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on June 23, 2016
I'm not going to make this a dissertation, as I don't have the time or energy outside of the fact that I am now seeking legal remediation to Squaretrade not honoring my claim. I'm not sure if I have ever written a 1 star review (maybe...but its only ever deserved if I ever have). I have had iPhone and iPad plans for years with Squaretrade, with no problems. But when I did have a problem (now), their true colors show. Bottom line - I purchased a warranty to cover a $1300 piece of electronics (the warranty I am reviewing). I bought the warranty 4 days after the electronics purchase. All through Amazon. They clearly state that you have up to 30 days after the initial purchase, to buy the warranty for it to be eligible. I did that, then uploaded the receipt to Squaretrade. This was a year ago (on my 3 year warranty). So, the item stopped working, accidental, water damage - I file a claim. After calling and explaining my case literally SEVEN different times to different reps over almost 3 weeks with zero call back or follow up, I get to a "manager". State my case - he says "well, you didn't buy the warranty at the same time as the item, so the warranty is void, and we will refund your warranty purchase price". I say no way...unacceptable - it's right in your T&Cs. He basically says "sorry...not covering it...write a letter to corporate if you have a problem with it". WOW. Really? I'm over 4 hours time invested into this already for what should be a simple reimbursement/replacement resolution, but now I have to pool together all of my data, thoughts, write a letter, etc. and hope for the best. Absolute BS. I will NEVER do business with Squaretrade again. EVER. I thought they were great...until it came time to file a claim of substance. Their "managers" are clearly tasked with avoiding paying out on a claim at any cost (I would purely speculate that they are trained - I could go into great detail here, but will spare you). Based on how this plays out - I fully intend to light up every social media outlet telling my story if I am on the short end of the stick here. I've never been treated so poorly by a warranty provider - and I would want others to know so they can stay clear. I would seriously think twice before buying a Squaretrade warranty on anything of substance. All of my friends that I have told to put warranties from Squaretrade on everything that they purchase - I will be reversing my position and telling them the opposite. I have lost all of my faith in this shady company. I would WELCOME any input directly from Squaretrade if they read these reviews.
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on October 8, 2011
I purchased a warranty for my Kindle DX from square trade and now I use it without fear of having something go wrong. The price was so good that I've since purchased two more warranties from square trade. I recently was diagnosed with hearing loss and needed hearing aids. Hearing aids are not inexpensive and it made me nervous wearing them around knowing that it would be difficult to replace one of it malfunctioned or broke. I purchased a square trade warranty for each hearing aid. Sure enough, 67 days after I purchased the hearing aids--which was seven days after my 60 day manufacturer warranty had expired--one of the hearing aids just died. I called the sales office and they wouldn't help. I called the manufacturer and they shrugged their shoulders. I called square trade and they took care of me within five days. They were kind, compassionate and very respectful. I felt like a valuable customer and they treated me like a person rather than a dollar sign. Because I was scared that this brand of hearing aid malfunctioned at the 67th day, I purchased another pair of hearing aids--but this time the most popular brand--Siemens. I'll be purchasing two new warranties within the next couple of days. I am a HUGE fan of square trade and tell everyone about their company.
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on August 8, 2012
Some of SquareTrade's claims are very misleading. For instance: "we often will reimburse you the full replacement value. This is especially true for most items under $500, or if it's going to take too long or is too expensive to fix." Sounds great, but it's not accurate (hence the word "often"). They will reimburse you the item cost, which is why they have a copy of your receipt. Depending on market conditions, this could be the replacement cost. Regarding claims, here is an outright lie: "For high value items like laptops, cameras and GPS, we'll give you a free shipping box to keep your item safe". Not me. I was told to find a sturdy box to ship my GPS. They provided a shipping label. If you read the other reviews, you will learn the warranty is "consumable", meaning the cost of each repair is subtracted from the warranty value. If they do a $40 repair on a $100 item, you have $60 worth of warranty remaining. If the item eventually dies, you get $60, and your warranty terminates. If you have Accident Protection, there is a $50 deductible.
For the money, SquareTrade still beats most retail extended warranties.
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on September 30, 2013
I usually do not buy warranties. However, when I bought my Amazon Kindle Keyboard for $189 in September 2010, I decided to buy the square trade 3 year warranty with accident protection for $39.99. I read daily and around March 2013 I had a problem with my kindle holding its charge. My battery finally died in April when my kindle would not turn on. I was outside the Amazon 1 year warranty and there was no way to replace the battery. I filed my claim on Square Trade's website, mailed in my dead Kindle to them using the prepaid label they provided and they emailed me an Amazon gift card for $198.95. They gave me a bonus since I took my payment in an Amazon gift card versus a check. The whole experience took less than 10 days. It was worth the average cost of $13.33 per year over a 3 year period to continue my reading habit.
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on February 5, 2012
I purchased the SquareTrade 3 Year Accident Protection & Warranty on February 4, 2012. I had a small problem with my initial attempt in purchasing the warranty. The warranty was for an HP 25" Monitor purchased and shipped to my grandson. After contacting Amazon and SqaureTrade the warranty was purchased. Received the confirmation and approval for the warranty within 3 hours. AWESOME SERVICE!

