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on November 7, 2011
Seems like a great idea when buying a digital camera, right?! Well, read the policy VERY careful before buying - when my camera was damaged by moisture they refused to cover it. Just because it says "Drops + Spills" doesn't mean it covers getting your camera wet!
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on May 13, 2010
I purchased the squaretrade 2 year warranty for my camera purchased on E bay. The camera mal functioned after one year and square trade fixed the camera with out a problem. Afer many, many and I mean many photos taken the camera it mal functioned again, I called squaretrade to have it repaired again under the warranty, but they refused stating the cost of the repair exceeded the cost of the camera, 1st repair was $ 135.00 cost to square trade, and they would not repair or replace it again. They only thing they could do is send me a check for the difference of the original cost of the camera less the 1 st repair cost which was about $ 22.00. So read the fine print, this is not an unlimited warranty! I was a little disappointed. The rep on the phone stated that the comera should have not been repaired the 1st time because of the high cost of repair compared to the cost of the camera.
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Top Contributor: Petson December 28, 2016
I purchased this prior to dealing with another Square Trade policy I have. The Square Trade fine print has just come to my attention and is as follows:
The value of your Protection Plan is in most cases equal to the purchase price of your item. Each time you file a valid claim, and we provide repair, the total value of your coverage is reduced by the cost of the repairs.
Then if you file another valid claim with us on the same item, and repairs are estimated to cost more than the remaining value of your Protection Plan, the remaining value of your Protection Plan will be offered instead.”

I question how this is going to work with my camera flash. A simple repair to re-solder a loose USB connection on my perviously covered tablet with SquareTrade was billed as a $150 repair charge against the total covered value of the tablet. If it costs $150 to solder a connection, I can't imagine that they will be able to do much of anything by way of repair to a $75 camera flash before they exceed the covered value of the item. In other words, when you purchase this protection plan, you are essentially purchasing a one time refund of the purchase price of the flash, not a 3 year protection plan. For the $12, it isn't a bad deal. But the marketing is deceptive.
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on March 12, 2018
As with most they try to not pay out on the plan. You get a response on your claim not covered because what ever reason they decide to use to not pay. It does NOT start till after the manufacturer and no it's not what ever years after the manufacture runs out. Meaning if it's under manufacturer for one three or five years and your plan is for one year it never comes in to effect. if your item is less then $200 it's really not worth it at all. put the cost of the plans you would have paid for in the bank and by the time you need to use one you can just buy a new item. how often do you ever use them and even if you remember you even have on. Don't waste money on these. Save your money and be happy your not paying for something your not going to use ninety times out of one hundred. On the one time the money you save will buy your item twice over.
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on February 11, 2018
I had never bought one of these accident warranties for a camera before, since I'm usually fairly careful with them, but for some reason decided to get it when I bought a refurbished Lumix. As luck would have it, I did manage to total the camera in an odd accident about four months later. Was pretty bummed at first, since I didn't remember for sure if I had gotten the coverage or not, but then found the confirming email & began the claims process.

It's a fairly easy and straightforward process if you've kept proof of your purchase...mostly done online, so digital or photocopies are fine, no need to keep paper records. It took a bit longer than I thought it should have. They had me send the camera in for inspection, even though I thought the pictures and description of the damage I sent showed it to be beyond reasonable repair (they supplied a mailing label, so it was easy enough to do, at least). When it got to them, they sent a confirmation of receipt, and, a day or so later, a notice surprisingly saying they thought it might be repairable, and would advise further. A few days later they finally sent the expected news that the camera was toast and they would be paying the claim. Nor long after, I received the check.

So, in all it took a bit more time than it could have, but not an unreasonable amount, the process was easy, and there was no haggling or "gotcha" efforts to avoid paying the claim. The coverage was well worth having, and I was satisfied with the way it worked. When I bought a replacement camera, I got the appropriate Square Trade policy to cover it.
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on September 16, 2016
First time, and probably last time customer.

Filed a claim on 7/7/2016, Got approved on 7/9/2016, Shipped it same day arrived on 7/12/2016... This is where the nightmare began.

I Bought this warranty with my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera ($1000 camera) from B&H Photo as piece of mind, and after 2 out of the 3 years I've had it I finally had to use it (major dust/debri on the sensor that was highly evident, should be an easy fix). I wanted to have peace of mind when using my camera that if it got damaged during a job that I'd be able to have it repaired without losing my whole paycheck.

