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on October 19, 2014
I bought this plan immediately upon purchasing a new laptop. I knew that I wanted a strong warranty policy, and this came up as a recommended choice on Amazon and had really strong reviews.

After looking through the other reviews though, I found that there was some serious distortion of the results because many of the positive reviews came from people who had never had to file a claim. Because of that, I decided to do a sort of "review of the reviews" to get a better idea of the true quality of this warranty.

Here's the executive summary. More detailed results and the methods that led me to them follow:

1) Overall, the service seems hit-or-miss, though generally it seems to be more hit than miss
2) I would like to re-emphasize what the current most-helpful positive comment says: Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying.
3) The "true" starred rating of this policy is closer to three stars. Right now it is overrated, likely because SquareTrade encourages people to review their product upon purchase, before the consumer has had any real need to use it.

I sorted the comments by "most recent," because I wanted to get an up-to-date snapshot of how well they are doing. Then I went through each review, going back three months. For each review, I first classified it as "definitely filed a claim," "definitely did not file a claim," or "unclear." Then I further sorted these into "positive" (4-5 stars) "neutral" (3 stars) or "negative" (1-2 stars). When sorting into "positive" etc., I did not consider the comments, only the starred rating. More on the comments below.

First, here are the overall results:

**Definitely Filed a Claim**
Positive: 23
Neutral: 1
Negative: 11

**Definitely Did Not File a Claim**
Positive: 35
Neutral: 7
Negative: 11

Positive: 33
Neutral: 2
Negative: 4

Quantitative analysis:
_Of the people who actually used the service, about 2/3 were happy. Good, but not great.
_Only 25% of positive reviews came from people who definitely filed a claim, compared to 42% of negative reviews coming from people who definitely filed a claim, suggesting that the current starred rating is significantly too high.

Qualitative analysis:
_In all fairness, a few of the negative reviews from people who filed a claim came from people who were dissatisfied for reasons that related at least partly to their own misunderstanding of the product. Nevertheless, one or two raised some really serious issues (e.g., using inferior replacement parts)
_I would like to suggest to Amazon that they discourage SquareTrade from directing consumers to the review page immediately upon purchase. Doing so creates very muddled results.

That's all folks.
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on July 28, 2015
Do not buy a plan here, I just got my laptop from repair and it looks like they beat the shit out of it. I called them and they going to see what they can do but before I ship it out there was no marks and after I got it back stuff was missing and tons of marks. They had me take photos and it doesn't boot. All Photos I put in this is stuff that they did to it and what I get everytime I load the pc
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on October 13, 2016
This is the worst experience that I have ever had with a product. Amazon clearly did not perform any due diligence before permitting this vendor to sell products on their website. I have had such an awful experience that I will never purchase another computer from Amazon ever again.

