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on October 7, 2010
Since I started riding my mountain bike again, I figured it would be a good time to get a stationary exercise bike so I would not have to ride outside on the very cold or wet days.

Being 6ft tall and weighing about 275 pounds, my first objective in purchasing an exercise bike was to find one with a suitable weight limit since most seem to top out at the 250 pound range. So I decided to give the Stamina 5325 a try since it has a 300 pound weight limit and the price was pretty good.

When I got it, I had the bike put together in about 30 minutes. As some have said in other reviews, the hardest part is attaching the tension cable. But all I did was push down with my thumb on the clip part and the cable slid right in to place.

So I hop on the bike figuring that I would take a 10 mile ride since I do that almost everyday on my mountain bike. I put the resistance on 4 and away I went.
I quickly found out that I would not be doing 10 miles due to the fact that I cannot coast on this bike, haha, so I rode 5 miles non stop. I can say that 5 miles on the exercise bike feels like 10 to 15 miles on my mountain bike which I consider a good thing. So everyday I ride at least 5 miles on my exercise bike, sometimes twice a day. Even on days that I ride my mountain bike.

I have had it just over 1 week and I have to say that I really like it. It is a very sturdy bike, I really figured it would shake all over the place but it doesn't. The handlebars are at a perfect distance for comfort, I have no problems with them at all. The bike it very quiet. Once I started getting a slight noise but it was just the plastic center cover. I tapped the cover with my foot and the noise went away and has not come back yet.

The computer that the bike comes with is simple and does what it is designed to do.
The seat takes a little getting use to. I quickly figured that I could use my padded biking shorts when I ride it and that took care of the butt problem.

Overall it seems to be a great bike but I guess only time will tell how well it is made. Definitley worth the price so far.


It has been about 11 months since I wrote the review above when I first got the bike. I have been riding this bike almost everyday since then at around 10 to 15 miles a day. The bike is holding up better than I expected. A couple of months ago I got a clicking noise coming from the flywheel but taking the side cover off and moving the plastic piece where the cable goes into the side of the flywheel fixed the problem. I also got a vibration last week but adjusting the same piece fixed the problem. Right now it rides just as smooth and quiet as the day I got it.

So far I have lost 45 pounds since starting. No special diets or anything besides riding this bike and also doing some walking. Hopefully I will be riding this bike for at least another year, but only time will tell. I plan on getting a new road bike within the next year or so and also a trainer but only after I have completely worn this exercise bike out.

***** UPDATE 2 *****

Just over 2 years and the bike is still holding up even though it is showing wear. The right side pedal was clicking but with some oil and messing with it is still usable. I also took the panels off to inspect the internal parts and I did notice that the belt is fraying some. Also there is some fine dust under where the flywheel is, I am thinking the friction pads are probably worn and digging into the flywheel some.

I ride it for 15 to 20 miles everyday that I can. I have kept a record of the mileage which is at 8987 miles today! I weigh 190 pounds now and have been able to stay around 185 to 195 with no problems. I never figured I would get under 220, let alone under 200. Still no special diets, just riding and walking.

Since the price is now at $169 with free shipping, I am seriously thinking of purchasing another one to keep so when the one I have fails I can just pull the new one out.
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on January 20, 2010
I received this bike for a Christmas present. I had asked for it specifically after reading favorable reviews. (and, of course, based on the price!) It was pleasantly easy for my husband and I to put together and I jumped on it right away. The bike is quiet, the seat adjusts from very high to very low, even lower than what I need (I am 5'2"), and it feels sturdy. The battery powered screen has a place for your pulse, calories burned, time, miles, and speed. This bike is quiet enough to sit and watch tv while riding and you can hear your show just fine. My butt did get a little sore from the seat, but I got used to it. The bike is easy to move around with the wheels, however it does stay in place once you put it down. I recommend to anyone looking for an affordable exercise bike.
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on July 15, 2014
I hope to be able to upgrade this review after I've had a chance to use this bike more intensively, but... it has taken a long time to get one that works! The first bike arrived and I was able to easily assemble it. (It does assemble easily, except for the connection for the tension control - hint - loosen the nut below the bottom part of the attachment, and you'll be able to extend it further and get the two parts hooked together.) Got on, pedaled - and nothing happened on the display monitor. So I called Stamina and was told that if the monitor was displaying zeros (it was), then the problem was the main frame, and they would send me another.

They did - in a box that contained a miscellany of loose parts, not enough to put together an entire bike, but so many that one had to wonder WHY they were there... I was able to easily reassemble the bike (since most of the components could now be removed in larger "chunks" rather than piecemeal). I tried it out - and found that the tension did not work at all on the new bike. At the lowest setting I could barely get the pedals to move.

So this time I went back to Amazon and asked THEM to ship me a replacement, which I did. Now, after nearly six weeks, I finally have a working bike. It still has a higher level of tension than I'm used to, but it is workable.

