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Service plan term: 5 Years|Service plan covered value: $ 300-$350|Change
Price:$32.85+ Free shipping

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on August 23, 2016
FYI, I had purchased this warranty for a TV I purchased. Approximately 3 months ago it stopped working. Contacted SquareTrade and they diagnosed over the phone the problem and set up a service appointment, then shipped parts to my house. They sent one technician to handle this heavy 55" plasma TV. They should have sent two. The tech fully inspected the TV before starting the repair to check for "incidental damage", which is not covered. The TV had just stopped working, but they checked anyway. He confirmed there was none. The tech replaced three out of the four parts because they did not send all four at the time, in error. TV was still non-functioning. He called in and said he would come back when fourth part shows up. After no update, and several emails from me to SquareTrade regarding status, I am told the part was unavailable and they would replace the TV. They would contact me with options. That same day, the "unavailable" part shows up at my house. I call them and I am told they will come to fix the TV. Again, 1 tech shows up to repair the TV. This tech re-inspects the TV and claims the screen is now internally cracked, and that they do not cover it. I was shocked since the first tech had inspected it prior and there was no crack at that time. Now mind you, the first tech was moving the TV alone on the first visit, laid it on the floor and had his legs resting on the TV while installing parts. SquareTrade has now refused the claim. After arguing with SquareTrade that "their" subcontractor must have damaged the TV, they turned it over to "their" subcontractors insurance and washed their hands of the problem. Three months of a runaround, two lost days from work, and still no resolution. SquareTrade sent these people. They should be responsible for who they send to your home. Meanwhile, I am stuck chasing "their" subcontractor. This warranty purchase was useless. I would NOT recommend purchasing. Will update if I ever get resolution.
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on November 14, 2014
Square Trade has been a major player in the residential warranty arena for many years now. For some time, they have enjoyed a reputation for reasonable and attractive price points for covering your electronics, phones and other equipment as well as for their customer service. I have purchased 6 warranties from ST but there has been a clear and substantial deterioration in the quality and consistency of their repair and customer support "experience" which has now altered my assessment of the value of a Square Trade purchase for the following reasons.


1. Market-competitive price points compared with Best Buy's Geek Squad and other competitors for large electronics, HDTV's, android and i Phones and other equipment which draw you in initially on the purchase.
2. Customer Support still in the U.S.
3. Most customer support associates are friendly and generate the perception of a friendly customer culture but often lack the training, resources or empowerment to address customer concerns.


1. Access ALL of the terms and conditions BEFORE you purchase your warranty. If not, you are likely to be very disappointed if and when your item requires repair. Unfortunately, Square Trade is not transparent in making this information conspicuous before the purchase. ST strategically places their "Terms and Conditions" in text at the very end of the page requiring an electron microscope to read. Most of us never think of reviewing this prior to purchase but you should ALWAYS do so. Remember that the devil is always in the details and this is especially relevant with Square Trade. Their liability under the terms of the warranty is limited to the actual purchase price of your item. READ IT CAREFULLY.

2. Like all warranty companies, they remain excessively bureaucratic. Expect to spend indefinite periods of time and space waiting on the line as they "review" your inquiry or case while you age. ST thinks nothing of asking their customers to hold for 30 minutes as they educate themselves at your expense. Instead of guaranteeing a time-sensitive call-back for those issues demanding such attention, Square Trade associates challenge your patience while they search for information which should be at their fingertips.

3. On many occasions, Square Trade provides inaccurate and/or clearly incomplete information regarding your inquiry. Supervisors are often unavailable or not empowered to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately as used to be the case several years ago. Having had (and have) multiple policies and a repair claim to my credit, my experience suggests that their "Customer Service" is extremely porous with little respect for customer's time.

4. Claim Processing can be inconsistent and cumbersome and is far from a seamless, coordinated process. My repair claim resulted in having to make over six calls to ST. Not only did ST initially deny a valid laptop claim due to a poorly trained associate, but also failed to send out a shipping box as they had agreed.

