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on June 9, 2016
Excellent documentary on the Funk Brothers. This is a great film that showcases the history of the Funk Brothers and their contribution to Motown Records and the Motown sound. I grew up listening to music from Motown in the 70's and 80's and in my day you used to read the album credits to see who made the song. Also there were liner notes that contained lyrics and you would be able to sing along with the songs as they played. Most of the time you would pay attention to the Writer or Producer and if you were lucky you would see the names of the musicians. I know it's a thing of the past to know what musician played on the songs because everything in this day and age is computers and samples, but this was important information for future musicians. If you grew up playing instruments then you would want to study a certain musician's style because you admired it. Motown music was admired by a bunch of us and we wanted to know the secrets.

This movie gives you the secrets. It is a well put together and thought out story of the Funk Brothers, which is what the studio musicians for Motown were called. You can easily follow their rise to fame and their struggle to gain recognition for their work.You will not be disappointed if you are a fan of the Motown hits. I recommend this video for all musicians and fans of music.
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on June 1, 2017
Fabulous movie, though it would have been interesting to bring back some of the classic performers as well. I would, for instance, have really enjoyed seeing the then-current lineup of the Temptations performing Cloud 9 with proper backing, rather than Meshell Ndegeocello's somnambulistic, behind-the-beat version that seemed to leech all the urgency and grit from the song. Joan Osborne, however, was a joy and was clearly in her element, and watching Ben Harper was like seeing a young Marvin Gaye. The trouble with trying to bring things "up to date" is that a few years later the "new" artists are largely no longer relevant, meanwhile the originals are still the greatest (as Dobie Grey would say). Sadly most of the original Funk Brothers from this movie have passed on. Truly the end of an era. Worthwhile, but somewhat of a missed opportunity.
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on April 22, 2017
If you grew up in the 1960's and loved music, especially the Motown Sound, this is a documentary that you need to watch!
This is truly an amazing documentary about the Motown House Band: called The Funk Brothers. They never received any publicity or credit for the hard work that they contributed to the Motown Sound. Thanks to Joe Hunter, who was a member of the band and the leader!!!
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on May 31, 2016
This documentary holds a special place in my heart. I grew up listening to and ultimately being inspired by these musicians and especially bassist James Jamerson. For anyone that has loved 60's R&B and the Motown Sound this is a must-see. The under-appreciated and mostly unknown geniuses behind that incredible genre of music are revealed and rightly celebrated in this film - and there are a few outstanding performances as well. I give it my highest praise and a sincere thank you for giving these unsung musicians some long-overdue credit.
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on October 3, 2015
This DVD is amazing, simply amazing! I have watched it over and over as each time I do I pick up something new. The music is outrageous and is worth the DVD all on its own. I have seen three DVD's such as this that Amazon offers already and this one is just as wonderful. It is hard to believe that all of these musicians were responsible for all of the music I danced to as a little girl and now collect as an adult. Of course, we know all of the singers, but they would have been lost without these awesome gentlemen bringing their visions to life. I have always believed that to be able to sing was truly a blessing from God, but to be a musician on the level of these gentlemen is a gift that is stunning and hard to put into words. I love, love, love music and feel ever so fortunate to have found this DVD. I have two older siblings and enjoyed music from each of their generations, but the music from this particular generation was very special and hard to touch. I love each and every one of these gentlemen, you all are simply wondrous.
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on September 11, 2017
I have seen this many times and never tire of it. What an amazing group of talent coming together. Would that we had appreciated them at the time they were performing together at Mowtown, as all we get today is digitizations, auto tune, and little real talent.
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on February 4, 2015
Oh wow, this dvd brings back a lot of great memories for anyone who remembers listening to Motown songs back in the 60s. I was born in 1965, so I didn't witness it back then. But I sure remember when I first listened to them in the early 70s and been loving it ever since! I didn't know who played the music on all the Motown records until my ex-boyfriend told me that it was the Funk Brothers who did it all. This dvd rockumentary shows them in all their glory of how each member (lots of them) looked like back then and nowadays. They talk about how it all started, their instrument techniques (very cool!) and it has old school singers singing Motown songs such as the late Gerald Levert, Chaka Kahn, Montell Jordan and Joan Obsbourne, plus a lot more very groovy things showcased in this 2-hour gem. It's really a 2-cd set and the 2nd disc shows the original Funk Brothers dining in, I believe, a BBQ joint talking about the good old days. You've got to buy it to believe it! By the way, all the Funk Brothers received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award back in the 2000 era. Way to go, y'all!
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I read a few reviewers questioning why the production didn't involve the original singers to sing the songs. Please note that this documentary is about Funk Brothers. By using contemporary singers to accompany the original rhythm section, the film proves to the viewers how Motown music is in it's musicians, especially the rhythm section. Also if Diana, Stevie, or Smokey would get on stage to sing a song or two, they'd definitely demand star treatment. This will DEFEAT THE PURPOSE.
For those who demand to know more about The Temps, Tops, Supremes, and Miracles etc., please either read their autobiographies, watch made-for-TV movies, or listen to their box sets. This movie is about the Funk Brothers, not Motown singers. This film is to celebrate the brothers' contribution to American pop music and to finally validate their hard work, creativity, and how they influenced generations of future musicians.
If you watched a documentary, at least be aware of the subject matter before you criticize the production.
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on November 20, 2013
A great documentary. A wonderful, heartbreaking story. The "Motown Sound!" is a thing of beauty to the ears and the heart. This story will make you cry one moment and make get up a dance in another. Without the Funk Brothers there would be no" Motown." An apt song for the documentary and the story these gentleman tell.
"Standing in the shadows of love,
I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come.
Can't you see me standing in the shadows of love
I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come

