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on February 19, 2014
Canceled 2 Kindle open box protection plans. One Feb 2, 2014 the other on the 8th . Promised refund 3-5 business days per phone as well as sent confirmation of such. My credit card still not credited and just processed the 13th at Sq. Trade. Here is the catcher. I have to wait 3-5 days after the process on the 13th , than wait 10 more business days, than a check will be mailed to my home . The amount refunded does not include sales tax on either. So all I get is $44.99 and not $48.93 which I was charged. They won't let me speak to a supervisor. Kindle square trade dept has been great but can't handle refunds. I hate too see if I needed Square trade services. Boy I miss Square Net. Wish they covered all devices like they used too. You maybe thinking your saving but think again. I have talked to 10 people at Sq.Trade, received promise of refund in 3-5 business days, and no where on Amazon does it say I have to wait 10 more business days after process to have a check mail . And the TAX........................................ Where does that go?
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on August 22, 2013
I bought the warranty at the same time for a Panasonic TV 06/26/2012. I bought through Amazon Warehouse sold open box. This means it was sold as new and still covered under the manufacturer's warranty for 1 year. I got the Square Trade coverage for another year after that because that is what their terms of service says it will do - start when the manufacturer warranty expires.

14 months after the purchase, the TV started buzzing. I have been fighting with them for a week and Square Trade has continued to refuse to honor the warranty stating coverage started from the date of purchase EVEN THO MY SQUARE TRADE ACCOUNT SHOWS THE TV WAS PURCHASED NEW AND THAT THE PANASONIC WARRANTY WAS IN EFFECT!

I will never buy coverage from them again and will actively encourage everyone to seek other coverage.

UPDATE 09/17/2013 - Well after a few phone calls where I kept my cool but made it know that I was severely irritated, I was able to get SquareTrade to honor the warranty. I got the repairman to come out, replace the circuit board on the TV and, aside from annoyingly missing the repair time window, it went smoothly.

Why 3 stars? The @#$!% that I had to go through to get them to honor the warranty ate up many hours of my life. I'm still peeved about that. However, once we got things rolling it was as nice as an experience as I would have expected.

Final word - if you buy through Amazon Warehouse and get a SquareTrade warranty, your ST account will show the item is new which would mean the manufacturer warranty is in effect from the purchase date. DON'T BELIEVE IT at least as far as SquareTrade is concerned. Even though that information will load into your ST account directly from Amazon, you should still contact the manufacturer and get something in writing showing that the warranty is in effect. While I did talk to Panasonic last year on a similar matter because Square Trade told me to...since the TV was sold new (see where I'm going with this), I did not get Panasonic to send me anything in writing.

If you don't do this, you will have an experience like I did. ST kept telling me it wasn't their fault because they only imported the information from Amazon which I was told they do not verify and their records showed the TV was sold as used (this meant the 1-year ST warranty started immediately at purchase and not when the Panasonic warranty expired a year from purchase). However, I had no way to know that and the info in my account did show the TV was new (meaning the Panasonic warranty was in effect).

Will I buy from SquareTrade again? I just did for the microwave I purchased but not from the Amazon Warehouse this time. It was $8 and I do not expect to have the same experience.
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on April 3, 2013
I ordered this product twice. Both times I never received the confirmation email to properly set up the warranty for the device I purchased it for (a $1000 open box TV). Multiple calls to customer service and emails of the course of two months caused me just to give up hope setting this up correctly. My only hope is that either the TV doesn't break or Square Trade really steps up and still honors the fact that I bought this twice (refunded for the first one).

Edit (4-18-13) Not long after receiving this feedback, Tiffany contacted me and resolved the issue. My warranty has been instated and I was even offered a longer term on it. I thank them for their help, but I wish it would not have taken a bad review to have the issue resolved. I think there is something wrong with this particular item though. This item and their system do not seem to get along well. And as such this warranty had to be manually entered by them instead of just automatically working.
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on February 18, 2013
I purchased Sony 55" LED TV from amazon warehouse deal used good condition for $968.15 and amazon confirm me that this product is eligible for warranty via Square Trade One-Year Open-Box Electronics Extended Warranty - Items $200-2000

So i did purchased this warranty for $44.99 but then i call square trade 1.877.WARRANTY to confirm warranty but i got shocked that they do not cover used item even if its sold by amazon warehouse deal. They also inform me that once you get email confirmation from square trade give us a call then then we will refund your $44.99

So contacted amazon and they are even surprise like and they looking into the issue.