5. Square Trade's promotional incentives can be misleading and their lack of transparency in honoring them often marginal at best. Keep in mind that to receive ST-sponsored promotions, you must purchase your warranty directly through Square Trade's website and not through Amazon. This can be a clear disadvantage because the best prices on Square Trade warranty products is consistently through Amazon. For example, ST does not offer a 5 year HDTV warranty on their own website; to get this, you must purchase it from Amazon.

6. Communicating with ST through their poor, tinny "outer-space" VOIP line contributes to frustration and not an efficient and pleasant customer experience. The "experience" equation becomes even more prominent if you are unlucky enough to get the representative whose native language is clearly not English or who does not articulate clearly.

7. In addition to their verbatim phone script, ST addresses each client by their first name which I suspect is intended as a friendly gesture. Many of us may find this practice somewhat juvenile and patronizing, particularly those who of us who graduated from kindergarten-I find that "sir" or using a last name seems to work just fine.


1. Consider if you really need these types of "warranties". Consumer Reports has consistently recommended to avoid these types of warranties because the return on investment is often not worth the price of the warranty product.

2. If you do decide to purchase a Square Trade warranty, purchase it directly from Amazon. Here's why: Amazon's partnership with ST is a revenue-enhancing conduit for delivering Square Trade's products. As such, any grievances become arbitrated and rectified quickly and efficiently by Amazon on behalf of its customers. My 9 calls to ST to try and resolve a recent issue remained unresolved until Amazon intervened to issue the accurate credit.

3. Amazon's price points for ST warranties is volatile and changes frequently, often by as much as $10-$15. I suggest placing your chosen plan in your cart and waiting a few days before purchasing since the price fluctuates rapidly. In most cases, you have 30 days from the date of purchase of your equipment to purchase the warranty so you have time to determine the price ceiling and floor for your particular warranty.

