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SquareTrade 3-Year Tablet Protection Plan ($350-$400)
Service plan term: 3 Years|Service plan covered value: $ 350-$400|Change
Price:$63.51+ Free shipping

on July 9, 2015
I purchased a 3 year SquareTrade warranty with accident protection on Amazon with my Asus Transformer tablet. I had read pretty good reviews on them at the time (about 3 years ago). I've since purchase a SquareTrade warranty on several other items. I never had to use the protection, until recently, when my tablet started acting very flaky (mainly wifi issues, but a few other issues as well including flaky GPS). Let's face it, a tablet without wifi is basically a brick, with a screen. Now I'm starting to wonder if the bulk of the review here are because this protection "seems like" a good deal, or if SquareTrade's service has gone downhill, while their shady tactics have gone up. Here's my HORRIBLE experience with them...

After I started experienced issues with wifi intermittently not working (even the blue icon would show, but wouldn't get any internet connectivity for quite a while at times), I soon realized the issues weren't going away. I made absolutely sure that it had nothing to do with my wifi in the house. I have several other devices on wifi including a laptop, 2 TV's, a repeater, etc., and all of them worked fine...including the TV that was about 6 feet away from where the tablet was primarily used. On 6/16/15, I went to the SquareTrade web site, and even though I had uploaded my receipt after I purchased the warranty (since they encourage customers to do that so they don't have to worry about keeping it for later if needed), the web site said it was on file...but on another screen said I needed to upload it . Luckily, I still had it. I probably shouldn't taken this as a bad sign of the days ahead...but I still had faith.

I filed my claim, and 2 days later I received an e-mail:

"I am sorry to hear about the issue with your item, I know it is frustrating when our electronic devices do not work correctly.

It sounds like there may be a glitch in the firmware and to resolve the problem you are facing kindly follow the troubleshooting provided below:"

...then a YouTube video was linked.

I quickly found out that this was NOT "troubleshooting" for a "glitch"...the video walked you through doing a factory reset on the device, and of course losing everything on it at that point. The factory reset didn't help the problem at all, and now I couldn't even register my Gmail account since I had no working wifi connection. So I replied telling the rep what happened, and that I was a bit annoyed since his "troubleshooting" for the specific issue/fix he spoke of was nothing of the kind.

On 6/19/15, I received an e-mail asking me to ship my tablet and power supply using the shipping label provided. I shipped it in, hoping their fast repair time as advertised held true. Several days later, I received my tablet the EXACT same state as I shipped it in...with the same wifi issues, and a work order in the box that said "reseated covers". What the heck is that supposed to even mean? What "covers"? At this point, I was even more annoyed with this process, so I called and asked to speak to a manager. I spoke to the manager, and told her how urgent my need for this device was at the time and that I had waited several days now only to have nothing done (she claimed they didn't find the issue, so they just shipped it back). She said she could send me to a local repair shop to get it repaired, and get reimbursed for the repair costs by sending my receipts in in reply to the e-mail she was sending me. She also said that if they deemed it unrepairable, that SquareTrade would refund the ~$385 I originally paid for the device.

I waited for the e-mail, and all I got was an e-mail that said, "Your claim is approved! Next, we'll be sending you:
• The part(s) needed to get your TV up and running". TV? This is a tablet, and I've never purchased a SquareTrade warranty for a TV. The e-mail also had a claim number on it that matched nothing of mine. The rep asked me to forward her the e-mail, which I did, then put me on hold for a while. When she came back, she told me that their system was messed up ("clearly", I thought!). She sent me another e-mail with a reference number and the addresses and phone numbers of 3 local repair places (but no names of the places, as I later noticed). She said to reply to this e-mail with repair receipts, or something deeming the item unrepairable for a full refund if that was the case.

I called the first place on the list a few times over the next few days, left voicemails, but got no return calls. Over the weekend, the tablet went off (on it's own), and would no longer turn on. On Monday, I decided to just drive to the first address on the list. After driving around aimlessly for a while, I realized the place didn't even exist. It didn't help that I had no name of the place to look for on a sign, but I figured out based on the address that it didn't exist. So I called the second place on the list, and went there. When I got there, they looked at the tablet, couldn't get it to turn on, but also looked up replacement parts...and found out that the wifi, among most other parts on this tablet, was not replacement on this model. When I told them of my endless drive, they told me that place I showed them had gone out of business quite a while that's why I couldn't find it. The tech at the repair place said even if the device does turn on, wifi is unreplaceable on this model, so the device is unfixable. She wrote this up on my work order, I went home, and I scanned/e-mailed the work order in reply to the e-mail from SquareTrade, as they requested.

