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on January 2, 2013
I enjoy the Pixelskin HD, which I purchased after reading several online reviews. The iPhone 5 is too thin and slick for my hands, and this case gives the proper amount of heft. The pixelated rear portion of this case helps with gripping the phone, but the case is still fairly slick. This means the phone sometimes slides when placed on smooth surfaces inside a vehicle. I prefer a case with a tackier feel, and gave this case 4 stars as a result.
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on November 3, 2012
I, too, bought this case because I was so happy with the same case for my iPhone 4. Like the iPhone 4 case it fits perfectly, feels nice in the hand and does not add much bulk. My car window mount works with or without the case. Also, like the iPhone 4 version the lip is deep enough to keep the screen off a surface when placed screen down. My black iPhone 5 case appears to be made of exactly the same material as my old iPhone 4 case. I sold my old iPhone 4 at an excellent price because it was in mint condition, looked fresh out of the box, thanks to its Pixelskin HD case. I expect to do the same with this phone in 2-3 years.

I do not have any of the issues with my black case that the other reviewers have mentioned except that the case does block use of the adapter. I just peel back the bottom of the case a bit and plug it in. Works just fine with the window mount I use. Fixing the case to accommodate the adapter would expose more of the bottom of the phone, reducing it's protection. So I don't mind the minor inconvenience having to peel back the bottom to use the adapter.

My case is black. Perhaps some of the issues mentioned by other reviewers are related to the other colors.
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on September 27, 2013
Like many others, I've had the PixelSkin HD for my 4S phone for 2 years. I LOVE that case, it is just about perfect. It protects AND is comfortable to hold.

Enter the PixelSkin for my newly acquired 5S phone. The material appears to be the same as the case for the 4. Unlike others, I had no problem with the fit, it is very snug without any movement at all. Perhaps Speck has tightened the design since it first came out.

My problem is with the finish of the case, and in particular the edges. The case for the iPhone 5 has some very sharp edges around the back. The entire perimeter has a raised edge which is quite sharp. Similarly the lip in front has some edges as opposed to be perfectly rounded as was the case in the case for the iPhone 4.

The other issue I have is with the design decision to have just a small cutout for the Lightning plug. Unfortunately that means that the phone will not fit on any docking stations, or even have room to use Apple's 30-pin to Lightning adapter.

I really want to like this case, but it is just too uncomfortable to hold. It is a pity, because non-slip cases are so hard to come by.
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on December 18, 2012
I love my black Speck pixelskin case for my old iPhone 4. Read the reviews here for the iPhone 5 version, some folks like it and some don't (including some nasty looking pictures). But I decided to take a chance...and I'll be returning it. Why couldn't they just resize the one from the iPhone 4? As others have pointed out, the "build quality" isn't there...on mine there's a thin excess flap of rubber protruding from around the camera cutout. The finish on the back is shiny between the squares, while the raised squares themselves, the sides and front edge are all flat black. The iPhone 4 version was completely flat black and I preferred that look. For me, the front edge of this one protrudes up enough to protect when laying the phone face down (although it doesn't protrude as much as the iPhone 4 version), however that lip doesn't wrap around enough and doesn't touch the front screen all the way around. It does cover the front side of the grey metal edge strip/antenna, but stops short of the glass. Besides not looking good, I'm sure it would trap a lot of dirt. Disappointed.
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on September 22, 2013
It's an okay case but does not appear to have the same SpeckProduct quality as the CandyShell series of cases. The overall design of the case compliments the phone except for the sides, which does not grip as firm as I would like for it to. It has a rubber feel to it. The pixels in the back are soft yet hard. I was not a fan of the shined mirror on the back underneath the rows of squares lining across the back. The main reason I am using the case in my phone is because, the sleep/wake button; volume rockers up/down; and silent/on buttons are covered and very responsive (unlike many other cases I have come across). Another reason I like the use of this case is it had an all over protective feel adding a bit more assurance if dropped. The headphone cut out is great and the lightening port cut out is good as well. Overall I think the case is ok but not awesome so, being that it is made by one of my all time favorite iPhone case makers I jumped on board. Compared to other styled cases by the same company I would place this one as the lowest in quality. But if your looking for an economical case made by a trust source then this is the one.
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on October 19, 2013
I had a PixelSkin case for my iPhone 4/4S that I got free from Apple due to the "Antennagate" incident upon the launch of the iPhone 4 and I always loved it. I knew I just wanted to replace it when I upgraded and thankfully they make the PixelSkin design for 5/5S as well.

