Customer Reviews: The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (Widescreen Edition)
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2004
Relentlessly optimistic, drunk and defeated, man-child, sponge-man -- this movie has it all. Most of the parents in the audience didn't get it. But I've been an outspoken SpongeBob fan for years. Hell, I'll bet I like the television show even more than my children do -- and they like it a lot.

It's hard to describe this film, at least in a way that will do it justice. Is it great? In it's own twisted, surreal way, sure. It's littered with double entendres, to be sure, and a few nautical butt cheeks, too. I suppose the studio insisted on the latter. The bottom line is that we need SpongeBob, maybe more than we ever did. His good cheer in the face of disaster is downright inspirational. Plus, he can blow bubbles with the best of them.

The evil villain, Plankton, speaks for all of us when he says, "His chops are too righteous!"
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on November 19, 2004
After reading some negative reviews for this film, I was pleasantly surprised at how funny (with a touch of demented) this movie was. When I see reviews stating things like "Worst animated film of 2004" I have to wonder if they were either a) a fan of the show and or b) at the same movie I was at. Also to the reviewer who said "I'd rather watch a 24/7 marathon of the Teletubbies"...I'd say, I dare ya! I will say that I probably could've went my whole life without seeing Patrick in fishnet stockings, not to mention his bare necessities!

Spongebob the movie seemed like a 99 minute episode. It has all the same goofy, zany, and downright strange humor of the half hour you watch on TV. I thought that outside characters like Dennis (Alec Baldwin) and the real life David Hasslehoff would be dumb and they were, but in a good way. I noticed in the audience tonight (opening night) there were mostly parents with their children, but there were also some couples like my 28 year old self who actually got my girlfriend to go with me (is that love or what?!). I heard adults laughing more than kids many times. I think that's Spongebob's appeal though, it's fun for kids, but some adults (especially fans of Ren & Stimpy or Beavis & Butthead) can crack up too. I would go into the plot but...ok I will...

Spongebob and Patrick set out to find the crown of King Neptune, so he can thaw out Mr. Krabs who Neptune thinks stole it...still with me? Good. So SB and "Pat" jump in their Krabby Patty mobile (complete with pickles for wheels) and embark on their quest. Along the way they get help from Neptune's daughter Mindy who gives them a magic "bag of wind" and turns them into men by strategically placing seaweed on their faces as moustaches. Meanwhile Plankton is up to no good and the evil Dennis is after SB & Patrick. Luckily David Hasslehoff is there to save the day. Makes sense to me! I have to say that I couldn't help but laugh at the review complaining about the way SB & Patrick ate tons of ice cream sundaes and acted like they were drunk and had hangovers. I thought it was hilarious and they weren't drinking, that's why it was funny. To sum up, one review I read said that "if you're a fan of the show you'll get what you paid for". Simply put, I agree. Anyway, it's "lemon scented"!
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on December 11, 2004
I can remember as a youngster sitting around the TV with mom and dad and watching "our shows" together, like the Carol Burnett show, in the 1970s. Now that I'm a daddy myself, "SpongeBob SquarePants" provides the same common experience, although sometimes it's hard to swallow your dinner while laughing so hard we all spew food particles around the room.

We were thrilled to find out the movie was coming out. That explains why there have been no new episodes on TV for so long; they've been busy elsewhere. And it works! Despite a couple of negative reviews I see here, any sponge fan would have to be in a truly bum mood to not enjoy this flick. The problems in translating a small-screen show to the big screen are usually that the characters are overly stretched, the story doesn't ring true to what we're used to, or the filmmakers don't have a clue how to turn from the short format to a 90-minute story. I'm pleased to say that none of these things are a problem here, and that the whole thing holds up beautifully in the theater.

The story, as you've probably heard by now, involves Plankton's latest attempt to take over the world. The big news for fans is that he finally gets Mr. Krabs' recipe for Krabby Patties! Guest star Jeffrey Tambor (King Neptune) unwittingly allows Plankton access to the secret recipe when he believes Mr. Krabs has stolen his crown, freezes him until SpongeBob and Patrick can get the crown back, and while the Krusty Krab is shut down the little megalomaniac sneaks in and steals the recipe, making the Chum Bucket a success at long last. What happens then, and to SpongeBob & Patrick on their journey, is what the story revolves around, and it's every bit as good as any episode of the show I've seen, and I think I've seen them all at least once (many of them two or even three times). Hey, this is the 21st Century version of the Looney Tunes, they're that good and that much worth rewatching.