Three days went by, and I heard nothing back from SquareTrade. All I could think was, "Is this ever going to get resolved?" So I called them again tonight, and this thing took a whole new horrible twist. Now, they're telling me that I only had a 2 year warranty, and that it expired last year. Yep, about 1 year ago. Yet for some reason, the web site allowed me to file the claim? And for some reason, everyone I've talked to so far just...didn't notice that? Yeah right lol. While I was on hold waiting for them to come back to me, I went to the web site, thinking I might see a status change...and I sure did. They had altered the dates to make it look like I had a 2 year warranty instead of a 3 year warranty (luckily I have proof/screenshots of all of this, along with my original receipts showing that I paid for a 3 year warranty, and the date that I purchased it, along with my original contract).

After that, more time being put on hold, more switching things around on their end, it seemed endless, and like they were determined to do anything possible to get out of paying this claim and making things right. I will try to update this if/when something positive happens here, but at this point, it looks very unlikely. Needless to say, I will never purchase a SquareTrade warranty again at this point, and I will be getting refunds for the few that I purchased recently (hopefully that won't be the hassle that this was), and my prior referrals will change to negative referrals.

I'm attaching screenshots of the original e-mail confirmation of this warranty showing the date purchased/sent, the last 4 of the policy #, and that it's a tablet warranty, as well as a screenshot of the warranty as it shows today, AFTER they made changes to the dates...showing the date purchased, the last 4 of the plan ID that I left visible which matches the e-mail, the coverage start date (which makes the date purchased not even make any sense).
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on July 13, 2012
Purchased this squaretrade warranty about a week after receiving my Asus TF300 (I think that's the model number). I thought it was pretty cool that you had 30 days from the date of purchasing a tablet to buy this warranty. Initially I didn't think to order a one along with my Asus. Didn't have the tablet a good 60 days before I dropped it on the floor like an idiot, and completely shattered the screen. Called squaretrade, filed a claim, and they sent me a postage paid box in the mail to have it shipped to one of their repair centers. I also had the option to take the tablet to a repair shop of my choice, get it fixed, and they would reimburse (<--spell check?) me the funds. Once my tablet arrived at the repair center, it turned out that it was going to cost more money to have the tablet repaired than the tablet was worth, so squaretrade mailed me a check for the full price of the tablet so I could repurchase another one. You have the choice of receiving a check in the mail, funds added to your paypal account or an Amazon gift card. The whole process was frustration free and squaretrade was very professional with regards to handling my claim. Highly recommend this company. The warranty was definetly worth purchasing, and I wouldn't hesistate to use them again.
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on May 1, 2013
Well, my ASUS TF300 took a bad fall and was badly damaged recently. I sent it in for repair per the warranty instructions and was told it was "Approved" and would be repaired within 5 business days. Today is the 6th day, so I sent an email last night and still did not hear back. I ended up calling SquareTrade today because I logged into my account and saw they changed my product from ASUS Tablet to Samsung TV. Not quite sure how that happened. Upon calling I was informed that it could take an additional 15 days as they are waiting on parts. NOT the 5 days I was quoted when signing up for this service. So now I have to wait possibly two more weeks to get my tablet back. Their terms state that they repair or reimburse within 5 days. If they could not repair it then it should have been reimbursed.

At this rate I would have been better off not even purchasing this and spending almost a quarter of the cost of the product for a service that is not honored. You would think when reaching day 5 day guarantee mark they would have communicated something to me, but nope, they did not. Apparently SquareTrade does not communicate with their customers

This is not what I signed up for and I will not purchase from SquareTrade again, nor will I recommend their service to anyone.

So I finally received a tablet back a week and a half ago. Keep in mind I had already waited well over two weeks from the point that SquareTrade initially received my tablet for repair. I was told the reason the tablet took so long to get back to me was they were waiting on parts to repair it properly. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box from UPS and anxiously removed the bubble wrap to find the Tablet filthy, and even worse, scratched on both the front screen and back cover. The rear panel looked to have cake icing all over the back of it and there were minor scratches everywhere.

I then proceeded to check the serial number on my tablet and compared it to the Serial Number on my ASUS box and low and behold they were completely different. I immediately called SquareTrade and raised my concern. How did I receive a used tablet when I was specifically told they were awaiting parts to repair my tablet? They flat out lied to me and told me a manager would be in touch with two business days.

Jump forward two business days.... No call from a manager as promised. I called SquareTrade again and was told that a manager had approved to pay me out the cost of my tablet I simply needed to send it back. I sent the table back to the right away and obtained a tracking number. Upon SquareTrade again receiving my tablet, I did receive an email that they would pay me the full cost of the tablet within 2-3 business days. By the end of the third day, I had not received a credit to my email as promised. I called SquareTrade again and was told I was misinformed and it would take 3-5 days to receive my credit.

