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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2013
I lost many, many hours of my teenage years to the first couple of Tomb Raiders and downloaded this the moment I heard it was available. Unfortunately, despite the outstanding graphics and animation, it's missing the puzzles that made the original games such a classic.

The first hour marches the player through an annoying series of set pieces to give the game some backstory. These consist largely of short but annoying fight sequences that require little skill and more mashing various keyboard sequences at exactly the right pace. The game is stitched together with a series of Quick Time Events that make gameplay repetitive and frustrating. Worse still, there are many bugs depending on your graphics card - it some cases, the keyboard sequence isn't shown and in others it doesn't process the keyboard queue fast enough so you can never get passed the challenge. I watched Lara get killed by a wolf 100 times before I finally found out from the forums that this is a bug that everyone's waiting to get patched. Even without the bug, being dragged from QTE to QTE isn't really in the Tomb Raider style of play.

The new Tomb Raider has much more in common with newer Steam multiplayer games - if you really enjoy these, you'll probably like the TR reboot. But if you're a fan of the originals looking for those difficult puzzles that kept you playing for hours on end, it's fairly disappointing.
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on March 5, 2013
This game is amazing! I'm so glad I preordered it from Amazon. This game looks and plays like nothing I've ever seen before. I thought Skyrim with mods was beautiful; Tomb Raider tops it! AAA+ title and a must buy for anyone that considers themselves to be a gamer. Did everyone see the laundry list of PC exclusive additions to the game engine? Amazing! And the frame rate hovers around 60 fps the entire time! You're doing yourself a disservice if you skip 2013's game of the year so far. Thank you Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. And Lara Croft's hair is beautiful! Very, very good first impression playing this game. And in 3D the game looks even more special and runs butter smooth if you have the horsepower to push.

Sapphire 7950
AMD FX-8120
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on March 18, 2013
I bought this from Amazon only to discover that I had to download it through Steam. It took 4 tries before it finally downloaded and now it will not load. Steam says they can't do anything.

I'm running an iMac using Bootcamp to boot into Windows XP. I'd have given this no stars had that been an option.
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on July 1, 2013
Tomb Raider is a gorgeous game. At times, the game was simply brilliant. Unfortunately, all this was marred by extremely tedious use of Quick Time Events and some very poorly designed sequences. Several times a cut scene starts and you sit back to watch when suddenly you die because an entirely pointless QTE happens, like you needed to pressing the down key. Why? A bigger problem is that many actions all too often require an absurd precision in timing. At that point the game ceases to be about thinking or even reacting fast; it becomes you trying to figure out the precise timing required to mash a button. In more than one scene, you have to hit a key exactly when the QTE prompt pops up. A tenth of a second late and you die. This isn't fun.

Fortunately, there were enough times in the game where I was simply having a blast to counter the annoying parts.

So, if you like Tomb Raider at all and can tolerate third person shooters, wait for this to be on sale and give it a try.

Update 9/29/2014: I upped my review to four stars for the simple reason that this game, along with Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite have stuck with me and have become the standard by which I now measure new games.

I should also add that the cut scenes graphics are simply magnificent and have really set the bar for quality.
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on January 25, 2015
Requires Steam, and that makes the game unplayable. Yes, yes, I updated Steam, I ensured my graphics card was updated, etc. If I had known Steam was required, I would not have purchased, for many reasons. This just enhances the suspicions I had otherwise, or at least adds the final nails in the coffin. If you want to mess with another gaming provider on top of the purchase, and don't mind signing up for who knows what, really, go for it. And good luck.

Buying the cd/dvd is probably the only way I can play this game.
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on January 2, 2016
I've been a longtime player of Tomb Raider on the PC, back from the early days of Eidos' first version available for Win 95, till their most recent incarnations with Tomb Raider Anniversary, Tomb Raider Legend, and Tomb Raider Underworld (which was made by Crystal Dynamics who produced this version). With that being said:
1) Do I understand the need for a Tomb Raider reboot? Absolutely.

2) Do I like Laura's new look? Yep.

3) Are the graphics and visuals amazing on the game at full resolution, even on my 5+ year old (but still overclocked) system? Yep !

