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on May 12, 2008
This FIRST set is GREAT! The first 2 episodes detail the Mach 5, it's development history, and enough character history to add much enjoyment and fun to the rest of the series. Now as an adult I really appreciate that the art and production quality for the first episode is the same as for the very last; no rough beginning that loses value after watching refined episodes later on. And the stories in this first set are the best introduction to this Great Classic racing (and adventure) series. They'll make devoted fans out of you, leave you anxiously yearning for more, and prepare you to get the most enjoyment from the rest.

Speed Racer was my favorite cartoon growing up. I would pass up an after-school KickBall game to watch Speed and the Coolest Car on Earth. I always laughed myself onto the floor watching Spritle's tears spraying out like fountains. These cartoons were crude ... but they had a unique character and spirit that made refined art, sound, and production irrelevant. In fact the mismatched mouth movements (seemingly due to more than translation) and coarse animation only added to it's unique charm. I've waited a long time for a collection like this.

These characters are beyond endearing. You just love them; even the villains! And the voices are so perfectly cliche, and in that way so uniquely Speed Racer; they're hilarious! The main characters have such great personalities and charm. And you've got to love the 60s/70s music and pop culture as well as the fun Japanese interpretation (and Japanification) of it that stands out to western audiences (like Trixie's sort-of full-bodied winking peace-sign expression and stance). And you'll never forget that great opening sequence in which Speed is frozen in that Groovy Racing/Go-Go pose that spins around in a 3D effect. And the Mach 5! It's as beautiful today as it was so long ago! To me, it's the most beautiful car EVER conceived. I Treasure this great show!

HOWEVER, I agree with other reviewers in that Lion's Gate should have included the original Japanese theme song, and it would have been GREAT to have included a whole episode in Japanese as it aired in Japan. Interviews with voice-cast members and the Japanese creators (who've got to be the Grooviest most interesting guys!) would have been nice. Such extras would have made this a much better collection. But they provided none of those things in any of the 5 sets.

Also, they should have put forth some effort to improve the video quality. I have a VHS tape that provides better image quality. It's as if they did not use original masters . . . or perhaps those masters have not been well kept (although it's not bad by any means).

I'd give the Series itself every star in the Universe, but I have to give the collection only 3 Stars. It could and SHOULD be so much better with the extras and improvements I've mentioned.
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on July 19, 2017
Thanks for the product it's for my collection.
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on June 19, 2017
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on April 24, 2003
What a blast from the past! Speed Racer still holds up after all these years because of the boldness of the vision and the humorous dialog. Looking back as an adult, it occurs to me now that the U.S. voice production took place in New York, hence the Brooklyn accents, especially for the villians like Snake Oiler. "I'm not fallin for that trick!" The 3-part "The Most Dangerous Race" alone is worth the price of this DVD. It's the epic signature piece with the Car Acrobatic Team (as a kid I bought the whole idea of putting a small wing on a car to make it glide) going against Racer X and Speed who loses his sight temporarily for some reason after falling into a chasm. Literally a cliff-hanger! The cinematic gestures of this "cartoon" (the "M" mark on the hood of the Mach 5 dissolves into the next scene) were lightyears ahead of its time and had no counterpart in American TV animation. And the music: the relentless "Mammoth Car" theme and the sound of the horns will surely bring a smile to your face (notice how the front of that car kinda looks a lot like the Cylons from "Battlestar Galactica," which came after Speed Racer. The "features" on this CD are a bit lame, though. The liner notes don't have photos or interviews with the voice actors. Would have loved to hear what Corrine "Trixie" Orr has to say about her characterizations now. She also did the voice for "Sprittle". But I suppose space is limited on a DVD.
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on February 9, 2011 know what you're in for and darn if the 5-year-old hotwheels lovin kid in me doesn't get all fired up! A lot of detail went into this show.. It's funny violent humorous and dramatic - there's a poetry or soul to it. On the other hand it can be amazingly violent at times, for being a kids cartoon. PC, it is not. I love this show. It's a real product of the 60s.
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on April 4, 2014
I love this ...just as I remembered as a kid. My daughter and I are watching it ...she is amazed by how many people get killed in every race ...something I did not think about as a kid!
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on January 26, 2006
At last, one of our fondest Cartoon memories of the 1960s is available on DVD. This set, together with volumes 2 through 4, present the whole series that gave millions of us youngsters of 60s and 70s a reason to watch TV on weekday afternoons. Yes, the animation is not the best. No, the plots and dialogue are not on par with CITIZEN KANE. But, this cartoon gem showed loads of imagination and was just such escapist fun, you couldn't help but watch.
The DVD has some nice extras, is smartly packaged in genuine tire rubber, and has good sound and picture. No, unlike some reviewers I didn't measure the compression ratio, time the title sequences nor even investigate the coefficient of friction for this disc. I just watched this very affordable DVD for what it is, and found it to be entertaining and in good working order.
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on May 31, 2008
Those of you who have been enjoying Speed Racer The Next Generation on Nick Toons network are sure to love the these classic origin adventures of the original Speed Racer with the first appearance of such characters as Crusher Block and the car acrobatic team. Also interesting to learn how the true origin of Speed brother Rex and Speed's beginning as a racer compared to the live movie that hit theatres in 2008. Though I don't recall the original Speed actually ever doing the 180 reverse thrust car move that his son does people are sure to enjoy the secrets of the Mach 5 being reveal to a new generation of viewers. For those who do enjoy the special features on this disk I also suggest Speed Racer The Movie DVD which came out in 1993 and has a wonderful commentary track with the voice actors.
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on May 28, 2017
Excellent thank u so much!
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on May 9, 2008
The second installment of this enigmatic race car driver continues his exploits in classical Japanese animation. The slipcover to the DVD box has a pretty cool feature- push down on a specific point, and the headlights to the Mach 5 light up and the theme song plays! Pretty neat!!

The continuing episodes are as follows:

Race For Revenge (part 1)

Race For Revenge (part 2)

The Desperate Desert Race (part 1)

The Desperate Desert Race (part 2)

The Fire Race (part 1)

The Fire Race (part 2)

The Girl Daredevil (part 1)

The Girl Daredevil (part 2)

The Fastest Car on Earth (part 1)

The Fastest Car on Earth (part 2)

The Mach-5 vs The Mach-5 (part 1)

The Mach-5 Vs The Mach-5 (part 2)

So, the ongoing exploits of Speed Racer continue! On to volume 3!!
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