I give up! This company SUCKS!!! Do not buy this service! Read he reviews, most reviews giving 5 stars have never even had to use the service, but praise the peace of mind they have. This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and that is really saying something.

I will update my review if I ever receive my credit, but that will not change my overall impression of this awful service.

Sorry for the late update.

I did finally receive a credit from Square Trade in the form of an Amazon gift card for the full cost of the tablet. It took almost 6 weeks and a lot of hassle to receive it, certainly not the guaranteed 5 days promised. I bumped this review up one star because of this, but still highly urge you to stay away. Horrible service overall and highly frustrating experience.
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on August 26, 2016
Buyer Beware!!!!!
My story...My screen on my tablet started to blink on me. No worries (or so I think). I filed a claim with Square Trade as I had purchased what I thought was an additional 2 year warranty (1yr manufacturer, 2 years SquareTrade for a total of 3 years). They tell me "It appears that your item is still covered by the manufacturer. Your SquareTrade plan covers your item after the manufacturer's warranty expires — when you really need protection." That is an exact quote! Focus on the words "Your SquareTrade plan covers your item after the manufacturer's warranty expires".
The problem seems to go away. I did not pursue a manufacturers claim.

Many months later, the screen starts to cut out on me all together and sometimes resets from the beginning, like I had pushed the restart button. I contacted SquareTrade because it was now into the third year (by 1month and 10 days). SquareTrade tells me I am over the 2year warranty. What??? They said their plan runs concurrent with the Manufacturers. I quoted to them the email I had received from the previous claim. The guy was adamant that the warranty had expired! Needless to say, I feel like I have been screwed. Never, never, never, will I buy another SquareTrade protection plan.

You, the general public are warned. The plans run concurrently and SquareTrade is misleading/lying to us all!
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on October 7, 2016
I had a nexus tablet which was accidentally dropped and formed a small crack in the screen. Nothing else was wrong with it. I called the number for Squaretrade because everytime I tried to use the website they provided and sign up, it told me my email was invalid. (First annoyance.) They sent me a free shipping label to send my tablet in for repairs which they stated would take "2 - 5 days".

After two weeks of not hearing from them I called again. Apparently they had sent me an email which went straight into my spam folder after being flagged as dangerous because they had asked me for my email and login password so they could check the repairs they had made. They would not continue or give me my tablet back until I have given them said information.

They then (after another week and me having to pester them twice through email) sent me an email saying they could not get the parts to fix the tablet, yeah, the one they had previously said they had already fixed but needed to check the system to see if everything was running.

I called with a WTF and the very nice representitive assured me that they had ordered parts which would be arriving soon and they would rush repairs since it had been so long. Two days later I had another email saying they would be sending me a check in 7-10 business days and would not be returning my tablet to me.

I did get my check, btw, after I left a horrible review on their review website exclaiming that they had stollen my tablet. And yes, I would have pressed charges.
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on September 1, 2017
I am very frustrated with this service for my IPAD Air 2. I broke the screen on my IPAD Air 2. I did not anticipate any problems with my warranty as I recently broke the screen on my Kindle Fire as well and all went well. With the Kindle, I called the service listed and within five minutes had talked to a representative and was told what to do. He looked up all the details and promptly sent me a mailing label. Within two days I had a new device, and I had sent the other back. No hassle; no problem. However, when I called about my Apple IPAD, it took a while to get a representative on the line. When I did finally have someone to talk with, he looked up my records and begin to ask questions. How much did you spend? When did you buy it? Etc. I did not mind answering the questions, but it was obvious that he had everything in front of him. He then said he could not do anything more until I sent him a copy of the receipt. I said, no problem. He then said that I would have to send the item back to your company and they would assess the repairs (I am thinking a week?). Remember that my Kindle Fire was immediately replaced, no questions asked, but apparently IPads are different. I sent the receipt within the hour and received an e-mail saying I would receive a mailing label. Meanwhile, I received a rather long e-mail from the agent who I originally spoke with telling me how to turn off my "Find my Ipad." He stated that he would send me further instructions ONLY after I replied to that e-mail. I immediately did what he asked and replied. No mailing label. I replied again the next day. Nothing. I replied again two days later. Nothing. This made a total of five e-mails. I then went on line and set up a chat. The agent here was very courteous, asked me for nothing except my name and phone number, and immediately sent the mailing label. I am now ready, a full week later, to mail the IPAD, and of course, have no idea how long this will take.
The problem as I see it is the vast difference in the Kindle Product handling and the IPAD handling. Secondly, time.....what a waste of time. I do not like to be without my IPAD at all, much less two or three weeks. Lastly, why the demand for a receipt and lots of information when the agent obviously had everything in front of him to begin with. He told me how much it cost and when it was purchased, etc. so he had to have all the information. For me finding a receipt was not a problem, but I can see that it would be for some people who may have received the item as a gift or moved or lost it. I understand that I was speaking to two different branches of the company, but why the vast difference in customer service.
That is my story. I will continue this essay when I get my IPAD back!
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on October 28, 2016
I normally refuse to buy extended warranties for anything because I have been stung by them in the past, but I'm really glad I got this protection plan with the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 that I purchased at the same time. A little less than 1 year in and I started having some serious issues with the tablet. It was frequently freezing up and running very hot while draining the battery. SquareTrade replaced the mainboard and I got the tablet back in about 1 week. The whole process was painless and didn't cost me a penny other than driving to the FedEx box to drop off the package. The tablet has been performing like new again ever since I got it back. Kudos to SquareTrade for excellent customer service and value! I wouldn't hesitate to but SquareTrade again in the future.
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on October 20, 2014
So I had a few problems with my nexus tablet. The battery started overheating, the charging port started having problems like not charging when the cable slightly moved (yes I tried new cables, chargers, and outlets) got to the point it would rarely charge at all and a cracked screen. Well called up square trade and they wanted to repair it so I sent it in.