The case is nice because it's grippy but it will slide easily in/out of your pocket. It also has a slight lip around the front edge so if you drop it the screen won't be flat on the ground - and I've dropped my phone may times on concrete or in a parking lot and it's been fine.

The only thing that bugs me is that this 5/5S version of the case doesn't seem to be as snug as the 4/4S version. I sometimes had a hard time getting the phone out because it fit so well, but with this version it seems just a little loose. I thought it was just mine but I checked my wife's phone too and it's similar. If you want a really snug, tight fit for your case this might be a dealbreaker for you.

Overall it offers good protection, looks cool and comfortable to hold and take in/out of your pocket.
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on December 21, 2016
Strong & exc quality of plastic, perfect protection for the screen !
I had this same reference for my iphone 4s during 4years ! I even had a bike accident, the phone crashed on the ground very strongly, few impacts on the speck case but nothing on my phone, that was like a miracle ! And still using this incredible case after.. since I recently change for this iphone SE... If you want to save your iphone for a long time, this is clearly the better product to buy.
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on December 4, 2013
I've had this kind of case for both my iPhone4 and iPhone5 and they have survived every drop and calamity I've put my phone through, with not even a scratch on the phone. Sadly I got bored with the look of them and got a snazzier looking InCase snap case. It shattered along with my phone the first time I dropped it. As soon as I have a new phone the old Speck case will go right back on!

After receiving my replacement phone I put the Pixel Skin back on. Two days later I dropped it and the screen shattered completely. Seriously?! I don't know if the new iPhones are more fragile, but that drop it did no better than with the crappy InCase hard plastic case.

So now I'm using the Speck Candyshell Grip case for the second replacement (good thing I switched to a company phone so my work will swap our broken phones for free!), which I really love - much better protection, feels really good in my hand, and the grip is much better than with the Pixel Skin.
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on December 22, 2012
Ordered one from Speck for my Dad and thought it was superb. Just like the iPhone 4 pixelskin HD I had. Then I ordered some from Amazon but they were shipped by Rogers Store. What I found is that unless you order FROM Amazon as in bought from and shipped by Amazon you run the risk of getting a counterfeit. It was very hard to tell at first. The package looked the same, the case looked genuine but the molding wasn't as good and the material was more rigid and less smooth. The edges had a sheen to them whereas the real one is totally matte. Lastly the fit is not the same. All in all if my experience was only with the counterfeits I wouldn't be happy with the product. The genuine ones are MUCH better. It is not Speck putting out a bad product, it is Chinese counterfeiters. After close inspection the printing on the package is slightly different but I am amazed at how far they go to make it look exact. The fonts aren't exactly the same and some graphics are slightly different but only a very discerning eye could spot the differences. I contacted Speck and they say they have a real problem with these fakes. Re-ordered from Amazon and shipped by Amazon and got a genuine one. If you aren't happy with yours RETURN it and re-order from Amazon as the seller. This is the best quality case I have found for iPhone 5, the genuine one that is.
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on December 12, 2012
This case is adequate; not great, not terrible. If you purchased the case by the same name for an older iPhone (4 or 4S), you may be disappointed. The material is, in my opinion, of lower quality, and the fit is not as good. For me, a phone's case material is a delicate balance between firmness and stickiness. Pure silicone cases are far too sticky, making them hard to remove or insert into pockets. However, polycarbonate (I think that's the name) cases are too slippery, and don't aid in holding an already slippery iPhone. I digress there because the previous Speck Pixelskin HD had what I consider the best feel of any case. The new case for the iPhone 5 is harder/slicker. More importantly though, is the fit. It is not *perfect*. It stays on, sure, but it is a bit wiggly. The case is a fraction of an inch too big. Other cases (my brother has an incipio frequency) fit much better. I would say this is a $5 case, maybe $10 if you like the pixelated appearance.

On the plus side, the buttons and cutouts are top notch. The power and volume buttons maintain the satisfying click that Apple built into them, and the charger and headphone ports are adequately sized. I have had issues with a number of my larger headphone connectors not fitting, but that is simply due to how thin the phone is, I doubt the port could be any larger on the case.
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