4) Am I crazy about the fact that the game has gone from being about mostly solving puzzles, to being Call Of Tomb Raider? Not so much. I racked up Arrow Head-shots in this game before I even knew you could unlock a special sight on your weapon and gain extra XP (experience points) for doing so, and Laura's axe kills are way beyond anything you could do in Tomb Raider Legend (for example, which I still play from time to time). But it gets kind of distracting that just as the game seems like its done with Laura being a Black Ops soldier (just off instinct btw), and finally lets you do some exploring, here comes another scene of Call of Tomb Raider where you have to take care of 25 or 30+ guys with computer AI that somehow always has perfect line of sight on Laura whenever she is discovered. Am I saying that it isn't fun the first few times that Laura has to murk a few hordes of these sailors (or whatever) who have become mindless followers of their "leader" in the game, no, but after about the 5th to 10th time it gets really annoying and repetitive. I would like to see in a FUTURE GAME, where in like Mirror's Edge (or even the old Metal Gear games) style the game actually rewards a player for being able to avoid combat using stealth and avoidance tactics, yes you can use stealth tactics in this game but there are too many parts where Laura fighting multiple enemies just becomes unavoidable.

5) The Story is good and the Visual looks great, I even like the fact that they introduced a new kind of adopted-father figure for Laura, rather than sticking to the she was raised by her father story-line of the older games.

6) MULTIPLAYER MODE - This was a first but the game also has a multiplayer mode, but I don't think there are many people who are active on the games servers, and its take some getting used to if you're more used to playing first person shooters online. There are more maps and levels available and they are all dirt cheap now on the Steam store, but my guess is maybe some people have given up on playing this in multiplayer and are waiting for the release of RISE OF THE TOMBRAIDER to see if more of the kinks got worked out.

7) Do I recommend this game? Yes, but NOT for YOUNGER gamers (unlike some of the older Tomb Raiders), even though Tomb Raider Underworld had some dark parts, this game is very graphic when you kill and enemy, particularly when you neck shoot an enemy with a flame arrow and then hear them both burn and choke at the same, (sorry but those are the kind scenes there are ). Sometimes the kills are violent to the point of being hilarious (let me explain), in one scene the leader for some weird reason wants Laura taken alive (after every other group is killed on the spot besides Laura's, but anyway), but then the minute Laura gets into a fight with the AI soldiers (did I mention the AI is much tougher in this game) and one gets close enough to Laura to kill her, they either string her up or kill her with an axe, or some other weird way, and all you hear is them congratulating themselves saying "Hooray the outsider is dead", wait just a minute ago their supreme leader wanted her captured alive, wt heck? Did I mention Laura can get mauled by wolves? Is it fun to avoid? Yes the first few times, but again I definitely wouldn't recommend this for adolescents or anyone younger than their teens maybe not even early teens, but not much different from a lot games these days (e.g. Grand Theft Auto IV - with its strip club scene, and police shoot outs), and it still manages to keep enough elements of the classic Tomb Raider games (puzzle solving, and exploring) to stay interesting.

Also recommend:
Tomb Raider: Underworld [Online Game Code]
Tomb Raider: Anniversary [Download]
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition [Online Game Code]
Just Cause 2 [Download]
Far Cry 3 [Download]
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on December 20, 2013
Having played all of the other Tomb Raider games on Xbox and/or Playstation consoles, I looked forward to playing this latest installment on my newly-acquired uber-powerful gaming PC. Yay!

EDIT from my initial one-star rating now that I have played most of the game:

After playing the game to around 75% completion, I find that while the story and graphics in this game clearly rate 5 stars, the avatar-movement control setup is non-standard for PC Action games and very difficult to use for anyone used to other 3rd-person action games on PC.

In all other action games I have played on PC (Everquest, World of Warcraft, Rift, Star Wars The Old Republic, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2), avatar movement can be controlled by the mouse, while the left hand does the button-mashing to control various skills- mostly combat skills- using the number keys across the top of the keyboard. In fact, there have been numerous "tutorials" online pertaining to those games, WoW in particular, stating that using the WASD keys to control avatar movement while fighting with the mouse was not the best idea and in fact is a really good way to die in those games- the absolute best way to play these games is to move with the mouse and fight with the left hand on the number keys. It is surprising to me that no option to move with the mouse is available in Tomb Raider.

