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3 Year SquareTrade Laptop Accident Protection Plan ($1000-1249.99)
Service plan term: 3 Year|Service plan covered value: $1000-1249.99|Change
Price:$142.29+ Free shipping

on October 19, 2014
I bought this plan immediately upon purchasing a new laptop. I knew that I wanted a strong warranty policy, and this came up as a recommended choice on Amazon and had really strong reviews.

After looking through the other reviews though, I found that there was some serious distortion of the results because many of the positive reviews came from people who had never had to file a claim. Because of that, I decided to do a sort of "review of the reviews" to get a better idea of the true quality of this warranty.

Here's the executive summary. More detailed results and the methods that led me to them follow:

1) Overall, the service seems hit-or-miss, though generally it seems to be more hit than miss
2) I would like to re-emphasize what the current most-helpful positive comment says: Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying.
3) The "true" starred rating of this policy is closer to three stars. Right now it is overrated, likely because SquareTrade encourages people to review their product upon purchase, before the consumer has had any real need to use it.

I sorted the comments by "most recent," because I wanted to get an up-to-date snapshot of how well they are doing. Then I went through each review, going back three months. For each review, I first classified it as "definitely filed a claim," "definitely did not file a claim," or "unclear." Then I further sorted these into "positive" (4-5 stars) "neutral" (3 stars) or "negative" (1-2 stars). When sorting into "positive" etc., I did not consider the comments, only the starred rating. More on the comments below.

First, here are the overall results:

**Definitely Filed a Claim**
Positive: 23
Neutral: 1
Negative: 11

**Definitely Did Not File a Claim**
Positive: 35
Neutral: 7
Negative: 11

Positive: 33
Neutral: 2
Negative: 4

Quantitative analysis:
_Of the people who actually used the service, about 2/3 were happy. Good, but not great.
_Only 25% of positive reviews came from people who definitely filed a claim, compared to 42% of negative reviews coming from people who definitely filed a claim, suggesting that the current starred rating is significantly too high.

Qualitative analysis:
_In all fairness, a few of the negative reviews from people who filed a claim came from people who were dissatisfied for reasons that related at least partly to their own misunderstanding of the product. Nevertheless, one or two raised some really serious issues (e.g., using inferior replacement parts)
_I would like to suggest to Amazon that they discourage SquareTrade from directing consumers to the review page immediately upon purchase. Doing so creates very muddled results.

That's all folks.
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on January 22, 2014
This review is from a person processing a claim, and that person is me. I have read many reviews on this company, but very, very few are from people who have actually processed a claim. That is telling in itself.

I wonder how many bad experiences go unnoticed with this company. SquareTrade has a good website interface with clear language. However, today I was told I would receive a call back by a supervisor, "...in 24 business hours." That was a first for me. I have an extensive past career as a technical support person and having been a manager at a phone support center for a major company as well as a trainer and quality assurance officer, I was more than a little annoyed, surprised and drawn into action. Suffice it to say, you may stop reading at the end of this paragraph and know that the rest of the story fills the details in for your amusement and perhaps the management at SquareTrade. This company failed in providing the service and communications to this end user at many points in the warranty claim cycle and the tipping point was the courteous, apparently hard working, phone support person who read scripts to great annoyance. Quite simply, SquareTrade talks the talk, but does not walk the walk. From 24 business hours to business days to business weeks, it makes little difference how much time SquareTrade says it needs to repair and ship something back if no business actually happens. In my case, the repair of my laptop.

