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on December 26, 2006
So, most people have never experienced anything close to the heavy drug use depicted in this film.

At first glance, Spun is exceedingly obscene and pornographic, and the editing is enough to make anyone dizzy. However, not only does it excellently depict the drug sensations, the movie has a moral as well. I fully believe that the lack of character development and plot (according to numerous critics) is intentional -- drug abuse doesn't just suddenly get a happy ending, nor does it have any essential purpose beyond the feelings of the drugs.

And in the end, that's what this movie delivers: the experience of a pointless week-long meth binge, and a glimpse at the kind of life few of us would believe exists. Imagine the events of Spun expanded into a year, many years -- people actually live this way, losing days like drops in a bucket of water, doing what they can to get the next high. Extremely important things are simply forgotten, drama explodes as the drugs twist emotions..

There are so many elements of this movie that are thought-provoking, when you get past the layers of grime and tweak editing. A great many people won't care to get past the surface, and understandably so.. You might have seen this kind of depravity in the first half of A Clockwork Orange, but never presented in such a visceral way. Beneath the surface is a silent cautionary tale -- everything from constantly blinking Fasten Seatbelts lights to Ross taking another bump as you cringe "again??" and prepare for another sensory assault..

If this film takes you nowhere, perhaps that is exactly the point.

Love the presentation, 5 stars =)
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VINE VOICEon April 27, 2009
Tweakers...abruptly...move, about a landscape, in choppy steps, observing and experiencing a KaLeIdOsCoPe of cartoonish COLORSSSSZZZZZ, visual spectacles, as ji-tt-er-y as possible------while desperately yearning for the next RAIL (is that a squirrel?) that helps them @V0!D the irritability and CRA.Sh.ing that occurs when the Grim Reaper's crystal meth-covered scythe knocks loudly (BANG! BANG!) at the door.

Most drug movies take the stereotypical way out. Pot joke here. Lame message or lesson there. With Spun, however, and the brilliant cast led by Mickey Rourke and Brittany Murphy, there is a bit more grease on the wheel, and the previous paragraph is the best I can do to truly represent the bizarre trip that Spun represents.

The movie follows Ross (Jason Schwartzman) - a borderline psychotic meth-head - over the course of three or four days, as he meanders his way throughout the drug world for each successively needed hit. Starting off at the house of a frantic small-time dealer named Spider Mike (John Lequizamo), whose paranoia and persona are a mix of battered ping-pong ball and horny schizophrenic, Ross meets Spider Mike's junkie girlfriend Cookie (Mena Suvari, who was obviously affected by the Gateway drug in American Beauty), and a fellow addict named Frisbee. When Spider Mike loses his stash - drugs'll do that to ya' - Ross moves up to the big leagues through Nikki (Murphy) - who personifies the drug-addicted stripper in nearly every role she plays; so, she nails the character - to The Cook (Rourke). The Cook is the coolest burnout ever, spewing out prophecy and poetry, both wise and ignorant, while convincing Ross to be his personal chauffer, paying him in small bags of drugs, like a dog being rewarded for playing fetch.

The rest is all about burning the candle at both ends, following addicts as day and night blends together in a hallucinatory cartoon of never-ending cravings. For the most part, the acting is superb. As mentioned, Rourke and Murphy are great, but Suvari is unconvincing, and a bit role from Eric Roberts is simply horrible. How far he has fallen from Best of the Best (and I am dead serious).

