have to take the case off in the car to charge my phone. And the other con is that if you lose your phone, you also lose your wallet! So far I've only had my license in the back so I don't have to lug around my purse or even my wallet (which is full of Christmas receipts and change!) when I need to run to the store really quick.

I recommend any speck products to any iPhone users! I plan on getting a speck case for my iPhone 5 when the day comes. This case just makes speck that much better:)
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on February 10, 2014
I used to love this case.

Ok, so the really thin piece right above the charger jack snapped off within the first month or two. But I didn't really mind, because everything else about the case was great -- I could fit three cards in there, or two cards and some cash, just like I was hoping when I bought it.

Ok, so it made the phone kind of bulky. But if you're buying a case to act as a wallet, it would be kind of silly not to expect some added bulk.

But now, less than a year after buying the case, I dropped my phone for the first time, and the screen is ruined. I hadn't thought about it in months, so who knows how long this has been true, but after the drop I looked closely and realized all the rubber had worn down, to the point that the screen is raised above the level of the case. Of course, that kind of defeats the purpose of having a case in the first place, especially a Speck case, which I had heard such great things about in terms of protection. Not only that, but when the phone hit the ground -- face first, ouch! -- the phone literally bounced right out of the case. Who knows how much of the damage happened on that second, unnecessarily unprotected, impact.

I couldn't bring myself to give it one star because of how much I loved its functionality before this happened. But I did want to let you prospective buyers out there know that it's not completely reliable to protect your phone -- which, after all, is the whole point of getting any case in the first place.
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on January 3, 2013
This case is a great product; it actually acted as armor for my IPHONE and eventually saved me the cost of a new phone.

I am not a big fan of carrying heavy valet with me; as a matter of fact I often forget to carry it with me. The only thing I do not forget is my phone and hence when I came across this case, it appeared like made for me :)

Someone picked my phone from a restaurant, and since the phone was pass-code protected and picker may also be worried about being tracked; after taking out my credit cards (I had 2 credit cards and my license in case's back pouch); they dropped my phone and driving license in the middle of a busy road. When I tracked my phone using "Find My iPhone" app, and visited the given spot; I found my phone in the middle of a crossing with cars and trucks passing every few seconds. As soon as I garbed my phone (obviously I made traffic to pause for few seconds but it was worth few honks..), I was extremely surprised to see phone in a perfect working condition. However the case was badly crushed; may be few car tires ran over it but this case has done its job of protecting my phone.

If you anyone wants to plan to come good out of such situation make sure you have registered all apple devices using “Find My iPhone” and have alternate phone to call someone to track or have some other Wi-Fi enabled gazette.

As a loyal customer; recently I ordered two more speck cases for my and my wife's phones.

In my scenario the cover has done its job; having not encountered such incident; I may only have given 4 starts to this product as I feel the product can be further improved by glazing the bumper rubber with some hard material. With the frequent in and out of jeans pocket, the bumper rubber starts wearing and the case starts looking ugly. But that can be avoided and most of us may not be using jeans pocket for our phone.
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on June 19, 2012
I've been looking for a phone / wallet case for some time... My requirements were nothing flashy and nothing that interfered with easy operation of the phone. I previously had my phone in an Incase CL59667 Slider Case for iPhone 4 - Black and I really like that form factor. I tried the Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4/4S and the SPIGEN SGP iPhone 4 / 4S Leather Wallet Case Valentinus Series [Black] - both beautifully made, but I found them to be too big and the cover interfered with easily operating the phone (what do you do? Fold it back? Let it hang off? It just wasn't comfortable to use).

The Speck CandyShell Card ended up being the one that fits the bill, so to speak - adds just a few mm of depth relative to the Incase Slider I was using before, similar to (but nowhere near as big as) the Otterbox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S - Retail Packaging - Black my wife has. The card slot fits three cards and two bills (wrapped around one of the cards) just perfectly. There's an internal "bumper" that retains the cards so even if you only have one, it won't budge.

Fit is tight, but no tighter than other similar cases. Phone is nice and secure.

The only downside is that the case is very thick on the bottom - of the variety of dock cables and connectors I have here, the only one that will fit is the original Apple one. Probably not a big deal for most people, but it does bear mentioning.

Overall I'm very happy with this case and I highly recommend it.
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on September 16, 2012
LOVE this case!!! This is my second one, but in all fairness I'm rediculously rough on a case. I drop my phone on a daily basis sometimes a few times a day on pavement, hardwood & carpet. If it can take my abuse and last 6 months it's an amazing case!!! My hubby was so impressed he wanted one too. The wallet makes it!!! No more than 3 cards or you will be fighting for it, eventually you will win but it's time consuming & can be embarrassing while checking out, just stick with no more than 3 cards. I've had SEVERAL comments on the wallet case, it's awesome!!!
My only complaint is they need to make it in more color combinations. (Please!!!! Please!!! Please!!! I love the white & peacock but it's the only one I like for me)
If you are thinking, "but if I lose my phone, I lose everything" you would be right. I don't know about you but my phone is never far from my side. My hubby forgot his wallet several times but he has never forgot his phone. It's nice not to have to carry a purse while wrestling my 3 year old in a store & only having to keep track of him & a phone!!! Best case ever!!!! Also, only use the apple charge cord or equivalent in size, mine was an after market with a thicker plug in base that I made work... Bad idea!!!
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on August 16, 2012
This case looks pretty good on the phone, at least in white. The price is high, I guess, but when you take into account that you're kind of buying two items in one, It makes it a pretty okay deal. As far as the feel of the case, it is definitely a solid case. It IS in fact pretty large, but not as large as those otterbox ones. The size does dont effect how you feel holding the phone, though, unless you were using it naked before. As far as other downsides, the only one I really can think of is that it's sort of a challenge to get the phone OUT of the case if you ever needed to. (Maybe for replacing screen protectors, replacing a phone that bricked, headphone jack that doesn't fit, dock that won't fit, etc.) It holds everything I need it to, thus allowing me to eliminate my wallet completely, and allowing me to only have to remember ONE item when going places! This case is a godsend for the minimalist who may be forgetful.
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