My laptop was in receipt for 9 business days with no update other than it was to be fixed. This is my first encounter with this company and they have very clear milestones denoted in the claim process. Unfortunately, no one individual really handles your claim, follows up with the repair depot or updates the customer with delays. All seem to fall through the proverbial crack. Today, I gave them a call and spoke with Tracy in customer service. She authenticated me five different ways and then proceeded to finish her script stating she would put me on hold and check on the laptop. She came back after a few minutes and alerted me that the repair depot had to order parts and that repairs were being made and it would ship out in 2-3 business days. Wow. You have had the laptop for 9 business days, not made any update even though you said you would if there were delays, and now you have the parts in hand and still won't be able to ship it for 2-3 business days? The website indicates five business days for repair and up to 2 business days for shipping. Shame on me for not following up at 7 business days! It would seem this should be a priority for a company to repair, but perhaps not. I was going to accept that the laptop would ship out in a few days and then take unknown amount of days (up to 2) to be delivered. Then, I realized the repair takes less than a couple of hours, probably a lot less as it was just a bezel, but certainly not 2-3 business days. Why am I not getting the laptop shipped today? I asked to speak to a supervisor. Mind you, very politely and acknowledging that I was not angry at Tracy. I was told by Tracy that I would be contacted by a supervisor, "...in 24 business hours." Huh? What does that mean? Is that a fancy or sneaky way of saying 3 business days? I told her I was not happy and would take the matter up with the seller of the warranty and make it known to the world. Then, all of a sudden, Tracy says I can talk to a more senior representative. Huh? Is that a fancy way of disguising supervisors as "senior customer service reps?" I said, "Ok, please let me talk to this person." She put me on hold and then one minute later the line gets disconnected. Sound familiar? To her credit she called me back, but I had already called them back and asked to talk to Tracy and was informed there were many call centers. Not surprising to me. No authentication this time and I moved right into checking if there were any updates to the account with the new representative. He checked and nothing there. He indicated maybe Tracy had not yet posted anything to the account. Tracy was on hold while we figured this out, perhaps a bit of payback. I gave her my work number and asked if they could call me back in half an hour at that number. It must take some number of business minutes to get the call back as I have yet not heard back and it has been several regular hours.

And so the dance continues. I did not pay $99 to go dancing and spend hours on the phone. Save your hundred bucks, buy a good case, and be careful. Do this and most of the time you will get your three years and then some out of your tech. If it breaks and is not related to your handling, then it probably will do so within the manufacturers warranty period. Are extended warranties a bad idea? For laptops, I say yes. Probably for most all electronics.

Updates to follow as my claim unfolds.

UPDATE: 1/23/2014
The representative indicated they would send me an email, ask a senior representative to contact me, and nothing happened. This was yesterday.

Talking to Ashley now to ask what's up. Ashley says they have no leverage with the repair depot as they are contracted out and would I like to call them. Huh? One person calling a big company to spend more time on the phone with a company that could care less. The failure, is with communication to me from SquareTrade, the failure of the repair depot to communicate up to SquareTrade (which I could never know if that happened or not), and the failure of the systems used to process a claim. Yes, I am talking to you web communications person.

All that is needed is a fair assessment of how long things take and the reality is that it takes 2-3 times longer than they say. If it is going to take longer update the claim! Of course, it could be longer as I am still without a laptop and the repair depot approved the claim of repair on 1/8/2014.
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on June 12, 2012
First let's get this out of the way: you need to understand SquareTrade's warranties to appreciate them, and make appropriate decisions on them. If you understand that the value of the warranty diminishes with your repair claims, then you're OK. The point of the ST warranty is to make sure your computer runs for the duration of the warranty period OR fix or replace it up to, or until, the face value of the warranty is met. Meaning: if you have warranted the computer for $1000, and it is repaired at a repair cost of $200, your remaining warranty is only good for $800 worth of additinoal repairs or refund during the warranty period. I understand this and think it is a fair policy which helps keep pricing affordable.

My claims experience with SquareTrade is twofold. About a year into the warranty my touchscreen laptop had a screen problem. SquareTrade repaired it quickly. Unfortunately the screen still occassionally lost its touch ability, but this seemed more software based than hardware as a reboot would correct. All in all I was happy with the repair. The cost of the repair was valued at roughly $250, which seemed reasonable.

About a year after that, in a rush, I unfortunately dropped the laptop and broke it severely. I felt terrible as this is my daughter's computer which she loves. Since we had Accidental Damage protection (thought we might need it for my daughter and not for me!) I frantically called SquareTrade. My call was taken care of quickly and professionally. I sent the laptop in and in 2 days was greeted with a warranty payment equal to the face amount minus the $250 previous repair charge. This allowed me to replace my daughter's computer quickly (and with less of a wallet impact) and not have an issue with her school work.