3. Request a complete copy of the terms and conditions governing your specific warranty and READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING.
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on January 29, 2014
Contract does nor start until the manufacture's warranty runs out. So you are not buying a 5 year warranty, but extending the warranty to five years. The contract states when repairing, they can use any part that meets the manufacturer's specifications. That means, refurbished or after market parts and not parts manufactured by the product's manufacturer. In addition and although not specifically worded in the contract this way, any costs of repairs will be deducted from your initial purchase price, which means if a second repair is needed and they cannot fix they will reimburse you by check or gift certificate the amount of your purchase price less their outlay cost of any previous repairs. Further, if additional repairs are needed, once the total costs added together equals your purchase price, their obligation is over. Coverage does not include burn in, which is when the screen develops an image and does not cover any burns in the pixels, which if this happens will leave a brow or dark spot on the screen. If they cannot fix it on the first call, they have the option to replace the product with any product by any other manufacturer that has the same features and not the product from the manufacturer you selected to buy from initially. Finally, if they replace the product, you are responsible for mailing the defective product back to where they tell you to at your cost.
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on March 19, 2017
I purchased a 55" Panasonic Flat Screen TV in 2015 and purchased an extra 5 year Warranty with Square Trade for a whopping $111.50 just to have a piece of mind in case anything ever went wrong with my TV. I just found out that Square Trade will not honor their Warranty. I purchased the extra Warranty with Square Trade because I heard they were reliable and trust-worthy. As I recently found out though, Square Trade is NOT trust-worthy or reliable. They took my money and then disregarded my claim when I submitted it. Stating "We can not warranty this item if it was defective after shipping" I never said this item was defective from shipping, I said I never noticed the problem until late Nov early Dec 2016.
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on January 12, 2017
So we bought an LG 65" TV back in 2014 and bought the SqureTrade extended warranty.... we have been having problems with the TV over the last 2months so we initiated a claim with SquareTrade. It was a bit frustraiting just getting the claim submitted and went through a series of suggestions by SquraeTrade to try and eliminate the issue (screen flickering). SquareTrade finally agreed to send a technician (today 1/12/17). He took one look at it and said it was going out. SquareTrade was prompt in sending us notification that they are sending a replacement but here is the rub... I paid $1299 for my TV and they are replaceing it with a $699 TV. And it's not even a current model, like 2016, the model number indicates it's a 2015 model and I'm not even getting into the deep details. Obviously it's an inferior TV, not all 1080p TVs are the same, if you have been shopping for one you will know this. Very disappointed and will not be buying a warranty policy from SquareTrade again... Costco here we come!!
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on June 22, 2016
On the 13th month my Seiki 39 inch TV decided to quit. First the sound then the picture. I called Square Trade and spoke to a nice young lady and we tried different things to help the tv work. There was no help for it.She said she would email me instructions to take pictures of the TV on various settings to trouble shoot the problem or see where to go from there. No problem, I followed the directions and emailed the pictures back. I was promised a response within 48 hours, which to me is reasonable. The next day I got another email that had an affidavit attached to sign and scan and to verify that the tv was dead(my words). I did that. Within the next few hours I another email saying that I would receive a check for the full amount of the tv within 14 days or so. It was not even a week and I got the check. I would and have purchased more warranties from Square trade. I almost didn't because of prior poor reviews. This was not the case with me. 5 Stars is my rating. I give honest reviews.
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on October 16, 2015
This service is garbage, I had a MSI computer that was supposed to be insured through this scamming company. My computer needed a new battery because the old one would not hold a charge anymore. I had to send in the whole computer to have the battery checked for some stupid reason. When I got my computer back they did not give me a new battery but the computer was all of a sudden crashing and the computer plastic pieces that hold the key board/ mother board/ hard drive/etc. were separated and a piece that holds the screen was broken. The computer now does not work. That computer was not cheap it was a gaming laptop with a 17 inch screen. I called and asked them why the computer was crashing all of the sudden since there were no problems other than the battery when I sent it to them. They told me the computer would not load and they said they had to completely reset the computer, which usually means everything is gone from your computer at that point. I asked them if that was what they meant and they said yes. My sons photo was still set as my wall paper and all my documents were on my computer. The foreigners they hire to take phone calls lied to me as if I was an idiot. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE OR YOU WILL BE SORRY.
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on March 26, 2017
Despite some of the other negative reviews, I had a very good experience. I actually wasn't expecting much when I called in my claim but Square Trade did exactly as they said they would. My 70" TV (Visio) developed these horrible white snow speckles, after years of problem free operation. I called them, explained the problem, they attempted to problem solve over the phone and after about an hour of doing a bunch of tech crap they told me to do that I really didn't understand, I was told I would be contacted via email. They asked for 3 pictures, and the AMAZON receipt. I sent them, they asked me to approve the TV selection and within two weeks I was delivered a brand new 70" TV (not another Visio). I would definitely buy again.
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on December 17, 2015
Okay. I have been without a TV for almost 3 months now. The service technician has been to my house 3 times. When I call the company they assigned to work on TV it always seems like they are clueless and have to find out more details and call me back and that when they knew about the repair. I haven't heard anything from the repair service for over two weeks now so i called to find out why with the impression I was getting a replacement tv when last spoke to them and of course they knew nothing about it. Again clueless. Finally found out more details and they are ordering parts again and sending tech out but parts are on back order again until after December which means I will not see anyone for another 2 weeks! Feed up so I decided to call Square trade direct and after trying to get details about my contract terms from the representative. I learned that if Square Trade deems necessary they can come out and keep replacing parts for the entire length of the contract until they deem it economically no longer in their best interest. So basically I have had no TV for 3 months. Will not have a working TV till at least 2 more weeks. And if it doesnt fix it this time they can just keep coming back to work on it until Square Trade feels it is cheaper to FINALLY replace.
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on June 4, 2016
I have been using Square Trade Warranties for about three years and have never had a problem. I have filed several claims for items that have malfunctioned and they quickly resolved the issue. Most of the items they simply refunded the full purchase price and have you dispose of the item. Another time I had a more expensive TV that stopped working and needed to be shipped back for repair. They provided a shipping box and covered the shipping cost both ways. The repair took about a week and was returned in perfect working condition. I won't use any other protection plan service. [...] Thanks.
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