Customer Reviews: SquareTrade 2-Year Home AV Protection Plan ($75-100)
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on March 23, 2014
This is an extended Warranty purchase, that was bought at the same time as the actual item, There is no coordination between Amazaon and SquareTrade about the "order"; which specific item was purchased, price, Amazon order number etc., Specifically no info on what this extended coverage is applicable to, even though the extended warranty was purchased together with the item. Amazon "pops" up the option to buy the coverage along with the item, but it is listed as a separate purchase. That would have been ok if Amazon and Squaretrade coordinated & synch'ed up on the specific item purchased. Square trade sends a "contract" with no information on what is covered. I had to call Square Trade, who required me to send them (email) the pdf copy of the Amazon order as proof of purchase, delivery / shipment information and also provide the description of the item and serial number etc. I can understand they not having the last part but, the "purchase order" info and ship / delivery info must minimally be directly communicated by / obtained from Amazon. They automatically list the coverage date as order date + a couple of days, even though the item I ordered was back-ordered and did not ship for 3 weeks after purchase. When I called Square Trade their attitude was it is your responsibility to call us and convey the information, if you want the coverage. Also, the contract sent is a "generic" boiler-plate one. Does not conta8in their "contract #", which is required if you need to approach them for coverage. Even after I mailed "proof of Amazon Purchase", they did not send me the Contract that identifies the item of purchase covered and their contract number. The customer support is not consistently good. I called about 5 times total to resolve issues with my different order from Amazon. A couple of the folks are extremely cooperative. Others are very rude. Some misleading. When you buy the coverage (in my case a Large TV), they boast "in home" coverage for TVs larger than 35 in screen, but they hide the fact that only hardware issues are covered, and not software or firmware issues. That important "exclusion" detail comes in the contract emailed later. They also don't proactively tell you, you need to mail /email them the Amazon order "proof", to be eligible for the coverage. If you would ever need the coverage, they will not cover until you mail them the "proof of purchase". If I bought a 5 year extended warranty and I need the coverage in the 5th year, if I did not know I needed to send them the "proof of purchase"from Amazon, I would need to scramble after 5 years to did-up he Amazon order info, proof of shipment / delivery etc. Why can't this be obtained from Amazon when the square-trade coverage was purchased, as an integral part of purchasing the actual item from Amazon. That information should include make and model of the item along with the purchase price, date etc. Also, why doesn't square trade proactively seek all the required information from the purchaser of the item, instead of waiting for the purchaser to "discover", he/she needs to provide some critical information to square trade for the coverage to be valid. Seems like finding anyway possible to deny a coverage later on. At least that is impression I get, as they don't include the contract # and other critical information in the actual contract. So,when I need the coverage I have no solid "proof" with me that the "generic contract" sent to me, was supposed to cover this specific item for this specific period. Lots of issues I see need to be rectified with square-trade extended warranty purchase through Amazon.
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on December 17, 2012
Ive been using them for years on almost everything electronic I buy. Had a few cases where the product failed and I needed them and you email or call, they ship you a box with a prepaid shipping label, goes out to their repair facility, if it cant be fixed within two weeks they refund you the money for your original purchase.

Its also great for when you buy something from a store instead of an online retailer. cause you scan and upload your receipt right away so if a year or 2 later product need for original receipt. they have it on file and never ask you. Just dont be lazy and do that part right away. They dont force you to but you should.

1 repair and 2 refunds so far that have made up for over 10 of my squaretrade purchases...

Always get a squaretrade..not only cheaper than any other extended warranty, but they have great customer service. They make the process extremely easy. I have had a few cheap things need warranty replacements that I didnt think were worth a warranty (like now a compter case I bought for 70 bucks) and I wish I had boughten squaretrade for the ease of RMA process...
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on December 30, 2013
Setting up these warranties is a nightmare. They send you a confirmation, and then want you to send them a receipt of purchase. If you don't set it up right when you get the email, you have to call to set it up. Here is a tip. Some of their people are helpful, and some try to put you off. Hang up and call back until you get someone who will actually set up your warranty and send you confirmation. I have been working on setting up four warranties for the past 3 hours, and now I am trying to find a receipt from an item I purchased in November to send them. They sent me the receipt in the first place. You are stuck with them if you buy from Amazon. This is the only thing I really don't like about Amazon. I have no idea if they really cover items. I guess it would depend on who you get when you call them. Good luck.
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on October 6, 2013
The way that they have this setup is totally UN-acceptable. They charge you and then it takes a week of chasing down the paperwork to make the plan work. It is a complete pain in the BUTT, and I will never purchase another extended warranty thru Square Trade. They really need a better system. My neighbor and good friend, filed a claim with Square Trade over (6) six months ago and is still trying to get the item replaced. They have given him the runaround for months stating that he did not file the appropriate paperwork when he purchased the item. The item was out of the Manufactures warranty time but they still had him trying to get the Manufacture in China to replace the item. He cannot even get the Manufacture to answer an E-Mail. Your results may vary !!!!!
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on March 1, 2013


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on July 14, 2014
when I had a problem with my second sony portable dvd player I tried to get an exchange. but I could not get any ones attention to my problem so I bought my third sony without any insurance policy becasue there usless.
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on May 14, 2015
The first time I called Roku (the product for which I purchased this) they said they did not honor the square trade protection plan. Since it is sold together with the Roku 3 I purchased it. So, Amazon and square trade, this is very misleading. Also they said they would email me with the plan's protection and they did not. If you purchase the Roku (any model) you would be better off getting the protection directly from Roku. I love my Roku 3 but I have had some technical problems and needed to call Roku a few times. The problems were easily resolved. With the previous models I had no problems. The Roku 3 has earbuds and subtitles or I would drag out one of my old ones.
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on December 6, 2012
I love Square Trade! I have had them on many items and had not had to use them until recently. My ice maker in my french door refrigerator broke and the parts were on back order for way too long. Square Trade sent me a check for the total purchase price of the refrigerator from almost 2 years earlier. They are great.
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on December 11, 2013
I got coverage with a $80 dvd player on sale. Wished I hadn't when I read all the fine print. The first year, they help you claim with the manufacturer but do cover shipping and do keep a record of your receipt on file. Second year its them only, but if you've already made a claim their coverage drops by however much they've helped you already. If the device fails a second time then, no help. If the value of the device goes up (and I got it in a good Black Monday sale), you are only covered to the value of your purchase price, not for an equivalent replacement.

The manufacturer has a reputation to maintain, so if they don't look after you, word gets around. Sony covers me during their year, to the end of the year or 90 days since a claim if this is longer. If the product is going to fail, its more likely to do so in the first year, so Square Trade is risking very little for the 10% fee they charge. Not usually worth it.

Stop Press:
Square Trade doesn't help you with original manufacturer either. They just say:

"After assessing your claim, it looks like your item is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, we are not able to approve your claim. During the first year of ownership, the manufacturer covers mechanical and electrical malfunctions. We cover you after that, when the manufacturer's warranty has expired."

We all know how difficult it is getting warranty help on consumer electronics. They never pick up the phone, and online chat is juggling 20 other customers so spend an hour asking you to check its plugged in correctly.

No help from Square Trade, you are on your own. Watch this space to see what happens after my year with Sony is up. They have replaced their BluRay player twice already and need to again, so I'm sure I'll have more warranty work when Square can't pass the buck.
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on February 10, 2014
I don't often buy warranties, but for some reason did when I bought a ROKU 3. I don't really know if I have coverag or not, as I never received so much as an email or a paper copy of a policy. Wasn't that expensive, so I just wrote it off to experience. Haven't bothered to buy it on any subsequent purchases.
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