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SquareTrade 4-Year TV Protection Plan ($450-$500)
Service plan term: 4 Years|Service plan covered value: $ 450-$500|Change
Price:$17.42+ Free shipping

on April 11, 2014
I know people are apt to discount a negative review among so many positive ones so let me say this is my first negative review. Also, I'm not paranoid, really, so I don't think I'm being singled out. All those positive reviews may be the effect of a reputation management service or my problem may be caused by an errant employee or employees. I went on line to file a claim for my non-functioning TV. The model number didn't exist on the Square Trade web site so I had to call it in. My first call indicated there was a 45 minute wait and I could ask them to call me back. Five days later, when I did not receive a call, I called the company and they answered almost immediately. The first minor problem was that they said I had not completed the registration although my TV was listed on line as covered. I emailed a copy of my receipt to them and the next day I received the promised parts. A week later I emailed them asking when my TV would be fixed. They responded saying they were waiting for parts to be sent to me. I indicated I got the parts. Where they sending me more parts? No response. A week later I went through this exercise again. Presently they are not responding to my emails. I believe providing an independent warranty/repair/replacement service is a good idea particularly if the company, in the future, could provide data on the incidence of repair for particular products or adjust their fees based on reliability. I notice that the President of the company has responded to negative reviews in the past and I welcome her or him to respond to this one. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my TV to be repaired.
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on January 12, 2017
So we bought an LG 65" TV back in 2014 and bought the SqureTrade extended warranty.... we have been having problems with the TV over the last 2months so we initiated a claim with SquareTrade. It was a bit frustraiting just getting the claim submitted and went through a series of suggestions by SquraeTrade to try and eliminate the issue (screen flickering). SquareTrade finally agreed to send a technician (today 1/12/17). He took one look at it and said it was going out. SquareTrade was prompt in sending us notification that they are sending a replacement but here is the rub... I paid $1299 for my TV and they are replaceing it with a $699 TV. And it's not even a current model, like 2016, the model number indicates it's a 2015 model and I'm not even getting into the deep details. Obviously it's an inferior TV, not all 1080p TVs are the same, if you have been shopping for one you will know this. Very disappointed and will not be buying a warranty policy from SquareTrade again... Costco here we come!!
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on December 13, 2017
We had a product failure and called square trade. They asked a series of questions and then stated our purchase was not covered because the tv "could have been damaged in transit" and to call the delivery service. They tried to force us to call the delivery service and file a claim, refusing to allow our claim with them. We did not call the delivery service, knowing that what Square Trade was saying was not true. Square trade refused to assist us. The tv worked when it was set up and we told Square Trade that it failed weeks later. The excuses the customer service representative made was unacceptable to us after paying for this service. We routinely have purchased this service but had never made a claim. We do not like arguing and expected good service. I have read other customer reviews and apparently see a trend with Square Trade trying not to pay claims on electronics. We will not purchase their service again. I do not know if we have any options at this point, probably not work our time for a 300 dollar tv. Thank you.
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on June 22, 2016
On the 13th month my Seiki 39 inch TV decided to quit. First the sound then the picture. I called Square Trade and spoke to a nice young lady and we tried different things to help the tv work. There was no help for it.She said she would email me instructions to take pictures of the TV on various settings to trouble shoot the problem or see where to go from there. No problem, I followed the directions and emailed the pictures back. I was promised a response within 48 hours, which to me is reasonable. The next day I got another email that had an affidavit attached to sign and scan and to verify that the tv was dead(my words). I did that. Within the next few hours I another email saying that I would receive a check for the full amount of the tv within 14 days or so. It was not even a week and I got the check. I would and have purchased more warranties from Square trade. I almost didn't because of prior poor reviews. This was not the case with me. 5 Stars is my rating. I give honest reviews.
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on August 21, 2017
I've never had a bad experience with Squaretrade. Every time I've filed a claim (usually on some modern/gimmicky/garbage TV or another), it's as simple as going to the site, filling out the rest of any info I forgot to provide (receipt, serial number), and submitting a quick form that describes my problem.

Step 2 is initiating a callback, though I think this is a new step that didn't always exist. My call was immediate despite the webpage warning me of a potential wait time of 6 minutes, and that's pretty much always been the case if I needed to talk to someone over the phone. Once, I think I actually waited five minutes, but I always do this step around 4pm Central US time, right after work. That's pretty good for a time when I bet they're really busy.

The call is basic stuff. They ask how they can help, and want you to reiterate some info after confirming your identity. They're already pulling up any started claims while the pleasantries are going on. For the TVs I've had to contact them about, they walked me through some basic troubleshooting info: Unplug it, hold the power, plug it back in when they say let go, and turn it on to see if the issue is fixed. It won't be. That's cool. If the issue is visual, they ask for pictures after confirming your email; you just reply to it with what they need, and after a 2-5 hour turn-around, they let you know the status. My TV/electronic/appliance problems have NEVER been worth their time; it's always gone straight to the "replacement" step, because in this day and age, it's cheaper to just buy a new device than call some overpriced geek to try and fix it without making it worse.

Step 3 is the replacement phase; or at least, it always has been for me. They ask for another copy of the receipt, but you can just give them the same scan/pdf you sent for the initial claim. I don't know for certain, but I assume they're just checking the price and your identity again to make sure there's no mistake (and that you're not fudging it). They say when they get it (about an hour), and within a day or two, they ask you to confirm the replacement unit.

