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Service plan term: 3 Years|Service plan covered value: $ 400-$450|Change
Price:$23.65+ Free shipping

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on August 23, 2016
FYI, I had purchased this warranty for a TV I purchased. Approximately 3 months ago it stopped working. Contacted SquareTrade and they diagnosed over the phone the problem and set up a service appointment, then shipped parts to my house. They sent one technician to handle this heavy 55" plasma TV. They should have sent two. The tech fully inspected the TV before starting the repair to check for "incidental damage", which is not covered. The TV had just stopped working, but they checked anyway. He confirmed there was none. The tech replaced three out of the four parts because they did not send all four at the time, in error. TV was still non-functioning. He called in and said he would come back when fourth part shows up. After no update, and several emails from me to SquareTrade regarding status, I am told the part was unavailable and they would replace the TV. They would contact me with options. That same day, the "unavailable" part shows up at my house. I call them and I am told they will come to fix the TV. Again, 1 tech shows up to repair the TV. This tech re-inspects the TV and claims the screen is now internally cracked, and that they do not cover it. I was shocked since the first tech had inspected it prior and there was no crack at that time. Now mind you, the first tech was moving the TV alone on the first visit, laid it on the floor and had his legs resting on the TV while installing parts. SquareTrade has now refused the claim. After arguing with SquareTrade that "their" subcontractor must have damaged the TV, they turned it over to "their" subcontractors insurance and washed their hands of the problem. Three months of a runaround, two lost days from work, and still no resolution. SquareTrade sent these people. They should be responsible for who they send to your home. Meanwhile, I am stuck chasing "their" subcontractor. This warranty purchase was useless. I would NOT recommend purchasing. Will update if I ever get resolution.
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on November 14, 2014
Square Trade has been a major player in the residential warranty arena for many years now. For some time, they have enjoyed a reputation for reasonable and attractive price points for covering your electronics, phones and other equipment as well as for their customer service. I have purchased 6 warranties from ST but there has been a clear and substantial deterioration in the quality and consistency of their repair and customer support "experience" which has now altered my assessment of the value of a Square Trade purchase for the following reasons.


1. Market-competitive price points compared with Best Buy's Geek Squad and other competitors for large electronics, HDTV's, android and i Phones and other equipment which draw you in initially on the purchase.
2. Customer Support still in the U.S.
3. Most customer support associates are friendly and generate the perception of a friendly customer culture but often lack the training, resources or empowerment to address customer concerns.


1. Access ALL of the terms and conditions BEFORE you purchase your warranty. If not, you are likely to be very disappointed if and when your item requires repair. Unfortunately, Square Trade is not transparent in making this information conspicuous before the purchase. ST strategically places their "Terms and Conditions" in text at the very end of the page requiring an electron microscope to read. Most of us never think of reviewing this prior to purchase but you should ALWAYS do so. Remember that the devil is always in the details and this is especially relevant with Square Trade. Their liability under the terms of the warranty is limited to the actual purchase price of your item. READ IT CAREFULLY.

2. Like all warranty companies, they remain excessively bureaucratic. Expect to spend indefinite periods of time and space waiting on the line as they "review" your inquiry or case while you age. ST thinks nothing of asking their customers to hold for 30 minutes as they educate themselves at your expense. Instead of guaranteeing a time-sensitive call-back for those issues demanding such attention, Square Trade associates challenge your patience while they search for information which should be at their fingertips.

3. On many occasions, Square Trade provides inaccurate and/or clearly incomplete information regarding your inquiry. Supervisors are often unavailable or not empowered to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately as used to be the case several years ago. Having had (and have) multiple policies and a repair claim to my credit, my experience suggests that their "Customer Service" is extremely porous with little respect for customer's time.

4. Claim Processing can be inconsistent and cumbersome and is far from a seamless, coordinated process. My repair claim resulted in having to make over six calls to ST. Not only did ST initially deny a valid laptop claim due to a poorly trained associate, but also failed to send out a shipping box as they had agreed.

5. Square Trade's promotional incentives can be misleading and their lack of transparency in honoring them often marginal at best. Keep in mind that to receive ST-sponsored promotions, you must purchase your warranty directly through Square Trade's website and not through Amazon. This can be a clear disadvantage because the best prices on Square Trade warranty products is consistently through Amazon. For example, ST does not offer a 5 year HDTV warranty on their own website; to get this, you must purchase it from Amazon.

6. Communicating with ST through their poor, tinny "outer-space" VOIP line contributes to frustration and not an efficient and pleasant customer experience. The "experience" equation becomes even more prominent if you are unlucky enough to get the representative whose native language is clearly not English or who does not articulate clearly.

