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I have ultra fair skin. My skin tone falls somewhere between Snow White and translucent. I can go outside in the sun for 15 minutes and get a burn. I've even been told I glow in the dark.

With that said, St. Tropez is the first self tanner that ever looked like a REAL natural tan on me. Like most everyone else I have tried everything and always looked silly waiting for my newest mistake to wear off. I worked in a tanning salon years ago, and even then the color I got from tanning beds looked fake on me. People always asked if it was a bottled tan, and that was my actual skin color!

I don't smell anything when applying this. After any self tanner has been on for many hours it starts to product a scent. It's the exact same smell with all brands, because it's the chemicals developing. The only difference is what fake perfumey smell each brand tries to mask it with. St. Tropez doesn't give it any smell, so it isn't until MANY hours later, after the tan has developed (and when you should be in washing off the bronzer) that there is a smell.

In the last 2 years using this product, I have never had an issue with streaking, and I am not sure how you can. As long as the bronze mousse applied is covering your skin, than the area gets tanned evenly. The bronze mousse color itself will look streaky sometimes while applying, but that's what you wash off once your tan has developed. Don't plan on putting this stuff on and going out shopping for the day. It's something you will want to put on before bed at night so you can wake up, hop in the shower to wash off the bronzer and come out with a phenomenal brown tan.

* * * * My steps for the perfect St. Tropez tan for those with ridiculously fair skin: * * * *

1) Shower: At night, an hour or so before going to bed take a shower. Get a rag and some serious exfoliating scrub. The best are sugar or salt scrubs (this Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub, Coconut Lime is my favorite). They are coarse, but by taking the time to do this step the self tanner lasts a lot longer and doesn't get patchy after a few days as your skin naturally exfoliates. Be sure to get around the ankles, knees and elbows well.

2) Dry off well: Once out of the shower, dry off. Put on some PJ's or a robe and go do something for 15 minutes so your skin can start to fully get dry from the shower. This is a good time to do that last minute things. Check your Facebook, let the dogs out one last time, figure out what your wearing tomorrow, etc.

3) Application: Before starting with the self tanner, take a dab of some kind of lotion and apply a small amount to your elbows, knees and hands. This will help keep the tanner from over saturating this skin and keep everything looking natural. Assuming you also purchased a St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Tan Applicator Mitt, apply 3 or so pumps of the mousse to the mitt and begin applying to your legs. Once you have covered them, us what little bit is absorbed into the mitt to rub onto your feet. You don't need to be able to see the bronze mousse on them, trust me the tanner is there. Be sure to get between your toes and all the way to bottom sides of your feet.

Next pump more mousse on the mitt and apply to torso and arms. Last I apply to the neck and use whats left still absorbed into the mitt on my face. By the time you have finished your upper half, your lower half will be dry. Next wash your hands with soap an water (even using the mitt you'll probably still get a little on your hands) and dry them well. But then before rinsing off the mitt, rub the backs of your hands and wrists with the mitt to apply a super light coat of the tanner to them. Just like the feet you wont see it there, but it will develop and blend nicely.

Drying: By the time you have touched up your hands, the rest of you will be sufficiently dry to put on something to wear to bed. If it's a hot night, make sure to have a fan or air condition on so you don't sweat your tan off all night.

The perfect tan: The next morning you will wake up and the bronzer will probably make you look all dirty. Your face will look a mess and you will probably smell. I call this "going to bed with mud on". The bronzer will most likely look patchy or streaky, but not to worry just hop in the shower. You will see a bunch of brown going down the drain. Get out and pat skin dry. You will discover under all that messy brozer has developed the most gorgeous brown (not orange) tan. You will go in looking a mess and come out a tanned goddess (looking about 5 lbs thinner I might add, since tanned skin looks toner.)

After 3 or 4 days, repeat the process with the exfoliating scrub again. Your tan may look patchy after you exfoliate well, but you will be applying a fresh tan on top of it, so it won't be a problem.

TIP: On days where you want to give your tan a little boost in color, or you've waited too long between applications and your starting to get a little variation in your skins tan because of the skin naturally exfoliating, use some St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse 4oz. It's goof proof and can make a perfect tan look even more phenomenal.

With St.Tropes, now even us with pasty white skin can have a beautiful natural looking tan. ;)
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on February 6, 2017
This stuff is outstanding. I've tried every self tanning product ever and this is my permanent go-to. It's SO quick and easy to apply. Here's my process (works flawlessly every time)
1. Lotion whole body night before. Shower on Sunday afternoon/early night, dry off, then put on this tanner (about 1 full pump per body part; calf=1pump, thigh=1pump, stomach=1-2 pumps, etc). I get my whole body, make sure to use the glove and keep lightly rubbing in circular motions until all the edges are blended out. Then I have my boyfriend get my back (2 pumps).

2. It dries in about 5 minutes, but I usually stand around naked for 20 minutes just to be sure. I leave it all on over night (try to not wash your hands or your face for the rest of the night so it all sinks in for the same amount of time).

3. In the morning, I shower like normal and go about my day.

That's it. I've gone to sleep with this stuff on wearing a white tshirt and the tshirt does not get ANY color on it, so I know it doesn't come off. My tan lasts for about a week, sometimes a little longer. After about a week it starts to fade (some areas more quickly than others). If I do this every Sunday, it never fades and I stay constantly bronzed :) I used to use FakeBake, but the process was just too time consuming, it was a lot of waiting around and the color always looked a tiny bit orange on me. This one is perfect color, dries super fast, easy to do every Sunday without procrastinating.
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on May 16, 2017
I'm not genetically gifted with tan or olive skin and I typically burn from the sun instead of getting a sun-kissed glow so I've searched far and wide for a natural looking tanning lotion. It's difficult to find something that makes my super fair skin not look fake-baked or orange. St. Tropez is probably the best self tanning product I've found yet. I really like that you can build on your tan and have a slight glow with one application/layer and continue getting darker with more without changing the natural hue/tone of the tan.

