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on August 14, 2017
I cannot say enough good about this system. I am a woman about size 10. My hips are not that wide & I have a little belly fat. I am adjusted all the way to the end just about, so it would be nice if there were smaller waist versions, and maybe there are and IDK about it.
I shoot weddings and had been using Black River slings, which are also great. But as get older I have a lot more neck pain. The dual holster system is phenomenal. I also have been going to ranch rodeos to shoot for fun lately bcs my husband is entered and I can much more easily climb around on the panels and such, whereas before with the slings, they'd swing around too much. i also can run with this on and two nikon d810s with larger lenses on, I just have to stick my hands on them for balance.
The holster clips are fully adjustable and what is really nice is the allen wrenches are spring loaded in a nesting spot within the plate that screws onto the camera.
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on December 11, 2012
First of all, I've only used this about five times since I got it about three months ago.

The design and concept are awesome! I have found around the neck and around the shoulder straps absolutely awkward to use and sometimes even uncomfortable. I am a female photographer, so I've tried one of top rate "designed for ladies" straps and did not like it any better than the "unisex" straps out there.

I've been searching for an option for a while that would accommodate two cameras. I read a write up on this holster system in one of my professional photography publications and decided to try it out.

I shot a wedding in September with it with and it made switching often between two cameras very easy. I've used it in the studio several times for portraiture sessions as well and have also loved it for that.

My recommendations are to read the reviews here for tips for getting it set up for use AND for using it. The products website does an OK job, but the reviews here were very helpful in deciding to purchase it and in getting started with it. The most challenging thing was getting the holsters on and the belt adjusted (product site has a downloadable pdf instruction book for this which helps but would definitely be better presented as a video) -- this is an important step that you only have to do once, but you need to be SURE about how you want it to fit to include the positioning of the holsters on the belt. It will accommodate a wide range of sizes (I'm a 5' 2" non-overweight female; there's plenty of belt length to fit a much larger person, however, if you're very large, please check the size specs before purchasing).

So far, I love it! However, the big question is how long will the belt and holster materials hold up? Once I've been able to break it in a bit more, I will update this review.
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on July 14, 2015
I shoot a few weddings a year and bought this dual holster in the hopes of reducing back pain after a full day of running and crouching while using two neck straps with mid-range DSLRs with heavy lenses attached. Tested it days after receiving it and I LOVED IT. while my feet and thighs still had pain the next day, i had no back or neck pain what so ever!

Really like the hex key built into the adapter so you always have it available in case you want to switch sides or switch bodies. And the belt is pretty comfortable. Yes, you do need to spend some time getting the 2nd holster attached, BUT they have you do it so it can be placed EXACTLY where YOU want it. It's not just velcro, but an actual installation that makes it just as sturdy and trustworthy as the main holster. The online video helps tremendously, spend the 15 minutes to get it right and you won't have to do it again. It took a minimum amount of time to get used to sliding the bodies in/out the holsters, and a little more time to get used to the locking system which i skipped some of the time for quickness. I'm sure with a little more practice the unlocking could be very quick.

It was so easy to use that i took it hiking the next day with just 1 camera and got multiple inquiries on what i was using that looked so easy to use and stable as i scrambled around. I gladly told them to look into a SpiderHolster. I liked it so much i'll likely be getting a few of the accessories and will get the lighter Black Widow version for more every day use and keep this Pro model for weddings when i need to have 2 bodies ready and accessible. The only thing that is a slight negative is the weight, as the belt with both holsters has some heft to it, but because it sits on the hips you don't feel the weight. Ignore the 1 bad review, HUGE thumbs up.
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on August 20, 2014
I love this product. There are two small downsides. First, you have to assemble part of it yourself. When I'm spending this much on a professional photography product I expect it to come pre-assembled. Second, there is exposed metal on the inside of the belt that rubs and bruises my hip bones. I've DIYed a fix by sticking moleskin to the inside. Which, again, for a professional product that I'm spending this much on I really shouldn't have to fix.
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on September 14, 2017
I just got mine and I can't wait to shoot a wedding with it! So happy to finally toss out my cross-body straps. Cameras lock securely into the holster in one motion, and are easy to release for a quick shot. It comes with one holster built in but you have to attach the other one with the included tool. It takes a little time but it's not too difficult if you follow the directions.
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on May 6, 2013
The holster ie the metal base attached to the camera and the metal receiver which can worn on any belt which is what you're actually purchasing with this system. These retail for approx $105 each, in this system you receive two.

Before purchasing this system I did my research via the manufactures website and also via YouTube video reviews. I knew what I was getting and what was going to be involved. Something that the other negative reviews should have done before purchasing such an expensive system and than spending twice as long complaining about what they received rather than doing the research.

The actual spider pro holster is a made out of machined stainless steel and aluminum and is a very high quality unit with a solid heft to it. This isn't cheap cast metal or plastic. So when others try and compare this to any other system there is no comparison. Most other camera carry systems are made out of cloth and webbing and if you're lucky a metal clasp that attaches to the camera. Unlike other systems I feel confident hanging $5-10K worth of camera equipment off of it without fear that it's going to break.

