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on October 19, 2014
I bought this plan immediately upon purchasing a new laptop. I knew that I wanted a strong warranty policy, and this came up as a recommended choice on Amazon and had really strong reviews.

After looking through the other reviews though, I found that there was some serious distortion of the results because many of the positive reviews came from people who had never had to file a claim. Because of that, I decided to do a sort of "review of the reviews" to get a better idea of the true quality of this warranty.

Here's the executive summary. More detailed results and the methods that led me to them follow:

1) Overall, the service seems hit-or-miss, though generally it seems to be more hit than miss
2) I would like to re-emphasize what the current most-helpful positive comment says: Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying.
3) The "true" starred rating of this policy is closer to three stars. Right now it is overrated, likely because SquareTrade encourages people to review their product upon purchase, before the consumer has had any real need to use it.

I sorted the comments by "most recent," because I wanted to get an up-to-date snapshot of how well they are doing. Then I went through each review, going back three months. For each review, I first classified it as "definitely filed a claim," "definitely did not file a claim," or "unclear." Then I further sorted these into "positive" (4-5 stars) "neutral" (3 stars) or "negative" (1-2 stars). When sorting into "positive" etc., I did not consider the comments, only the starred rating. More on the comments below.

First, here are the overall results:

**Definitely Filed a Claim**
Positive: 23
Neutral: 1
Negative: 11

**Definitely Did Not File a Claim**
Positive: 35
Neutral: 7
Negative: 11

Positive: 33
Neutral: 2
Negative: 4

Quantitative analysis:
_Of the people who actually used the service, about 2/3 were happy. Good, but not great.
_Only 25% of positive reviews came from people who definitely filed a claim, compared to 42% of negative reviews coming from people who definitely filed a claim, suggesting that the current starred rating is significantly too high.

Qualitative analysis:
_In all fairness, a few of the negative reviews from people who filed a claim came from people who were dissatisfied for reasons that related at least partly to their own misunderstanding of the product. Nevertheless, one or two raised some really serious issues (e.g., using inferior replacement parts)
_I would like to suggest to Amazon that they discourage SquareTrade from directing consumers to the review page immediately upon purchase. Doing so creates very muddled results.

That's all folks.
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on July 28, 2015
Do not buy a plan here, I just got my laptop from repair and it looks like they beat the shit out of it. I called them and they going to see what they can do but before I ship it out there was no marks and after I got it back stuff was missing and tons of marks. They had me take photos and it doesn't boot. All Photos I put in this is stuff that they did to it and what I get everytime I load the pc
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on June 14, 2016
About a year and a half into owning my HP Chromebook 14, I noticed that there was something under the track pad that was swollen or something. I can't even close it completely. I never dropped it, and if someone else did, I don't know about it (I have the accidental drop protection even if it was dropped) That area on the laptop's frame was bulging upward. On top of that, the battery will not hold a charge and wont work without being connected to the charger. I saw that the battery wasn't working and there was something swollen in the computer, so I discontinued use immediately.

Square Trade refuses to fix it, saying that the battery isn't covered because it's "consumable". Important thing to not about this Chromebook is that they aren't user accessible - if you opened up a Chromebook to work on it, you would void the manufacturer's warranty. It isn't a matter of buying a new battery and just popping it into place. How can an integrated battery be considered consumable or an accessory?

So, since I refuse to use this out of fear of it being a fire hazard, I can either buy a new Chromebook or buy a new battery and then hire a professional to install it. I put in a ticket and Amazon had Square Trade contact me with a note that said I was dissatisfied with my service. My only response was three days later, and it was only a copy pasted summary of how to file a claim. Square Trade, do you know how insulting that is? How could I be unhappy with my service if I hadn't already filed a claim? I replied back and haven't gotten an answer as of yet. I paid $50 for this warranty, and it has been nothing but a nightmare. I call to file a claim, and the rep tells be that I'll have to be the one to call back and check on it. Do you know how troublesome that is when you call a place that will connect you to a different rep every time? I call back, and find out they have closed my claim, so they had to reopen it. Finally get it sorted out by repeating the same information over and over, and send them the laptop, only for them to say they won't fix it.

I would give this zero stars, but sadly that isn't an option.
review image review image
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on October 13, 2016
This is the worst experience that I have ever had with a product. Amazon clearly did not perform any due diligence before permitting this vendor to sell products on their website. I have had such an awful experience that I will never purchase another computer from Amazon ever again.

