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on December 1, 2017
Not a huge fan (didn't like it all) of the first installment of the series, but Just Cause 2 redeems the franchise a bit; open world intermingled with a story line complete with collectibles, unlockables and dual wield for any single handed weapons (akimbo SMGs rule). Free fall from a plane or helicopter roughly about a 1000 feet and grapple the ground just before impact to pull out of a near death incident (who needs a parachute).

Outside of a few nonsensical glitches in the game like the one I mentioned (of which is more than likely well known) game play is pretty solid once you get your keyboard mapped well. One fatal flaw is turning on "decals" in the Advanced Video settings --this will crash your game so turn "Decals" off and you're good to go. Seems to be a memory leak (concerning the "Decals" debacle) that never got patched, but there could very well be a mod floating around somewhere that solves the issue, but have not investigated the existence of such just yet.

The game (online game code) activates with the Steam game client if you hadn't noticed while reading the requirements upper right of it's ad. Game comes with quite a selection of parachutes and a few other things as DLC at no cost with the Steam activated online game code. There is an online multiplayer mod that is available on Steam's store page for the game (which is free of charge), a fairly decent player base (IMO) and roughly 30+ achievements.
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on January 5, 2016
Just Cause is an amazing game that even with Just Cause 3 out, can hold its own wieght. This game is not only amazing, but runs well on older systems.

To explain what Just Cause 2 is like is a bit hard. You are essentially put into the definition of a sandbox with one goal: Chaos. You can destroy military bases, zip-line almost anywhere and parachute off a balloon club floating in the sky! In this game the possibilities are truly endless.I would recommend giving this game a shot as there is no way you cannot love it.
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on August 12, 2015
An amazing sandbox-style open-world game that allows you to defy physics and fight crime!

Sounds like a blurb for a superhero game, right? Well, Rico is actually a mercenary hired by the U.S. government to destabilize a despotic regime on the island of Panau that the government finds undesirable. You start the game with a wrist-mounted grappling hook and unlimited parachutes, using them (and anything else at hand) to cause "chaos" which progresses the story...which is to cause more chaos! After the first (rather easy) mission, you are set free into a vast, multi-biomed world of over 400 kilometers and may enjoy the island's many opportunities for more chaos at your leisure. Or you can just use your grappling hook and/or parachute to sail around the terrain and taking in the beautiful gameworld. This is the type of game that heads most lists of "best open-world games" year after year. Just Cause 2 is a gaming experience to be savored.
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on May 17, 2014
I don't hate open-world games. Far Cry 3? Loved it. The Saboteur? Enjoyed it greatly. I even have fond memories of going through Grand Theft Auto 3 back in the day (though I suspect I'd find it a bit shallow if I were to revisit it today). Just Cause 2, on the other hand, is everything you could worry about in an open-world game.

For one, nothing you do has any purpose. There's a paper-thin plot that becomes more and more ridiculous as you play, but most of the missions that further the plot are simple "capture the base" or "shoot X person" missions. They could call it "Just Cuz 2" and it would be an even more accurate name. At a certain point I simply stopped listening to the explanations before missions because of how worthless they were, and you know what? I missed exactly zero of the plot, confirming just how pointless the "why" of what you're doing truly is.

The main draw of the game is probably the world's size or how you're able to hijack pretty much anything. Hijack a helicopter with another helicopter? Surf on a fighter jet? Why not? However, the world is so empty and devoid of life that this quickly becomes old, and since calling the missions monotonous would be doing a disservice to monotony, you're left with a game that has no redeeming aspects.

If you're looking for a game where you can do some crazy stuff in 10-minute bursts, Just Cause 2 could very well be your go-to game. However, if you expect a plot, characters, or anything beyond a big place to drive cars in circles around, you're going to be incredibly disappointed. Even the graphics, while occasionally pretty thanks to the landscapes, are let down by sub-par character models with textures that would be unacceptable for a game several years older than it.

I finished the game, hoping that something toward the end would redeem it. I only wound up regretting having wasted both my time and money. There are far better open-world games out there than this.
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on December 27, 2012
You better have a good gaming computer, i'm sure you could play just fine on a decent computer. But with any of my custom builds i can run this game maxed out, and i love the graphics! Way better then GTA IV, or any other game i've seen (not just as a free roam).

I recommend this game if you are the kind of person who played GTA IV just running around blowing things up and flying the helicopters.

This game has some great mods, and some really fun missions!

One major con is that there isn't multiplay... Let me correct myself: There isn't multiplayer - YET, multiplayer is being developed by just two guys in Australia, they have some weekends that they have beta multiplay just to keep testing it and working out the bugs i guess. In multiplayer, which is currently hosted from only one server (it can handle the players, and doesn't lag at all), can hold up to 1800 players (i THINK, i know it's over 1k for sure).