Ingeniously filmed, the blending of every imaginable artistic expression is there, but that's the strength as well as the weakness. At times the trip is quite distracting from the message. When it comes down to it, however, maybe that's the point? Maybe the skittish delivery is meant to be a pure depiction of the rambling affects of addiction. I enjoyed it for what it's worth, but not enough to become addicted; I just needed a taste.
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on March 31, 2011
I was stunned how bad this peice of crap is. I wish I I would get hit by an asteriod so I can wipe this mistake from my mind forever. It literally has no valid point in the whole file. To stop this off, one of girls is film defectating and they show everything. The producer, directors and writers shoul be charged with a crime against humany.
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on October 5, 2014
First of all, be sure you buy the UNRATED cut of the film. The R rated version is censored and ridiculous. This is one of the instant classics of trash cinema. It’s a fantastic movie and at times flirts with conveying an anti drug message (really it’s implicit because you don’t want to be one of these people), but really the film isn’t interested in judging the characters or meth. It presents the trash culture surrounding the modern junkie culture, especially as its exists around the lower class where it perhaps festers the most, and sort of lets it stand on its own. The crazy and cartoonish scenes are maybe embellished but in a sense gets the junkie experience more dead on than almost any other film I’ve seen (this movie and Drugstore Cowboy would be great companion pieces). I’ve never tried meth and I’ve never knowingly been around people who are hooked on it or make it. But I’ve been around people addicted to oxycotin. Again, it wasn’t quite as far out as what’s in this film, but the film isn’t all that heightened from what I saw. Especially the undercurrent of nihilistic homelessness that permeates. The film gets a little too nuts for me with the cops portion. However, drug police do tend to be a little like those guys, haha. Again, my experience is limited. I got pulled over because of a friend of mine and the drug police were grilling me about my “street name” and pointing at my shirt saying something fell out of my nose (in hopes I would melt and confess to snorting? I guess) and were all like “tell us what’s up, man." I won’t lie, I was scared, haha. But they were talking to the wrong guy. I wouldn’t let them search me or my car because screw them. In the end they wouldn’t let me go until I confessed to a bogus story about having smoked weed and not being sure if I had some ashes in my car and that being why I wouldn’t allow a search. Wasn’t true at all -- I’ve never smoked because I have asthma. I was clean. Reluctantly I agreed to that story out of fear they’d charge me (I didn’t know it was illegal to leave an expired license in my wallet and the guy saw it when I showed them my current one and I hear “felony!") and they did let me go. They were after meth and oxy people. Anyway, the police have struck me as a little ridiculous since then.
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on August 1, 2003
How could they do this!?They made Mena Suvari UGLY!How could they turn someone so georgeous into a trashy redneck!This is a weird movie that turns the most georgeous actresses into drugged up psychos! Yeah, I really wanna see Mena take a huge dump and get drugged up! The plot is stupid and it has no conclusion or turning point. It's just a sick movie about people staying up for days drugged up on Meth! Brittney Murphey and Mena Suvari should not have done this to themselves! Mena or Brittany, if you ever read this please stick top playing the sex symbol in a film!This movie flunked big time!
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on November 7, 2014

The first friend I made when I moved into my current town moved themselves while I was in middle school, and another family had moved in for a few years. During that whole time the father managed to turn the basement into a meth lab, and the house had to be condemned before it could go back on the market.

The accuracy of how this movie depicts what it is like when meth addiction rules your world or cooking meth pays your bills is just as palpable today, Very underrated movie considering how so many people have creamed their jeans over "Breaking Bad", waxing poetic about the performances and gushing about it around the water cooler every week at work. Some people must live in a bubble when it comes to hardcore drug use because that's the only explanation I can come up with on why it ever became so popular to gush about a TV show that centers around a drug that is more addictive and harder to kick than heroin.

THIS movie gives you the best possible view of what it would be like if your brain is on meth and what it looks like to be on a binge that lasts for days. It's UGLY, from beginning to end. There is no plot to this movie, there is no fairy tale ending because there is no rhyme or reason or excuses for addiction. Addiction is either in your life or it isn't, whether your the addict, an enabler, a family member, friend or significant other who had to cut you out of their life, a person who works for child protective services, an ER doctor or nurse, etc.

The difference between when this movie came out and now, is that addiction is a part of mainstream culture.
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on March 21, 2006
'Spun' follows the lives of several methamphetamine addicts through their wasted, roller coaster days, but this is not your ordinary 'drug' film. The ambience and atmosphere is so in-tuned with this degenerated culture that you can smell the illegal drugs cooking. Giving the plot away would be moot, since it is a portrayal of everyday life for people of this particular scene.

So, what separates 'Spun' from the rest of the drug flicks? Gritty realism, hilariously bizarre scenes, atmosphere, some great acting, and a complete lack of fear on the part of the creator and the director to dive into the nastiest of behaviors and expose them as pathetic and comical.