I purchased a Lenovo laptop from Amazon and was duped into purchasing a 3-year warranty. At the time of purchase I received an offer from Amazon to purchase an extended warranty from Square Trade. Shortly after the purchase the computer stopped working. My first attempt to file a warranty claim was denied because Square Trade indicated it was a problem that would be covered under the Manufacturer's warranty and that I needed to contact Lenovo. After several calls to Square trade they reluctantly agreed to acknowledge our claim and the computer was shipped to them. Based on the warranty agreement the computer was to be repaired in 3-5 business days and returned to me, The warranty also indicated that in the event the computer could not be repaired a cash payment would be provided for the replacement cost of the computer. Long story short, I still do not have a computer and SquareTrade is constantly providing us with false information about when our computer will be repaired. We have asked to speak to a manager on two separate occasions and were promised that a manager would return our phone call. Unfortunately, a manager has never returned our call. We still do not have a computer and Square Trade will not issue us a check for the replacement cost of the computer. They did refund us the price of the warranty but only because they failed to meet the contract requirements included in the warranty agreement. If you are in need of a computer. do yourself a favor and purchase it from a local retailer that provides its own warranty services.
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on April 24, 2017
I am a behavioral biology/computer science student at Johns Hopkins University, I run art/garden camp in the summer for children. Square trade is positively evil. They straight up lied to me and used their weight as a large institution to ensure that I wasn't able to do anything. Alright time for specifics, I sent my laptop in three times for the same issue--the laptop would shut off unexpectedly because of a loose screw. Every time they sent it back it would turn off within an hour. The first time was pretty bad. The second time I was near loosing it. But the third time? the third time was personal. This was of course infuriating in itself, but oh, oh nononononon it gets worse far worse. Every time I sent it I had to go through an arduous negotiation process taking upwards of two hours. More specifically, when I asked whether or not I would be able to be compensated in any way for having my laptop in transit back and forth from square trade for four months, the answer was no (this is slightly understandable but it gets worse). They failed continuously and did nothing to make up for the mistakes THEY made. The third time they sent back my device, they replaced the hardrive, yet the computer still turned off within an hour of having received it. But wait, theres more. They happened to install the wrong hardrive the second time they send back the device--they gave me a similar i7 processor but one without a turbo drive. I called on the third time furious at their service to complain. If you have a serious issue, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, they have people higher up in the chain--the people you are first sent to are trained to tell you no. After much arguing they told me that I would be able to talk with a manager the next day (after waiting and arguing for 2 hours). I didn't receive a call. Awesome so great of you squaretrade what good customer service ("we'll just wait them out!!"). So I waited a week or so and called back (only to have to wait for another hour). In the end they promised me 800$ for my laptop and the amount that they had made me wait, they had also violated a little something known as the Lemon law (look it up), and yes I was quite happy for a brief moment. EXCEPT AFTER HAVING SENT IN MY DEVICE THEY RESCINDED MY CLAIM!!!!! THEY SAID THAT I HAD CHANGED THE HARDDRIVE ON MY COMPUTER DEVICE!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME MY VERY COMPLAINT WAS THAT THEY HAD PUT THE WRONG HARDRIVE BACK INTO MY DEVICE? WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY?!?!?!?---NO I DIDN'T REPLACE THE HARDRIVE?!?!? WELL APPARENTLY THATS NOT ENOUGH AND AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING WITH MY LAPTOP IN TRANSIT AND HOURS OF WAITING ON HOLD I WAS TOLD THAT NOTHING WOULD BE DONE AND THAT WHAT I HAD DONE IS BORDERLINE CRIMINAL. This was a mistake on their part. It’s obvious that they hadn't kept good records so of course when its their tech team's perspective over that of a customer, their gonna take the tech team's side. What you did was fraudulent Squaretrade. What you did was using the weight of a large institution to squash an individual. You make it purposefully difficult to get the money you deserve. Your website is not user friendly. Your customer service is trained to make it as difficult as possible. and none of you have any accountability. The mechanism that is square trade is not looking out for your best interest. Luckily I am not the most needing person and had the time to argue my case. I can only imagine how horrible this would be for a family with a real claim that does not have the time for this bureaucratic maze.

I have no reason to try and steal a hardrive from squaretrade, I simply wanted a working laptop. It is obviously in squaretrades best interest to set up a mechanism that prevents them from being predated upon by people looking to make a quick buck. It makes sense. However, because it seems they are poorly organized, it can, and will blow up on you. There is no accountability on their part and because of this I am stuck with a laptop with the wrong hardrive, that shuts off periodically, and the cherry on top was that I was accused of criminal activity. YOU GO SQUARE TRADE!! I had to run lessons that were on the computer, but because it took so long **shrugs oh well too bad that’s on you valued customer.