Quibbles: The pedals are small and set so close to the crank that my heels are always bumping the crank. I will try swapping them out with pedals from another cycle that we hardly ever use and see if this helps. Or perhaps Stamina has a larger size - if I try to move my foot far enough out so that it doesn't bump, it slides off the pedal. (There are no straps on the pedals.) Quibble 2: I find that it "credits" me with about half the calories that my old Stamina credited, based on distance cycled. There is no way to "personalize" the settings with your age, weight, etc. - so calories are calculated as a function of distance. The old bike gave me 11 calories for every .10 miles; this one gives about 5 calories for the same distance.

But at least I have a bike at last, and can get back to my exercise regime - keeping my fingers crossed that it won't break down in a month. My experience with Stamina bikes is that GENERALLY they have a lifespan of around a year, before something fatal gives way (on the old bike it was always the pedal crank). It's an inexpensive bike and I won't mind if it lives a year - as long as, when I replace it, I can actually get a working model on the FIRST try!!!
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on June 2, 2013
This bike started off well. It was very quiet and smooth, but before long it started having problems. The belt started breaking off in little pieces leaving black powder and small pieces of the rubber on the floor and inside the bike housing. The bike got louder and louder and finally froze up. We opened the housing (as far as we could since the peddle rods are in the way) and found a metal ring had broken. The thing is trash now. We bought it July of 2012 and less than a year later, here we are looking for another one. The warranty only covered certain things and was only for 90 days. What a waste of money.
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on August 16, 2011
I have had this bike for 1 month and use it a couple of times a week, usually when it's raining outside (otherwise I'm outside either walking or on a real bike). It is inexpensive but well-made, quiet, stable, and genuinely moveable, on the front wheels. Even bringing it downstairs was not too difficult for me to do, and I am an older woman (in my 60s).

It arrived promptly, within a few days of ordering. It was fairly straightforward to assemble, except for the tension cable hookup that others have written about. To do it the way the instructions say requires monumental hand and finger strength, which I don't have. Doing it that way seemed also an invitation to a serious pinch or even cut on my hands. What I did was I decided to stop being afraid of breaking it and found the little screw behind one end of it, and simply unscrewed it until the cable was loose enough to hook, then re-tightened it as far as it would go. It did not re-screw nearly as far as it had been before I unscrewed it, but my thought was that logically, if it can't go any tighter, it's tight enough. (From reading the other comments, I believe that each separate cable unit may be of slightly different length; mine was just a millimeter or two too short.) Sure enough, it works perfectly fine and I didn't have to either get a guy to do it or get stitches in my hand.

The seat seems comfortable enough if you sit on it for a few minutes, but after 15 or 20 minutes of cycling, ouch. It feels like I am sitting on a 2 x 4. I had the forethought to buy a softer seat, which I had to do on my real bike as well, so now it's just a matter of finding the time to switch them out. It is easily adjustable, as are the handlebars.

The handlebars have sensors for reading your pulse rate if you are doing one of the programs; please note that they are covered with a very fine and very sticky film that needs to be taken off before use. This was literally the most difficult part of the assembly; getting that film off four sensors took almost as long as assembling the whole bike because on my unit, it only scraped off a tiny flake at a time, not in a whole sheet. And you have to be careful not to scrape the underlying surface of the sensor, so it was a seriously frustrating activity.

The computerized display is fine for letting you know how long you've been sitting there, how far you've "gone", how many calories, etc. I only wish it had a backlight, as it's a bit difficult to read in low light.

Bottom line, I can cycle fast or slow, on low or high tension, standing up or sitting down, and the bike is perfectly stable. It is also quiet, so I can watch tv or listen to music. For a relatively low-priced bike, it is just fine for what I need -- mostly exercise indoors during bad weather. I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because of the few things I mentioned -- difficulty with the cable, the hard seat, the pulse sensor covering.
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on December 3, 2012
This is the first exercise bike I've had so I cannot compare it to anything else. It wasn't too difficult to assemble & seems very sturdy. It definately gives me a great workout! It has a fairly small footprint which is great for my small space. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the computer. It could be more user-friendly. I don't really need all of the information it feeds & it can be tricky to get it set. (Probably because I don't usually have my glasses on when I get on the thing!) That big blue button is used to make all of the choices so, for instance, if you want to choose one of the pre-programmed workouts, you have to press that button over & over again to get through all of the other categories, then to choose the workout program number you have to scroll up/down by pressing the outside edges of the big blue button. If you don't hit the edge just right, you can accidentally change the main category, & then you have to go through the whole scenario again...a simple design change with one button for main categories with separate up/down arrow buttons would be so much easier to use. But I am happy with the machine overall & would recommend it to others.
Update: I've been using the bike for 4 months now and I still like the bike. I HATE that stupid button! After only 4 months, it will not 'stop' on the program I want to use so most of the time I just ride without a program. And I really like the programs - they mix up the routine for you & for me at least, makes me work out harder. It really is disappointing that the company chose such an inferior computer design. My husband made an adjustment to the seat. By adding some washers, he was able to raise the back of the seat. This has made it MUCH more comfortable for me.
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on September 9, 2013

-Very Quiet.
-Has multiple settings. I been on tension setting #1 for two years now - tension setting #10 is like pulling a tractor-trailer behind you.
-The cable was very easy to connect if you do it in reverse - pull the clip down to the cable.
-Because of the foot stretching while pedaling, it completely cured the plantar fasciitis in my left foot.
-Some months ago it developed some soft 'clicking' sounds on the left side. I turned it over, and using a flashlite, and can of WD40 sprayed a little oil where the pedal connects to the axle. Now it's as quiet as the first day I got it.


