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3.2 out of 5 stars
SquareTrade 4-Year Computer Protection Plan ($2000-$2500)
Service plan term: 4 Years|Service plan covered value: $2000-$2500|Change
Price:$228.71+ Free shipping

on September 5, 2013
I've never really trusted manufacturers warranties when it comes to electronics. They usually always make excuses not to support, refund, or fix the item in questioning, but SquareTrade offers great coverage at a great price. I'll always purchase a protection plan with them when I purchase any type of electronics from Amazon.
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on December 13, 2016
I purchased this because it was cheaper than the manufacturing warranty, and (I thought) covered accidents.

This 'protection plan' turned out to be absolutely worthless. It doesn't protect anything. The description here makes it sounds like the warranty covers accidental damage. It absolutely does not. Some of the questions on this page are straight up false. They won't cover a broken screen. Frankly, it's hard to imagine what this would actually cover.

I don't know what this useless piece of paper actually covers. I feel very strongly that this protection plan or whatever they want to call it is a complete waste of money and should be avoided.
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on February 2, 2012
Every electronic device I own is warranted by Square Trade from cell phones to ipods to laptops to cameras. Recently I as well as both of my nieces dropped our netbooks. Of course they were totaled. They were also warranted by Square Trade. I filed our claims on line. The next day we received a prepaid label to mail them to Square Trade. As soon as they were received , we were reimbursed. One niece and myself wanted a new laptop so we were paid through PayPal and purchased new netbooks from and one wanted money. We all received our reimbursements the same day. The whole process took seven days. These new netbooks will also be warranted under Square Trade as well. This is the best warranty service ever. I recommend them to my family members , friends , co-workers , and anyone I hear that has bought an item and want to cover their purchase with a number one no hassle warranty service. You can't find better coverage at a price this low anywhere. Thank You Square Trade.
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on October 12, 2010
When I purchased a laptop online (at, for some reason I capitulated and also took a Square Trade 4-year warranty for another 140 bucks - I don't know what made me do it, since I've never done it before. Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, when my laptop began acting weirdly when I was adding an external hard drive/backup/storage unit. A failing hard drive was the culprit. I called in the local techsperts, who replaced the drive. Then I made the claim with Square Trade and the next thing I knew, everything was running smoothly and Square Trade covered the whole thing, including time spent diagnosing the problem, which was a bit of a mystery at first. There was no aggravating wait-time on the phone, and I got to talk with a human being immediately each time I called. I'd buy another Square Trade warranty without batting an eyelash - and they make it easier by giving you a discount for the next time around. Check it out for yourself: [...]
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on December 17, 2015
Not only do their laptop "specialists" have no idea what they're talking about, the representative wanted me to try and charge my DC adapter shorted computer to see if it would work. They have no sympathy for the repair of your device as i was told that the policy does not cover the charging cable and AC adapter that were also damaged, under normal use might i add. I purchased an Alienware M18x for $2200 dollars and the square trade warranty for $331 dollars. AC adapters for that model are around $75. They have never touched my device and when i found the warranty unacceptable they only refunded me 86 dollars. I purchased this in 2012. Do yourself a favor and get a warranty with your local microsoft store. Square trade is an enormous waste of time and money.
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on October 22, 2010
I first went with Square Trade with some hesitation but boy am I glad I did. I recently purchased an expensive Sony Vaio laptop while on sale. Being as kids are, one of mine set their glass of water on my laptop stand. Without looking I went to grab my laptop and.....SPLASH all over the laptop. Everything was dead on the system except it was still registering power. I attempted the "dry me out" solution and I did get it to reboot BUT the keyboard was dead and never came back. I called Sony as I just purchased this 2 months prior and the were very abrupt and told me I was S.O.L.. I then contacted Square Trade and filed my warrentee. Great and friendly customer service, immediately (while on the phone) I recieved the shipping label, and sent it back 2 days later. I then followed the status on their website and within 48 hours the claim was approved. The only issue I had was the funding out. They say 1 to 3 days so I expected my funding to come on Wed., I called back on Thursday and was told and they apologized profusely for the delay, that it would fund on Friday. I explained to the rep. that I needed the new system ASAP and wanted to buy it that day. The rep. then told me he would see what he could do. Well within 2 hours of my conversation I had my email with my Amazon credit! :) - I immediately purchased another laptop and within minutes of the purchase I also purchased another Square Trade warrentee. They have a customer for life. I wish all companies were run this way. Their professionalism and customer focus were amazing and I recommend them to all my friends making purchase. They truly are a A+ company.
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on October 19, 2011
I purchased a Square Trade warranty for the first time on a refurbished laptop I bought.
I do not usually purchase warranties, just something I haven't gotten into the practice of doing. After I made the purchase on this particular website, the Square Trade warranty was offered. The price was very reasonable and the previous reviews of this company were good. When my product failed I contacted Square trade, they asked a FEW basic questions and immediately decided that a refund would be issued for the price I paid for the laptop. the process was painless. They give you a link to follow. They immediately acknowledged any necessary correspondnces, along with a link for a prepaid return postage label and that was it. Easier, less questions, and explaining then going to your neighborhood store to return or replace something. I highly reccomend.
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on April 5, 2012
SquareTrade is THE warranty to buy in my opinion. I bought this warranty for my MacBookPro. It was chosen over applecare for both its price and its value over what Applecare offered.

Well I had my 1st problem after almost 2 years and guess what? SquareTrade was easy to deal with and kept the whole warranty process simple. They will walk you through what needs to be done and they work hard to make sure that you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

I'll be a SquareTrade customer for a long time!
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on December 3, 2010
I have over 12 warranties that I've purchased from SquareTrade. I recently had to make 2 claims and they proved that they are reliable and fast.

I had to make a claim on a HOOVER VACUUM and a Asus Netbook. Both times SquareTrade responded quickly and processed my claims. In both instances they refunded the full purchase price of the product because it wasn't economically feasible to fix them. A nice touch is that you can fax a copy of your receipt to them when you purchase a new product, and they will keep it on file in case of a claim. When's the last time you actually found one of your receipts?

When they refund your purchase price, they give you a choice how you want payment. One choice is Amazon credit, and they even give you a bonus amount for choosing that option.

I just bought a HP laptop, and I immediately purchased a SquareTrade warranty. Wouldn't leave home without it!
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on October 21, 2011
I had purchase a laptop from Best Buy (12/2009) and decided to purchase the warranty through SquareTrade. Almost two years later I was having problems with the laptop and decided to send it in for repairs. I was concerned on how long it would take for emails and repairs. The next day after applying for the claim I received a tech support email asking me to perform a couple of functions just in case it could be resolved without sending it back. Knowing it was a hardware issue (loose cable connecting the screen to bottom of laptop, unit would log off with slightest of movement) I emailed them back and the next day they sent me instructions to return unit for full refund (minus taxes). I figured they would just repair it and send it back. The unit was only $249 so maybe they pay out instead because it wasn't that much money. I sent in unit (on their dime) on tuesday via UPS and the next day by 11:00am EST I had received confirmation of payment to my paypal account. Wow that was fast! I am extremely pleased with SquareTrade and currently have two more warranties with them. I hope I never have to use them, but I feel at ease knowing that they do well with customer service.
The warranties I have purchased have been at least half the amount the retail stores charge. I will continue to purchase my warranties from them and I also recommend friends and family to purchase SquareTrade Warranties.
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