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SquareTrade 4-Year Protection Plan ($75-99.99)
Service plan term: 4 years|Service plan covered value: $75-$100|Change
Price:$14.58+ Free shipping

on July 2, 2014
Purchasing this item was the biggest mistake I believe that some of the reviews might be fraudulent, this was my experience with Square Trade in April I experienced a 55 minute hold time and was finally told that a "certified" technician would be sent to my home. The technician should up and could not fix the computer, he suggested that I run to Best Buy to pick up a external disc drive so that he could load software from there. I did so and honestly the only reason I did was because I really needed a working computer.

The technician could not fix the PC so I decided to take it to a local repair ship who said that it would be cheaper to purchase a new computer and that fixing it would basically be like building a new PC. I contacted Square Trade and they said that another technician would come out and look at the computer and that this was there process. I was very upset by this point and said I want the money value of my PC. They than said that the technician needed to come out again and they would take a look at the computer. As of July 2nd the computer is still not repaired and I am still dealing with Square Trade.

When I purchased the protection plan it said if the computer is not repaired within 5 business days I would be reimbursed, so far it was been four months and nothing has been resolved.
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on May 25, 2017
i bought this for a product and the product quit working in a month and i emailed about replacement and nobody responds back
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on May 18, 2017
BEWARE - I purchased a hedge trimmer which has a 4-year manufacturer's warranty - the Square Trade email I received after purchase makes it clear that they won't cover the motor or electrical during that time - so the 4-year plan I purchased is worthless! Why is Amazon letting Square Trade get away with this fraud? My next step is to return the worthless Square Trade "protection".
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on June 12, 2017
Do not waste your time purchasing this. I bought a pair of headphones less than 2 months ago and thought why not cover them? Yah, complete waste of money. I filed a claim which was incredibly tedious and on top of that, when I finished my claim, even though there is clearly a hardware problem that came from a faulty mechanical issue with my purchase, I got an immediate message back "hardware damage not covered" and my claim was closed without discussion. First of all, what in God's name is covered, if hardware isn't? Don't buy it, just call amazon and they will replace the item because they are amazing, but this protection plan protects is an absolute waste of time.

This is coming from someone that NEVER writes reviews.
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on January 20, 2018
Square Trade's customer service has really gone down hill. I helped my 17, almost 18 year old son, purchase high quality, wireless, over the ear, headphones that were quite expensive - $160.00, that he used his graduation money to purchase. Because of the price point, we decided to go ahead and get square trade in case anything went wrong. He never dropped them. One day, as he was putting them on his head, the plastic holder that slides the ear piece onto the metal band that goes over the head, snapped. We went to Square Trade. They requested pictures, which we sent. Then, we called them. They denied covering this and stated it looked like an accident, even though I explained repeatedly what happened. They said they would talk to their manager and email me. Because of how quickly I got a response, I now know they were just trying to get rid of me, and get me off the phone. They denied the claim in full. So, that is $160 down the drain - and for something that was not our fault, and was part of a faulty product. (The manufacturer also denied the claim for the same reason.) I will NEVER purchase coverage from Square Trade again. I have about 25 plans with them, so the idiots just lost a good customer. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE with refusal to carry out their contract term.
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on September 14, 2017
Save your money. This warranty only covers the product if it breaks after a year of ownership. I tried to file a claim, but was given the runaround, along with a billion excuses. They told me to call the manufacturer to handle my problem!
I ended up going through Amazon to get a refund (after their normal time frame for a refund had elapsed) because this company refused to honor the "contract" I paid for. This "warranty" company is happy to take your money before you file a claim, but won't let you honor the warranty, as laid out in the email they send after they have their money.
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on September 5, 2017
If you buy this protection plan, make sure you understand what they are selling you. I bought a 4 year protection plan. However the product I purchased had a 1 year manufacture's warranty, and the plan would not cover anything during that period. But the plan was in effect, so you lost the first year of a 4 year plan. The plan should have went into effect after the end of the warranty period. Its like I pay for 4 years of protection and only get 3 years. And since my product went bad during the warranty period, I got a refund for the protection plan with the help of Amazon.
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on June 7, 2017
I bought an electric lawn mover that was defective. No help form Amazon or UPS on that. Terrible experience only silver lining was the prompt response by Square Trade for a refund for the extra protection on a product that was recalled because it would catch fire.
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on September 19, 2017
Do not purchase this!!!!!!!!!! - after buying you will get an email that explains that the coverage is restricted, meaning - they have loopholes in there to deny your claim for any reason,
I am not sure how Amazon is allowing this scam to exist....

my example: bought a pair of solar panel lights, after a few month I found one panel was wobbling and finally broke off, the manufacturer denied warranty stating they only cover electrical issues,
Square-trade stated they do not cover any issues since its an 'outdoor' item ...... Why then is the warranty is shoved down my throat on checkout ????
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on March 15, 2018
I buy this warranty on every single purchase of larger amounts here on amazon, I have had to use it on an expensive vacuum cleaner twice and a couple other items and every time I have had to use it, I simply made one phone call and they replaced the item immediately without any problems. I am not sure why so many negative comments, but I have had great results with this warranty every time. Hope this helps someone reading all these negative comments.
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