The sets are what you will see in real life meth houses. The dress and behavior of the characters is very realistic. My only real problem with the movie is that some of the jerk/flash camera work gets a little annoying, but still serves its purpose of bringing the "tweak" to the screen.

Interspersed in the film are some ridiculous cartoon scenes that are a riot, and two cops that parody TV shows like "Cops" and "Bounty Hunters", along with flash stills and hilarious action music. I am going to be haunted forever by the Spider Mike (John Leguizamo) scene where he is jumping up and down on the bed with a sock on his unit while abusing himself. You'll see what I mean, Leguizamo is brilliant in his role.

Mickey Rourke has proven himself to be quite an actor, a chameleon who can adapt to any role. In 'Spun', he plays The Cook, a nasty loosing white trash cowboy type who cooks the dope for the gang. Watch for Ross's (Jason Schwartzman) hallucination of The Cook's all-American speech in the video store. "Ask not what the kitty can do for you (substitute the 'P' word for kitty), but what you can do for the kitty."

Look for a surprising performance from Brittany Murphy (Just Married, Sin City) as Nikki. The more I see of Brittany's work, the more I like her as an actress. Eric Roberts (playing The Man) may have had one bad role after another, but his part in 'Spun' is perfect for him and very well done. The Man, with his earring and his muscle boys and his overdone lisp was too funny to watch. Roberts worked with Rourke in 'The Pope Of Greenwich Village' back in the early 80's, and its plain that they still mesh as actors.

Watch for Debra Harry (80's group Blondie) as Ross's nosy neighbor, and Ron Jeremy, the king of p*rn, as the bartender in the strip club. All in all, 'Spun' is a movie with a serious twist that will leave you laughing in the wake of the character's bizarre activities. This is one of the best drug/bad behavior movies I have watched, right up there with 'Requiem For A Dream' and 'Kids'. Truly, a must-see movie. Enjoy!
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on August 15, 2008
If it doesn't bother you when a director blatantly rips off another movie, take this one for a spin. It's Requiem for a Dream for the methamphetamine crowd. Not as good, of course, but it's a fun ride. Lots of quick edits, lots of Oliver Stone weird, sweaty, extreme close-ups, and absolutely no substance. It's just a week, or so, in the life of a bunch of speed freaks. Nothing more.

Billy Corgan contributes some good stuff, via Djali Zwan to the soundtrack and gets in a quick cameo. There are lots of cameos alongside the ensemble cast. Leguizamo's a little over the top, and Mena Suvari seemed a little stretched, but all in all not too bad. This is a much better role for Brittany Murphy than Love and Other Disasters. It's a fine line between over-acting and acting like you're freakin' on speed, so I'm not going to complain.

Spun is also surprisingly explicit in a number of ways: Leguizamo's masturbation scene wearing nothing but a sock; the shot of a little turd splashing in the toilet while Sorvino takes a dump; a girl tied to a bed for pretty much the length of the movie, naked and spread eagle with gaffer's tape over her mouth and eyes forced to listen to a skipping CD the whole time.

There is no moral to the story. Heck, there really isn't any story. It's just one big buzz with events. I don't mind that it's a Requiem for a Dream clone in style, not substance. I would imagine this kind of physical film making via power-edits would be difficult to do, and I think this first time director did a credible job.
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on September 21, 2016
This film was recommended to me by an ex-meth cooker. He said it showed what meth was like. I did not find any humor in the girl handcuffed to the bed running gag, so for that I don't give it five stars. Neither was I quite so interested in the girl problems of the young star. But overall the movie was very entertaining and amusing and I would like to see it again. (Only sorry I rented it instead of buying a used copy.) Another quibble, I don't know, but it seemed to me the Eric Roberts character, show stealer that he was, was some kind of false flag as to who is "Mr. Big" in the world of organized meth production, which I had read had to do with huge "hidden" laboratories, the Mexican mafia, and bikers and illegal alien factory workers. (See Methland book.) But, as entertainment, a good movie.
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on October 25, 2017
Awww I miss brittany murphy
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