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on August 29, 2017
This product shipped to me in a package that explained a few things about using the product. The instructions were overall not very clear so I had to learn by using the product.

Here are some of my observations:
. Once the battery case was installed, I put this on charging. The blue light indicator (4 of them) came on. Some of them stayed on perhaps indicating that the case is charged to certain extent, and some of them were blinking indicating that the case is still charging. So if 2 are on and one is blinking it would imply that the case is at least 50% charged.
. The charging took a long time - about 7-8 hours for all the blue lights to come on without any of them blinking. The phone was also charging in parallel but in these 7-8 hours it only reached from 50% to around late 80s. It didn't go to 100%. I lost patience and plugged it out. I charged to phone separately to 100% which was quick
. Thereafter the phone was in use. It kept on discharging at its usual pace with the case being on. When it reached around 10%, I pressed the silver button at the back which lit up the 4 LEDs. Three were on and last one was blinking perhaps indicating that the case is discharging and the phone is charging. The phone charging symbol also came on.
. It took about 2 hours for phone to reach around 79% and by that time the battery case was completely discharged which means that the case doesn't hold the charge for long time and keeps discharging even though it's not in use. The second point is that the case might not hold enough charge to get the phone from 0 to 100%.

This is the first phone battery case I have used and honestly found it not quite useful. There's really no difference between carrying this case and carrying a powerbank so why would you keep the case on and make the phone heavy

In terms of protection, I didn't drop the phone so not very sure. But honestly, it was barely covering the phone on the sides so the protection wouldn't be as much as the simplest of cases
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on November 12, 2015
I purchased the PowerShadow i6 really hoping it would both provide protection as well as extended battery life for my iPhone 6. After a week, I decided it wasn't what I was hoping and have returned it. There were several reasons it was returned.

First issue, using a microUSB port on the bottom instead of a lightning port ended up being a big deal. I had to replace the charge cables in my vehicles along with the one in my bedroom where I would charge it at night. It was only after a week of night time charging that I realized another problem.

Second issue -When you plug the unit in, it charges both the phone and the battery in the PowerShadow. But once both batteries are charged, the phone is no longer connected to the charger but rather running on its own battery. By the time you wake up the next morning, the PowerShadow is fully charged, but the iPhone is at around 60% (I use a sleep app during the night, so the phone is active all night). Spyder recommends waiting until the phone is at 20% battery before using their battery to recharge it, so I was in the position of having to recharge during the day anyway, just like if I didn't have the aux battery.

Third issue - when plugging the phone into my iMac to sync to iTunes or Photos, the computer won't recognize the phone because of (I assume) the micro USB plug. If I take the phone out of the case and plug it in with the lightning cable, works perfectly. Plug it is with the micro USB - nada. And the phone isn't all that easy to take out of the case.

Fourth issue - because of the added depth at the bottom of the phone, you can't plug in most headsets (such as my Bose Quiet Comfort set) because of the deep recess to the plug. Spyder sends along a short adapter cable to supposedly address this. Imagine having to keep track of a five inch cable all the time as you travel? The real issue, and I found this amazing, was that the cable they supplied was too large in diameter to fit into the hole which makes it useless. So to listen to music, I had to remove the phone (again) from the case.

Fifth issue - the blue charge indicator on the back is BRIGHT! You have to cover the phone with something at night or it lights up the room and looking at it directly is blinding.