Worked exactly as advertised by SquareTrade and I am very happy with their service. This experience will provide additional peace of mind to me should I ever need to make another claim (which I hope I do not) on any of the other items I have warranted with them.
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on April 24, 2017
I am a behavioral biology/computer science student at Johns Hopkins University, I run art/garden camp in the summer for children. Square trade is positively evil. They straight up lied to me and used their weight as a large institution to ensure that I wasn't able to do anything. Alright time for specifics, I sent my laptop in three times for the same issue--the laptop would shut off unexpectedly because of a loose screw. Every time they sent it back it would turn off within an hour. The first time was pretty bad. The second time I was near loosing it. But the third time? the third time was personal. This was of course infuriating in itself, but oh, oh nononononon it gets worse far worse. Every time I sent it I had to go through an arduous negotiation process taking upwards of two hours. More specifically, when I asked whether or not I would be able to be compensated in any way for having my laptop in transit back and forth from square trade for four months, the answer was no (this is slightly understandable but it gets worse). They failed continuously and did nothing to make up for the mistakes THEY made. The third time they sent back my device, they replaced the hardrive, yet the computer still turned off within an hour of having received it. But wait, theres more. They happened to install the wrong hardrive the second time they send back the device--they gave me a similar i7 processor but one without a turbo drive. I called on the third time furious at their service to complain. If you have a serious issue, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, they have people higher up in the chain--the people you are first sent to are trained to tell you no. After much arguing they told me that I would be able to talk with a manager the next day (after waiting and arguing for 2 hours). I didn't receive a call. Awesome so great of you squaretrade what good customer service ("we'll just wait them out!!"). So I waited a week or so and called back (only to have to wait for another hour). In the end they promised me 800$ for my laptop and the amount that they had made me wait, they had also violated a little something known as the Lemon law (look it up), and yes I was quite happy for a brief moment. EXCEPT AFTER HAVING SENT IN MY DEVICE THEY RESCINDED MY CLAIM!!!!! THEY SAID THAT I HAD CHANGED THE HARDDRIVE ON MY COMPUTER DEVICE!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME MY VERY COMPLAINT WAS THAT THEY HAD PUT THE WRONG HARDRIVE BACK INTO MY DEVICE? WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY?!?!?!?---NO I DIDN'T REPLACE THE HARDRIVE?!?!? WELL APPARENTLY THATS NOT ENOUGH AND AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING WITH MY LAPTOP IN TRANSIT AND HOURS OF WAITING ON HOLD I WAS TOLD THAT NOTHING WOULD BE DONE AND THAT WHAT I HAD DONE IS BORDERLINE CRIMINAL. This was a mistake on their part. It’s obvious that they hadn't kept good records so of course when its their tech team's perspective over that of a customer, their gonna take the tech team's side. What you did was fraudulent Squaretrade. What you did was using the weight of a large institution to squash an individual. You make it purposefully difficult to get the money you deserve. Your website is not user friendly. Your customer service is trained to make it as difficult as possible. and none of you have any accountability. The mechanism that is square trade is not looking out for your best interest. Luckily I am not the most needing person and had the time to argue my case. I can only imagine how horrible this would be for a family with a real claim that does not have the time for this bureaucratic maze.

I have no reason to try and steal a hardrive from squaretrade, I simply wanted a working laptop. It is obviously in squaretrades best interest to set up a mechanism that prevents them from being predated upon by people looking to make a quick buck. It makes sense. However, because it seems they are poorly organized, it can, and will blow up on you. There is no accountability on their part and because of this I am stuck with a laptop with the wrong hardrive, that shuts off periodically, and the cherry on top was that I was accused of criminal activity. YOU GO SQUARE TRADE!! I had to run lessons that were on the computer, but because it took so long **shrugs oh well too bad that’s on you valued customer.

I wish I could give square trade a lower rating than one star. What they did was criminal. What they did was corrupt. What they did was fraudulent. Sorry also, I'm a student and don't have much time for things like this so its a bit rushed. I will be spreading my story on to reviews of laptop insurance sites. again, Squaretrade, this is personal ;).
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on October 3, 2010
I bought an ASUS netbook in Sep 2009 and also bought the SquareTrade (ST) warranty with accidental damage for 3 years. At just under one year, the battery went dead - netbook shows it is charged, but the netbook will not even turn on with battery. ASUS would do NOTHING and their battery is not even stocked by ASUS. So, I turned to my ST warranty. I submited a claim and SquareTrade rejected it.

It turns out - batteries and chargers are NOT covered by ST. So, my dead netbook will not be fixed under the SquareTrade warranty. That info is not on this webpage (4Oct2010). It is a little misleading to talk about all of the "good things" and leave out the "minor detail" that two most likely parts to fail (battery and charger) are NOT covered!
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on June 14, 2016
About a year and a half into owning my HP Chromebook 14, I noticed that there was something under the track pad that was swollen or something. I can't even close it completely. I never dropped it, and if someone else did, I don't know about it (I have the accidental drop protection even if it was dropped) That area on the laptop's frame was bulging upward. On top of that, the battery will not hold a charge and wont work without being connected to the charger. I saw that the battery wasn't working and there was something swollen in the computer, so I discontinued use immediately.

