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SquareTrade 3-Year Electronics Accident Protection Plan (Below $50)
Service plan term: 3 years|Service plan covered value: $1-$50|Change
Price:$25.36+ Free shipping

on June 23, 2016
I'm not going to make this a dissertation, as I don't have the time or energy outside of the fact that I am now seeking legal remediation to Squaretrade not honoring my claim. I'm not sure if I have ever written a 1 star review (maybe...but its only ever deserved if I ever have). I have had iPhone and iPad plans for years with Squaretrade, with no problems. But when I did have a problem (now), their true colors show. Bottom line - I purchased a warranty to cover a $1300 piece of electronics (the warranty I am reviewing). I bought the warranty 4 days after the electronics purchase. All through Amazon. They clearly state that you have up to 30 days after the initial purchase, to buy the warranty for it to be eligible. I did that, then uploaded the receipt to Squaretrade. This was a year ago (on my 3 year warranty). So, the item stopped working, accidental, water damage - I file a claim. After calling and explaining my case literally SEVEN different times to different reps over almost 3 weeks with zero call back or follow up, I get to a "manager". State my case - he says "well, you didn't buy the warranty at the same time as the item, so the warranty is void, and we will refund your warranty purchase price". I say no way...unacceptable - it's right in your T&Cs. He basically says "sorry...not covering it...write a letter to corporate if you have a problem with it". WOW. Really? I'm over 4 hours time invested into this already for what should be a simple reimbursement/replacement resolution, but now I have to pool together all of my data, thoughts, write a letter, etc. and hope for the best. Absolute BS. I will NEVER do business with Squaretrade again. EVER. I thought they were great...until it came time to file a claim of substance. Their "managers" are clearly tasked with avoiding paying out on a claim at any cost (I would purely speculate that they are trained - I could go into great detail here, but will spare you). Based on how this plays out - I fully intend to light up every social media outlet telling my story if I am on the short end of the stick here. I've never been treated so poorly by a warranty provider - and I would want others to know so they can stay clear. I would seriously think twice before buying a Squaretrade warranty on anything of substance. All of my friends that I have told to put warranties from Squaretrade on everything that they purchase - I will be reversing my position and telling them the opposite. I have lost all of my faith in this shady company. I would WELCOME any input directly from Squaretrade if they read these reviews.
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on January 14, 2011
My year-old Ipod just stopped working just after Christmas. It just died quietly in its sleep. I was listening to it one day and the next day it was dead. I tried all the usual tricks, resetting, reenergizing, etc.) but was unsuccessful. I called Square Trade and the same day they mailed me a label. I packaged up said Ipod carefully and sent it UPS. The following day I had a credit posted to my Amazon account (my choice), ordered a new one, and two days later, had my new Ipod. They gave me a full refund on the Ipod with no other questions. The speed with which they do business is remarkable. I have waited longer in line at customer service booths (maybe just a slight exaggeration)in stores here in town. I was astounded. I promptly insured my new Ipod with Square Trade and will do business with them again. I already have my Kindle under Square Trade warranty. They shine!SquareTrade 3-Year MP3 Warranty Plus Accident Protection (MP3 Players $175-200)
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on November 26, 2017
So far, so good. If I ever need it I will know more
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on March 6, 2012
I have not used this product for it's intended purpose as of yet but for reviews sake i'll type a little review. I bought it same day as my pre-ordered PS Vita, I needed to use a friend's address instead of mine to ship papers to finish my order. I found that confusing since it declared no paperwork but no big deal... 2 weeks after my Vita shipped and FINALLY got it in hand I called up ST to initiate my warranty.

To start off, BEST customer service received without having to be a member/buyer for years. I explained to the representative (Prince) I spoke with that I needed to change the policy address and name, no attitude or hassle and asked me for info to verify I bought it and when that was done he helped me make necessary changes online and at the same time taught me to navigate the site. After a few more minutes of explaining the policy and "what if" scenarios of coverage, I was done.

