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on November 12, 2016
Beautiful blade!! Great if you're looking for a unique Delica4. The only thing to be aware is that blade deployment will be "tight". You won't be able to flick this out. I think this is inherent with the damascus blade, titanium body, and the design. I've tried playing around with the body and pivot screws to no avail.

I also have the Endura version which is just as beautiful. For those who are debating over which one to get. Both are great knives and it depends on what you're looking for. After playing with both, I personally like the Delica4 as an EDC due to size. It's a nice size for a pocket knife. Feels nice in the hand, compact. I have medium sized hands. But some folks may feel the Delica4 is not substantial enough and want a bigger knife. This is where the Endura comes in. It's a much long knife by ~2" and slightly larger. Good for people with really large hands. I like it for just the fact it's more substantial and you get more of the beautiful blade to admire. However, it's not an EDC for me but more of a knife to have and admire every so often.

People may be turned off in the "stiffness" in deploying the blade. This is the only drawback here. I wish I can flick it out as easily as some of my other blades. It makes it more enjoyable. But again, this is quickly overshadowed by the beauty and uniqueness of the blade.

I'm not yet an avid blade collector, just starting out. Good for people just getting into the hobby.
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on January 2, 2016
I have owned a Delica since 1994. Old steel, old plastic clip, several trips back to Colorado for tweakage. This knife has better steel, insanely sharp, metal clip, and can be taken apart. I know i DID wait 21 years to get another one, but this one is worth the weight.

It is harder to sharpen, so i went all in, brought edge down to 18 deg per then stropped, polished, and buffed. Insanely sharp. Must be careful sharp. Action could be a little looser, but ill let time do it. I run it on my hip under belt with slacks on, in pocket of jeans, and/or clip out on brief case. The plastic is a big ruff, but its fine.

Missing star: RUST! Couldnt believe it. I am anal with my lubes...as any good man should be! I was using food safe lanolin based fluid film, which i love. This AFTER 20 mins bring her to a nice polish with flitz. SOMEONE cut something wet, and folded her back up and did clean her or wipe her down...some time later, no idea, but less than a week as I clean all three EDC knives weekly, I opened her up & bam! Wasnt expecti g the film, rust, spots, its, on the 189 & with the polish and lube. Pretty much buffed out and off now, but MAN was I upset!
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on October 24, 2013
**NOTE : this knife does not have the saber grind that is shown in the default amazon picture (as of 10/24/2013); it is a full flat ground knife, as is shown in the other pictures attached to this item. The description also correctly describes the item as full flat ground.

Pros :
-blade geometry is optimal for for every day carry. It excels at slicing, is thick enough for piercing, is easy to wipe off, and is the perfect size for EDC
-thin and light
-excellent jimping
-superlative blade steel (ZDP-189)
-adequate blade centering (close to perfect, but not quite; adjusting the pivot screw makes no difference in blade centering with this knife)
-grippy scales
-offers four clip locations

Cons :
-not US made, but there's no shame in carrying a knife made in Seki City, Japan
-very wide in the pocket when closed.
-lockback knifes are somewhat rare in modern knives for good reason : they're much harder to disengage with one hand (though it's still possible with the delica)

If you only want to buy one knife you plan on using and carrying with you every day for a long time, this would be a great choice. If you are a collector of knives, this is probably the best deal you can get on a reasonably sized knife with ZDP-189 blade steel. If you already own a delica and are curious about the ZDP-189 : it's great. If you already own this item and are just reading reviews to see if everyone else loved the knife as much as you : they did. :)
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on December 5, 2015
Really great knife, so light, so sharp. The ZDP-189 is the king of sharpness and staying that way, so if you love razor sharp knives, you can't do better than this steel. I have a lot of knives and I prefer them a little bigger than this one, but most people probably like this size the best. So light, you won't even feel it in your pocket. All of the Syderco ZDP-189 blades are this sharp, so if you see another one you like better, get it, but makes sure you get this steel and then take care of it, by stropping it often. Sharpening will be difficult so take care of it so you don't need to actually sharpen it. You could go years of cutting cardboard, paper, tape and not need to do any sharpening, just stropping to keep the edge even.
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on December 5, 2012
I really love the Spyderco Delica knife. It is a great lightweight knife that I have carried in my work dress pants for 4-5 years. I have been using a VG-10 version from approximately 2008 that has held up extremely well. You can carry this knife in virtually any pants without it being to heavy, which can't be said for some other knives I have. The blade is less than 3" so it should be legal in most jurisdictions in the country so you don't have to worry about "legal" issues. The Endura, while a similar design, just larger seems too big from my perspective. I'm am looking forward to years of top performance from this version of the Delica with the premium ZDP189 steel.