Square Trade refuses to fix it, saying that the battery isn't covered because it's "consumable". Important thing to not about this Chromebook is that they aren't user accessible - if you opened up a Chromebook to work on it, you would void the manufacturer's warranty. It isn't a matter of buying a new battery and just popping it into place. How can an integrated battery be considered consumable or an accessory?

So, since I refuse to use this out of fear of it being a fire hazard, I can either buy a new Chromebook or buy a new battery and then hire a professional to install it. I put in a ticket and Amazon had Square Trade contact me with a note that said I was dissatisfied with my service. My only response was three days later, and it was only a copy pasted summary of how to file a claim. Square Trade, do you know how insulting that is? How could I be unhappy with my service if I hadn't already filed a claim? I replied back and haven't gotten an answer as of yet. I paid $50 for this warranty, and it has been nothing but a nightmare. I call to file a claim, and the rep tells be that I'll have to be the one to call back and check on it. Do you know how troublesome that is when you call a place that will connect you to a different rep every time? I call back, and find out they have closed my claim, so they had to reopen it. Finally get it sorted out by repeating the same information over and over, and send them the laptop, only for them to say they won't fix it.

I would give this zero stars, but sadly that isn't an option.
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on June 5, 2017
I had to file a claim and send my 2 year old computer in for repair due to the screen going dark on me. I was still able to use the computer however I had to use a secondary screen via the HDMI port. I was told items are repaired and sent back within 12 days. 29 days and several phone calls (where I was being told very little, what was disclosed was conflicting information) my item was finally sent back to me.

Now please keep in mind they did refund me half my protection plan fee due to length of time to complete the repair, so I was annoyed but alright. That is until I open the box all happy like its Christmas morning, turn it on and.... am unable to log onto my account on my computer. You know at the start up screen where it lets you pick what user account to use. After making sure the PW and my windows account where all okay I called the number on the review paper sent in the box with my computer. I was then given a new claim number and connected with a tech who told me this was most likely due to something they did while repairing my computer. After that troubleshooting failed as well they gave me another claim number and told me to send it back to them so they could fix that (and the fact that everything that should be gray looked green)

I was shocked at how fast they where in fixing my computer this time and once again opened my box all giddy like just to fine my computer broke.. the right side hinge cover was completely missing. Poof, gone with exposed wires and other parts. Sooo I called again and was told as its a "new" issue I would have to file a new claim. After FINALLY getting transferred to a supervisor I thought good this will be handled correctly. (By now I am not a happy camper - broke my computer twice). However we played round robin for a long time before I finally started getting any kind of results with the supervisor. Who knows maybe the guy just didn't understand the meaning of culpability. (And of course during the convo he said multiple times it was already damaged when they got it and that it wasn't damaged when they shipped it back to me .. umm what!)

Finally he said he would have his manager call me (yes I asked to talk to HIS boss) and start an internal review to see what happened to the computer refund the rest of my plan fee and file a claim to fix my computer. - A few minutes Later - "I am sorry but after putting all this information in our computer the system is telling us we are no longer able to fix your computer." ... Say what again.

Sooo they broke the computer yet they are unable to fix the computer due to the cost put into the computer at this time is to high and thus caps my plan out. Now keep in mind the last claim was due to them having messed it up too, so that claim and this claim "should" be on them not against my plan.

At this point I am drained, tired of going round robin and being repeato girl and now shocked. He tells me I have to give them my computer - that they broke and they will refund me xyz amount... What! Btw I don't think he filed the internal report and even now a few days later still have NOT received a call from his manager. I am still in shock that they broke my computer and refused to fix it.
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on November 25, 2011
If I could give this warranty zero stars (or negative stars!), I would. Purchased this warranty for my son's laptop for college. Needless to say, the computer broke and needed service. SquareD tells me that to get service, I have to SEND IN the computer, and then it will be 10-14 days service time, then they will send it back. Total time out, about 3 weeks. So what, dare I ask, is my son to tell his professors about where their work is? He needs his computer to do his work, and it's going to be 3 weeks before he'll have it back??? I paid over $200 for this warranty and it is totally useless to me! I assumed they would either have local service locations, or they would reimburse me for service done. Not the way it works. $200, down the toilet!

