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SquareTrade 2-Year PC Peripherals Protection Plan ($100-$125)
Service plan term: 2 Years|Service plan covered value: $100-$125|Change
Price:$0.98+ Free shipping

on October 20, 2016
My Horrible SquareTrade Experience:

I purchased a Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8" Inch Screen LED Monitor through Amazon on July 16, 2016. I added a SquareTrade 3-Year PC Peripherals Protection Plan ($200-$250). The monitor developed a screen problem, a thin "dead" line running across it noticeable when scrolling up and down.
SquareTrade 3-Year PC Peripherals Protection Plan ($200-$250)

After contacting SquareTrade via Amazon, I received a response on Sep. 30 requesting my warranty information. I received email instructions to call "Finn" at 1-877-927-7268.

On Wed., Oct 12 I called SquareTrade at 10:30 AM. After 37 minutes on hold listening to muzak I was connected to Daniel Johnson (Claims). After explaining my situation, he transferred me to Sam (Computers), after a wait on hold for another 16 minutes. Sam transferred me to Eddie (Electronics) after being on hold for another 13 minutes.

Eddie informed me that my monitor was still under warranty by Dell, that I needed to contact Dell first for warranty coverage (1-800-624-9897). Eddie transferred me to Dell.

After answering many questions as to the monitor's providence, Dell informed me that the monitor was built 2 years, 11 months, and 18 days ago and was no longer covered under Dell's one-year warranty. I was advised to contact Amazon. (At this point, I had over 3 hours invested this morning in this quixotic quest, and counting.)

I called Amazon, spoke with Tiffany. She told me Amazon only warranties this purchase for 30-days after purchase (which I learned when this circular firing squad began weeks ago). She told me it "should be" covered under my SquareTrade contract, that I "shouldn't have to" go through this ordeal. She advised that I call SquareTrade. I told her once again that I'd been there, done that, and here I am. She promised that she'd email SquareTrade about this situation. I told her that I WILL NOT respond to SquareTrade's request to call them AGAIN only to waste hours on hold only to begin this circular firing squad all over again. She said she'd request that THEY call ME. I told her "When the phone doesn't ring I'll know it's SquareTrade."

UPDATE: Oct 20, 2016

SquareTrade never contacted me per Amazon's request. I had been advised by Amazon to give SquareTrade two business days to reply. When three had passed without a word from SquareTrade I called and spoke with Amazon again. The gentleman I spoke with couldn't understand why everyone was giving me such a hard time, such a run-around. He simply processed a full replacement, shipped it one-day delivery. It arrived today. I set it up and it seems to be running perfectly. Sheesh, what an ordeal, but thank you to the last Amazon customer support guy for restoring my faith in Amazon. I even reactivated my Amazon Prime membership, which I had dropped after last week's run-around.

I have just requested a full refund from SquareTrade. I'll update here when/if I receive a response, or if I need to pursue that further as well.

UPDATE: Oct 21, 2016

SquareTrade just sent me an email with a link "How to File a Claim." Like everything else about them so far, their link does not work.
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on May 14, 2016
Thought I did a good thing by getting a 10 dollar warranty with a router I had purchased on Amazon, as it was suggested to me on the bottom. When the router finally died after less than a year, like most linksys routers do, I went to file my claim and was told that because it was manufacturer refurbished, I was out of luck. Kinda bizarre that it would be suggested with the purchase, but the purchase was ineligible.

I'll never get another extended warranty, a lot of weird stipulations and loopholes for them to get out of the claim. I thought I could trust a big name such as square trade, however they're just as deceitful as most.
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on January 21, 2016
Misleading. I bought it for my Kindle, with assumption that "Accidental Damage from Handling" (ADH) was part of the deal. I never would have purchased had I known that I was only buying an extra year of coverage for manufacturing defects. I would have taken the risk that, if there was a defect with my Kindle, said defect would present itself within a year.

The product page on Amazon does NOT expressly state that ADH is not covered -- this is only stated in a PDF of terms and conditions only available in the linked PDF. This is a 4,077-word contract crammed into 2 pages. The exclusion of ADH is mentioned in the middle of the first column of the second page (see photo attached).

Of course, the Amazon product page doesn't expressly say that accidental damage IS covered. If you, as I did, miss the link to the Standard Terms and Conditions, you might, as I did, go to the SquarePage website to check it out. You might, as I did, click on the top of the page describing its coverage of "Tablets/E-Readers." Note that the first feature it lists is that the policy covers drops and spills. You might, as I did, read that and conclude, as I did, that you'd be covered you if you accidentally drop or spill something on your stupid Kindle.

