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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Spin Moon Magic
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$15.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon September 5, 2006
The Dreamside strike me as the female counterpart to Rammstein. Not exactly mind you, but there are parts scattered throughout Spin Moon Magic that just scream Rammstein. Other than that I'm extremely impressed with Spin Moon Magic. At times there's almost an epic feel but then there's times where it seems they're striving for nothing more than recognition in the radio world. That's also forgiveable seeing as how the strong vocals of Kemi and the excellent job the rest of the band does at creating soundscapes in each song.

Spin Moon Magic was my first venture into the world of The Dreamside so naturally it took some getting use to. After all, The Dreamside aren't exactly conventional in their approach to each song. Forsaken for instance, is one of the more catchy genre bridging songs featured; but then the very next song, The Feast Is Set, is miles apart from Forsaken, both musically and vocally. So to say they stick to their guns would be as false as saying Britney Spears actually sings live in concert. Admittedly though, this IS my first CD from The Dreamside so I can't say that they don't experiment from song to song like they do on here like other releases. I can only hope so.

Skeptical of how good this actually is? Well, I can't speak for everyone but this really does strike a chord. Each song, as I said, sports a completely different sound from the previous one so of course that more than spells out that this will no doubt be a CD I can go back to over and over again without it becoming dull. However, I realize that The Dreamside is in no way for everyone. Their sound probably is an acquired taste, but if you're one of the ones that becomes as struck with it as I have, then there's no way you'll regret buying Spin Moon Magic.

My favorite songs are Forsaken, The Feast Is Set, Somewhere Before, Nocturnal, and Slay Your Dragons. While not quite perfect yet, I have little doubt in my mind that The Dreamside will surely get there. And when they do I just hope people will actually take notice because this band truly is a breath of fresh air. They're not afraid to experiment with their sound, the vocals are lush and full of passion, and there's a certain likeability to each song. The Dreamside have found a new fan in me thanks to Spin Moon Magic and I'm already waiting for a new release from them.
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on May 5, 2006
I first got interested in this album when I heard "Spin Moon Magic" (title track) on a cheapie goth compelation CD I got at Hot Topic. So, I figured WTH and bought the album. I wasn't disappointed. Kemi Vita has a gorgeous voice and the above sample tracks don't do her justice. Track #6 "Somewhere Before" gives me goosebumps consistantly. My only complaint (and what's keeping me from giving it 5 stars) is that about half way through the album the songs start to get kinda repetative. Like if its playing in the background and you're not paying attension, you have to listen to the lyrics for a minute to know what song its on. But, even so, its still definately worth a listen.
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on September 23, 2007
I am mostly a fan of metal and trance,but also like alternative music inbetween the two genre's,so decided to try a few gothic/darkwave compilations including 'dancing in the dark 2006',which has the track 'in longing' from these guys,and it certainly appealed to my metal taste,and is basically similar to lacuna coil ,etc, except for the electronic elements,but got me very interested in other songs by this band. This album is actually quite diverse in its sounds,from the typical goth-rock sounds of 'open your eyes' which is an obvious track for a single,and should appeal fairly broadly, to more celtic sort of sounds that suit the cover art and its new age sort of look and title. I find 'forsaken' and 'open your eyes' are quite good,and I really like 'dreaming all of you' with its layered vocals in the chorus, which are nice sounding,then the harsher music and vocals that stop it sounding too nice and pop like, also 'slay your dragons' is excellent,as is the more electronic sounding bonus track 'die hoffnung'.I dont love every track,yet enjoyed the sound of all as a new experience, something different to listen to. This band sounds similar to gothic metal bands,about as heavy as epica or within temptation, yet without the classical influences, its decent heavy guitar but with more electronic influences and a bit of I'm not sure what,but I like its sound as it fills a gap I didnt know existed before hearing it. It certainly has that blend of harshness and beauty that makes gothic metal attractive, yet doesnt conform to what metal fans would consider proper metal,whatever that is these days!Its the sort of album and band that is so obscure most will never hear it,but I'm glad I found them. Not exactly party music to impress your friends,but the best stuff never is!
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on May 24, 2015
Actually these guys are pretty good
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on May 22, 2007
This is an amazing rock-goth CD. Female singer Kemi is absolutely one of, if not, the best female singers out there. And she is gorgeous!!! Her vocals are strong. At times she sounds like Delores O'Riordan (with a Deutsche accent instead -- which is so alluring to me). The production quality of each song is strong. The lyrics are thoughtful and poetic.