I want to run but there's nowhere to go,
'Cause heartaches will follow me, I know
Without your love, the love I need
It's the beginning of the end for me.
'Cause you're taking away all my reasons for livin'
When you pushed aside all the love I been givin'
Now wait a minute.

Didn't I treat you right, now baby, didn't I?
Didn't I do the best I could now, didn't I?

So don't you leave me
Standing in the shadows of love,
I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come
Don't you see me standing in the shadows of love
Trying my best to get ready for the heartaches to come

All alone
I'm destined to be, with misery my only company
It may come today, it might come tomorrow
But it's for sure I ain't got nothing but sorrow.
Now don't your conscience kind of bother you.
How can you watch me cry after all I done for you.
Hold on a minute.

Gave you all the love I had now, didn't I?
When you needed me I was always there now, wasn't I?

I'm trying hard not to cry out loud.
You know crying it ain't gonna help me now.
What did I do to cause all this grief?
Now what'd I say to make you want to leave
Now wait a minute.

Gave my heart and soul to you now, didn't I?
And didn't I always treat you good, now didn't I?

I'm standing in the shadows of love,
I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come.
Don't you see me standing in the shadows of love
Trying my best to get ready for the heartaches to come
Oh I'm standing in the shadows of love
Lyrics powered by LyricFind
written by Holland, Edward, Jr. James / Dozier, Lamont Herbert / Holland, Brian
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on May 16, 2016
It was exciting to know about The Funk Brothers who were the root and the foundation of the Motown Sound. I wish that they could have received the RESPECT and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT they deserved from the beginning of Motown. Thank you for introducing us to these unique musicians in the documentary. And to the musicians, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR MAKING US MOVE, GROOVE,SING, HOLLER, DANCE, CRY, LAUGH and CREATIVELY EXPRESS OURSELVES to your music. YOU affected generations, generations, generations of people and the WHOLE WORLD. THANK YOU. YOU WERE VERY UNSELFISH TO GIVE YOUR GIFTS TO THE WORLD. AN HONORARY SALUTE TO YOU and THANK YOU.

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