Now onto the actual review of how it carries. I have seen no other system on the market that can compare to this system. I routinely carry a Canon 5DMIII with a battery grip and a 70-200 F2.8 lens. I also sometimes add a 600-RT-EX flash to the above camera. For those not familiar I'm talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 lbs of camera and this systems excels at carrying that much weight. Try slinging 10 lbs off of any neck strap, I can't carry this around my neck at it causes me severe headaches and for anyone who has ever done serious backpacking you know you want the weight carried on your hips which is what this system does. On a routine day, ie not going out specifically to photograph, I carry my camera on a 1 1/2" liger belt. While it might not be the most comfortable on this thin of a belt it beats carrying it around my neck any day. So when I know I'm going to be carrying my camera for hours on a photo day I carry the spider pro on a Lowe Pro S&F deluxe belt and this sure beats any other system I've ever tired. My camera is instantly ready when I need it but secure and if I have even the slightest fear I flip the lever which locks it to me.

As for all of the complaints about the belt you receive with this system. It's alright nothing fantastic about but it isn't horrible. My response to everyone that complains about the belt is that you are paying about $25.00 for the nylon belt with this system look at the YouTube reviews and if you don't like it save the money and buy two of the holsters (ie metal part) and than buy a Lowe Pro S&F deluxe belt. The holsters come with everything you need to mount it to the LowePro belt. You only end up spending about $20.00 more and the LowePro system is the best I've ever seen for carrying a large amount of gear and having it readily accessible and the biggest reason is "it carries the weight on your hips" which is exactly what the spider pro system does.

So if you want a system that carries a heavy camera comfortably this is a great system just do your research and decide what belt you want to use with it and then purchase accordingly.

PS I'm going to purchase a couple more holsters so I can leave at least two on my LowePro belt, it's take about 5 minutes to mount it on the LowePro belt, see the video. A great thing with this system is if you have extra pins you can have one on the lens tripod ring which lets you leave that lens on your belt when you switch your camera to a different lens one the days you're not carrying multiple cameras so you don't have to keep put lens into and taking out of lens pouches.

Bottom line it's expensive but more than worth it when you hanging $10K worth of gear off of it.
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on September 17, 2015
I was skeptical to purchase because of the high cost, But once assembled it made me think about how I did it before. This is honestly the best quality, feel, comfortable belt I have ever used. I always shoot two cameras with 3-4 diff lenses. Obviously I have an assistant, but now I dont even have to ask, I just holster one and grab the other. VERY EASILY, plus clever locks to keep them locked in place while walking.
I read several review about this before I bought it, and saw many people complain about having to assemble. They say it is difficult etc.etc...
If you google assembly video, it is not only easy, it is VERY custom to your needs, not a "general fit"
I would highly recommend,. Spend the extra money and you will not regretit,,, I don't.
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on October 7, 2015
Used this for the first time last weekend. I was set up for the event with my Canon 1DX w/ 70-200mm F 2.8 on the right and 1D mark III w/ 135mm f2 on my left. After six hours I felt almost as fresh as I started out. No back or neck pain. Some of the reviewers have complained about having to put the 2nd holster on. I found it to be rather easy. I watched the video from SpiderHolster on youtube and then it took me about 30 to do. I wondered when ordering it why the 2nd holster was not already attached. Once I got it I realized that there is no way to do that because the belt has to be adjusted to the right length for whoever is wearing it before you know where the holster needs to be. I will be recommending this to other Photographers for years.
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on June 20, 2012
My boyfriend is a semi-professional photographer and is often shooting large events, music concerts, political and church gatherings, weddings, and sports. As an early Father's Day and birthday gift, I thought I'd surprise him with a much-needed holster but since I'm not familiar with his specific shooting needs, I ordered four different holsters. I ordered the Cotton Carrier 122CPF Dual Holster, the Opteka MCH-25, the Rainboximaging Black Quick Release Dual Shoulder Camera and the SpiderHolster.

All to say, he loves the SpiderHolster. The parts are strong and made well. I don't know the specific kinds of lenses he has on his Canon's but one is particularly heavy - and the belt handed both its weight and the other camera beautifully. The lenses don't swing out and he is able to move nimbly and comfortably to get great angles. The belt allows him to add more compartments to hold water, memory cards or batteries. He doesn't suffer from any back, neck or shoulder pain after shooting 10+ hours. And of course, he looks so cool and professional.

It is a bit pricey and I would've been thrilled if it was cheaper. But hands down, it far surpasses all the camera holsters out there.
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on February 9, 2017
I've only used it for a week and only the single main side but I like the simplicity of the design, how securely it holds the camera and how much I like the weight being off my shoulders. I was carrying a fairly large camera and lens (Nikon D800 with a battery grip and a 70-200 2.8 lens) and it provided secure, comfortable access and far less back pain than my usual arrangement (Black Rapid dual camera harness) although I did keep the harness on the camera for security while shooting.
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