-Handle bars too far away. Grey-foam insulation tubing on the handlebars fixed that.
-The bicycle seat. In a very short time the area between your legs (the Perineum), will become numb. Over time this will cause erectile dysfunction in males, and a lower libido (sex drive) in both men and women. Instead, take off the bike seat, place a chair behind the bike, and make it a recumbent bike.
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on June 13, 2012
I didn't want to spend more than $150 on an exercise bike unless there were absolutely no bikes in my price range with good reviews. The reviews were generally good on this bike for what I was looking for so I went ahead. Delivery took 9 days (including weekends) from the date of purchase with the free standard shipping. The box was in great shape and extremely heavy. I wanted my husband to put this bike together but I couldn't wait. I opened up the box and took out all the parts. Everything seemed well packaged and secure. I have little to no experience putting something like this together but I went ahead anyway and managed to get half of the bike together myself with ease. Then I got to the TENSION CABLE!!!!!!! As a ton of other reviews mentioned, this step is ridiculously difficult because the cable is not long enough. After both my hands turned bright red and very sore from trying to get this step completed, I gave up. I called the Stamina 1-800 number on the box and the woman I spoke with knew exactly what I was calling about when I said I was having trouble putting the bike together. She said most of the calls they get is about this same issue. Perhaps someone needs to work on this problem? Anyway, she said to pull the cable as hard as I could and not to worry about breaking it because "it won't break." She also suggested having a second person to help. Once my husband got home, we attempted this part together. I pulled the cable as hard as I could while my husband held the "upright" piece as it is referred to in the instructions and the cable finally jolted into place. Overall, it took me about 2.5 hours to complete. However, almost one hour of that time was spent dealing with the tension cable and calling customer service.

Thoughts upon first use: I used the bike for a one hour/8 mile session. There was zero noise coming from the bike. The monitor's features are a bit confusing as I scanned over it and it's nothing glamorous. I don't think the pulse monitor or the calories burned is ever really accurate on these things but most importantly, it tells you your speed, distance and time biked and that's all I wanted. The bike is definitely sturdy enough for a heavier person to ride. The seat is wide but not comfortable. After 10 minutes, I had to keep fidgeting around to ease the pain that the seat caused. I am definitely going to have to look into a seat cover.

IF, and this is a big IF, the bike manages to stay quiet without any sudden noises, squeaks or rumblings over time, remains sturdy and in good working condition for somewhere in the ballpark of 2 years, then I will be satisfied with this purchase.
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on February 8, 2016
I owned an earlier model of this which lasted me 9 years of good use. This piece of junk is dead one year after purchase. The tension has snapped completely. Very disappointed.
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on October 15, 2013
I'm 5'10 and half, 150 LBS Its 10/16/2013..... My bike broke down 10/03/2013... I ordered it April 2/2010...

After assembly, which wasn't too bad at all to be honest. I had great workouts and only used resistance number 1..... I had a bout of laziness for about a year, and got back to working out on it again, august of this year 2013. I also let my boyfriend do work outs on it ( he weighs 210) and if my hunch is right. THE CHANGING OF THE RESISTANCE TOO OFTEN AND TOO QUICKLY WILL KILL THE BIKE FASTER.

I looked around for another bike and even researched but realize this: THEY WILL ALL DIE ON YOU. If you have your mind bent on an upright magnetic bike...They will not last a life time that's for sure. But to ensure that they last longer, Keep the resistance on the same number even if a stronger person gets on it... keep the resistance steady. Your bike will last longer that the occasional 1 year or two. Also wipe the sweat from the bike immediately. SALT SECRETED FROM YOUR BODY WILL CORRODE THE INSIDE OF THE BIKE FASTER.

I've looked around for a different bike, and it is awful to know that there is no upright exercise bikes that will last you a life time.

The bike itself is very quiet.. that is a major plus for me, since I live in an apartment building.

I WILL ORDER THIS BIKE AGAIN, BECAUSE I'M FAMILIAR WITH IT THAN THE OTHER BIKES AND BECAUSE I NEED AN EXERCISE BIKE TO USE FOR THE MEANTIME, but I will keep looking to see if there is an alternative quiet upright bike that God himself can put together for me to last me a long long time.

If you ask me why I don't order parts to replace what I think is broken? By the time its all said and done along with the hassle to contact the company, and along with the hassle to really find out why black dust was falling out when I opened it, and what parts I really need and If that part will even work at all and if that was only the issue based on the other reviews of trial and error and still not working properly.... I am absolutely sure the energy and the cost would be more than I bought the bike. STRANGE HOW THAT IS ISN'T IT?
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