Will update later once i received confirmation from amazon.

Edit: 2/18/2013 12:45 PM PST

As always amazon came first in this matter and they contacted square trade. I received a call from Square trade. Square trade confirms with me that your product will be cover with this warranty. She even give me her extension number so once i get contract from square trade by email i should call her and giver her my contract number as well as amazon order number and then they will be happy to issue email confirming that this order will be covered under this warranty. This all happened in less than 1 hour and issue is resolved by amazon and also by square trade.
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on May 13, 2015
Had a Had a refurbished tablet camera go bad called square trade and called amazon. After an hour a representative from Amazon (Carrie) stayed on the line to call square trade and try to get my tablet repaired or replaced. She was freakin awesome. She fought with Square trade about the term and the fine print. Keep in mind this was on the weekend. Ultimately Square trade created a claim and had me ship my tablet back to them for repair. About two weeks later I received the tablet with a cpu and camera replaced and working great. This is the insurance you want if you’re cheap like me and buy a refurbished item from amazon. Just make sure you explain your situation and be persistent. Best 50$ insurance purchase ever.
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on May 31, 2013
Please make sure that you read the fine print on this warranty product. It is not valid for any used or like new TV's. I bought a like new/brand new Samsung television, and when I went to check out this warranty was suggested to buy. After reading the fine print I then realized it is only good on new or factory refurbished televisions. They don't even put the fine print on amazon when you go to purchase it; you actually have to go to there website and view the fine print. Purchase at your own risk.....
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on October 2, 2013
My TV went out exactly 1 year from the date that I purchased it. The warranty process was a breeze. I called Square Trade. They asked me my email address then the model and serial numbers on the TV and asked what the problem was. I told them that it would not power up at all. They then said that they would send the parts to me and a technician would contact me for an appointment. The technician called. We set up an appointment. The parts were installed. Absolutely no problem. By the way, the parts were over-night UPS to me. Smooth operation with absolutely no glitches. In other words, money well spent! P.S. I would recommend that ANYONE BUYING A FLAT SCREEN PURCHASE THE WARRANTY! This flat screen TV business is still evolving. They won't last 20 years like the old ones. They are very sensitive to power surges. Make sure also that you have a good surge suppressor, although lightning can't be stopped....
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on September 6, 2013
Twice I've tried to get the HDMI port on my TV repaired . Twice I've been put on hold for so long that I gave up.
Part of their plan to make service so laborious that you give up. Either don't buy a warranty or buy it from another provider .
You HAVE to do trouble shooting with their people and they make that soooo long that unless you don't have a job and can spend all day with them..... you have to hang up.

*** Revised Review
The day I posted a poor review I was contacted and parts were ordered and the TV was fixed within days.
I'd give them a 5 star, but I had to jump thru hoops to get it taken care of. IN THE END they did take care of the problem and they were always very very polite.
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on May 4, 2013
The charging port on both of our kindle fire's had became loose and stopped charging. I dug through my email to find my squaretrade information and made the call to their claims line. The man was very helpful and after going through all the trouble-shooting options he forwarded me to someone else that took my claim information. Two replacement kindle fires were sent (with two-day shipping) and I printed the prepaid labels and sent back the defective ones. There was no charge to me for anything! I highly recommend getting this warranty!
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on February 1, 2013
i was skeptical at first when i added this warranty to a Denon refurbished receiver i bought and when the receiver went bad after 1 yr and 11 months just when the warranty expired square trade issued me a full refund with in days of my call and made the whole process completely hassle free i definitely would add this warranty with the poor quality products we are getting these days out of china
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