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on November 4, 2015
Best written of the series so far. Very intricate, scary plot. In this one, for a change, not every man is bad and not every woman is good, more like real life. It does point up the problem with formula movies, the forgotten man in this story is the murder victim who is never mentioned, investigated or avenged in any way. If ever I come to the aid of a crime victim and am killed for my trouble, I hope she will at least mention the fact that I was killed to the police so there can be an investigation, and if she takes her own revenge, make some small comment on it when she is getting her own revenge, e.g. "this is also for my friend who tried to help me, but was killed." Just saying. Not everything is about you, Katie. If not for the formula, I am sure these good writers could have written an even better story than this. This one was way better at fitting the revenge with the crime than the first re-make, i.e. the bad guys were much more deserving of the punishment meted out by the victim. These are some bad guys!
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on January 21, 2014
You either like these type of movies or you don't. This is the offshoot genre from the old slasher flicks, ala Halloween & Friday the 13th. The current formula is the torture flick. Think Saw & Hostel.

My wife actually picked this one out while we reviewed the available titles. Damsel in distress, gets tortured, raped, beaten and left for dead. By some miracle she lives and comes back to exact revenge on her tormentors. The story line has been done before many times. But this one was slightly fresh and worked well.

I won't reveal specifics to prevent any spoilers but rest assured she gets the bad guys back in a big way.

If you like the gory/bloody slasher/torture type flick then this one will be sure to please. Talk about a strong female lead! This babe has some balls. Don't be surprised if your girlfriend/wife likes the movie and is cheering for the heroine to "take them out". My wife said it was excellent and she really enjoyed it.
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on October 21, 2013
Let me start by saying I am reviewing the USA IMPORT UNCUT VERSION! The UK version has been heavily cut by approx. 6 minutes, the movie itself is very good, some parts of the story are a bit stupid in places and were not really necessary but the overall revenge theme thriller was good even if the best bits of revenge are in the last half hour of the film, the story is very different to the original this time its a young model who gets raped by a group of photographers, they abduct her and keep her in the basement where they perform vile torture etc., she manages to make a very random lucky escape and then act out her bloody revenge, the revenge scenes were ok nothing special but the last one with the vice is exceptionally painful to watch, how much of these scenes remains intact in the UK version I don't know as its quite graphic, as for the rape scene it was horrible yes but nothing like the original remake, the first remake overall was probably a better film, especially story wise, still this is worth checking out if you want something nasty to watch, its a pretty good movie but not brilliant.
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on April 16, 2016
The torture scenes are incredibly graphic and this one has Bulgarian villains, specifically one very sick family. It even addresses sex trafficking but I don't really buy that she'd be so drugged she'd wake up in another country and not even remember how it happened. I also believe that the cop she went to wouldn't believe her when it would be easy enough to make some phone calls to verify who she is, and he lets her go with some woman who says she runs a shelter? Plot holes aside everyone in this movie was great, and the revenge scenes were absolutely what you'd expect from this now resurrected franchise based on one cult classic. If you're looking for a really amazing revenge film watch "American Mary" but this one isn't bad if you liked the first remake.
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on April 21, 2017
The sound mix was terrible but with the closed captions it was not a big issue. Problem is that not the whole movie was captioned and couldn't hear what she was saying during the last twenty minutes of the movie even though my volume was as loud as possible. Someone from quality control didn't bother to make sure that the whole movie had been captioned. Who's in charge of quality control, I wonder? So lame, I spit on your captions.
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on January 31, 2016
Um torn. It was upsetting, and I even felt a little perverted hanging in there but then the tables turn and I felt okay about it. Still these kinds of movies are not healthy for anyone. Mirror neurons see what we watch and our mind has no idea we are not doing this thing being shown. Young people should not see this. To be a man, I must say actress had one of the sweetest bottoms Ive seen in a while. I liked her mean face too. Chicks that kick as are sexy. I'm sorry any of them have to suffer like this though.
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on January 9, 2015
I repeat the comments I made about the near same name movie staring Camille Keaton. These Lowlifes exist among us , and pray on the weak or defenseless . The criminal justice system is often ineffective because of so many Loopholes in the morass of legal contradictive mumbo jumbo. Hurrah to Jemma Dallender in her portrail of a badly abused victim. She deserves high recognition.
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on April 8, 2016
I normally don't expect much for re-makes, especially sequels to a re-make. But this movie kept me interested. This was brutal, and I'm kind of glad it was an off story sequel rather than playing off the original. Same similar concept, different person, and different events, which made it interesting. The first 15 minutes or so was a little weak, but definitely worth the watch through to get to everything else. Wanna see a girl get down and dirty in the revenge department? Definitely watch this. You don't even have to see the first two films either!
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on August 9, 2016
Actually the best of the franchise...aspiring young pretty model gets raped, kidnapped, and sent to Bulgaria, where she extracts a hugely gruesome revenge against for tormentors...if you do not mind graphic violence, in fact enjoy seeing the dirty bastards getting theirs, then this is right up your alley...
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on October 26, 2015
I am giving this movie 5 stars because if you are going to make a bad movie make it so bad it is worth watching. I also think that Jemma Dallender is so beautiful that just seeing her especially in the nude is worth a few dollars. I howled laughing watching Jemma torture the degenerates who raped and abused her. The next time the Godfather needs an enforcer he should not call on Luca Brasi, but instead get Jemma.
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