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VINE VOICEon September 13, 2005
Sit down boys and girls and let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, actually it was a Wednesday; anyway, I decided to go on my lunch hour from work to the nearest Chinese buffet restaurant. I usually do not frequent the buffet lifestyle because I am afraid of what goes on behind closed doors, and the sneeze guard is just gross. I was happy to see that they had healthier fare to choose from, and sushi, so I filled my plate with steamed veggies, sushi and a dumpling or two. I sat down alone at my table, facing away from everyone because I just have this thing about people watching me eat, and something really brightly red caught my eye. It was in a Giant squeezy bottle, with a rooster on the front; I picked it up and read the label "Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce". Hmmm, a condiment that I haven't heard of, ME the so called Condiment Queen of Gainesville Florida. I squirted a bit on my plate, dipped my chopsticks in it and tasted it, GOOD LORD UP ABOVE, it was Huy Fong good, spicy garlicky vinegary so tasty, I then doused my entire meal with the HazMat red concoction and reveled in its goodness. I rushed out after work to the nearest Asian market, of which I frequent a lot, and there it was so many squeezy bottles how did I ever miss them before? I grabbed three, plus two of my regular Hoi sin bottles, a jar of pickled ginger and proceeded to grin like a Cheshire cat to the register. On the bottle it also says its good on pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta and I have to admit the stuff is good on almost everything. I have used it on all of those things plus baked potatoes, in salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, barbecue, along side dips, its as if it mind melds with whatever it goes on to make a perfect accompaniment for your taste buds. Okay I am dorking out so that means this review is finished. BUY SOME NOW> you won't regret it.
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on December 20, 2006
I'm a bit of spice hound and have flirted with other hot sauces before, but nothing has ever seized hold of me like Sriracha. An old Greenwich Village burger joint near where I worked at NYU used to serve it on the tables with popcorn and the combo was killer. The memory haunted me for years before I finally picked up a bottle. I shouldn't have waited. This stuff is amazingly addictive with a garlicky sweet hot yumminess that's hard to describe. It sits on my table in front of the salt and pepper and I've drained a bottle in a 3 month period. Incredible on eggs, superb on burritos, utterly transforms dull dietetic chicken vegitable dishes from the Chinese restaurant. I put a squirt in the health low-sodium soups instead of more salt and all of a sudden all the flavors perk up. Utterly highest recommendation.
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on October 30, 2008
Sriracha's a great early morning pick-me-up on the ol omlet. It's also great on pizza, stirfry, soups, panini sandwiches (spritz a little atop the cheese the next time you make one, and see for yourself), etc. Great for livening up roasted red pepper hummus, tomato sauces, mayonnaise, you name it. The uses are innumerable.

I'm a self-avowed chili-head, and I've tried more chili sauces than I can easily count. Everyone has their favorite styles and brands, and I'm no different, because this happens to be one of mine.

The thing I like about Sriracha is how the flavor and texture of freshly ground sun-ripened red chilies shine through cleanly ... there are no gritty/bitter seeds, no oxidized flavors from using reconstituted dried chilies, no caramelized/overcooked flavors, no competing heavy mismatched flavors/spices, no mouth pucking wretched excesses from being pickled in cider vinegar and salt, no fatiguing smoke flavors, no fruit juices, no excessive heat, no thermonuclear oil essence extracts, etc. Most of those things have their time, place and uses, and good examples of each abound ... but not here.

No. Sriracha is just plain, beautiful, de-seeded, unobstructed, sun-ripened fresh red chili flesh, with just barely enough garlic, salt, vinegar and sugar to round it out, plus a little gaur gum to thicken it slightly, and a little sorbate for extend it's freshness. That's it. It's pleasantly piquant, but not overly so.

Highly recommended.

p.s. A convenient fallback for me, whenever Sriracha is unavailable, is Franks RedHot Original.
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on January 5, 2007
I first saw this hot sauce in the Asian food section of a local store. Dating back over a decade, I've been interested in various forms of spicy foods, and this looked interesting. So, I gave it a try, and it now holds a special place in my heart and kitchen. As other reviewers have said, this isn't the hottest sauce on the market, with a heat level around that of Tabasco sauce. However, the heat is where the similarities end. This sauce has a wonderful, but not overpowering, garlicky element and a thicker consistency than Tabasco. I use this hot sauce in anything that needs to be brightened up or anything that I would normally use a hot sauce. This goes great in gumbos, stews, soul food, and of course, Asian cuisine. I simply cannot say enough good things about this product.
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on January 14, 2007
I first ran across Sriracha (and am still uncertain how to pronounce it) while eating at a Vietnamese restaurant in California. It was given to me with a seafood entrée and I found that I kept squeezing the bottle and tasting the sauce separately with my fork. Its flavor is absolutely amazing. Yes, the other reviewers are quite correct, it is not a conveyer of great heat, but its texture and flavor are incomparable. I brought it back with me to Illinois and have about 6 of them in a cabinet--just in case I ever run short. I've turned at least 5 people onto it and now use it with chicken, pizza, and even eggs on a daily basis. It is exquisite and I've very glad to have made its acquaintance.
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on April 4, 2010
This chili sauce is like franks red hot, but its thicker and has more garlic taste to it. Trust me if your a hot sauce fan like i am, then deffinatly try this. Its a little hotter than Franks, but its not atomic. This sauce has more flavor than Franks. Do yourself a favor and just try this out, i guarentee you will love it as much as i do. Enjoy :)
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on February 7, 2011
I put this sauce on anything and everything, from sushi (highly recommended) to ramen noodles, to hot dogs, to burritos, to my girlfriend.....but don't try the girlfriend thing. Sriracha sauce is extremely spicy. It will burn sensitive areas and you will sleep alone for a month, if not longer.
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on June 9, 2010
This hot sauce has become a staple in my kitchen and replaced my bottle of Tabasco. Like Tabasco - it is primarily a hot (cayenne?) pepper delivery device. A few drops add a considerable amount of heat to any dish. This is NOT a watered down hot sauce like Franks, etc.