I accessed my warranty on the SquareTrade website and sent in my receipt. As of February 5 my receipt was still listed as pending. I called SquareTrade and they said they were waiting on the model and serial # of the monitor. I explained the warranty was for a monitor purchased for my grandson. The monitor had been shipped to him and he had the necessary documentation to complete the registration. Nick at SquareTrade handled the transfer over the phone and set up the warranty for my grandson to complete. I cannot say enough about the excellent service received from both SquareTrade and Amazon.

I told Nick I would let everyone know what great service I received and would recommend SquareTrade to all my friends.

As Always AMAZON is the best online retailer. If you need anything you will find it at Amazon and at the best prices available.
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on January 14, 2011
My year-old Ipod just stopped working just after Christmas. It just died quietly in its sleep. I was listening to it one day and the next day it was dead. I tried all the usual tricks, resetting, reenergizing, etc.) but was unsuccessful. I called Square Trade and the same day they mailed me a label. I packaged up said Ipod carefully and sent it UPS. The following day I had a credit posted to my Amazon account (my choice), ordered a new one, and two days later, had my new Ipod. They gave me a full refund on the Ipod with no other questions. The speed with which they do business is remarkable. I have waited longer in line at customer service booths (maybe just a slight exaggeration)in stores here in town. I was astounded. I promptly insured my new Ipod with Square Trade and will do business with them again. I already have my Kindle under Square Trade warranty. They shine!SquareTrade 3-Year MP3 Warranty Plus Accident Protection (MP3 Players $175-200)
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on December 28, 2013
I purchased this AGAIN on a similar product because I had to file a claim on a broken drawing Tablet my daughter used for Art on her PC. I originally purchased a 3 yr Accident plan from the beginning, well 2 yrs into the plan her USB connection on the tablet quit working. I filled a claim and within about 1 week Squaretrade gave us an option for full amount refund or an Amazon gift card for full amount with an extra 15% extra to spend at Amazon, we did the Amazon Gift card and I was able to get, a new Tablet, wireless USB add on and Another 3 yr Squaretrade warranty with the gift card plus a few extra dollars. Another thing if your purchase the products through Amazon then purchase the Sqauretrade warranty through Amazon also, there is NO co-pay to Squaretrade.
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on June 29, 2011
I got a Kindle for my birthday. A gift from my husband. I love to read by the pool in the summer. This summer has been really unusually hot in Texas and the weather pattern has been very unusual. It has also been very windy. One day while reading by the pool the wind kicked up and knocked a half empty coke can into the pool a few feet away. I put down my kindle on the towel and went after it. Before I could get to the coke can, a bigger gust came up taking my kindle, my towel and all that was on my towel right into the pool. I was devastated. Ran inside, tried to turn off the kindle and put it in a bowl of rice to wick the moisture away and possibly save my new toy. Nothing worked. It was frozen. I was very upset.

Then I remembered that there was an addition on the ticket. I checked and it was a Square Trade warranty that covered drops and spills for 3 years. I sent in the proper information to Square Trade and within hours I was notified that my kindle could be replaced. In just a day or so, my account was credited and all was well for the summer. I love this company. I won't buy an electronic device in the future without it.

Mariann Porter
New Braunfels, Texas
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on March 6, 2012
I have not used this product for it's intended purpose as of yet but for reviews sake i'll type a little review. I bought it same day as my pre-ordered PS Vita, I needed to use a friend's address instead of mine to ship papers to finish my order. I found that confusing since it declared no paperwork but no big deal... 2 weeks after my Vita shipped and FINALLY got it in hand I called up ST to initiate my warranty.

To start off, BEST customer service received without having to be a member/buyer for years. I explained to the representative (Prince) I spoke with that I needed to change the policy address and name, no attitude or hassle and asked me for info to verify I bought it and when that was done he helped me make necessary changes online and at the same time taught me to navigate the site. After a few more minutes of explaining the policy and "what if" scenarios of coverage, I was done.

In short, on any future major purchases I will buy more coverage. Great customer service, friendly and informative.
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on January 5, 2014
I bought the 3 year Square Trade Protection Plan for an xBox 360. It cost slightly more than $50. Just over 2 years into the plan the power supply went. I called Square Trade and was told to purchase the power supply from Microsoft and forward the receipt to Square Trade. I did that and very shortly afterward received a check in the mail. I was very happy to not have to send the xBox to Square Trade, but because it was the power supply located on the wire and not something internal, it wasn't necessary. I couldn't be happier with the entire process with Square Trade. Everything in life should be this simple. I would definitely get another protection plan from them.
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