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3 Year Protection Plan - Including Accidental Damage
Service plan term: 3 Year|Service plan covered value: $1250-1499.99|Change
Price:$201.27+ Free shipping

on October 19, 2014
I bought this plan immediately upon purchasing a new laptop. I knew that I wanted a strong warranty policy, and this came up as a recommended choice on Amazon and had really strong reviews.

After looking through the other reviews though, I found that there was some serious distortion of the results because many of the positive reviews came from people who had never had to file a claim. Because of that, I decided to do a sort of "review of the reviews" to get a better idea of the true quality of this warranty.

Here's the executive summary. More detailed results and the methods that led me to them follow:

1) Overall, the service seems hit-or-miss, though generally it seems to be more hit than miss
2) I would like to re-emphasize what the current most-helpful positive comment says: Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying.
3) The "true" starred rating of this policy is closer to three stars. Right now it is overrated, likely because SquareTrade encourages people to review their product upon purchase, before the consumer has had any real need to use it.

I sorted the comments by "most recent," because I wanted to get an up-to-date snapshot of how well they are doing. Then I went through each review, going back three months. For each review, I first classified it as "definitely filed a claim," "definitely did not file a claim," or "unclear." Then I further sorted these into "positive" (4-5 stars) "neutral" (3 stars) or "negative" (1-2 stars). When sorting into "positive" etc., I did not consider the comments, only the starred rating. More on the comments below.

First, here are the overall results:

**Definitely Filed a Claim**
Positive: 23
Neutral: 1
Negative: 11

**Definitely Did Not File a Claim**
Positive: 35
Neutral: 7
Negative: 11

Positive: 33
Neutral: 2
Negative: 4

Quantitative analysis:
_Of the people who actually used the service, about 2/3 were happy. Good, but not great.
_Only 25% of positive reviews came from people who definitely filed a claim, compared to 42% of negative reviews coming from people who definitely filed a claim, suggesting that the current starred rating is significantly too high.

Qualitative analysis:
_In all fairness, a few of the negative reviews from people who filed a claim came from people who were dissatisfied for reasons that related at least partly to their own misunderstanding of the product. Nevertheless, one or two raised some really serious issues (e.g., using inferior replacement parts)
_I would like to suggest to Amazon that they discourage SquareTrade from directing consumers to the review page immediately upon purchase. Doing so creates very muddled results.

That's all folks.
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on July 28, 2015
Do not buy a plan here, I just got my laptop from repair and it looks like they beat the shit out of it. I called them and they going to see what they can do but before I ship it out there was no marks and after I got it back stuff was missing and tons of marks. They had me take photos and it doesn't boot. All Photos I put in this is stuff that they did to it and what I get everytime I load the pc
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on January 15, 2016
As another reviewer mentioned, if you go into this understanding how SquareTrade works, you will be a lot more satisfied with your purchase. Repairs will be made until you have reached the coverage amount that you purchased. So if you purchase a protection plan that offers you coverage up to $599.99 for 3 years, you can file several claims over a 3-year period as long as the cost of the repairs collectively does not exceed $599.99. If you would like to read a detailed (and pretty long) review of my experience filing a claim with SquareTrade, here it goes.

I purchased a SquareTrade protection plan for the first time in January 2013 after I had purchased an HP laptop for my final year of college. I had been through 2 other HP laptops within 4 years. For each laptop, they started to fall apart about 6 months after the manufacturer’s warranty expired. So in January of 2013, I stumbled upon SquareTrade. At the time, the 3-year Protection Plans were discounted, so I purchased one directly from their website with Accident Protection. Like clockwork, about 6 months after the manufacturer’s warranty expired, issues slowly began popping up. I did not want to file a claim with SquareTrade at that time because I had just started graduate school and really needed my laptop for my practicum as well as my classes and could not part with it for the 5-7 days it would require to be repaired.

Fast forward to this past December. I received a new ASUS laptop for Christmas. I was still in possession of my HP laptop. Nothing was wrong with the software, and it still functioned for the most part. However, by this time, the left corner was broken exposing the inside of the keyboard area, the optical drive stopped working and the outer covering fell off, the +/= key on the keyboard suddenly stopped working, one of the USB drives stopped working, it was overheating and the fan was noisy, and the left button on the touchpad had gotten stuck so I had to use a wireless mouse. Since I had a new computer, I decided to file a claim with SquareTrade to see if my laptop could be repaired (this was 2 weeks before my protection plan would expire). The process went as follows:

When I purchased the plan in 2013, I created an account on SquareTrade to manage my plan. On Dec 28, I signed into the website, and clicked the “File a Claim,” button. From there, I filled out the online form indicating what was wrong with the laptop. The next events are the major reasons I give them 4 stars instead of 5. After you submit your claim, you have to wait for a rep to email you to let you know if your claim is approved or if they need more info. Less than an hour after I submitted the claim, a rep contacted me. The email that was sent was full of misspellings and grammatical errors to the point where I couldn’t even understand most of what was being said. The email also did not contain any SquareTrade logo or header, so I was skeptical about even responding to it. The rep told me that the serial number I entered on the website and claim form could not be verified, so I needed to send them a picture of the serial number on my laptop before they could approve the claim. I sent an email asking where I needed to send the info and received an automated email response that basically said I couldn’t reply to that email address and should contact SquareTrade and provided a link to the website’s contact page.