This games map is about 385 square miles. compared to GTA IV at only about 30 square miles.
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on November 4, 2012
I got this game over a year after it came out and it was a downright bargain (around $10 for digital download). I played a friend's version on x360 but bought the PC version so I could use cheats/mods.

It's a great mindless shooter. The world is HUGE and there is lots to explore, from snowy mountain tops to tropical beaches to mysterious islands to busy cities.

The storyline is confusion and you flip back and forth between "agency" and various faction missions, and the voice acting is pretty cheesy.

The grappling hook tool is fun to use and gives lots of exciting ways to move through the world, but the range is pretty limited

The building and location exteriors are beautifully rendered, but you can't go into any buildings (with only 1-2 exceptions) so the world seems artificial that way.

But if you are looking for a brainless way to shoot your way through a game, this is a good way to do it. I recommend it, especially for a gamer on a budget.
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on December 24, 2014
This game is amazing fun. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I put a ton of hours into this game. The ridiculously fun action makes it worthwhile. You can ignore the main story and just run around causing havoc if you want, and it'll make you giggle like a school girl. Shoot down helicopters, hijack a plane or ride on it's back, climb a skyscraper and dive down on an unsuspecting public, shoot at local authorities and make them chase you, set up ambushes for your enemies and take over military installations just because you can. This game is fun, and at a cheap price, everyone who loves action games should own it. Once you get past the introduction, the whole game world is yours for the taking, and it's quite large.
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on April 17, 2013
First off, most people (including famous video game personalities) LOVE this game. It's not necessarily the most engrossing story and certainly doesn't employ the highest quality textures. But Just Cause 2 has a personality unlike any other game on the market. It is most definitely the farthest thing from being linear as you can play the game however you like - play the story missions, do the faction missions, focus on finding armor parts, discover all the cities, find the airports, creep around on the "Lost" island, drive all the cool cars and see what happens when you drive them off cliffs.

There's just SO much this game offers! While it is one of those games where you're encouraged to go blow stuff up and cause chaos, you could spend hours doing just that. To reach the 99% completion mark, the player has to spend hours doing all the stuff. There's some crazy number of weapons, vehicle, and armor parts that need to be collected. I forget what it is exactly, but it is well over 1000 for sure.

But it's not even so much about the hours spent playing the game. Hundreds of hours can (and often are) spent just goofing around doing random stuff. And it is crazy the situations you sometimes find yourself, from driving tanks to falling off skyscrapers. But like I said earlier, Just Cause 2 has character. It's not the kind of random stuff like in Saint's Row 3; Just Cause 2 is filled with much cleaner randomness that wouldn't make parents cringe...

With all that said, Just Cause 2 is a masterpiece with no comparable gaming experience. Military FPS games have many standards and competitors. Futuristic shooters have competitors with comparable games. And although there are great games coming out today that have few comparable games, like Far Cry 3, Minecraft, etc., a Just Cause 2 fan will class it with no other games to date. It is in a league of its own, one where it must be 9 pounds of awesome in a 3 pound bag!
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on August 18, 2017
"Just Cause 2" is definitely an old game it's easy to tell from both the graphics and the game-play. The graphics are old and kind of choppy, and the game-play is pretty repetitive. One thing I really didn't like was that I wasn't able to aim at a specific part of an enemies body, instead it kind of just auto-aimed at the enemies's chest once you were aiming in their general area. Even though this game is not the best I still had some fun playing it, and I would definitely say that "Just Cause 3" improved on and fixed many of the problems that "Just Cause 2" had.
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on August 3, 2013
loved JC2 on Xbox. i bought it for PC. even though my sisters PC was new, it wasn't able to play JC2. i love the fact that amazon stores your PC downloadable games in a library in your amazon account for DL to any PC. no hassles with Cd's. can't wait to get a new PC that can handle these games.

just cause 2 is an open world game that lets you do anything you'd want(no scrip as in most other popular games). blowing things up is the best. close to real explosions on Xbox can't imagine how real it looks on a powerful PC...

as you progress in the game(missions{which you don't have to do})you get better and better weapon. or you can steal anything from anybody, about 104 different vehicles, several planes that includes cargo, fighter jets, commercial jets to a propeller plane, helicopters from a crop duster to heavily equipped fighters that have infinity ammo, boats, jet ski. you have a grappling hook that shoots out of your wrist(unlimited)you can grapple to anything.

i got all things completed in the game, up to 99.86% i can't find the remaining .14%(there are 1000"s). the world is so huge. you'd have to accidentally stumble on things to find them at this point.
i hope they make a just cause 3...
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