I have read lots of reviews of the ZDP-189 steel and they all talk about outstanding edge holding capabilities. Just sharpen it regularly because it is very tough to resharpen if it gets too dull and don't "pry" with it because it is on the the brittle side. The knife looks great with the green handles and razor sharp blade. There are many improvements of the Delica4 versus earlier versions, including a grippier handle, a better pocket clip attachment method (my old one has a single stud attaching it which often needs to be tightened, vs the 3 allen screw attahment method.) The clip can also be attached in 4 different positions vs the old version's 2 positions, although I usually leave it tip up carry, you have the option with the 4 to carry tip down. The price on Amazon was 15% or more cheaper (~$84) than any knife shop and included free delivery. If this is too expensive for you, you won't go wrong with a Delica 4 VG-10 model for about $54. In any case the Delica 4 ZDP-189 is a Awesome Knife for a Great price!!
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on May 5, 2016
Bought this as a present for my adult son and took a look at it when it came in. Simply gorgeous blade that is thin and extremely sharp with that unmistakable Damascus steel. I wanted to give him something that WASN"T one of those overweight, heavy, military type blades with a composite handle. Those are a dime a dozen and just make you look like a tool or that you are trying to be some kind of tough-guy. This comes across more elegantly as a gentleman's knife (albeit a serious gentleman's knife!) I don't need one, but I'm jealous of his now. Would be even nicer if there was an option to order it with a deep clip, but it is simply fantastic as is.
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on February 23, 2014
I bought this Spydie out of curiosity - I wanted to evaluate the ZDP steel, which is much harder than most folders at RC65. So far so good. I can see where those without diamond sharpeners would have problems. Stoning it gives the sensation that one of its grandmothers was ceramic. I have a Wicked Edge system so I'm OK. It takes a helluvan edge.The bevels are quite a bit off, at 17 deg on one side and 24 on the other. The included angle (41) is within one deg of factory spec (20/20) so it's not a problem. I have about 15 folding knives but this is now my EDC knife (Every Day Carry).

Oh yeah... The knife showed up with black scales, not green. I really didn't want green. I do wish they were prettier, but that's not in Spyderco's bailiwick.

Sept 29, 2014 update: This very nice folder has become my EDC. Using it everyday since I purchased it, the edge wear is interesting (I have a handheld microscope). I'd guess that the ZDP steel lasts 5 to 10 times as long as my AUS-6 blades or 440's when cutting cardboard. The edge seems to wear uniformly, with no chips. dings or dents, which I can't say for any other knife I own. Eventually you get a very small radius at the edge, which I stone out with my 800 and 1000 grit diamond stones. Very little effort required. The knife has been sharpened six times so far. At one sharpening, I found a very small chip and had to drop down to 600 grit to remove the chip.

With very hard steels, I don't recommend touching the edge with anything coarser than 400 grit, as the brittle edge might throw off a bunch of chips, leaving you with a lot of 400 grit stoning to do.

I tried stoning it to mirror bevels, but it cuts much better with the toothier 1000 grit edge.

As for the uneven factory bevels, I slowly corrected them by changing the angle one degree with each sharpening. Now it's a symmetrical 20/20 dps.

Unfortunately, I live in a 3" limit state, or I'd jump on an Endura in ZDP-189.
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on November 5, 2017
After purchasing this knife a while ago, I still use it everyday and find it somewhere on my person. Spyderco is a great company with great knives and a huge following.

This knife has yet to break for me after being used every where and even for work which is chaotic. I have sharpen it only once and still retains great sharpness. This is a knife to add to anyone's collection if you are a fan or not to Spyderco.
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on April 10, 2014
I didn't think I am a knife enthusiast, but this knife may change that. I have previously only owned swiss army knives, and Leatherman multi tools, plus a charming Opinel (8, I believe). But the website EDC (Every Day Carry) got me fascinated with the idea of a high quality knife for use not actually every day, but for tasks around the house. (I have an office job, so there doesn't seem to be a need for that at work, and I'm always fixing things at some, but I want something nicer than the utility knife I always seem to be using.)

So, its with that introduction that I got to this knife. I did plenty of studying and deciding on what I wanted. It was almost obsessive for a week. I finally concluded I wanted: light weight, very high quality steel (to hold an edge and be strong, and easy to sharpen), a "friendly" look so I don't scare people, easily pocketable size, and a modest price so I wouldn't worry about it too much. It came down to the Delica, Endura and Sage. I chose the Delica over the Endura purely on size, as they are quite similar. Now that I have it in hand, I feel I made a great decision. 2 7/8" doesn't sound like a long blade, but its plenty big for my general use. I wouldn't want a bigger thing in my pocket most of the time. The Sage was so tempting. Even better steel, more jewel-like constructions, luxurious carbon fiber handle. But it seemed like more knife than I actually needed. I'll consider that one later. Would make a great gift, if anyone is listening....haha.

