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on June 8, 2016
Sam Raimi was the best choice for director for Spider-Man. His parents had a Spider-Man mural painted on his wall for him in his childhood, and he had the perfect vision for how Spider-Man should be. Better actors could not have been picked to play these roles; Tobey Maguire made the role of Peter Parker his. Kirsten Dunst was an excellent Mary Jane, and Cliff Robertson and Rosemary Harris were the best as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. J. K. Simmons stole the show as Jameson, who played the part magnificently; he literally WAS Jonah. Sam's brother Ted Raimi (from Xena) was a nice surprise appearing in the Daily Bugle office. Willem Dafoe's Norman/Goblin over-the-top performance was superb, but the armored costume took some getting used to. If you look quickly, you'll see Stan (The Man) Lee making a little heroic appearance! Right from the start, the characters are believable, and the characters are fleshed out wonderfully from the comic. A great deal of time was invested in getting a costume for Spidey that looks awesome; this endeavor was obviously taken very seriously and the designers did a great job.
The CGI Spider-Man was fantastic! The talents involved with the CGI captured Spider-Man's movements so flawlessly, I almost believed at some points that it was actually a person performing Spidey's complex acrobatic abilities and fighting style, but would have liked to see a bit more jumping; Spidey can jump pretty high and far, but will hopefully be more prominent when the character is older (in the sequels!) I'll have to get used to the organic webs; which was my least favorite aspect of the film. The creators decided it was easier than having to explain how he was able to pay for the chemicals for the webbing. This doesn't allow us to see Pete as a scientist, which I love, but maybe they will bring some of that out (and some higher jumping) for the sequel! More of the Bugle characters hopefully will make an extended appearance in the sequels, too.
The DVD is literally packed with special features from on-screen pop-ups that display information and tidbits pertaining to what was said, or shown in a particular scene, and a "spider sense" that takes you from the main movie to a mini-movie when you press the proper remote button. The menu selection is a visual treat and the DVD-ROM extras are a nice bonus, from Marvel dot comics to an Activision Spider-Man PC game demo. I would have liked to see some deleted scenes, but disc 2 provides some outtakes and gags which are a delight to see. It finally took a true, talented Spider-Man fan to turn out the best Spidey production I've ever seen. Sam Raimi's love for Spider-Man and the hard work of all the talented people in this film gave those of us who love Spidey an unforgettable movie experience, and just as much work was put into this DVD edition that is a pleasure to own.
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2003
"Spider-Man" as directed Sam Raimi, serves to prove that a movie can be greater than the sum of its parts. There is no aspect of this movie that jumps out and makes the viewer gasp: the acting is solid, but not Oscar worthy, the special effects are more than serviceable, but not breathtaking, and the plot is entertaining, but not particularly complex. However, when all of these elements are rolled in to one, you get a movie that is not just good, but great. "Spider-Man" is a genuinely entertaining film that manages to avoid many of the pitfalls other comic book adaptations have encountered. For example, it is my opinion that the X-Men movie took itself far too seriously, while conversely, the later Batman films weren't anywhere near serious enough.
Driving this movie is the acting of its two main characters, Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and Kirsten Dunst as his love interest, Mary Jane. While some have argued that Maguire's performance was somewhat leaden, I thought it was perfect within the context of the movie. Peter Parker is supposed to be withdrawn, a nerd really, and Maguire plays the role to perfection. On the flip side, Dunst absolutely sparkles in her role. Much has been made of her scenes wearing a tank-top in the pouring rain, and she is an undeniably beautiful woman. However, she is also a very talented actor who conveys the full gamut of human emotion in her facial expressions. I came into this movie not expecting much from her, and left very impressed. The supporting cast is likewise solid, particularly William Dafoe in the role of the schizophrenic Green Goblin. He deftly succeeds in turning what could have been a very cookie cutter villain into a surprisingly empathetic character.
The story itself is relatively straightforward, and will be familiar to anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the Spider-Man comics. That said, it was no less enjoyable for its predictability. In particular, the early scenes, in which Peter is coming to grips with his newfound powers, contain just the right mix of humor and suspense.
Finally, this DVD is loaded with special features. While deleted scenes are noticeably absent, they are more than made up for by outtakes, commentary, making of footage, music videos and DVD-ROM content. You definitely get a lot of bang for the buck with this two-disc set.
Ultimately, "Spider-Man" accomplishes exactly what it set out to: entertain. It isn't pretentious, or riddled with `inside' jokes, but it also doesn't descend into slapstick. It contains the perfect mixture of action, humor and romance, and combines very good performances from the cast with solid special effects. In conclusion, I guess the highest praise I can offer this movie is that I can't believe I have to wait another year for the sequel to come out!
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on May 27, 2017
Excellent performances in this wonderful installment in the superhero legacy. Great special effects that aren't overbearing. Set in NYC, you'll love seeing familiar landmarks in this action packed adventure.
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on February 28, 2014
I really enjoy spiderman because this was pretty much the first hero about a Marvel character that Stan Lee actually got to be a part of and help direct and you can see it easily.
if you compare this to the tv series of spiderman they did back in the day when the 2nd season got canceled, back then those old captain America and hero movies they never let Stan Lee help them at all and that's why you never hear about them now a days, there were horrible cause tv people added their own story to it which ruined it.

This movie though you can see it like a comic book came to life in pictures it was awesome, it goes into the life about peter parker, his uncle, it shows how he first started learning about his powers and figuring them out, drawing a costume a few different ways till spider-man is the costume, all the scenes are just amazing, I guess that's why he's "the amazing spider-man" and the actor who played spider-man is the perfect spiderman, after seeing the new amazing spiderman I hated that movie compared to this one that other guy they have playing spiderman I hated he looks like darth vader.

This was def the best spider man movie easy, and for being over 2 hours it is worth watching again, actually after every time you read a spider man comic book you should watch this movies, its that awesome. I really wish Stan Lee helped more in the Captain America movie or if Jack Kirby were alive and helped out in that I believe it would have been better then this and every other movie, to me anyway.
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on May 2, 2016
My daughter is obsessed with spiderman. This was the movie that got her started. I like Toby McGuire in the movie. a good story and movie for those (like me) that are not comic book fans.
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on February 13, 2014
This movie came out when the SUPERBIT editions were just hitting Best Buy, Walmart & other retail media centers in 2001. I actually prefer high bit-rate SUPERBIT DVDs for some titles, BDs for others (like 3D Movies), and HD-DVD for just plain awesome HD entertainment! The story in this movie is pretty ho-hum, but pretty well done by the director. I have the second film on SUPERBIT, the 3rd Spiderman film was not offered in the SUPERBIT format, so i had to settle for 1080p HD Blu-ray... :p

I recommend this edition if u have a decent 27" SDTV or 720p Plasma with an Up-converting BD player connected with high quality Component cables, as analog ALWAYS makes SDTV look better... DTS sound mastering is nice too BTW.
This is my favourite of the 3 films, mainly because of the Green Goblin. :'D
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on September 8, 2017
my 6-year-old​ son loves spider-man. Good show for young adults too.
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on April 2, 2016
The 4K is amazing what a fantastic picture, I only have a 55 inch TV but I am certain if I had a much bigger TV this would really show it off.
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on July 16, 2017
Great family movie and everyone loved it
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on August 12, 2017
Great as when I first saw it.
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