Most tanning products have some kind of smell - this one has a pleasant smell but it's not that prominent. *I definitely recommend getting the mitt with this! I have tried applying with a sock or substitute but nothing helps buff the mousse better or get as even of a tan.

Drawbacks of self tanning: I hate getting the stains from this tanning mousse on my clothes/sheets but I guess that I've accepted this is a given byproduct of any tanning lotion. I'd recommend putting something over your sheets or using dark ones before sleeping with this on. I've also noticed I get a kind of splotchy look a few days in when the tan starts to fade in certain spots - not a good look but typical with any other self tanner.
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on July 28, 2017
I love this self tanner! I have tried almost every one out there, expensive & cheap, and this is the winner. The mousse is easy to apply (I use a mitt), has no bad odor, and leaves a gorgeous, natural-looking brown tan. I use it at night and it never leaves residue on my sheets, and dries in about a minute so it's very convenient to rub on right before bed. It looks kind of bad when it washes off in the shower in the morning and the first time I was worried all the color washed off too (such as happens with so many others!) but it didn't...the color left behind was lovely and just dark enough! I used Fake Bake for quite a while but this kicks its butt. It provides a darker tan that doesn't wash off and it lasts for 3 to 4 days before even starting to fade. Fake Bake fades in a day and even after two applications I couldn't get good color. It also fades evenly, like a natural tan would. I can't say enough positive things, this product is awesome and my definite go-to from now on!
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on August 4, 2017
This product produces a nice colored tan (a little too dark, but still a nice color) that lasts several days. The issue that I have with the product is the smell. It is so overwhelming that it is actually nauseating, and it doesn't fade with time. The product requires that you stay out of the water for 4-8 hours after applying, so it's a difficult wait to be able to jump into the shower to wash the smell away. If you want a nice fake tan and don't mind stinking to high heaven, then this is your product. Back to Vita Liberata for me!
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on April 5, 2017
I have used this self tanner many times. I love that it goes on smooth and does not streak. I use the foam mitt to apply it. Also is a very natural looking tan, no orange look. I will continue to buy this!
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on July 16, 2016
My go to self-tanner. Leaves you beautifully bronze after one application. Dries in a minute or two and then you're good to get dressed! Sometimes a little color comes off on light clothing, but everything comes out in the wash. totally worth it for the natural looking color. Only ranking 4 is cause it will stain your palms unless you wash SECONDS after application or you buy the gangly, awkward mit.
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on April 29, 2016
I am extremely pale, and with summer right around the corner I knew I needed to start investing in some new tanning products. I live in Southern California practically right on the beach, and my family and I are all latinas. I often stand out next to them always very pale while they are all very tan. However I do not burn very well. My sister and I go to a summer camp for two weeks and Ashe will always pile on the sunscreen but comes home redder then a lobster. I never apply sunscreen ( because I don't burn ) and sit out in the sun even longer then her considering I'm a lifeguard and I still do not burn. So I have no idea if this product prevents burning. I applied two coats and this was still not a very dark color. Of course it was there but it looked more like a gradual tan the darkness it's claimed to have. I would recommend this to some one who's looking for a subtle tan that doesn't take very long to show. It's also almost matte? I wouldn't say drying because it's not. It's just doesn't have a glow, and it's not very eye catching. I will say though, this as a base for Loving Tan in Ultra Dark or Dark Bronzing Mousse will give you a deep long lasting tan.
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on July 7, 2014
This is the only self-tanner I've ever bought that doesn't look orange and obviously fake. It looks completely natural. One coat is enough to just take away the pastiness from my very pale skin, and two coats applied back to back give me a good bronze color. I always get comments like, "Have you been tanning?" and when I tell them it's fake they're like, "I didn't know you used self-tanner!" It's really easy to apply. I put it on immediately after exfoliating and getting out of the shower, and I love how quickly it dries. I don't have to stand around waiting with a timer like I would with other tanners. I just use my hands, not the mitts, to apply, and the only drawback is that I really have to scrub using soap, a pumice stone, and a nail brush to get it all off. I also use the St. Tropez exfoliator tan remover on my palms sometimes, but that's not enough by itself without the pumice stone. It's really expensive, and I'd rather not spend this much, but it's less than I used to spend on tanning memberships and much better for my skin. My tan lasts a couple of days, but in the summer I usually apply every day to get a deeper color.
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on July 8, 2017
this product is a must-have. the consistency is really thin and it goes on easily, also dries fast. The color is perfect, you wouldn't be able to tell it's a fake tan for many reasons. Although I am blonde and it worked well for me, I would probably suggest the darker mousse for dark haired/olive skin tone. I was always worried about the smell but honestly it's quite refreshing, and I find that it only smells a little the first day or night before you wash it off in the morning. I can easily use it on my face and it just overall mimics a real tan in the way that it gives you a healthy glow. There is nooo streaking with this product, BUT I would suggest wearing gloves under the mitt when applying, or applying lotion on the palms of the hands before because I have had a slight issue with it staining the inside of my hands. This product has made me feel so comfortable in my own skin on days I couldn't make it to the beach. It lasts a week or a few days over and fades like a real tan. Only takes me 30 minutes to apply from start to finish. I would highly recommend this product. I love it !
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