In short, on any future major purchases I will buy more coverage. Great customer service, friendly and informative.
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on November 12, 2010
I recently purchased a very expensive product and wanted to look for a decent warranty. SquareTrade received such high marks and certifications by third parties, but what caught my eye is that it cost less than other warranties, including the ones offered by the manufacturer of the product.

If the purchase is from Amazon and you add the SquareTrade in your cart, you are pretty much set. SquareTrade e-mails you within an hour and tells you to register on their website. It's optional to send them a copy of your Amazon purchase receipt e-mail, but it's a good idea to save time when you may need to do a warranty claim and prove you made a purchase; they just place your receipt in their database.

Lastly, I also got a courtesy phone call the next day from a SquareTrade rep. The person was really nice and wanted to make sure everything went well and if I had any questions. That's a comforting feeling to be sure someone is there to help.
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on August 30, 2010
I have many warranty's from Square Trade. I have had 2 computers die and they refunded the purchase price of both of them. I didn't have to send the computers back and it was done on the honor system. I appreciate their trust and I will never abuse that. The cost of the warranties are so much less than in those in the stores which I usually pass on. Since ST's are so reasonable with excellent customer services I now buy a warranty on most every high dollar electronics purchase. Some say you don't need them. I say phoey to that. I only buy the best and even those fail just after the manufacturer warranty ends. For just a few dollars the peace of mind is worth it to me. If you're laying out a lot of cash and don't want to take the risk of laying it out again in a year or two then don't hesitate. If you're made of money you shouldn't be reading this.
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on April 6, 2012
Fabulous! I got my refund before they even got my damaged device! I always recommend Squaretrade to my friends as the best warranty provider I know. Although a little disappointed that I have to buy a new warranty for my new device instead of just linking it to my old warranty, but they're pretty reasonable in price, so it's fine.
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on February 23, 2012
A year after the purchase of a bluetooth (just under $100) and square trade warrantee (with accidental protection coverage) the bluetooth fell apart and no longer worked. Called Square Trade and they helped me through a few short troubleshooting steps to verify that the thing was really broken. Choose a refund to Amazon Gift card, and was refunded the TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE of my item and an additional % $ back for choosing the Amazon Gift Card as my refund type. Was able to repurchase a replacement for the bluetooth through Amazon, even a different brand ... (stepped up a little) in less than a week (along with another SquareTrade warrantee)! NOW THAT'S A WARRANTEE !!! Thanks to Square Trade with whom I warrantee almost everything I know I will use a lot.
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on February 13, 2013
This company just ROCKS!

There's really no other way to describe their excellent customer service. Here's what happened: My Kindle 3 Keyboard's WiFi quit working on Feb 2. It would see the networks but not connect to them, I knew it was the Kindle's WiFi since my Asus tablet connected with no issues at all. This Kindle prior to this connected with no issues either.

I logged-on to my account at Square Trade and sent them a description of the problem via their Support Section. They phoned me about 30 minutes later and verified some information then stated the Kindle was defective and to expect a prepaid UPS return shipping label in my email. They also said the unit was not repairable so I would be receiving an Amazon gift card code PLUS 5% in an email. I checked my email as soon as I hung up the phone and printed my return label, I had the original shipping box then dropped it into a UPS Dropbox location. Later that evening I received the email with my Amazon gift card code.

This all occurred within the space of about 6 hours! That's fantastic customer service if you ask me. They hadn't even received the defective Kindle yet! They must have verified the package was picked up by UPS as the tracking code showed it to have been picked up at 6:45PM CST.

I went to Amazon and order the Kindle Paperwhite plus the black rooCASE for it. The only cost to me was $7.45. Can't beat that with a stick.

I highly recommend to anyone who buys and ereader, tablet, cell phone, etc., to definitely purchase a Square Trade warranty! There is none better... period!

I purchased the original Square Trade warranty here on Amazon since it's much more 'cost effective' than from their website.
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on June 8, 2014
This warranty was money well spent! I got this for one of my gaming headsets and when it needed to be repaired they were able to get me a new pair with no money out of pocket! Highly recommended!
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