Customer Reviews: Tomb Raider: Underworld [Download]
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on November 21, 2008
I never played TR until last years Anniversary and thought it was surprisingly fun since I'm more of a Sci-Fi/military shooter/racer type. This game focuses on exploration and puzzle solving with cool Indiana Jones type of mythological environments that are really nice to look at all with a very lovely lady doing the exploring with the occasional battles. I found myself not wanting lovely Laura to get hurt even though she can take care of herself!

I can definitely say this is a pretty big improvement from last years graphics and Laura has some pretty cool new moves with very intuitive controls configured very well for the PC gamer. I did have the occasional camera wigging out problems but it was not something that happened often. The sound was well done and fit into the whole mystical environment with the story occasionally coming in as cutscenes.

The whole interface is very well done and up to date. One thing I wish this game had was an autosave option at the checkpoints which are signified by a distinct sound, otherwise I can't always remember where I last saved. Also the saves don't go exactly to where you save, they go to the last checkpoint, this can be annoying if you finished a particularly tough climbing sequence. That's pretty much all that I don't like.

You should get this if you like exploration and puzzle games or Indy Jones/Mummy type of movies, it's not a run and gun or horror type of game but that's a nice break from the many games in those genres.
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on November 29, 2008
Underworld is a great game, with a clear focus on exploration, acrobatics and puzzles - all the things that make a good tomb raider game. The environments are the most beautiful ones I have seen in a long time, and I play a lot of games. Granted, there are some games that might be technically more advanced, but Underworld's levels are simply breathtaking. Also, a mid-range pc is fully satisfactory to run it (I use my Inspiron 1520 laptop).

Lara's model and animations have improved considerably too, so that she looks and moves more realistically. Further, the game is full of little details bringing Lara and the world to life; for instance, Lara brushes away leaves when she runs through foliage, she gets dirty when she performs acrobatics, she gets wet when she swims, etc. One can clearly see that Christal Dynamics put a lot of effort into making her adventures believable, and they succeeded. The music is great too and could be from a Hollywood blockbuster; it fits the game well, with many memorable tracks.

On the downside, the combat is a bit lackluster, and I would have preferred Crystal Dynamics had retained the focus attack of Anniversary. Some people complain about the camera/controls, but I had no problems at all - granted, one should use a controller (I use the Xbox-360 one), since a mouse-keyboard combo is simply not well suited for this game. The story is ok for a tomb-raider game, but still rather silly.

As for DRM: there is no activation needed and no installation limit, which is good. It does have a disk-check facilitated by Securom as far as I can tell, and even though I loathe Securom, it is used in an unobtrusive manner here (compared to the nightmares that Electronic arts imposes on its paying costumers).

Compared to Legend, Underworld is bigger, more challenging and simply better (as much as I liked Legend, it was too easy, short and lacked the exploration bit, but I guess they needed a game whith a broad mass appeal to restart the franchise).

Bottom line: Underworld is a great game, which I can only recommend. I hope it will be a financial success for Eidos, since it would be a shame if Eidos were to go bankrupt (they have quite a few financial problems right now). Over the years they have published many memorable franchises, such as Hitman and Legacy of Cain, and the last thing I would like to see is Electronic Arts buying yet another publisher to screw over customers and fans.
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on January 17, 2009
I had high hopes for this as the reviews were favorable.It has a good look and plays nicely on my XP, but the controls are clunky, there's not enough guidance for the novice as to Lara's linear focus. Even switching between the game & a walkthru I found myself wishing for an easy death. Frustration is putting it mildly.
I enjoyed the puzzle aspect, but could not continue, it's just too slow. Compounding all this is the game has no quick save option, no quick load, forcing one to relive the slow painful repetitive track thru nothingness.
Without the quick load/save,the game is monotonous. Good luck, you'll need more than that my friend.
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on November 20, 2008
I bought PC version and can say that it's an incredible game, the best of TR games ever. Amazing graphic, absorbing plot and so many new movements of Lara. My favourite game of the autumn, for TR fans it's must have purchase
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on November 8, 2015
Finding older gems like this is fun, and a bargain when you compare it to the price of new releases. Tomb Raider, as a game, is still relevant. If you liked TR Gold about 20 years ago, on DOS for those of you who can remember, this is a great followup. I tried TR Legend a few years ago and either I wasn't in the mood or it was a flop. Anyway, I quit after just a few missions and gave it away. So I was plenty ready for a good TR version and Underworld was just that for me. It is a fantasy adventure with exaggerated physics and a female heroine (in case you don't know). It is 3rd person perspective only which makes for some difficult blind spots where you just have to guess your next move. Be prepared to die every few minutes and try again. Lots of trial-and-error. Your are constantly tempted to find and pick up hidden "treasures" that have no value in the game as far as I can see. Finding them I suppose carries some gratification, but there are not necessary at all. The graphics are really nice. It did get choppy on my Win7 32-bit i7 3.4GHz system w/GTX 680 and 32GB RAM so I had to dial back some settings that probably weren't helping anyway. It crashed my tower PC only once; that ain't bad. My retail DVD version had the game patch 1.1 pre-installed. The audio speech was a little muffled for some reason, but that might be my system, other sounds were nicely presented. Surround sound is not necessary. The PC controls are a joke for the combat and driving sequences. Perhaps a gamepad controller might be better, but I used keyboard and trackball mouse. Fortunately, other elements of the game made up for this shortcoming. The story was confusing to me, perhaps because I didn't finish TR Legend. It had something to do with a giant mythical serpent under the sea that is wrapped around the Earth and some antihero named Natla, who has wings, seems to want to arouse it from its slumber to destroy the Earth. Lara Croft is a self-appointed savior who must find and equally mythical hammer weapon belonging to Thor, the Greek god of war, which is the only thing that can stop Natla. Well, it's a good thing Natla is patient because it takes Lara a trip around the world to find said hammer. This is a single-player only game that is tightly scripted and extremely linear. There are some 4 or 5 locations including under water, jungle, and arctic environments. Only a couple of the puzzling situations have more than one solution. For that reason I estimate a rather low re-playability (if there is such a word) score. Not too long, not too short. Persons afraid of heights may find this game disturbing. Old lechers like me may appreciate the crotch shots as you often find your face in Lara's privates while just trying to look around. Nice gash, but I digress. TRU is really is a fun game suitable for any age, sex or sexual orientation. Mild violence and mostly puzzle solving adventure. There are some "extras" like storyboards I didn't even look at. You will likely need a game walkthrough guide because some areas seem impossible to get past unless you know the secret. Fortunately walkthroughs are easily found on the Internet making a second PC or laptop very handy while playing.
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on April 9, 2014
Downloaded the application just as the directions indicated. Installed it and never could get it to run. The developer told me to go to the point of purchase which was Amazon download. Amazon told me to go to the developer. Nobody was willing to help out. They were more interested in passing the buck rather customer service. I gave up trying to make the game run. Luckily it was only $9 of my hard earned money that I wasted.
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on February 4, 2012