The rhythm section of the band is progressive, strong, tight. Most songs are hard driving, such as "Forsaken," which is one of my favorites. The operatic vocal layering on "The Feast is Set" is stunning and the dual vocals of Kemi and Rogue (from the Cruxshadows) on "Open Your Eyes" makes the song another favorite. "Gates of Dawn" has a very nice guitar solo. "Dreaming all of you" adds a slight touch of vo-coder and again vocal layering which is very pretty during the chorus: "We're dreaming all of you; We are one in two." This song features heavy synthesizer and pounding, driving drums which compliments the vocals.

The last three songs on the CD are a slower tempo. On "Nocturnal" the lyrics and vocal delivery are emotion packed -- desperate, longing, anguished. "Joy Fire" is another example of great, thoughtful lyrics. How many times in commercial songs do you hear the vocalist crying out, "By all that's holy, true and strong." And then on "Slay Your Dragons": "Don't forget you're not alone. I offer you my comfort zone. Somehow I will be there for you. Slay your dragons!" Bonus trak "Die Hoffnung" in Deutsche.

If you want to invest in a CD from a band that features a strong female vocalist, tight musicianship, and great rock songs, "Spin Moon Magic" by the band The Dreamside is the CD for you.

This band proves you can shred the beast that is rock music -- and still be poets.
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on January 25, 2006
"Spin Moon Magic" is my first Dreamside album. I have only been exposed to one song by the band and liked what I heard a whole lot. I recently received a copy of their latest album "Spin Moon Magic" and have been playing it quite a bit since getting it. Vocalist Kemi Vita has quite a distinct vocals that easily sets her apart from other female singers in the gothic metal genre. For me, she sounds like Shakira if she sang in english all the time. The first single off the album is the duet with The Cruxshadow's Rogue "Open Your Eyes", a catchy rock number. Rogue's vocals compliments Kemi's very nicely. It is really hard to pick a favorite song off the entire album. All of the songs are excellent but the songs that did stand out for me are "Into a Frenzy", "Gates of Dawn" and "Die Hoffnung"(dance version). The only flaw with the album is the shoddy production. Well I have to admit it is a step above the shoddy production of Inkubus Sukkubus' cds but not by much. When I am at the office, I have to turn up the volume on my computer to hear the music more clearly. Overall great cd!
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on June 17, 2007
I purchased this album after having heard the single "Spin Moon Magic" which presented a unique gothic type of sound with exotic vocals and an edge of eerinees. Unfortunately, the rest of the album didnt follow in its single's footsteps. The rest of the album was pretty monotonous for the most part. It provided me with little interest after only about two listens and I haven't listened to it again since. Most of the songs sound way too much alike, a lot of the songs fit the same exact tempo, and the vocalist goes in and out of key at times, which can be very distracting and definitely takes away from the music- not that there's too much to like- at times.

I wouldn't suggest this album unless you're looking for something to bore you to sleep.
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on February 5, 2006
This band just gets better with every cd, and Spin Moon Magic may well be their strongest release thus far. Wonderful melodies, beautiful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics all blend together to create a fantastic dimension of lush dreams and musical magic. Buy this cd, you won't be disappointed!
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on March 15, 2007
Songs like Open your eyes, Feat Rouge from The Cruxshadows, Spin Moon Magic, and Die Hoffnung are my favorites. Buy this CD if you like bands like Evanesence or Xandria.
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