7. In addition to their verbatim phone script, ST addresses each client by their first name which I suspect is intended as a friendly gesture. Many of us may find this practice somewhat juvenile and patronizing, particularly those who of us who graduated from kindergarten-I find that "sir" or using a last name seems to work just fine.


1. Consider if you really need these types of "warranties". Consumer Reports has consistently recommended to avoid these types of warranties because the return on investment is often not worth the price of the warranty product.

2. If you do decide to purchase a Square Trade warranty, purchase it directly from Amazon. Here's why: Amazon's partnership with ST is a revenue-enhancing conduit for delivering Square Trade's products. As such, any grievances become arbitrated and rectified quickly and efficiently by Amazon on behalf of its customers. My 9 calls to ST to try and resolve a recent issue remained unresolved until Amazon intervened to issue the accurate credit.

3. Amazon's price points for ST warranties is volatile and changes frequently, often by as much as $10-$15. I suggest placing your chosen plan in your cart and waiting a few days before purchasing since the price fluctuates rapidly. In most cases, you have 30 days from the date of purchase of your equipment to purchase the warranty so you have time to determine the price ceiling and floor for your particular warranty.

3. Request a complete copy of the terms and conditions governing your specific warranty and READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING.
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on January 29, 2014
Contract does nor start until the manufacture's warranty runs out. So you are not buying a 5 year warranty, but extending the warranty to five years. The contract states when repairing, they can use any part that meets the manufacturer's specifications. That means, refurbished or after market parts and not parts manufactured by the product's manufacturer. In addition and although not specifically worded in the contract this way, any costs of repairs will be deducted from your initial purchase price, which means if a second repair is needed and they cannot fix they will reimburse you by check or gift certificate the amount of your purchase price less their outlay cost of any previous repairs. Further, if additional repairs are needed, once the total costs added together equals your purchase price, their obligation is over. Coverage does not include burn in, which is when the screen develops an image and does not cover any burns in the pixels, which if this happens will leave a brow or dark spot on the screen. If they cannot fix it on the first call, they have the option to replace the product with any product by any other manufacturer that has the same features and not the product from the manufacturer you selected to buy from initially. Finally, if they replace the product, you are responsible for mailing the defective product back to where they tell you to at your cost.
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on April 5, 2017
Bought this warranty plan in conjunction with our LG 50" TV from Amazon in August 2014. Bought the 5 year plan. The TV started acting up a week or so ago and we ended up contacting Square Trade to get a service rep out to look at the TV. From the first contact to the completion of our claim, every step of the way has been professional and customer oriented. The only issue we had was understanding their customer service guy who initiates the claim. The service rep that came out determined the screen on the TV was shot. Only had the TV 2 and 1/2 years and the screen is shot. Shame on you LG for putting out poor quality products. After Square Trade reviewed our case, they ordered us a new TV (no charge) and it was delivered today. We just finished setting it up and everything is back to normal in our household. Thank you Square Trade.
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on November 16, 2015
Every electronics I have purchased from Amazon I have also purchased a Square Trade warranty. They have cover any issues that I have ran into. From Tablets to my TV, they have either fixed or given me the money spent to buy a new one. Even though a few items had to be repaired more than once...they still make it right.

I was reimbursed on Nov 13, 2015 for my JVC 37inch TV. I called in and told them the power paneling had stopped working and no picture was being displayed. After some troubleshooting he said he would check to see what repair services they could send in my area. about 10min on hold he comes back and says TV cannot be repaired they are going to reimburse for my TV i bought over 3 years ago (also this was my first claim on this item). I didnt even have to send the broke tv in. within 24 hours I had a amazon gift card to buy a new TV. The broke TV went to the trash.
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on August 16, 2016
I purchased the SquareTrade 3-Year TV Protection Plan about 2.5 years ago to go with a 40" TV I got during a black Friday sale. This past weekend the screen quit working, so I filed a claim (which I'll admit was not the most simple thing to do, I had to enter the serial number of the TV a few different times and send a screen cap of my receipt, then wait for an email response, then call during their business hours). Once I got on the phone with one of their reps, it was a quick, painless process. She told me there was no need to send in my broken TV or look into having it repaired. She sent me a form to electronically sign saying that the TV was indeed broken, then a day later I was emailed an Amazon gift card for the purchase price of the TV. The only thing that's a bummer is that I got such a good deal on the TV so now I'm going to end up paying a little more on top of the gift card for my new one, but that's not their fault.
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on July 28, 2017
The screen of my three-and-a-half year old TV suddenly went dark last weekend and having tried all the suggested fixes on the Samsung support site and community began to look for a new one online. Then I remembered that I might've bought a warranty. Search my orders and lo-and-behold, a five-year protection plan. Had some issues with their website functionality but arranged for a callback which happened instantly. Walked through some steps with the agent on the phone. She determined there and then that this was something I couldn't fix and explained what photos of the screen I would need to send. Did that later that evening (Monday) and within a few hours had an email telling me they assessed the claim and they'd sent me a replacement TV. There was a link to select the new TV. 'Select' was a bit of a misnomer since there was just one option - an LG. I googled it, found that it was actually bigger and more specced (Smart TV) and about the same prices as the old one so was quite pleased to proceed with the replacement. Good (auto) communication from Squaretrade throughout the process and, to cut a long story short, six days after the old TV was bollixed, and four days after I contacted Squaretrade I'm sitting looking at my new TV! A much smoother process than I ever could've hoped for. I think this is the first time I've ever bought an extended warranty and the first time I've ever had a TV go belly up - I'm just a lucky sod, I guess.
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on October 16, 2015
I never write reviews but had to for this. My Panasonic plasma tv was purchased at the tail end of the production of the plasmas 2 years ago. The purchase was a substantial amount for me and was paid for from my christmas bonus as a little slurge on myself. I actually remember hesitating to add the warranty at the time when Amazon offered it, but I thought for the price of the TV, why not? I've never had a TV actually fail in my whole life, so I didn't think I would actually need it.