On the page, there was no email address to contact them. There was only a phone number to call or you could enter your info to have them call you, supposedly within an hour. I was at work and could not take phone calls. So I went to their Twitter page and saw an interaction they had with a customer telling them to email them at their Social Helps address, and they gave the email address, so that’s where I sent an email explaining my ordeal. This all occurred on a Friday, and my final email was sent after 5pm on Friday, so I had to wait until Monday for a response as their reps only work during regular business hours. That Monday morning, I received an email (that contained their logo this time) from the Social Helps rep, and he said he looked at my info and went ahead and approved my claim with no explanation as to why another rep requested me to send a picture of my serial number before processing the claim.

Anyhow, about 2 days later, I received the shipping box from SquareTrade for my laptop. The box came with a return label and another claim form attached to it, so I filled out the claim form, packed it with the laptop inside the box, and taped the return label to the top of the box. I scheduled a pickup with FedEx, and they came to my home to pick up the package (free of charge). I received an email about 2 days later saying they had received my laptop and would notify me if they were able to repair it. I received another email about 24 hours after that letting me know that they could repair it. About 3 days later, they notified me that the laptop was repaired and had been shipped back to me. I received it the next day. I kept up with the status of the repairs on the website.

Upon its return, the repair depot (mine was sent to one in Massachussetts, I live in NC) included a checklist of things done to the laptop, as well as a list of repairs that were made. I can honestly say that my 3-year-old laptop looks like it did the day I purchased it. They replaced the optical drive, they replaced the keyboard, they replaced the paneling on top of the keyboard, they replaced the rubber stoppers that had fallen off the bottom, they fixed the touchpad, they cleaned the fan, and they replaced the case bottom of the laptop. I also forgot to include on the claim form that one of the USB drives stopped working and only remembered that I forgot to include it after I had sent off the laptop. So I expected that it would not be repaired. To my surprise, they repaired that, too. I was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the service they provided. So satisfied, that I just purchased another 3-year protection plan with accidental protection for the ASUS laptop I received for Christmas. I highly recommend these plans for anyone who depends on their laptop for work or school and/or anyone who uses their laptop daily. It will definitely come in handy.

Along with the mishap with the customer service reps, I gave SquareTrade four stars because of their advertised prices on their website. I originally tried to purchase a plan directly from their website a week ago for my new laptop. They no longer run the holiday discounts they had in previous years, and prices have gone up considerably. I assume because they have increased in popularity. On their website, the price for a 3-year accidental protection plan with no deductible is twice the price of the one listed here on Amazon, and it’s the exact same plan. Even the plan with a $75 deductible is more expensive through the website than the one listed here with no deductible. I purchased my plan here, and its terms are exactly the same as the one I purchased 3 years ago. So I would recommend purchasing a plan through Amazon. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons, and there is nothing like having peace of mind for an expensive item upon which you rely heavily for school, work, and everyday use.
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on May 14, 2017
I've always been a bit skeptical about these insurance plans, but I'm happy to say this company is professional and efficient. I bought a very nice gaming laptop, and decided to go with a 3-year plan "just in case." The "just in case" happened last week, when I accidentally spilled an entire cup of hot coffee on the keyboard (doh!). Not only did Square Trade allow me to take my computer to the repair shop down the street (no need to ship my laptop anywhere!) but the online procedure for filing claims was super easy and user-friendly. After my computer was fixed, I just uploaded the receipt for the repair---and done. Check is in the mail, and I can still file another claim down the road, up to the total cost of the laptop. The accident plan covers things not included by manufacturer's warranties (like oopsies), so I am a satisfied customer. Recommend.

UPDATE 6/18/18: This company went Above and Beyond! After owning my ASUS ROG gaming laptop for only 1.5 years, it fizzed out. The motherboard completely fried, due to no fault of my own. Square Trade paid for my shipping to their repair center, and when they couldn't repair it, they FULLY REIMBURSED ME the TOTAL COST OF THE LAPTOP. This is Amazing. I was so sure they would take out some B.S. fees or whatnot, but no. I was able to buy a brand new laptop with the insurance. I swear, I am not an employee of Square Trade or anything. The advantage of this over traditional warranties is that ST will not charge you a dime to ship or assess your product. When I contacted ASUS about the problem, they wanted me to pay for shipping to and from their repair center out of pocket (!), and then they wanted me to pay a $60 fee just to look at it. Even if a product is under warranty, that doesn't mean that you won't have to pay.
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on January 23, 2016
Was impressed with the handling of my first claim. It has been a completely different experience on the second. Son spilled water on the keyboard of his laptop. Sent the laptop in for repair. Was received back with a replaced keyboard, but now the fan does not kick on and the unit overheats. It was obviously not bench tested before it was returned.