While Tabasco seems to impart mostly heat along with a heavy dose of vinegar - this sauce has far more subtle tastes going on beyond the heat, yet the heat is considerable and dominates. It also lingers, on your taste buds, longer than Tabasco. There is a subtle amount of sweetness to this sauce along with faint garlic notes. While Tabasco can taste quite harsh if you add too much to a dish ---- this sauce, no matter how much you add, tastes fresh and just a bit sweet but of course can become far too hot if you add too much.

I wanted to say in my review that this sauce had a hint of tomato yet there are no tomatoes listed on the ingredients. I suspect what I thought was tomato was simply the "sun ripened chilies" and the added sugar listed on the ingredients. But to be clear - heat - lingering heat - is the primary taste

While I really like this product and certainly recommend its purchase --------- I'm not sure it rates 5 stars because the overall flavor does not seem TRULY exceptional - only VERY GOOD. There really is just one major taste evident and that is heat - and after that only a vague hint of something else which seems to be chiles, sugar and garlic. But chiles, sugar and garlic certainly beats (by a very wide margin) --- the heavy vinegar aftertaste as evidenced in Tabasco and many other hot sauces.

For the $5.99 I paid locally for a 28 Oz bottle --- I'm glad to always have it on hand and it is a true staple.

Amazon prices the 17oz at $5.19 and the 27oz at $5.89. It is a true no-brainer to purchase the 28oz size.

As another reviewer recommended - given the potency of this stuff - you probably ONLY want to have a single bottle on hand. Larger quantities will deteriorate over time. I'd recommend you purchase this locally and not in the 2/3/6 packs offered on Amazon. I doubt many households will go through a bottle in a year. As I said: this is potent stuff.

Update (July 2010) - a formal taste test

I put 4 ounces of tomato juice into two glasses and progressively added 1/8 teaspoon of Tabasco or Huy Fong Sriracha into one of the two glasses until they both became too "hot" to taste

Results: With Tabasco - with each added dose the juice became not only hotter but harsher. With the Huy Fong - it became hotter yet retained a very fresh and sweeter note

Update (August 2013): While my review was written some time ago - just recently (August, 2013) America's Test Kitchen, a show on PBS tested a wide number of hot sauces. What sauce came in last? Tabasco! First was the Huy Fong Sriracha.

Another Update: Bon Appetit magazine recently rated this sauce as "ingredient of the year"
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on August 10, 2013
I know, I was a loyal Frank's, Cholula, Tabasco, habenaro sauce for years too. Then I read this article on this older Chinese gentleman who made it out of Vietnam in 1975 aboard a cargo ship named Huy Fung. When he arrived in Boston, he migrated to LA and joined the asain community there. he started making his signature sriracha sauce (some folks call it Rooster sauce) and walked around to the various restaurants and families and sold his sauce. Well, over the years, it took off like wild fire in LA. Next thing you know Wal-Mart wants it! So you can get it at either Wally World or from Amazon for less if you are a Prime member. ( the Prime membership is worth it if you order more than 15x or so a year from Amazon- knowing your package will be on your doorstep in 48 hours is quite impressive!!) So the Chinese gentleman, named his company after the cargo ship that brought him to the USA. He is up there in years and his son-in-law and him recently contracted for a new 650,000 sq.ft. facility to meet demand! The label has a Rooster on the front.....The founder's Chinese zodiac Rooster symbol and surrounded by the other Chinese zodiac symbols. The distinctive lime green top and the incredibly low price at Wally world or on Amazon -average $2.50 for 17 oz.!! of sauce!! The price crushes everything out there as does the flavor....a little bit goes a long way. With my cottage cheese I put a handful of walnuts over the cottage cheese and about 6 little drops of sriracha sauce, mix it in well, and it is delicious! Enjoy!
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To be honest I ordered this HUY FONG brand of SRIRACHA HOT CHILI SAUCE in the 17-oz. plastic bottle because, although an add-on, it pushed an order above the new $35 threshold to qualify for SuperSaver shipping. It is good and hot, with a primarily chili-pepper taste, a good clean burn with the requisite side notes of garlic and vinegar, not overly complicated. It works well in a VERY thin line down the middle of my favorite frozen burrito. In fact, I prefer it to our previous brand, Crying Tiger, which is fairly powerful but a little on the sweet side. If this is your first outing with sriracha in a squeeze bottle, keep in mind that it sure ain't ketchup, and a little dab will almost always do ya. Although the plastic bottle is covered with languages in addition to English, the product is actually made in the good ol' USA. Strong recommendation.
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