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on June 3, 2013
The generator arrived in perfect condition. Very easy to install the wheels and handle. There was some commitments left in regards to installing these. Ah if you cant figure this out, you shouldn't be handling a genny.
Anyways on to my review. Pretty straight forward. Install battery. (some have complained about the battery size. Just measure the bracket and go to wally world and get a motorcycle battery the same size as the dimension.)
Connect LPG line to bottle, then to genny, turn on bottle & fuel shut off. set choke to full close. push start button.....and vroom! after it starts, slowly shut off choke. Thats it!
the reason for me buying this was to be used at my log cabin in Maine. Wife was not liking the fact of having to try and fill the gas tank from a 5gal jug, and pull starting it was a bear.
Now we dont have to worry about storing gas up there and it going bad.
This genny to me is just a wee bit quieter then my gas one. Nice thing also is that there is no noxious fumes like the gas one produces.
Ran it for 30 minutes under a full house! load and engine pitch never changed!
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on August 3, 2011
This generator is simply awesome. It was shipped on a truck equipped with a liftgate making delivery very easy for me and my 2 wheel dolly.

The generator instructions to get the wheels on could be better. I read other reviews that mentioned this. So, I downloaded the manual from buffalo tools and studied the blow up diagram and read the installation process. This made things much easier for me and quicker. A few screws here and there with metric wrenches and I was done. All I had to do was add oil up to the bottom of the lip where the oil plug is inserted as stated on the manual.

It started with the first pull. Setup is easy. Attach the propane hose to the generator and propane tank, open propane nozzle, turn VERY LARGE switch on generator to "on" position, close choke, pull hand starter. Super easy.

Haven't used under load but I'm sure it will perform nicely. I purchased a used 100 lb propane tank. This thing will run for about 40 hours on 50% load before the tank runs out. 80 hours if I buy another and connect them together. Also, there is no "low oil" light. It will simply turn off and won't start if there isn't enough oil.

Say goodbye to gumed up carbs and expensive gasoline. Propane is the way to go.

July 2nd, 2012: Micro burst killed power across town. Gas station even closed (pumps run off electricity). Neighbor had to drive all over to find gas. I rolled out my 100 lb propane tank. Powered entire house: 2 window AC units, 1 central AC, 2 refrigerators, lighting and I did a load of laundry by the time he got back.

I posted a pic of my setup, both inside and outside.
review image review image
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on September 16, 2015
Trouble since the day I got it less than two years ago. Always an issue getting it started. First it was "not level" so that was fixed, then it just refused to turn over-- tried using engine quick start in the carb and that worked, for awhile-- took it out after sitting several months, added a brand new battery and now won't turn over at all. Called customer service and after troubleshooting the unit with me says I need to replace something called "the mixer", which, of course, they don't have in stock and have no idea when they may get more-- plus it's $65 plus shipping....all this for a unit less that 2 years old that was bought after hurricane Sandy to protect my family--- I just pray that we don't need it before I can figure out a way to get this thing repaired! Oh, and it is out of warranty so the company was of no help even suggesting what to do.....beware!
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on November 5, 2012
We purchased this product during the summer, and had an electrician wire a transfer panel to hook it up to using the 30A outlet. We had tried a test of it after the purchase and wiring by the electrician. Easy to assemble the handle and wheels. The directions weren't the best, but easy enough to figure out. I would have preferred the wheels were on a single axle, but that might be splitting hairs.

During Hurricane Sandy, we had the "opportunity" to use it for real. This generator performed great. Started on the 2nd pull, and powered everything we needed. I don't know how long a tank of propane lasts since we only had it running a few hour before our power was restored. I would recommend this purchase to anyone needing a good generator. I also am happy with the choice of propane versus gasoline.
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on March 14, 2014
To be clear, Amazon's customer service was excellent in this matter and I genuinely appreciate that.

