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on June 7, 2012
The Evo 4G I purchased from Amazon's merchant MidStar was defective. According to my local Sprint repair store the phone had been reprogrammed before I received it, Midstar's response was "I believe Sprint might not know how to activate the phone because we have purchased them directly from our Sprint supplier. We have also received activation instructions from them".
Really... The rep at the Sprint store was kind enough to replace the defective phone with one of their's, less than 10 minutes later I am out the door with a working phone. I guess they know how to program a phone after all.
Secondly, I was also informed that the battery that was supplied with the MidStar phone was not one of theirs. Ergo, also defective as it barely fits into the phone. $40.00 dollars later, I have a phone and battery that is what I paid for. Sprint customer service to the rescue.
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on September 18, 2012
Very disappointed in this phone! We've already had to take it in because it won't charge, even with a new battery.
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on January 19, 2015
The first phone I ordered came with the wrong battery. The contact the seller link wouldn't work so I called Amazon and they had me ship the phone and battery back to them because they couldn't exchange the battery by itself. The customer service agent also had no contact information for the seller. I realize the batteries look very similar for a lot of these phones, so I wasn't really mad, but it was very inconvenient and I was without a working phone at the time. The next phone that came in also had the wrong battery so I just bought one. Really needed a phone that worked. Still don’t have one though. I had an EVO before (same model) and it was great. It makes me wonder if this phone that was advertised as new is actually a refurb. The sound quality is terrible on calls, it sounds like listening to some one at a drive through while your window is closed. It's slow and every time I use ANYTHING the phone resets when it goes back to the home screen, and takes forever doing it. Want to look at your calendar? Cool, just don't expect to be able to make a call for 5 minutes or so afterward. I have installed NO apps on this phone. The alarm clock actually goes off at random times somewhere near what I set it for...usually early, but then the screen is frozen so I can't make it shut up. I never realized that having a crap phone could make me want to drink so early in the morning. Still can't contact the seller and I really don't want a third phone from them at this point. I'll probably have to buy another one and use this for target practice. Clay birds are cheaper, but I couldn't live with the karma if I let this phone be passed on to some poor, unsuspecting person. I would probably be struck by lightning.
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on March 14, 2014
This is the most disappointing product I have ever bought from Amazon, It came late,( Christmas gift grrr) and without a charger, it was not all white (just the back plate) and within a week or two the battery no longer took a charge. Amazon customer service did an excellent job of trying to make this right. They sent me a charge cable, ( unfortunately it too was defective) but I had an loaner until another charge cable was sent. They also worked with the vendor to provide another phone that would take a charge. By this time we are into mid February. When the new phone came the back cover didn't quite fit, but we thought we would try to make do. I was just informed by the person to whom I gave the phone, that 3 of the screws under the non fitting back cover had come out, and that the phone no longer boots up but cycles when you turn it on. I suspect it is not making proper contact because of the missing screws. I am at my wits end. HTC is a reliable company. I have been using their products for over 5 years. This was alleged to have been a new phone, but it seems to have been cobbled together with ill fitting parts by the vendor, and is not what I expect when I buy from Amazon.
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on November 20, 2012
I've been using this phone for a few months now. It's been very good, easy to use and fast. I noticed once in a while, the person I was talking to on the phone, would have trouble hearing me saying the volume of my voice was too low. Then other times the volume of my voice was fine.
A couple of days ago, the microphone in the phone went dead and the only thing the person on the other end could hear was static.

HTC support told me to soft boot, then hard boot the phone, but it didn't help. I now have to contact them again to say their support help did not work.

The company seems very sincere in wanting to help me and the phone is still under the 1 year warranty, so I am sure they will take care of me and my phone.

I might advise you to buy insurance on this model phone as I have seen and heard of a lot of HTC owners having microphone problems with their HTC EVO 4G.

Will update later.
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on September 7, 2012
3 Days after I got the phone it stopped charging. I went to the Sprint store for them to take a look at it and that is when I found out that the phone had been tagged "DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR" before I had even received the phone!!!! That was a complete waste of $250.00. I was very dissappointed and I will never order a product from this company again.
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on September 10, 2013
I received the wrong phone at first in my shipment, but seller sent me the correct phone RIGHT AWAY and gotta say I JUST LOVE IT!!!!! Seller was VERY HELPFUL with making sure the right product I paid for was received.
So many features and apps that are available that I cannot say how AWESOME this phone is.
Works great; takes great pics and videos; has capability to watch movies with kickstand for easy viewing;
and LOVE the navigation system.

Took the phone to Sprint and all my contacts and pics were easily transferred to new phone from old phone in 5 minutes.
My insurance on old phone now covers new phone with no problems.
Only problem was the battery that was with old phone woud not take a charge at all and Sprint does not carry this battery in house. Had to go to a separate battery store to purchase AND THE SELLER REPLACED THE COST FOR THE BATTERY...(as I had hoped and expected) SO VERY IMPRESSED AGAIN!!!
Would not hesitate to purchase from this seller in future and HIGHLY recommend this phone!
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on November 17, 2014
Thumbs up on recieving this order way before expected. 10 thumbs down on not being able to activate the crap! I have been at the Sprint store for the last hour trying to updat this phone. I am highly upset. It should not be this hard to switch over & activate the phone. If this can not be fixed in the next hour, I WILL DEMAND A REFUND!!!!

After an hour of waiting... The sales rep at the Sprint store let me know that the phone can not be repaired and there is nothing they can do. The phone is beyond repairable and even without trying to switch it over-- the phone was in horrible shape.
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on September 19, 2014
This phone doesn't work half the time. Its very slow. Every time you click on something it has to load for ever. I hardly ever get service. I have to put it on speaker phone and walk outside to talk to someone on it. Its not because of where i live because my old phone worked just fine here & i don't even get service in town. Every time i talk to someone they are constantly saying i cant hear you or understand you. Amazon was going to make it right they told me i could send it back in & they would send me another phone, but i had already turned this phone on.
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on November 7, 2013
This was meant to be a temporary phone to get me to my next upgrade. So I didn't have high hopes to begin with. This phone uses a lot of battery an overheats easily. It was supposed to come with an extended battery, but it did not. I did notice that it occasionally drops some of my contacts and then the contact will reappear elsewhere and then I won't be able to find it again.... Very odd. Phone is heavier than my last phone (Samsung Infuse, which I adored) . All in all this isn't too bad of a phone. However, I don't believe I would buy another one and I may not recommend it whole heartedly to some folks.
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