In most games that use (whether required or optional) the keyboard for movement, the universally-standard key setup is: W = move forward, A = turn/pivot left, S = move backward while still facing front, D = turn/pivot right, Q = strafe left (move sideways to the left while still facing forward) and E = strafe right. In Tomb Raider, the movement controls are: W = move forward, A = an unpredictable combination of turn/pivot left and/or strafe left, S = turn around with back to enemy and move toward the camera, D = an unpredictable combination of turn/pivot right and/or strafe right, Q = "Survival Instinct," a non-movement-related ability, E = "Interact" which includes opening boxes, lighting the torch and/or other combustible objects, grabbing onto various ledges and walls in midair, and F = melee attack. Thus, not only is the keyboard control scheme non-standard and with somewhat unpredictable results, it requires the player to continually be able to press one or more of the W, A, S, D, E and F keys on a split-second basis. The S key is especially annoying, in that it makes your avatar turn around with her back to people who are shooting at her and run toward the camera instead of backing up while still facing (and being able to shoot at) enemies!

In Tomb Raider's normal gameplay and movement, while it is not possible to make Lara run by pressing the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously as in most Action games, it is possible to drag the mouse left and right to steer her movement while holding the W key to make her run. However, during the numerous Quick-Time Events scattered throughout the game, this ability is suddenly removed: the mouse has absolutely no effect on her movement, and the A and D keys transmogrify from turn/pivot to strafe! At the same time, these QTE's require the player to press and/or hold the E and/or F keys at random intervals while steering with the A and D keys or "struggling" by rapidly alternating A-D-A-D and aiming/shooting obstacles with the mouse.

So as it stands right now, the greatness that this game offers with its stunning graphics and absorbing story is marred by the difficult and goofy PC controls. My recommendation would be to buy the console version OR plan to use an Xbox USB controller to play it on PC.

TLDR: This game is graphically stunning and undoubtedly the best of all the Tomb Raider games on consoles, but the PC port is greatly hampered by its non-standard, restrictive and goofy keyboard control scheme. Plan to buy and use an analog controller to get the most out of it on PC.

My Xbox 360 controller (for PC, Windows software included) finally arrived from Amazon, in time for me to play the game from 90% to completion with it. What a difference! The game is 100% more playable with the controller than it was with the awkward keyboard controls. I am now able to move, look around, aim, shoot, run, walk, jump, pick stuff up, blow stuff up, loot corpses... all fluidly and seamlessly... and do most of those actions at the same time! For me at least, switching from the keyboard controls to the controller was like night and day. A completely new experience, and all changes were positive. I can't find one single drawback to using the controller instead of the keyboard for this game!

Tomb Raider 2013 is good enough to rate 5 stars, but I just can't bring myself to join that herd due to the awful keyboard controls. If I were the publisher (or seller) of this game, I would add a recommendation for a gamepad (such as the Xbox 360 controller, but there are others out there) to the "recommended hardware" section. Absent that recommendation, and given the awkward keyboard controls, I must leave it at 4 stars.

PS: You do not have to buy a new Xbox 360 controller if you already have one. The console controllers will plug right into a USB port on your PC, and you can download the required driver software for it free from Microsoft. You can also use an existing or new wireless controller, but in that case you will need a receiver dongle to plug into your computer's USB port.
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on May 19, 2013
What happened to my beloved Lara? If you are expecting the fun puzzles and exciting exploration of the past TR's, go ahead and skip this one. This is the GORIEST game I have ever played! The designers made up for their lack of creativity with generous amounts of gore, body parts, violent deaths (Lara's are the most violent, and EXTREMELY graphic), and sadistic scenarios. the landscape is littered with naked, dead corpses, and body parts, and blood. It's worse than any horror movie I have seen.

The gameplay itself is ambitious and well done, but is quickly overshadowed by the mindless (and tasteless) blood and gore. It is disturbing to me that this carries the TombRaider franchise name. The developers really missed the mark with this version.
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Such high scores for a games thats unavailable. I pre purchased the game last week and now its not available.
I called amazon this morning and they have no definitive answer, but I was told it MAY be available tomorrow just keep trying back. As of right now, this download get a 1.
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on December 24, 2013
Bought this on the 19th of December 2013 for $7.99 and as of this writing it is selling for $4.99(12/25/2013). $3.00 is not much of a difference but I don't understand having a different discount after a week and within the same sale period. That doesn't make much sense at all. Might as well have discounted this game for $4.99 when the season sale started.
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