I have played every Tomb Raider game since TR1.
All when they first came out.

This is one of my favorites.

While I would still like it to allow me to save where I wanted to, as the old ones did it is an improvement over the last few.
It usually starts you close to where you were killed if you blow it.

It doesn't have some of the tedious jump sequences that drove me crazy in the last couple of games and the graphics are great.
I didn't find the camera to be any particular bother.

Plus it's got Lara, what more can you ask for.

I still miss the really direct controls of the early games.
I didn't even have to think about them and could run through complex moves with flips jumps and back flips with just a few key strokes.

But I guess we all have to change with the times.

I'm looking forward to the new Lara in the fall, starting a whole new series.

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on November 13, 2013
Since I have the new Tomb Raider, I decided to get another TR game. Well, this game is fun, but not as good as the newer game. Not being an extreme TR player, I really must admit, I got really lost at the first of the game. I didn't understand what I was suppose to do and as a result the game seemed to "bailed me out" once. After I play a bit more, I might like this game more but at present it sort of left me a bit lost. It's not the game interface, but seems to be the idea of action first, explanation later. I would have liked a bit more background first, and maybe a short "here's how things work" section before being thrown into the action and dying off 15 times trying to figure out "how do I do that" or "where do I go". (BTW this was handled very well in the latest TR after LC wakes up in the den and must get out. (I must say I've got a number of Tomb Raider games and this one plays very well compared to some of them.) Overall, not a bad game, but not the best I've played!
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on March 27, 2014
This installment in the Tomb Raider series was, for me, more demanding and much more expansive than TOMB RAIDER 2013, although that game, too, was superlative and very difficult.

twists and turns of plot abounded throughout the game, but the player finally gets an idea who's behind all of the evil when he reaches the ship full of cargo labeled: ATLA.

The hardest parts of this game were the timed sequences which caused one to want to pull his hair out!

The graphics, for 2008, were extremely well done, and my hat is off to EIDOS and its superb staff of engineers, testers, production people, graphics, voice and music divisions for a job done far beyond the call of duty.

Lara was beautiful, as she was in TR 2013, and she could really jump, evade, grapple, swing and kill off enemies. This game was very tastefully done, with no excessive gore or blood and no brutality. It was done the way games should be done, and I only wish there were more Tomb Raider games available. Right now, all I have left to play in this genre are LARA CROFT AND THE GUARDIAN OF LIGHT, which I don't care for due to camera angles and other problems which I won't get into, and TOMB RAIDER: LEGEND. And, although the graphics in LEGEND are all right, it seems to be missing the mystery and pizzazz of UNDERWORLD and 2013.

These games (TR UNDERWORLD and TR 2013) were the greatest I have ever played, and I recommend them highly to anyone who cares to "take the plunge."
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on July 27, 2014
About the first solid TR game since TR4 - Revelations. Game play, weapons and environments were decidedly more in line with original TR 1-4, while giving the graphics, game engine and control scheme a much needed overhaul.

The graphics are perhaps not what they used to be as time has progressed, but certainly aren't terrible and this is a rock-solid way to play modern TR if your not into the classic approach (e.g. horrid graphics, limited movement, and possibly emulation).
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