Customer Reviews: 2 Year SquareTrade Laptop Accident Protection Plan ($ 200-249.99)
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Service plan term: 2 Year|Service plan covered value: $ 200-249.99|Change
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on October 19, 2014
I bought this plan immediately upon purchasing a new laptop. I knew that I wanted a strong warranty policy, and this came up as a recommended choice on Amazon and had really strong reviews.

After looking through the other reviews though, I found that there was some serious distortion of the results because many of the positive reviews came from people who had never had to file a claim. Because of that, I decided to do a sort of "review of the reviews" to get a better idea of the true quality of this warranty.

Here's the executive summary. More detailed results and the methods that led me to them follow:

1) Overall, the service seems hit-or-miss, though generally it seems to be more hit than miss
2) I would like to re-emphasize what the current most-helpful positive comment says: Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying.
3) The "true" starred rating of this policy is closer to three stars. Right now it is overrated, likely because SquareTrade encourages people to review their product upon purchase, before the consumer has had any real need to use it.

I sorted the comments by "most recent," because I wanted to get an up-to-date snapshot of how well they are doing. Then I went through each review, going back three months. For each review, I first classified it as "definitely filed a claim," "definitely did not file a claim," or "unclear." Then I further sorted these into "positive" (4-5 stars) "neutral" (3 stars) or "negative" (1-2 stars). When sorting into "positive" etc., I did not consider the comments, only the starred rating. More on the comments below.

First, here are the overall results:

**Definitely Filed a Claim**
Positive: 23
Neutral: 1
Negative: 11

**Definitely Did Not File a Claim**
Positive: 35
Neutral: 7
Negative: 11

Positive: 33
Neutral: 2
Negative: 4

Quantitative analysis:
_Of the people who actually used the service, about 2/3 were happy. Good, but not great.
_Only 25% of positive reviews came from people who definitely filed a claim, compared to 42% of negative reviews coming from people who definitely filed a claim, suggesting that the current starred rating is significantly too high.

Qualitative analysis:
_In all fairness, a few of the negative reviews from people who filed a claim came from people who were dissatisfied for reasons that related at least partly to their own misunderstanding of the product. Nevertheless, one or two raised some really serious issues (e.g., using inferior replacement parts)
_I would like to suggest to Amazon that they discourage SquareTrade from directing consumers to the review page immediately upon purchase. Doing so creates very muddled results.