Upon finally received my "repaired" tablet they claimed they fixed the screen, the back cover, and the battery. What I actually received is a different story. First off they never replaced the back cover or assuming they did the whole part around the screen is nicked and chipped, the battery is still overheating, the screen they replaced it with is a joke! There is a dark area in the top left corner, it doesn't respond to touch properly sometimes it selects something not in the area I'm touching. When scrolling text or pictures it has a wavy look to it. It's just off and no where near the quality of the original screen. Last and not least they just decided to not fix the charging port!??! Yeah they actually admitted this to me, it was not fixed!..I mean if everything else was repaired what use is the tablet if you can't properly charge it??...

Upon requesting a call back from a manager and being told I'd receive one within 24 hours, I had to call them again. Then their customer service representative flat out lied to me telling me the manager called and no one answered so it went to voicemail. This is a joke since I was home all day, double checked the caller ID and guess what no call.

Then I get an email supposedly from a manager saying since they did "repairs" they can't refund my purchase. Are you kidding me! What repairs? Battery still over heats, a chipped, nicked up cover, a cheap crappy screen, and a port they never bothered to repair! Unacceptable. Waiting for a response but unless they do a full refund since their so called repairs aren't worth 5¢ I'll be reporting them to the BBB, FTC, and my attorneys. This is nothing but fraud. The only thing they did was put a cheap screen on it since all my other problems still exist. Not worth a payout at the fraction of what I paid for my tablet.

I'll update when I find more out, but nothing will change the fact they flat out lied about the supposed repairs that were done, used cheap knockoff parts, and lied about a call back...Their repair tech should be fired as should their dishonest customer service rep...
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on February 5, 2017
This is a worthless warranty. First of all, we purchased a Fusion Tablet for a Christmas present for my wife and bought this warranty in November of 2016. To date, February 8th 2017, we still as of yet to receive the warranty. What's more, the tablet would not come on after 5 days of use, so the purchase was moot as the warranty had as of yet to be issued.
Third, we requested a refund on the purchase price, and a month later, still have not even heard from Square Trade.
We DO NOT recommend this product to others and if you fail to heed this warning, you will do so at your own financial loss.
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on July 16, 2012
5 stars for SquareTrade, 0 stars for Amazon's fulfillment of the order = 3 stars.

While the warranty and SquareTrade has an excellent reputation, I won't be buying such items through Amazon again. Amazon pairs the warranty with a tablet which they say usually (no guarantee) ships in 1-2 months, charges me for the warranty now, doesn't charge for the related electronic item until it eventually ships. Amazon pushes responsibility off on SquareTrade even though they know the two items are paired together. Why would I want to pay for a warranty, (Amazon charged me now and has my money) regardless of when it is activated, on an item that Amazon can't even guarantee availability and shipment. Had to contact Squaretrade to get a refund on the warranty. Odd, the refund will come through Amazon. They will handle the money but not take responsibility for the logistics and coordination.

If you're going to buy a SquareTrade warranty on an electronic item purchased through Amazon, wait until Amazon delivers the device then buy the warranty directly from SquareTrade. The fact that Amazon can't / won't manage the pairing of two related items, defined as "Ship at the same time" then Amazon needs to fix their procurement and logistics system.

I'll give Amazon a reasonable amount of time to try and deliver the tablet. In the meantime, I'm heading to BBuy, J&R, B&H...
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