Fast forward 2 years later and the inputs on my TV have failed. Strangely the screen was fine, as the TV could connect to my wireless and from there, Netflix via the button on the remote. But any of my inputs (PS3, AppleTV, TiVo, optical audio speakers) were donezo. On confirming on a different TV that these devices weren't the problem I contacted SquareTrade. After uploading my original Amazon receipt and providing details on the TV model and serial, a rep called me. After putting me on hold for a short time I was informed that my TV was no longer manufactured (knew this of course) and b/c of that, repair parts could not be obtained. After that I was asked to take some cell phone pics of the TV and email them directly to the rep, who then told me that I would receive an email with a list of comparable TVs I could replace it with. I bought my particular plasma b/c I wanted the best film PQ and knew that the comparables would likely be models I didn't want. As such, I emailed customer service and asked whether I could just have my original purchase price and soon thereafter they had me sign an affidavit regarding the TV and offered to give me the purchase price via check or Paypal.

Within a period of 5 days SquareTrade had completely resolved my claim and I had received a replacement TV of my own choosing, a stellar LG OLED, and I couldn't be happier I took the plunge on the warranty, which I will do with this TV as well in case worst comes to worst. I was loathing having to navigate the claim process for such a large ticket item, given that I have seen mixed reviews here on Amazon. I can't guarantee anything regarding what others will go through but for me, SquareTrade was awful professional, fast, and helpful. Recommend them highly.
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on March 22, 2017
You'll see among my past reviews that in 2010 I bought one of these plans for my laptop computer with 17 inch screen. Years after posting a fairly neutral review I had occasion to use it. The laptop fell from a big height onto a concrete floor, resulting in severe internal damage plus a shattered screen and cracked case.
I'm pleased to report the company did EVERYTHING they said they'd do. They sent out a shipping box to use to send in the laptop. Very soon, I received the laptop back. They'd done extensive work, and it seemed to work but the hard drive started making funky noises, and not working well. That's okay, because the fall was severe, so it's no surprise that something might have gone undetected. They had me send it in again, and very soon it was back. But soon it wasn't performing to my satisfaction again. This being the third time I was sending it in, when they received it they immediately sent me a check for the full purchase price OF THE COMPUTER (no the warranty). I was able to replace the laptop computer and go on with my life.
There were no "fine print" excuses, and no fighting with multiple departments. They just sent the check.
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on May 14, 2014
I bought a 70" TV and wanted to make sure it was covered. I was wrong! I have a claim and think their 1st option is to ignore your claim until you go away because I've been calling and emailing this company for 2 months about my claim. Their plan B is to have you send pictures and them tell you that their "experts" looked and the pictures and the problem isn't covered, and make up some excuse like compression damage and not explain what they mean by that. I'm a 53 year old man with no small children and did nothing to damage this TV! Also I think they just like the word compression, because there is no way I could have compressed the screen. I certainly don't sit around giving it bear hugs. So if you want to just give your money away get their warranty, otherwise save your money. I gave 1 star because there was no option for 0 stars. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

UPDATE: After insisting they send someone out a local technician looked at the TV and determined it was the LCD panel and Square Trade reimbursed me for the defective TV. I have purchased a replacement (not a Vizio) and am considering getting coverage on it.
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