Contacted the repair depot as specified in the literature included in return. Waited a day for a response, only to be told to contact the claims desk. Have now spent over a week + trying to get a new claim filed. Each time we contact the claims desk, we are told "there is a glitch in the system" preventing a new claim from being opened. Asked to speak to a supervisor. Put on hold for 15 minutes and then told one would call us back. STILL waiting for the call back.
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on December 13, 2016
I bought an Acer 15" Predator laptop with a Squaretrade 3 year Accidental Protection Plan. Acer doesn't directly offer accidental protection. After six months, the laptop screen was cracked in the upper right corner, the headphone jack stopped working and one keyboard key was missing. I filed a claim with Squaretrade and then mailed the laptop in the shipping box they sent me. It was a very nice shrink wrap plastic system.

The laptop was functional (except the headphone jack) when I sent it in. The laptop was received at the repair facility. I received no other updates from Squaretrade. I used their callback system to request updates on the repairs. The customer service department has limited access to the repair center. They do share a tracking system but direct communication is mostly by email with the rare ability to speak with them on the phone. Usually they get voicemail.

I was able to occasionally get updates on parts availability but the process didn't seem to be converging on a successful repair. Some parts were on back order for a long time. Apparently these parts eventually arrived, after 3 weeks, but didn't solve the problems.

Escalations to the customer service manager resulted in the refund of the service contract fee but still no laptop or reimbursement. It took another 10 days of daily phone calls to get the final decision; a full refund of laptop purchase price.

I would not recommend Squaretrade for laptop repairs. They don't seem to be qualified to make repairs resulting from accidental damage. They probably do a fine job with smartphones.

The company demonstrated real integrity by refunding all of my money. The customer service department did a good job given the limited access to their repair facility.
The experience from my end was, of course, quite frustrating and time consuming.

I am using the proceeds to buy a laptop from a company that offers its own accidental protection policy.
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on August 20, 2016
Excellent service. I bought a 3 year accidental coverage plan when I first got my laptop. I spilled water on my laptop a month before the warranty expired, and even procrastinated about calling them a week before the warranty expired. They were totally understanding and immediately sent me a box. I sent my laptop in and 4 business days later they send me an email saying that they're sending me a check for the full price of my laptop. At this point i'm ecstatic because this was the best possible outcome, I would be able to put that money towards a new laptop which I really wanted.I wasn't going to write a review about their warranty, but then I discovered they send me back my old laptops hard drive and I didnt even have to ask them. It was such a nice surprise and i was absolutely not expecting to do that. Them sending me back the hard drive was the tipping point on me writing this review. Thank you square trade for the excellent service.
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on November 7, 2016
square trade advertises 30 days to cancel - I tried canceling and Square Trade I only had for 5 days
will not refund my purchase price - find them extremely misrepresenting their policy would never
recommend the computer protection plan to any one
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on January 27, 2014
I am very disappointed with Squaretrade. I sent my $1400 laptop in for repair on January 2nd. I was told last week that the repair shop was waiting for a part to arrive on January 15th, but now I was told today that they are waiting for a part to arrive on January 22nd. At this point I will be lucky to have my laptop back by February. I would not recommend this warranty service for anyone who relies on their laptop or electronic device for work or school use. If I had known that this repair would take over a month, I would have taken my computer to a local repair shop. The 5 day turn around guarantee on the website is very deceiving.

UPDATE* January 27th - I sent my laptop in on January 2nd for repair to the DC power date, I do not have my laptop back. Squaretrade did reach out to me on January 20th and fully refunded my warranty policy purchase price, which I greatly appreciate. Due to the delay in repair, I was told last Friday that I would receive a credit for the purchase price. Sounds good, right? Nope, I'm still waiting. And today I was told that the repair facility just received the final part to complete the repair, but will not be completing the repair since I have been promised a credit for new laptop. But, Squaretrade does not include tax in the credit, so I will now have to pay $106 in tax to purchase a new laptop. So again I'm feeling extremely frustrated with this entire process - knowing that my original laptop with all my information, files, data will most likely be repaired in the next day or two, but I will not be getting it back (huge security issue with all my personal info stored on it) and now I actually have to pay more money to purchase a new computer....

*FINAL UPDATE* January 29th - received refund for laptop purchase price today. Although my experience was frustrating and left me without a computer for a month, squaretrade did fulfill their warranty terms. I am happy that I was given money to purchase a brand new laptop! I am purchasing another Squaretrade policy for my new laptop and would recommend Squaretrade to others. My only caveat would be that the 5 day guarantee listed on their website is not necessarily true.

I had a great experience when I contacted customer service. Joseph helped me get the untimely repair issue resolved. Thank you!!!!

I give square trade 3 stars because the amount of time (1 month) it took to resolve my issue.
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on April 25, 2017
Bought three years of coverage at the same time I bought a new computer on Amazon. Purchasers should note that there is no coverage for six days after your purchase so don't drop or spill coffee on your new device for a week. They should tell Amazon customers that this is their policy.
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