Funny? Check. 45-year-old dad, 41-year-old mom, and 7-year-old daughter laughed almost nonstop from beginning to end. This little guy is my hero: He's irrepressibly cheery, loves to serve his fellow creatures, is remarkably thankful for his thankless job in the fast food industry, and refuses to see the bad side of people. If more of us humans were as naive as this glorious little sponge, the world truly would be a better place. Well, at least a much funnier place. Now it'll be interesting to see if the story turns in the film are made part of the story lines in the TV show when new episodes come along!
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on December 5, 2006
Great movie! Optimistic as always. Reasonable for kids to watch. Plain zany humor with no apparent agenda except to make you feel happy inside. I honestly hated SpongeBob when he first hit the TV, but then I watched it a bit with my kids. It can be really funny if you have an off beat sense of humor. What is truly good about it is that it is family friendly. It is crude at times, but the basic point of the show is doing the right thing, and treating one another with love and respect. (I know some say that there is a homosexual agenda behind the show, but one can also see that it is a show about kids...for kids. I don't see anything overtly "gay" about the show. Unless one goes looking for such things.) I feel good about watching the show with my daughter. I am amazed that something so successful uses the same formula to entertain over and over yet has not bowed to the negativity the world spouts the way shows like Family Guy or South Park have. This one is KID FRIENDLY!
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on April 13, 2013
Typical Spongebob storyline. My son loves it... he will watch it several times in one day. We originally purchased from tv provider but it was a rental and would expire within a day " wasn't enough time for our kid, he kept requesting this movie". We rented it at least 5 times then I decided to buy it because he loves it so much. Hes watching it right if it was the first time he saw this movie.

I have watched it with him and I think it is funny. It does have some mild rude humor, but I dont consider it to be anything serious, If your child already watch spongebob then it is nothing too far from what is played on tv programs.

We will def consider buying other spongebob movies it keeps my son quiet..not a peep unless hes saying "Im ready...Im ready"
Happy kid = happy mom
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on August 8, 2014
My young daughter watches this movie over and over (we have had it on our DVR for a long time, but that version has commercials - which she hates - so finally broke down and bought the DVD). You know kids and repetition... they will literally watch the same cartoon a million times and not get sick of it, but usually I am ready to rip my hair out after hearing the same episode of something for the 20th time. However, I have to say that this movie is really cute, and has pretty decent entertainment value even for adults without being over-the-top innappropriate like a lot of movies/cartoons that try to appeal to both kids and parents. I know my daughter will get a lot of enjoyment out of this movie, and I will have some guaranteed and much needed "mommy time" once on a while! :-)
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on September 22, 2015
Ok let me just say that this was a good movie the first time I seen it. But now that I have seen it like a 1000 times cause I have kids who for some reason just can't get enough of this movie or SpongeBob for that matter they have just ruined it for me. But I can't really give this a rating below 5 stars cause they love it so much.
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on July 31, 2006
This was my first exposure to the SpongeBob phenomenon. Having avoided the series for years, my wife and I finally rented the movie DVD for our toddler daughter. Amazingly, we wound up enjoying the movie as much, or even more, than our daughter did!

The underwater world of SpongeBob is lovingly created with wit, charm, sass, and not just a little societal tongue-in-cheek. SpongeBob himself is a remarkably engaging little fellow, at once credulous and simple and immature, yet pure and innocent and impossible not to adore, once the action gets going and you see the goodness in his spongey little heart. Likewise for Patrick, the lobotomized starfish.

Plankton steals the show, however, as the maniacal microbe with visions of ocean-wide domination. Displaying perhaps animation's worst case of Short Man Syndrome, Plankton had me laughing out loud at several points in the film, and my hat is off to the voice actor who brought Plankton to life. Not since Mike Meyers' Doctor Evil have I found myself enjoying a villain this much. All hail Plankton!

Those seeking a super-complex plot, are liable to be disappointed. But plot isn't the point. As I would learn when I eventually began watching the series on television, the movie is simply the universe of SpongeBob writ large, bigger and bolder, with a better soundtrack, and (of course) David Hasselhoff!

Kudos to Hasselhoff for proving that he's not afraid to laugh at himself. And kudos to veteran screen actor Jeffrey Tambor for voicing King Neptune. ("Ballld! Balllld!!!") In fact, a number of familiar faces and voice inhabit this show, which was an unexpected delight, and gave it a level of authority and authenticity that I did not expect.

If you want a family-friendly all-around-fun romp of a movie, I would highly recommend this. As both a stand-alone film, and a primer/introduction to the series, I had to give this one five stars.
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on July 8, 2015
I can't get enough of this movie, and neither can my grandsons. I got a copy for both them and myself. (Keeps me young, you see.) SpongeBob is such an innocent that he gets into the wackiest adventures with his goofy friend Patrick, yet it's that innocence and goodness that gets them out of these scrapes every time. Funny and entertaining for kids and adults alike.
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on September 21, 2012
I watched this with my daughter and grandson and have to admit i was laughing as much[if not more]then they were. funny and witty at times the story is plain and simple with a sprinkle of moral values[i know Spongebob and morals??].. a fairly talented cast wraps this movie up well,,, i guess I'm just a kid a heart as i enjoyed this as much as any kid would.. Go Goofy Goobers!
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