I rated it one star because one cannot give it zero . . . However, I purchased this heap of crap from Amazon. It arrived with a broken carburetor and air cleaner. The generator says, on the side in big letters "Do not contact the seller, contact us directly" and there is an 800 number. I did, it took several calls and three weeks later the parts arrived. I installed them and it still didn't work. So I called the same customer service fool -- Kellie -- and she ultimately had me ship it back to their facility. Kellie then went on vacation. Radio silence. Another three weeks pass and it was returned to me this time not in a box, scratched, dented, and packaging tape over much of it. It still didn't work so I called my buddy Kellie back and she told me to go pound sand . . .

Thank you, Amazon, for standing behind what you sell. I recommend that neither Amazon, nor the readers of this review do business with this company -- BUFFALO TOOLS -- ever again.
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on July 8, 2013
The product worked as expected. However, delivery was later than projected, the carrier used for the delivery was awful, an accessory part was missing, and the vendor could not be contacted either through phone or e-mail at the time.

Fortunately, Amazon was, as usual, outstanding in their customer support. They shipped the missing part (the LP regulator connector hose) from their own product inventory at no charge. Subsequently (the next week), I was able to contact the vendor. Apparently, they had been engaged in a move during the week I had been trying to contact them initially. At least now I know they are available if future support should be required.
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on November 21, 2012
I did my research and determined this was the largest portable propane powered generator available. It started right up and runs great. I purchased a 12 volt battery and the push button start also works great. I can run two refrigerators, a freezer, a small gas fired furnace heater, lights and TV / Internet. I recomend having an electrician install a back feed power cable and circuit breaker sub panel in your house with a generator breaker interlock kit (instead of using a bunch of extension chords). Also, propane is much safer to store, has a longer shelf life, burns cleaner and is easier to obtain when a power outage shuts down the gas station pumps.
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on June 1, 2013
The electric starter did not work when we got this one (by the way it starts very easily with the pull-starter), but a call to the 800 number for customer service solved that, they simply sent me a new one, and I put it on and it has been working well ever since. It is powerful enough to run our central a/c unit on the house which is (I believe 3500 BTU) a water-source heat pump...and of course it is also running the 240v water pump at the same time. I highly recommend propane for a generator that will not see frequent use. The one in my camper had not been used in 20 years when I bought the camper 3 years ago because of a bad fuse-holder for the fuel solenoid...once that was replaced it started and runs fine.
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on November 3, 2012
Finally had an opportunity to put this to a real test. Purchased this item as the area is plagued by power outages typically a few hours at a time and do not want to deal with gasoline due to the risk of the gas going bad and propane is currently cheaper than gas per gallon. Primary appliance needed to back up is sump pump, secondary appliances three refig/freezers.

To supply constant power without swapping out propane cylinders, I had my energy company install a quick connect box via a T connection off the main line from a 100 gallon tank which primarily supplies my cooking stove. This setup would allow me provide constant power for approx. 8 days before requiring a refill. I did not setup the gen with a battery for the auto start feature. My philosophy is the less the better. The more parts something has the more likely something will go wrong with it.

Due to Hurricane Sandy we lost power for 68 hrs. The Sportsman 7000 ran straight the whole time providing power to a 1/2 hp sump pump, 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer, TV, lights, computer. When needed to run other appliances we would unplug refrigerator or freezer to run microwave oven or washer/dryer.

Prior to Hurricane Sandy we lost power for 7 hrs. during a bad thunderstorm. This was prior to the above setup and ran the Sportsman 7000 off of a 20 lb cylinder. This event happened during the peak of summer in the evening when temps were high. The gen provided power to everything above including a 12000 btu window air conditioning unit. After the power came back on there was still fuel left.

I would recommend this generator to others as propane does not go bad, burns more efficiently, and is more readily available during a power outage than gasoline. My decision to go with this generator was because I did not want a permanent unit fixed to the house and wanted the mobility so the unit will see more use. Instructions could be better documented.
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on July 3, 2015
I am LOVING this generator it starts every time with no problems ... Some times I don't start it weekly or even bi-weekly but it will start when I need it to
review image review image review image review image
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