I really wanted to like this item. The idea of having 2-3 days worth of battery was very appealing. But this is a flawed design in several areas that simply make it unusable for me.
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on January 1, 2017
This is the second one that failed this year. The first one I purchased at DFW airport and now this one. I first I thought it was a fluke that it failed but I liked the cradle charger and size of the product so I purchased this one October 2016. They just quit charging for no reason. I'm a corporate pilot for a private firm and I'm not hard on the product. They just quit. This time I've emailed Spyder and am waiting for a response. I'll see what they have to say and get back to this post. Happy New Year to all...
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on February 16, 2014
My cell phone is vital to my work but I get no signal in my office so the battery drains really quickly on my iPhone while at my desk. Sometimes it is dead before noon when I am stuck in my office. I needed a way to make my battery last all day. I had high hopes for this and liked the idea of the charging dock. Unfortunately it did not meet expectations. The plastic volume buttons were one major problem. At first the down volume button would stick causing my phone to be muted all the time, then they broke off altogether making it so I had to either use a pen tip to change volume, or remove the phone from the case. Also, it was difficult to put the phone on the charger so that the contacts held and charged. If you weren't careful you and checked, you might find out later that your phone never charged. Or if you tried to use the home button and check email or something, it would start and stop charging at the slightest movement of the phone in the dock. Lastly, it did not seem to charge all that we'll. With my phone at about 25% I would start charging it with the case and it would get around 75% on my battery and the case would be dead. So it only provided about half a battery worth of charge. I finally gave up and just bought a 6000 mAh external pack.
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on December 10, 2014
I have been using Spyder products for a few years now. The charging case is pretty good and thats about it. There is one flaw that everyone should know about..the top plastic housing part is defective. On my iPhone 4 Spyder it was and they make you purchase a new housing part. On my iPhone 5 Spyder i hoped that this would be fixed, but to no avail. It broke and guess what? I am dealing spending another $20 to replace it.
Pros: It works.
Cons: It breaks and the company makes you pay for replacement parts.

Update: I did receive the replacement housing. Unfortunately, the housing is already starting to bend and break..notice the small bulge in the problem area. How long will this last? Who knows.
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on September 25, 2015
Love the design for the phone cover and how it lights up in the back to show you it's on and how much more it can charge the phone. The first time I used it, it charged very quickly but the next few times it took a while, not sure if it's because I left the "charger" on while I was trying to recharge. Does that make sense? It's easy to place the cover on but VERY hard to take off. I don't have a computer at home so I have to remove the cover if I need to recharge my phone's battery and there's no charge left in the cover. The texture is too slippery for my liking so I switch off and on; I use the cover if I'm traveling or know I'll be out and about all day but use my other phone cover for everyday use.
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on June 17, 2016
UPDATE 2: The USB doesn't work at all. This has become a very disappointing purchase. I wouldn't buy it again.

UPDATE: The USB port has already come loose inside the housing. It still works but jiggles a lot. Not sure how much longer it will last. Also, the headpiece doesn't quite fit all the way around. I still like it overall but I'm not exactly psyched, especially at this price point.

OLD: My Spyder came with two headpieces, I'm not sure what that means. Is it supposed to have an extra piece? Am I just lucky?
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on July 7, 2014
This is definitely one of the best additions to my iPhone 5s. Finally a docking stating that works. The battery case is slim and looks great. It charges the phone very quickly. I can get about 2 charges on my iPhone with 1 full charge on the battery. The docking station is slim and sleek. Putting the phone on the docking station is quick and easy. I have tried 3 or 4 different brands and they either don't fit the phone with a case or you have to use 2 hands to remove the phone from the docking station. Not this one! 5 of my friends have also purchased based on seeing it on my iPhone. You don't need to buy any expensive Lightning cables. Just use Micro USB cables. The only thing you need to know is that if you want to use with your car charger, make sure it is MFI. Otherwise it won't charge.
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on December 31, 2013
I have had this case for about a week .Its lighter and thinner then other cases I have tried like the Mophie.

I was attracted by the dock feature and it works well .It occasionally requires a little jostling but its not a big deal.It
charges your phone and the case .

As with other iphone cases i have tried i cant seem to be able to connect with the micro usb cable supplied in my car and play music .
It just connects plays a little while then will disconnect .All cases I have tried have the same issue so this is not a negative.

Overall i like this case and it is easy to remove ,unlike many other cases.

When my iphone was down to 10% battery a full charge from the case still left 2 blue lights out of 4 .Good.
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on March 27, 2017
Best battery and charger base
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