So what are my quick initial impressions? Well, the blue color is somewhat deeper then in the photos, which is a good thing to me. I didnt actually want a light blue handle, and I can report that this is really a medium blue. The surfaces of the handle reflect light, so perhaps the photos catch the reflectivity, but in difused light its a more pleasing darker color. The blade "opening" hole is a great size, but as another reviewer mentioned, has somewhat sharp edges, Not too bad, just surprising. Maybe those whith sensitive skin might not like it. I'm ok. The size is great. my four fingers rest completely on the handle with the tiniest bit of the end of the handle end exposed, and my thumb rests on the blade "jimping." My thumb past the joint is only "half" on the handle, and half on the blade. Its a very nice way to hold it. Well done. The clip is quite firmly sprung, so it will probably hold on to jeans extremely tightly. I tried it on my dress pants, and I think it would abrade them if I used it alot.

Well that's it so far. The only use it has is cutting the Amazon boxes up that it came in! Will report later on other aspects of the knife!
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on January 15, 2014
The Spyderco Delica is my all-time favorite pocket knife. I've been carrying a Delica since it came on the market in 1990 and have owned almost every version of it since that time. This is the 4th version, the Delica 4. I never broke one...I just lose them from time to time. Needless to say, I keep a few extra on hand for those times when I misplace the one I'm carrying.

Everything about the Delica 4 is right for me. It is the perfect size to clip in a rear or front pants pocket. It is unobtrusive in the rear pocket, and only slightly obtrusive in the front pocket when seated/climbing (depends on the pants). One of the things I really like about the Delica is that it is always evolving. In a few years, these comments may be obsolete if the knife is revised. Every version of the Delica that I have owned has been an improvement over previous versions, and each version generally came in different configurations, including the Delica 4. The full flat grind (FFG) profile of the blade on this knife is thinner than the saber grind found on other Delica 4s. The only advantage I can think of for the FFG blade would be for slicing/fileting. I prefer the thicker saber grind for the strength, but not enough to deduct a star.

The steel used for the blade on this model is VG-10, which I really like. VG-10 has never corroded on me, despite extensive saltwater exposure (some stainless steels will) and it holds an edge, yet sharpens easily enough. I have never broken a tip or bent a blade on versions with the saber grind despite modest use as a pry bar and wood chisel...I'm not sure yet how this FFG blade will hold up in that area. If you are interested, Spyderco has another version of the Delica 4 that uses ZDP-189 steel, which is supposed to be very good. I have no experience, however, with that steel.

The pocket clip is secured by three tiny bolts, which keeps the clip from rotating, and can be positioned on any of the four corners. The default location allows a right hander to open the knife right out of the pocket, front or rear, without changing the grip you used to pull it out of your pocket.

The circular hole in the blade is the ideal size and shape (ovals don't fit the thumb as well IMO) and in the ideal location. It's as easy to operate for me as it is for a 10 year old. Opening this knife quickly with one hand is intuitive and does not require practice. The lock release is indented, I believe to minimize risk of accidental closing when squeezing the handle. With practice, any knife with the lock release in this position can be closed with one hand. Easy one-handed access, opening, and closing cannot really be appreciated until you need it (e.g., something needs to be cut while one hand is occupied).

BTW, if you are considering the Delica 4 Emerson Opener, I can tell you that it works (snags on your pocket to open automatically as you pull it out), but you have to be careful if you want to pull it out without opening it. I don't find this very useful as I can open the regular Delica 4 in a controlled manner as fast as necessary.

Serrated or plain edge? Spyderco's serrated edge is definitely more aggressive out of the box, but the plain edge is much easier to sharpen when it gets dull. Even with Spyderco's Triangle Sharpmaker, I have a hard time restoring a serrated edge. For that reason, I always opt for the full plain edge. However, the serrated edge, when new/sharp, will rip through rope and seat belts much better than a plain edge so consider your purpose for this knife when deciding.

The handle material is a nylon polymer and seems invincible. It is directionally and sharply textured for superior grip no matter how it is held. The initial portion of the back of the blade and the polymer on the back spine are textured for better grip when the thumb rests there. The grips have a stainless steel liner inside and the entire knife is held together by screws versus rivets (both of these features are revisions over previous versions). The end of the handle farthest from the blade pivot point has a hole for a lanyard if you are inclined to use one.

Highly recommended.
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