That's all folks.
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on April 12, 2013
I bought my laptop a year ago and bought this protection plan for it. Two months ago it kept turning off so I sent it in to square trade for them to fix it. I haven't had my laptop for a total of 7 weeks and I still haven't received it back. I have spoke with several employees and none of them communicate with each other. Every time I call they have something else to tell me. After sending it in the first time, they told me nothing was wrong with it and sent it back to me. My brother had to call them and point out what was wrong with it to the employees who SHOULD be trained in this profession. Some employees tell me I will receive a check to buy a new laptop and others tell me I will have my laptop back in two days. I don't know how many times THIS WEEK ALONE I have been told that I will have my laptop back to me 'tomorrow.' It is absurd that they treat their customers like this. I am extremely disappointed with this company. There is no reason that a college student should not have access to their own computer for this length of time. It is absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional to keep customers waiting this long with such inconsistence. If you purchase this, you are basically paying money to wait and be lied to by unprofessional employees.
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on July 22, 2013
I am very upset with the service I was provided with. I had a problem with power up on my computer, Square Trade did respond properly and sent a box to have it shipped back to them for repairs. It came back in a short time and the paper with it said what was done and they verified it was good to go. It was not as it would still not power on. I contacted Square Trade who told me they do not do the repairs a subcontractor does so they promised me a response from them. When they contacted me they wanted to send me another box and have it returned back to them yet again. I took the computer to a local repair shop to be repaired and it was repaired this time, I could not be without my computer again.
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on November 26, 2013
Absolutely horrible experience dealing with this company.
I sent it in to have a cracked screen fixed, and after a month and a half with no progress, I called the company to get an update. I find out I won't be able to get my computer back, but they offered to send me my hard drive and a check to compensate for the rest. That's fine, s*** happens. I accept their offer. However, I receive an email shortly after stating that, as previously promised, they would NOT be returning my hard drive. Not fine, but there was nothing I could do.
As compensation for their screw-ups, they offered me a coupon code for 30% off my next warranty with them. As loathe as I was to ever have to deal with this company again, there was a fairly-priced warranty offered by the store where I bought my next computer that was through Squaretrade, so I decided to give them another try. When I try to purchase this new warranty, they initially wouldn't honor the 30% discount. I had to be on the phone for 40 minutes, put on hold for long stretches of time, to convince them to give me what they had promised.
Throughout this experience, I had to deal with representatives who were inept, apathetic, and unyielding in their efforts to deny me adequate customer service. I can't remember the last time I was ever as dissatisfied with a business's practices as I am with Squaretrade. Save yourself the headache and seek out a warranty from anyone else.
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on December 28, 2013
I purchased a Sony laptop through Amazon. I gave the laptop to my sister and transferred the Square Trade plan. There is a problem with the laptop, and Square Trade is doing everything possible to avoid honoring their plan. If you purchase something through Amazon, look for a better protection plan because Square Trade is useless.
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on January 10, 2013
I purchased an HP Envy 17 Laptop from Amazon. After a little less than one year, I started having hard drive problems with one of the two drives. I contacted Square Trade and they were not helpful in two respects. First, they said I should use the HP warranty. In fact, they insisted that I use the HP warranty. When I told them I wanted to use them, they next said they didn't have the expertise to properly format the sophisticated hard drives of the HP Envy. Therefore, if they did repair it, I would not get it back in the same condition. What a dissappointment. I contacted HP and they took care of it (although it took awhile). I renewed my HP factory warranty for 2 more years and ate the loss on the useless "Square Trade" warranty.
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on July 28, 2015
Do not buy a plan here, I just got my laptop from repair and it looks like they beat the shit out of it. I called them and they going to see what they can do but before I ship it out there was no marks and after I got it back stuff was missing and tons of marks. They had me take photos and it doesn't boot. All Photos I put in this is stuff that they did to it and what I get everytime I load the pc
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on June 17, 2014
My laptop was accidentally dropped and had a cracked screen. So I called Squaretrade, the first claim they handled it really quick by sending the box within 2 days. Even though they advertise that the repair will be only within 5 days it took me over a week to get my laptop back. Upon checking my laptop, oh my there's opening on the left screen bezel and when I close and open the screen it cracked again on the top left corner. Whoever performed the repair did a very poor job and it baffled me that it took them 5 days to do a very very poor job like that! I called back and explained. They promised me they will take it back. 1st time, I waited over a week, nothing arrived, 2nd time, they promised me the box will arrive in 2 days, nothing arrive a week later. I called the third time, they kept telling me the same thing. I don't know how Squaretrade got their 5 stars review from, maybe they are all from their own employees but this service is not worth even 1 star for me. They take your money, poorly repair it once, then disappear. This service is really bad and I am a REAL customer so I advise you before purchasing Squaretrade to seriously consider it. Stay away from it!
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on June 18, 2013
I got this protection for my new Acer Aspire. It took a week or more for the computer to be delivered but the Square Trade coverage began the day I purchased it. I didn't think that was right so I fought it. They put me through hell with sending them receipts and such via email and each time I didn't do something right and had to submit it again. Think it took me three tries.

Finally got that wrinkle ironed out but was so focused on the date stuff that I didn't notice they have the coverage on a HP Pavilion. I didn't buy a HP Pavilion. I contacted them to tell them they got it wrong and to check the receipts and such I sent them before. Now they want me to send them the receipts and stuff ALL OVER AGAIN.

I will NEVER buy from Square Trade again and I hope to God I never need to use their insurance. I wouldn't trust sending my computer to them for repair. Maybe that's what they are trying to do! Prevent people from using their coverage for fear of worse things happening to their computers.

Find your insurance somewhere else. This company is a hot mess.
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on November 19, 2013
Getting the plan was a mistake! In order to collect, you must jump thru hoops designed to frustrate and cause you to just give up.
Never Again!!
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