I purchased a Lenovo laptop from Amazon and was duped into purchasing a 3-year warranty. At the time of purchase I received an offer from Amazon to purchase an extended warranty from Square Trade. Shortly after the purchase the computer stopped working. My first attempt to file a warranty claim was denied because Square Trade indicated it was a problem that would be covered under the Manufacturer's warranty and that I needed to contact Lenovo. After several calls to Square trade they reluctantly agreed to acknowledge our claim and the computer was shipped to them. Based on the warranty agreement the computer was to be repaired in 3-5 business days and returned to me, The warranty also indicated that in the event the computer could not be repaired a cash payment would be provided for the replacement cost of the computer. Long story short, I still do not have a computer and SquareTrade is constantly providing us with false information about when our computer will be repaired. We have asked to speak to a manager on two separate occasions and were promised that a manager would return our phone call. Unfortunately, a manager has never returned our call. We still do not have a computer and Square Trade will not issue us a check for the replacement cost of the computer. They did refund us the price of the warranty but only because they failed to meet the contract requirements included in the warranty agreement. If you are in need of a computer. do yourself a favor and purchase it from a local retailer that provides its own warranty services.
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on September 22, 2016
Avoid this product at all costs.
I was told it would take two days to process my receipt upload. It took two weeks.
When I sent my computer to the warranty center with a faulty hinge and a damaged USB port, I was told it would take 2-5 business days. It took nine. I called midway through the process to ascertain my computer's status and was told parts were back-ordered, and that I should have received an email. I received no such email.
I received my computer and found a checklist in which SquareTrade claimed to have examined all the I/O ports and found them to be in working order. Yet the USB port had the same damage it had when I sent it to the facility. It's not that they did a shoddy job fixing it--it's that they simply did not look at the port and claimed they did.
Furthermore, the screen flickers on and off now. It never did that before I sent it in.
It took me over an hour on the phone to make any progress. I will say that the customer service representatives I spoke to were courteous. Eventually, I got a partial refund on my product and a guarantee of repayment for a local repair. Before I secured that, the representatives offered to send the device to their "top technicians." I explained I had zero faith in their company to even examine the problems their customers report.
When you pay for a warranty, you pay for peace of mind. On this front, SquareTrade completely fails to deliver.
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on September 6, 2015
Whoever is in charge of where the products go to get repaired should take stock of their locations. I legitimately think they outsource their work to India. I sent my laptop in for a repair of the Optical drive and the bezel, and it came back soo filthy! I was livid. It looked like someone had spilled a drink on my power cord and then got their hair stuck in it. I actually think they sent back the wrong power cord. I've had my laptop for a little over a year and it's never been as dirty as it was when it came back from the repair. That's another thing!! It took them almost over two weeks to fix and optical drive and a bezel. They said it might take "2-5 business days depending on availability of parts", not 1 to 3 weeks! and normally I'd be fine with it as long as it was fixed, but honestly, it was so sh*t when it came back I would actually prefer to keep it slightly damaged. How do you replace a damaged bezel with another damaged bezel, but damaged in a different place?? All they did was move the damage!! I also think they messed with my touchpad. It was working fine before it went in and now it's just glitchy. It stops working then starts working again a minute later, but it just keeps doing that. ALSO, MY SCREWS ARE DIFFERENT!! WTAF. WHy, wHY?? I can't even take apart my laptop to see if a cable might be poorly connected because whoever took apart my laptop PUT THE WRONG SCREWS BACK IN!!!! I am so unhappy about this you would not even understand. I literally would have preferred to leave it damaged. I would try to get my money back but it's too late, and I would need a lawyer. Do not get this protection plan for a Laptop. Just don't do it. If you're a techie like me, save yourself the heartache and do the repair yourself. I would have done it but I had already bought the plan in case something extremely unfortunate happened to my laptop, so I thought "Why not just use my accidental damage protection plan?". So yeah, don't do what I did.
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on July 22, 2013
I am very upset with the service I was provided with. I had a problem with power up on my computer, Square Trade did respond properly and sent a box to have it shipped back to them for repairs. It came back in a short time and the paper with it said what was done and they verified it was good to go. It was not as it would still not power on. I contacted Square Trade who told me they do not do the repairs a subcontractor does so they promised me a response from them. When they contacted me they wanted to send me another box and have it returned back to them yet again. I took the computer to a local repair shop to be repaired and it was repaired this time, I could not be without my computer again.
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on March 25, 2017
I recently filed a claim for a laptop. The computer screen was not functioning and now is. The customer service on the phone was good and the computer was returned in a timely fashion.

However, The computer disassembly and reassembly was poor. The computer case near the screen was not assembled completely-there was a gap at the monitor trim assembly- and the keyboard was not functioning properly anymore.

So, I had a computer that was functioning properly, except for the monitor, before the “repair", and after the warranty service I had a computer monitor that functioned properly and a computer that was malfunctioning.

I did not have confidence in the warranty service so I took the computer to a local computer repair business. The diagnosis that the technician offered seemed to imply that the computer was disassembled in a careless manner. The disassembly resulted in broken retaining clips on the back of the monitor trim and scratches about the casing. Also, the reassembly was done in a manner that pinched/cut an internal cable that rendered the 3, E, D, and C keys malfunctioning.

I paid the computer repair business $89.99 to diagnose and repair the computer. They estimated that it would cost $75 to replace the computer trim and $275 to replace the lid to the computer.

I paid $949.99 for the computer and $109.68 for the warranty service.

I am disappointed and frustrated with the service. I believe that the money that I spent on the service would have been better spent by having the computer repaired locally.
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on July 4, 2014
I filed a claim for a Samsung ATIV Windows 8 tablet after running over the backpack that it was in. The initial claim process was super easy and got the tablet back in a week, but only 1 of the 2 problems addressed. Sent it back and received it about 4 weeks later with the other problem repaired. I was left with a docking keyboard that has a very poor connection. I initially attempted contact on Facebook and email with no success to rectify this issue. Then I called and spoke to a customer service representative and spent about an hour on the phone not accomplishing anything. They would not even honor their 5 day repair guarantee (premium refund). I was told that a supervisor would call me. Nada! I sent a letter to the CEO. Nada! I have 2 other devices covered by Square Trade. I am hoping that I do not have to pull the claims trigger again! Apparently, they will generally replace devices under $500 in value. So, I would not even consider their coverage for more expensive equipment and you were really desperate.😠
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on March 12, 2017
We bought a 3 year plan to cover a gaming laptop. No problem with purchase price or getting coverage information. The screen went bad after about a year. We filed a claim and we were told after they receive the computer it would be shipped back in 5 days or less. We called regularly and were told many stories but the computer was never fixed. We had to contact our state attorney generals office who got Square Teade to reimburse us the cost of the computer and the cost of the Warranty. This whole process took about 2-3 months. Buyer beware.
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