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on September 18, 2014
I was annoyed that my Saucony Virratas, which I otherwise love, seemed to be ready for retirement after only 250 miles...I am used to getting at least 400 miles out of my running shoes!

Well, I was all ready to send them to Goodwill when I decided to look at the OEM insoles and found that they were paper thin and seriously caved in / flattened out in the middle, resulting in a "dead" feel which was giving me chronic sore calves.

I chose this particular brand and model after reading a couple reviews about them being completely flat, devoid of utterly useless and annoying gimmicks like gel "impact areas" or extra arch support---as a minimalist runner, I insist on my shoes being as flat as possible in order to facilitate a natural mid/forefoot strike (gimmicky traditional shoes tend to encourage a heel strike which is the cause of shin splints, knee and back injuries, etc.) ... and these Spencos delivered! For a fraction of the price of a brand new pair of shoes, hahah...this is probably one of the best-kept secrets in the whole running shoe industry!

Am looking to get an additional 100-200 miles out of my shoes with these, will update this review if needed.
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on January 22, 2017
Bought these for my Iron Rangers and Beckman Redwing boots. People say these boots over time mold to your feet. Well mine didn't and wearing them felt like walking on concert. I was wearing wool socks no insole, the fit was nice and snug. These insoles do reduce the room inside the boot. So to counter this, i wear these with a regular crew sock. My Iron Rangers and now very cozy. Perfect
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on March 28, 2017
These are great. I purchased these to use in my Red Wing Iron Ranger boots. The boots have a leather insole and eventually conforms to your feet but for me it was still a little hard with no cushioning. I wanted something to add cushioning to the whole sole and wasn't looking for additional arch support like a lot of inserts have. These work perfectly. They provide a very comfortable cushioning to the sole but are also thin enough so that they do not make the boots too tight. I'm extremely happy with these and they are priced great as well. I've already ordered another pair for some other boots.
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on May 16, 2016
I have a pair of flats that are extremely comfortable but unfortunately the insoles were completely worn out. I choose to replace the insoles instead of throwing them out but I wanted to make sure they were not too thick so the shoes continue to be as comfortable as before.

These pair of insures do not have a raised arch support and are not made of a plastic clear materials as other one I have purchased in the past that make your feet sweat after wearing the shoes for a little while.

I purchased size 8 insoles since my shoes are 8.5 and all I had to do is trim them a little bit and they were ready to go. My shoes feel more comfortable than before. The previous insoles were hard and thin but this pair is perfect. Even though still thin enough so feet still fit in the shoe they are comfortable enough for my flats.

Because of the design I would say they can be used with any kind of shoes (except sandals)

I highly recommend this product.
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on April 19, 2017
Best insert I could find for dress shoes. I tried some better quality inserts but they were simply too thick and my heel would rub too much against my shoe. A little difficult to get into place the first time but performs solidly after install to provide at least some padding.
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on August 1, 2013
Years ago I wore Birkenstocks and loved them. For a few different reasons when I was working, I moved on to other styles. Now I have foot problems...they hurt and they swell. I have balance problems as well as back pain. I thought Birkenstocks would offer stablility and give me the support that I needed.

I happily accumulated another wardrobe of them. The first time I wore them to the store, I realized the sole may just as well have been made of steel. They are so hard on old feet. I couldn't wear them long enough to "get used to them" again.

I looked for insoles that would soften that footbed and nothing worked. Most insoles are either really cheaply made, or they have additional arch support which I didn't need.

These Spenco insoles are perfect for me. I ordered a much larger size so that I could cut them to fit the wider toe box and they would be wide enough to pad the arch support. I had to put a dab of glue in the heel to keep them from sliding sideways out of the clogs. It is the difference from leaving them in my closet and actually wearing them.

I'm not on my feet for an 8 hr shift anymore, so I expect they will last a long time. The foam isn't that airy kind that flattens quickly.
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on January 21, 2013
I find that I often need added cushion in both my running and casual shoes.

I have purchased numerous brands and styles of insoles in an effort to find a suitable pair. Each pair had its own unique contour. This is a major problem. When a second contour is overlayed upon the existing contour of the footbed of a shoe, an entirely new contour is formed, totally altering the biomechanical effect of that running or walking shoe on the human gait. The original design of the best of shoes is severely compromised in this way.

The Spenco Rx Comfort Insole, on the other hand, is a simple insole. It is of uniform thickness throughout. It has no contour of its own. It is very flexible. It overlays the existing footbed of your shoe with a uniform layer of added cushion. It does not change the contour of your shoe's footbed or alter the biomechanics of your running or walking gait as the other types of insoles do.

I generally insert this insole between the footbed of the shoe and the original insole that came with the shoe.

I should be noted that a tight-fitting shoe may not allow enough room for an additional layer of cushioning. This may not matter if you are removing a worn-out insole and replacing it with the Spencos. If, however, you are adding the extra layer between, as I generally do, you will need a more generous fitting shoe to accomodate the addition of the extra insole.

I have a pair of hiking boots that would not comfortably accomodate an extra insole along with the existing insole. With this particular boot, I found it suitable to remove the existing insole and use two layers of the Spenco insoles. The boot accomodated this configuration very comfortably.
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These are very good. As expected, I had to give them a slight trim to wear with size 6.5 shoes, and that was no problem. They don't take up too much room, but do provide just the right amount of bounce to give me some relief. I'm on my feet all day, and sometimes my knees and hips are screaming out in sympathy after hours of walking, standing and climbing up and down stairs. I also walk a lot on uneven ground in what amounts to "jazz oxfords." As a person with some arthritis, I can totally recommend these as a source of some relief. Not too pricey, and they don't take up too much room in my shoes.
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on August 11, 2016
This looks like a mouse pad that was cut into the shape of an insole. Take your mouse pad and step on it. If you like how it feels then I would recommend this insole to you.
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on September 27, 2014
Hard to find a simple insole in a large size. Spenco is great quality, and I Couldn't be happier. Most of my shoes are 'low volumne' meaning not a ton of foot space, I wear slightly padded socks in all but my dress shoes. I don't run or jog, just everyday wear / walk so I didn't want someone with a fancy gel/reinforced heel cup for impact and then no padding up front. I can cut these to fit any shoe, and I love em.

Ordered 3 more to have on hand for future shoes. Some shoes come with really nice insoles these days, like my Rockports and Timberlands, but a lot of there's pretty much expect you to put your own insoles in.
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