Now I've busted the thing, and I realize I've been played for a fool. Well played, SquareTrade. Well played.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on January 18, 2017
I've never given one star but I just have to with this. I was supposed to get it December 28, it's January 18 and I still haven't gotten it. Don't bother with this item, it's only a dollar or two but it's not worth it. Customer service is horrible, and it doesn't cover nearly what it advertises to (I just read all of the terms). If you buy this and your item breaks they'll find a reason to not cover you (this is based on all the other reviews, and the very specific terms). Save yourself the stress and buy a protection plan that's a little more expensive. I'm not even going to bother fighting for my dollar, you guys can keep it.
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on July 8, 2016
Don't buy this product. Total waste of money. It is not an extended warranty. Your coverage starts as soon as you buy it but you can not use it until the manufacturer warranty is up. So if your manufacturer warranty is a year and you buy a year plan from Square Trade, you will never be able to use Square Trade because it will expire the same time your manufacturer warranty does. Useless. And actually trying to use the warranty is a nightmare! Their site was not working and it took hours just to file a claim.
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on July 7, 2017
My history of bad cables here on Amazon led me to decided to purchase Squaretrade insurance.
So I connect it and it says it`s charging. A minute later, it says "Not charging". I contacted SquareTrade, and to my chagrin, it doesn't cover it, because it came defective. SHRIMP!!! Really?? I hate my life. But not as much as the seller of this crap. Because I am getting my money back.
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on December 10, 2016
The communications have been awful. I have been without my Apple AirPort Extreme router for over a month now. I sent it in to be fixed. when i received it back it didn't work at all. when i sent it in it worked a little. So i had to sent it back in. 2 weeks go by and no answer from square trade. I emailed to find out whats the status. the reply was the Router is beyond repair and could not be fixed. The matter is with the concern team, who is working on to offer you an alternative resolution. and someone will contact you within 24-48 hours. that was over a week ago. I tried emailing again no response. that was 3 days ago. i tried calling. good luck trying to get someone calling. this has taken way too long. This has been the worst experience with Square Trade I have ever had. I have been a customer for over 10 years. It might be time to look at other warranty companies.
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on February 7, 2017
My circumstances seem to be complicated by the interaction with Amazon.com where the protection plan was purchased. Never the less, a little review of the circumstances should clarify the situation, and ST should step up and acknowledge that they need to honor the plan I purchased.

I purchased a $750.00 40-inch Philips monitor via Amazon just over a year ago along with a SquareTrade 2-year protection plan. This past week, the monitor has completely stopped working. I sent a message via Amazon (limited number of characters to communicate the problem) that the monitor was no longer working.

"Came home from 3 day vacation, had turned power off to monitor at power strip. Monitor will not turn on. It is completely dead"

Amazon communicated this to ST and ST then CANCELLED my 2-year protection plan, claiming to have refunded the balance already. Cancellation of my protection plan was clearly not communicated in my message. If anything a reply questioning my intent would have helped.

Amazon claims to have communicated my message to ST, not a request to cancel my protection plan.

I then had to contact both and clarify that I have no wish to cancel my 2-year plan. I wanted to make a claim and resolve the monitor problem. ST will not budge, claiming that the $13.00 refund has been processed. Yet, ST also claims that the refund will take 5 to 10 days to process. in either case, how hard can it be to stop the refund, or charge it back and pick up the protection plan again.

Amazon is now taking some responsibility to resolve the issue because i have been a Prime member for 10 years.

This all feels like a business intent on taking customers money and dropping protection plans at the first sign of trouble. Predatory Practices if you ask me.
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on March 31, 2017
I bought this produce so I would have a warranty on the Arris Surfboard cable modem & WIFI router that I bought. And then I had problems with the produce. I called Square Trade (after checking with Microsoft. a local PC repair person and HP to ensure my laptop was set up correctly) and Square Trade did NOTHING to help me. They transferred me over to Arris, who told me to do this and that, and that did not work. I called Square Trade back, and all they said was if I had to buy a new router, then let them know and they would pay the shipping. BIG RIP OFF.
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on September 24, 2017
I bought this warranty for my new Netgear Nighthawk router and didn't think twice because I thought this was an Amazon service. A day later, I called their customer service because apon reading the description of what the warranty actually covered and how the warranty worked it just felt...kinda fishy and was very vague. I talked to some Indian guy named Cash, I simply just wanted to know if my router ever broke or stopped working and they couldn't fix my item, under their warranty, what would they replace my router with because from what it sounded like, they would replace it with "A replacement with the same or better features." I was in a great mood and just wanted clarification on what that meant. Instead, what Cash responded with was scripted verbage in broken-english, questions about what my account number was, instructions on how to mail off my router, and how to activate my account with Square Trade and to set up my password, more questions of what my email address was and the item number, all the while this barrage of questions and information that I had NOT asked for, was peppered with Cash, multiple times reminding me not to worry. After about 2 minutes of listening to this ceaseless rambling I stopped him mid description about, "how efficient their workers were at the repair factory and said, " Cash...I appreciate all of that, but that's not my question... did you listen to anything I just asked you?" To which he stumbled over his words and asked if I would mind if he put on a brief hold..... My faith in this company and the warrenty I had just bought through them was going from pretty high to zero...real fast. After about a minute, he comes back and multiple times calling me by the wrong name while apologizing and reassuring me not to worry....again..., he finally comes out with, if they cannot fix my item they will replace it with a, and I quote "certifiably, certified Referbished router of the same make and model and if they don't have that same one, I would get a better model... that had also been refurbished." I don't know about you but I've never heard of a "Certifiably certified" refurbished.... anything. After listening to Cash ramble on for about 2 minutes of that I told him I would be canceling my warrenty with Square Trade and his responce was a panicked, "well you really should reconsider, I mean this little bit of money down was such a small amount of money and Michael, you look like someone who could spare 30 or 40 dollars to insure...err sounded, oh my apologies, sorry Michael, (not my name, again) sounded like someone smart enough to want to protect your investment and what do you have to lose!" What doI have to lose?? Ummm 30 to 40 dollars I believe... that's what I have to lose, Cash!!.....I was done at that point.

What I thought was really scary and very telling of the caliber of the Square Trade company, as a whole, was the fact that I called without having any real problems!! Imagine the nightmare it would be if I was actually trying to get something repaired or if their "certifiably certified refurbished" router died out on me?!

Uggg done....

Their customer service sucks and this is a scam.
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