Waited 4 out of the "5 days" it'd take to repair or replace my camera. Got an email saying there'd be a "Delay" and that it'd be until 7/20/2016 to be repaired. I figured ok, that's reasonable - I could have my camera back by the end of the month.

After that, dead silence, no updates, the day of the deadline I scheduled a callback with a rep, answered very clearly from a callcenter not in the U.S. (heavy accent). I was told by them that they "didn't have the parts" and that it'd take up to 3 weeks. I called back the next week, and they told me the same thing.

Called back the next week, was told that that they had to send it back to the manufacturer - which is reasonable since Blackmagic doesn't have third party service to my knowledge. Called back for more information, say - if Blackmagic has the camera, I Ask to be CC'd on the emails with Blackmagic regarding what is happening with the repair - told "they keep all depot information confidential", Ok? So give me real information. It'd be a different story if I at least knew what they were doing why it was taking so damn long.

Call back once or twice every week, get told the same thing, every single week. I get told that "your camera will be back Tuesday" by a representative, no email given, no tracking number. Call on Tuesday August 30th. I get told they'd get an update from the manufacturer by a rep. Call again on September 2nd, and the rep (finally someone from the U.S. it seemed) and was told I'd get an update after the holiday.

I call again on 9/7/2016 and I get told I'd get it on September 13th - this time I demanded it in writing (I have the email that says "As communicated , your expected estimated time is till Tuesday Sep 13, 2016. " from a rep named James) - I also asked for his supervisor and I was told he was a "senior rep" and I asked to escalate my claim. Still no email with tracking number, I call on September 13th and talk to a rep who informs me that the other rep was telling me the date that it would be delivered to squaretrades repair depot, and that It'd be 48 hours for them to ship it to me after that.

Today 9/16/2016 it is over 48 hours from that phone call, I waited on hold for nearly 40 minutes with a Rep named "Bob", who tells me that he'll give me an update on monday... This has to be a joke.

I have had to turn down paying JOBS because of this. I am a professional, and I was expecting to be dealing with professionals or people who at least understand that people who spent over $1000 or more on a camera may be relying on said equipment. You'd think they'd see that this is a big ticket item and that updating me along the process would be a priority. A simple papertrail of emails and I might not be as upset.

Needless to say I am beyond upset, extremely disappointed, and currently losing money from this deal. I have told my friends, co-workers, and collaborators about this experience and they are agreeing that this isn't right. I am completely out of patience. I've been lied to several times, bad excuses, vague answers, and been told "not to worry - you'll get your camera back/replaced!".

Going to put this review everywhere possible, amazon, B&H, Forums, you name it so that no other professionals get screwed. I might even start a twitter account just to send this to their corporate people.

If I could give them 0 stars I would.
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on January 9, 2016
So after purchasing the warranty on Amazon I received an email that tells me how to submit my receipt of the product I purchased to Square Trade. That process was easy as it only involved sending an email. However I wanted to take it a step further and setup an account/profile on their website, especially since I purchased two warranties for different electronic items. But it doesn't allow me to do that, an error page keeps populating. In fact this error page populates frequently on their website. So I'm wondering how legitimate Square Trade really is.
review image
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on January 22, 2017
I've had this warranty before with no issues. Now I just get the runaround and they don't respond quickly. Having issues filing a claim because it asks for a serial number which this camera doesn't have! Not happy!
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on February 24, 2018
I need Cameras that work. If I send them back, they will have to fixed from top to bottom. to many features don't work. Trouble shooting techs would be a nice attempt. How about a return policy on junk? I need cameras that work! I need to return the lousy Apeman Cameras!
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on January 7, 2018
I purchased this protection plan with my Panasonic Lumix FZ70. The first time I sent it in for repairs, I got the camera back and pretty much nothing got fixed - kind of disappointing. However, I think this was partially due to lack of detail on my part.

The second time I sent it in was an entirely different experience. I made sure to contact a technician to go over the fine details of the camera damage, and what actions were needed to make the experienced errors occur. The SquareTrade customer service professionals were extremely friendly and took time to listen to the details of the damages. They even contacted me back to verify before repairs. It turned out that the camera could not be repaired, so they sent me a complete refund for my purchase.

Overall, this inexpensive plan saved me $250 and it was relatively low-hassle. I won't be purchasing another camera without it!
Despite the first mishap, I'm still giving 5 stars for their professionalism and providing a full refund. I'm very happy with this plan.
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