I wish I could give square trade a lower rating than one star. What they did was criminal. What they did was corrupt. What they did was fraudulent. Sorry also, I'm a student and don't have much time for things like this so its a bit rushed. I will be spreading my story on to reviews of laptop insurance sites. again, Squaretrade, this is personal ;).
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on July 4, 2014
I filed a claim for a Samsung ATIV Windows 8 tablet after running over the backpack that it was in. The initial claim process was super easy and got the tablet back in a week, but only 1 of the 2 problems addressed. Sent it back and received it about 4 weeks later with the other problem repaired. I was left with a docking keyboard that has a very poor connection. I initially attempted contact on Facebook and email with no success to rectify this issue. Then I called and spoke to a customer service representative and spent about an hour on the phone not accomplishing anything. They would not even honor their 5 day repair guarantee (premium refund). I was told that a supervisor would call me. Nada! I sent a letter to the CEO. Nada! I have 2 other devices covered by Square Trade. I am hoping that I do not have to pull the claims trigger again! Apparently, they will generally replace devices under $500 in value. So, I would not even consider their coverage for more expensive equipment and you were really desperate.😠
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on October 2, 2016
AWFUL!!! Absolutely the biggest waste of money. It makes my skin crawl to think about all the issues we had with this company - we used them twice. The first time, the laptop was repaired and sent back with absolutely no way to get into it because Windows was completely removed. I had to spend an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with Windows to get it installed again because they wanted to charge me for their assistance for ST screwup! When you send it in, you have to send all factory accessories (ie charger) with it. We sent the leptop back for another repair (hinge issue), they sent it back without the charger!!! They said they would send it back...never did. I called to ask, they had no idea about anything. Out me on hold for 20 MINUTES!!! I had to order a new charger from Amazon. They wanted me to send them an invoice and they would send me a check for the cost. NO WAY! I had to get Amazon involved to get it resolved. Ugh. THE WORST!
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on March 7, 2017
We bought a SquareTrade warranty for my sons laptop, when he began experincing problems with it, we filed a claim. upon filing we were asked the nature of the issue, when described we were directed by SquareTrade to bring the laptop to one of two computer repair shops that we were told to go to specifically. When this repair shop found the computer non-repairable (the computer had a small fire inside of it), we submitted this information to Squaret]Trade with two different forms that both affirmed the laptop to be unrepairable. Then we were told we must send the laptop to SquareTrade's repair shop to be evaluated and only after a process that could take up to 2 months would we be notified if they would attempt to repair the unrepairable laptop or just pay out on the warranty. When confronted about the ridiculousness of this request, we were told by not one, or two, but three different people, that it was policy and nothing could be done about it. We informed them that we would contact the Better Business Bureau if our issue was not addressed properly, but they refused to do anything. What we want is the money promised to us in the warranty. We feel as though it is unneccessary to have the laptop (that lit itself on fire from the inside) to be evaluated by another professional, when multiple professionals at the repair shop, we were told to go to, told us the laptop was unrepairable. We would like the warranty to pay out in the amount that is promised. We do not want to wait 2-3 months for this to happen. We have honored our side of the contract with Square Trade. All we ask is that they do the same.

Update - Square Trade did come through with the full warranty amount for the computer and we appreciate that. However our complaints were not taken seriously until we reached out to the Better Business Bureau and we still had to place a couple of follow-up phone calls in order for this to come to full closure.
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on September 29, 2016
I can't believe that Amazon implicitly endorses this product by placing an ad for it on the same page as the tablet listing. This product has plenty of negative reviews, and they are legitimate, as far as my own experience is concerned. I broke my laptop and it took me months to get them to reimburse me. They took my claim pretty quicklly, but then followed a series of requests for proof of purchase, and other stalls,communications that told me they were working on the claim, over and over, even promises that the claim had been settled, but no results. It took many, many conversations and requests before they released the payment, and I have to believe that many less persistent customers may have given up before they got their money. It was like a second job for a couple of months!! Please read the other negative comments. They have the ring of truth in their similar complaints. Wish I had done more research.
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on September 15, 2016
Not worth the money! I sent my laptop in for repairs to the body (a crack and the SD slot broke) and they sent it back to me in the exact same condition I sent it in. They turned on the computer check a few system functions, turned the computer off and marked the repairs complete. I tried to call the company and got cut off from the customer service representative 2 minutes into the conversation. I sent the company an email and have yet to receive a response. I would suggest a different warranty or contacting the manufacturer of the laptop you get directly.
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on September 13, 2016
Absolutely the worst customer service. My laptop is having problems 2.5 years out and I need to file a claim with this company before my 3 year warranty expires. Guess what? Their online claim service is "down for upgrades" for the past WEEK! When I try to call, the robo-operator puts me on terminal hold, complete with elevator music.

I will update this review, IF I am successful in filing a claim. UPDATE: I contacted an "off-shore" customer service rep. by phone who told me I would have to download the square trade app on my android phone to file the claim. Are you kidding? Wow, this company really is the worst. I demanded to be able to scan and email in the docs required to submit a claim. I'm still unsure if I will get this computer fixed.

Whatever you do, don't buy this lousy protection plan, SQUARE TRADE has the worst in customer service.
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