This is where it can get tricky, but it's fine; they're pretty accommodating. They once tried to replace a broken TV with one that had the same screen size but had a larger overall footprint, and with the info provided, I was able to find this out and realize it wouldn't fit in my entertainment system. They offered me something else that would work out, and everything was fine. Another time, they shipped it and everything was good to go, but the shipping company lost/broke/stole it and pretended that it had been delivered; Squaretrade fully refunded my original purchase price after I launched and documented an investigation through the shipping company's customer service department. I never got that TV. I don't think they found where it went either, but I also don't think it cost them very much. Another time, the stylus for my drawing tablet wore out and started malfunctioning; after explaining the problem, I was told to just buy a new one and they'd pay me back. They did, immediately upon receipt of my invoice and delivery confirmation.

I get a warranty on pretty much everything I buy on Amazon now, if I think it's got a chance of wearing out or being damaged over time; Squaretrade hasn't failed me yet, and hopefully, they never will.
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on September 26, 2017
I bought this 4 year warranty three and a half years ago to cover my son's LG 32" TV. I usually don't buy warranties since I had a bad experience with another company's warranty.
Well, 3 1/2 years later, my son turns his TV on, hears a popping sound and the picture is black. It has sound, but no picture. I remembered I had the warranty and called to put in a claim. The gentleman I spoke with was very courteous and professional. He asked for all the information to verify the warranty, asked me for a detailed description of the problem, then talked me through trying to reset the TV. That didn't work. He immediately, tried to get me a replacement but unfortunately, there wasn't one comparable to the one I had. He then apologized and said they would, instead, refund MY PURCHASE PRICE!!! Yes...you read that correctly. I filed the claim on Wednesday and three days later, that Saturday, there was a check for the full purchase price of the TV in my mailbox. I'm Thrilled! I was going to run to a Big Box Store to grab another TV, but decided to buy another TV from Amazon and buy another 4 years warranty from Square Trade. Yes, I had to throw in a few more dollars for the same size TV, but I bought a smart TV this time.

Thank you Square Trade. A warranty you can actually be satisfied with. I definitely recommend this warranty. No hassles and it put me whole so I could purchase another TV.
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on June 16, 2017
Square trade warranties are the best as long as, you don’t use them. If you call them to file a claim, they will definitely come up with an excuse to make your claim invalid. They will even refund the amount you paid for warranty. Very Nice people
It has happened once to me and few times in my friend circle. We have used other extended warranties such as from Walmart, best buy. I never heard someone bad experience with them.
So, if you are sure, you will never file claim with square trade for your warranty, then i will recommend this to you.
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on November 2, 2015
Absolute nightmare! So far its been a week since I contacted Square Trade to file a claim and initiate repair of my Samsung Flat Screen TV.
I've spoken to five different people, filed my claim twice (the first guy "didn't file it correctly"), told I would hear back from the a repair technician within 24 hours (which never happened) and finally (after a week and several more frustrating calls to Square Trade) was provided the phone contact info for the repair technician, called them and they have no record of my Square Trade claim.
During this process I was provided a warranty receipt for a lesser value warranty than I actually purchased! I uploaded my original receipt twice (as proof) and Square Trade still emailed me a copy of the wrong (lesser value) warranty.Just called again and was told "I would be contacted" soon, still waiting and incredibly frustrated. They are doing everything possible to delay the process and not provide the service I paid for.
The worst service, do not purchase a warranty from Square Trade.
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on October 13, 2017
BEWARE of square trade
They don't replace your tv with the same brand
To them a tv is a tv
And they don't care if you want a replacement of the same brand.

I specially bought a TCL 4K HDTV because it comes with Roku and the remote you can plug your headphones into.
At first they tell you have your choice of replacements
And tell you if you don't like the choices to check back because they are constantly changing.
First of all. what kind of warranty expects you to choose a replacement that's a different brand from what you originally bought.
Square trade does!
At first all was fine.
They gave me three choices
And one of the choices was the exact brand and model of my tv.
Great. Done.
After this they email me to tell me there has been a mistake and the tv that chose is not available.
Then they basically tell me I only have one choice-
Some brand I never heard of with poor reviews
And bad Chinese apps.
I keep trying to tell them I want a TCL tv with Roku
They just ingnore me and keep telling me that their replacement is "comparable"
This is a real insulting warranty if you ask me
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on December 10, 2017
I bought this warranty with my TV hoping I would never need to use it, but the TV picture started to flash on and off. I contacted Squaretrade and they had me do a system reset and the picture still flashed. Then they offered to replace the TV and sent me a link. The replacement TV's were larger but the brands were unfamiliar to me. I waited an hour and a name brand replacement showed on the list and it was shipped to me. It was obviously a used TV and had scratches all over. When I turned it on, there were dark horizontal lines and a spot in the upper right that looked psychedelic. I called them and complained that I didn't want to be their TV tester for any more junk and they sent me a name brand new TV. I would've given them a 5 star rating but I had to unpack and repack the 1st replacement. I'm surprised they didn't send a repair person. I found a vid on youtube that shows the problem is an ic chip with insufficient heat sync.
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