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on June 7, 2017
Used this on a Lightdow LD6000 that I had for about one year. I let a friend borrow the camera, and when I got it back and tried to charge it, the metal around the USB port fell into the camera, rendering it impossible to charge.

This was actually the second Lightdow LD6000, as I had previously damaged the lens on my first one, and got a refund using the Assurant plan that I had purchased.

Anyway, I filed the claim, and didn't bother sending this camera back until over a month later. The tracking info never worked on the FedEx website, but the box still reached its destination the next day and I got my refund, which I am using to buy my third Lightdow LD6000 (and another protection plan, of course)!

Hopefully I'll stop being so clumsy with these things!
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on January 4, 2017
warranties are like life insurance. it is nice to have but you hope you never have to use it. this is the extra protection for a product that was a gift. it made the recipient very happy to have it along with the new camera. we have purchased many square trade warranties and so far, never had to use any of them. it is a great product to have for your electronics.
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on August 7, 2014
We had bad lucks with cameras so when we bought a camera on Amazon we sprang for the extra ~$20 for the SquareTrade 3 yr warranty.

32 months into our 36 months warranty period the camera stopped working.

I contacted SquareTrade on Monday. I printed a prepaid sticker they provided, boxed up the camera and dropped it off at FedEx on Tuesday morning. The full purchase price for the camera was delivered to my PayPal account on Wednesday. They also have options for an Amazon gift card or mail you a check. PayPal was the most convenient option for us.

I was very impressed with how quickly they took care of us and how easy it was to complete the process. I will certainly be purchasing the SquareTrade warranty on our next camera. I highly recommend them for their awesome customer service and value of the service.
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on November 13, 2013
I've purchased several Square Trade extended warranties for electronics purchased from Amazon but fortunately never needed to make a claim. Then within a couple of weeks I had issues with my three year old Kindle and a 1 1/2 year old Sony RX100 camera. As luck would have it, the Kindle plan was within a week or two of expiring. I filed my claims on line. For the Kindle I was asked to call a special 800 number. I spoke with a courteous, helpful, easy to understand agent and had a replacement Kindle in my hands with in 3 days. WOW!. I was also given a number to call about the camera. Another courteous, helpful, easy to understand agent asked a few questions and emailed me a prepaid FedEx label to use for sending the camera to a repair facility. Imagine my surprise when two days after sending the camera a knowledgeable repair technician called me to better understand the malfunction. He duplicated the problem while I was on the phone. Three days later I got an email with the tracking number for the repaired camera. It arrived today - good as new. These were the best customer service experiences I have ever had and I've been around the block more than a few times. I will always buy Square Trade plans in the future. In summary

When I called customer service there was no wait
The customer service agents spoke clearly and were not reading from a script
There were no I got ya's or hassles
The replacement Kindle was sent the same day I made the claim. I had 30 days to return the defective one.
Someone knowledgeable actually called me to understand the camera problem and the repair was completed within a few days
All the shipping was prepaid.

I think this was such an extraordinary experience in part because we have been conditioned to expect call centers to be understaffed with poorly qualified people. This is not the case a Square Trade.
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on January 17, 2013
I am often skeptical of aftermarket warranties, but wanted one for my digital camera due to my propensity to take them places and do things that could cause damage. I purchased the Squaretrade 3-yr warranty hoping I wouldn't need it, but I wanted to make sure I didn't have to buy a whole new $350 camera if it fell/got dropped, etc. Well, after about a year's worth of use, my camera was dropped while on vacation. I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I PAID A BIT MORE FOR THE ACCIDENTAL PROTECTION PLAN!!! I used Squaretrade's online claim process--it was fast, easy, and before I knew it I had a 2-day UPS label from the printer (2-day--AWESOME!!). I boxed it up, sent it off, and during the whole process I got continual updates on the status of the camera claim. After it was checked over and approved for repair (took about 2 days), I got another notice less than a week later saying my camera was on its way home (2-day UPS again!!). Total down-time due to the repair process was about 2 weeks (from Hawaii!). I simply could not be happier with the warranty and the customer service provided during the process. I absolutely recommend you get the SquareTrade warranty, but make sure it is the accidental protection plan, otherwise my camera would not have been protected since I dropped it. Thanks Squaretrade--you are my electronics warranty company from now on!
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on June 17, 2017
I was offered this protection plan when I purchased a refurbished Olympus E-PL5. The camera fell off a desk the other day and the screen cracked, when I submitted it to Square Trade, I was told that I did something wrong by purchasing this plan (that I didn't seek out in any way, it was offered to me as purchased the camera) and that the warranty is void.
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on July 7, 2011
So to start this off I just got this plan and my camera a couple weeks ago, so I haven't needed to use it yet, and hopefully I never will! haha, Since I haven't filed a claim i don't really know how great the are but I have to say, I called once before i got it because I had a question then after because i missed some info when registering the plan, and the were very nice and helpful! If you thinking about going with Best Buy...don't, go wit square trade. Best Buys plan are so expensive and there service is horrible. I have there protection plan with accidental on my Laptop.As of right now i don't have my Laptop, Best Buy does. The keyboard stopped working so they sent it out for repairs and it took two weeks! Two weeks to replace a keyboard! and the shipping took 5 days to and back to my local Best Buy! I wish I had Square Trade with their 5 day guarantee! So when i finally get it back...they broke a piece above the keyboard and one of the rubber feet were missing, and that's a big deal when the things gonna wobble every time you use it! Does that sound professional at all?! So they sent it back and said they overnight-ed it there and back and escalated it. well that was 09/28/11, well that was 9 days ago! soon to be ten! I don't know when i will get it back because they haven't told me anything and the "check your repair status" isn't being updating because it was escalated. So when I originally gave them my laptop was 06/16/11, That was 22 days ago! I haven't had my Laptop for 22 days! I hope this makes you not get Best Buys horrible plans. Go with SquareTrade. They have better customer service and better prices.
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on August 26, 2016
I made a mistake and left my camera in my car which ended up melting the camera body and actually melted all the buttons to the camera body and they replaced it no questions asked. Well they asked me what happened but didnt question my answer. Easy process to file the claim. Mailed the broken camera back, got an amazon gift card within a few days. No complaints. I bought another squaretrade for the replacement camera. Can go wrong with this level of protection for a great price.
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on January 5, 2015
I bought a Fujifilm s8500 camera in Oct. 1014, and sent it to them. They decided that, even though I'd barely used it, spent $12 of MY money, to send it to them, that it was not covered under the manufacturer's warranty As if was my problem. Fujifim actually wanted ME to send them $115 to fix it. I'm sorry, but you're blaming ME? Because your connection is not robust enough to handle 5 connections? $115 to fix a $194 camera? Are you serious?. The stupid cable would not allow me to connect it to my PC, one small detail that Fuji had not told me, when I bought the thing. A disclaimer. as in "this is a nice camera, but after the first week, you will not be able to transfer photos from your camera."

Hoping for a good fix from SquareTrade.

What bull. Last interest in a Fujifilm camera.
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on September 30, 2011
I do square trade insurance on everything electronic. Their prices are very good, especially through Amazon and I had to use them this year because I jumped off a water taxi in Thailand into the sea. My camera was in my pocket. The water was deeper than I realized and the salt water instantly fried my much loved Lumix zs7 camera. I made a quick call to Square Trade and they settled the thing then and there. I had to send them the damaged camera and wait a few days, but they gave me... get this...5% more than the camera cost! Why? Because I was willing to take an Amazon gift certificate. What a deal. I purchased a newer model camera that was about $50.00 more and I am a very very happy I chose no hastle Square Trade.
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