After a great deal of haggling, they finally agreed to reimburse for a local repair.
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on July 6, 2014
One of the selling points is 'Fixed or receive full replacement cost in 5 days or less - guaranteed' which was not my experience. I bought the full coverage for a laptop. The laptop suddenly would not boot to OS or go into BIOS so I started the process with square trade. The first time they had it for two week. There was no communication from them and I had to constantly call them to find out what was going on. Their web site updates claim status with a massive delay. It said 'waiting on shipment' for two weeks even though they confirmed on a call they had it. Then it said 'awaiting approval' when they had already shipped it. Finally they tell me that they got a new motherboard and I will get it back in a few days.

When I got it back the laptop had visible damage front and back, plastic chipped, dents and pry marks, and some parts are missing! They had not fixed the problems and they introduced new problems probably by hooking a cable backwards. Repair report shows that visible and functional inspection took place and was signed off. The repair report says the hard drive was replaced and no mention of motherboard. What a joke.

So back it goes to Squaretrade with a full report of all the existing and new problems. The second time they had it over two weeks and again no communication so I was calling theme every 2 days but they just keep telling me to call back later and cannot give an estimate on how long it will take to fix it. I find out that in the first week they have done nothing on it because of some internal mix up. They order parts on the 8th day but don't know when they will arrive. The second week they just keep saying parts are on order with no expected date of repair.

I got frustrated as I had now been without a working laptop of 6 weeks and ask to speak to a manager. I was on hold for over an hour and finally was told a manager was not available but one would call me with 24 hours. 48 hours later and no call so I call again. On hold for 1 hour 40 minutes! and again a manager is not available!!. The rep says he will speak with a manager and call me back in 24 hours. Another 48 hours and no call!!!

Finally after 5 days of trying to speak to a manager I get through to one and explain the situation from the start. I tell them I want the replacement cost money as they are taking so long with no end in sight, they have already botched the repair once, and I am wasting so much time calling them. He tells me I have to call back in 3 days because the repair depot is now closed and he needs a manager to approve the replacement cost money. Oh yeah, he's not a manager he just said he was one!! It's clear they have just been lying and employing stall tactics.

Currently in process with BBB.
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on January 16, 2018
While I actually did get a payout, it took about a month to finally get it. My laptop was sitting on the seat of my truck when someone cut me off, I slammed on my brakes and the laptop flew, hitting the dash, then the metal bar of my laptop stand. It hit hard. The next time I attempted to use it, the GPU would no longer show up in device manager. When I tried to roll back or update the driver, Nvidia could not find the GPU. Out of desperation I even tried reinstalling windows, it was a no go. Every time I tried playing a game, it would crash with a graphical error soon after starting the game. Actually starting a claim was easy, although they do not give you much space to explain what happened. They sent me a box and I shipped it in. I received it back about a week later.... On the sheet it said driver problems, reinstalled windows... But I just did that, I told you that.... So I installed one of my games, low and behold, it still doesn't work. I call and tell them. This is a hardware problem, it made a physical hit, something came loose. The woman on the other end agreed and made a note, she also took note of other things I wanted to add but could not when originally filing the claim. So I sent it back again, this time, they did nothing. But they did send me cell phone evidence that it runs games! But these games looked like 8 bit video games that I am 100% sure would run on the motherboard graphics just fine. So I gave up Figured I would just use it as a work laptop, no more games.... A few weeks go by and I have a new problem, it takes hours and hours and hours (I'm talking overnight) to restart. At this point I had enough. I am not paying hundreds of dollars for a warranty for nothing. This company just tries to make you give up so they can keep their money. I am honestly sure their techs are inexperienced and can only perform simple tasks the do-in-yourselfer can do by looking at youtube videos. So at this point I call customer service and calmly explain to her that this is unacceptable, that here is a hardware problem, my warranty is nearly over, I have been renting a laptop (I almost forgot to add that part in) so I am in need of some resolution. I was put on hold for about 15 minutes. I assumed they were just waiting for me to hang up, the woman finally game back and said they were going to buy me out. An acceptable outcome for me. I am fairly certain the GPU is non-repairable, even if it was I don't think they are still made, I would not be happy with a used motherboard/GPU. So in the end I am happy, but the stress was not worth it.
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