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on August 2, 2013
This multitool is a great option for use in places where you may not want to bring your $50+ dollar Leatherman Supertool. That being said, don't expect the same quality that would come with the mid level SOG, Gerber, or Leatherman offerings. This tool does excel however as an alternative for camping, the truck toolbox, or even a bug out bag. In any of these roles the Stanley 12 in 1 will do the job and the best part, if you loose it in the woods or don't use it more than a few times a year you won't kick yourself for spending a ton of money on it.

The tool itself isn't anything to sneer at either the handles are ergonomic enough for most jobs, and the tool itself is stout enough that it doesn't feel like its about to bend when you put the pliers to a decent amount of use. THe tools themselves are pretty run of the mill as far as multitools go but the saw and knife are relatively sharp, as are the wire cutters. Everything else works on it as advertised. The nylon sheath isn't bad for the price either, the snap holds very securely. Hell worst case it has a Stanley life time warranty!

Altogether, if you are someone who uses a multitool everyday whether it be for work or play this probably isn't the tool for you, but if you want a cheap sub for your prized multitool that you won't miss if its lost or neglected this is the best option for the price.
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Top Contributor: Campingon October 8, 2015
I purchased this on a whim since it was marketed by Stanley. I own more expensive multi-tools, some are in the 75 dollar range, and have been a big fan of Leatherman products for over 20 years. For the low price, under 11 bucks, I got curious and to my surprise this inexpensive multi-tool performed very well. The file is not the best in the world but did take a burr off a garden knife I was using. The knife needed sharpening which was no problem with a few strokes thru a Smiths sharpener and I began to evaluate each tool. The can opener worked good, the screwdrivers both flat and phillips did the job well too. The blade they call the small knife is too thick and not really suitable to be called or even used as a knife! I found it more useful as an awl or punch, and it did very well in that category. The pliers worked find, and the wire cutter is ok on some types of wire. The saw is a little shorter that I would like but it went thru a 1" limb with no problem while doing yard work. The belt pouch is made fairly well and I found this multi-tool to be a decent addition for a pack, camping, bug out bag, for the car, The fishing, etc. For the low cost and the performance I can't complain! Very happy with this purchase. The belt loop needs to be moved up about 3/4" to 1-1/2" so it will ride closer to the body. STANLEY needs to address this issue as it would end the negative reviews on the sheath with the loop being to low. As it is, the pouch will stick out from the body and hang up on things, brush, etc. I dropped by the shoe repair shop and he moved it up for a buck! Redid it with my sewing awl when I got home. Cut the top added a piece of strap the same size and went up a full 1-1/2" from the original position of the loop. Works so much better now! Made the loop opening 2" to fit most belts. Just dropped down and ran another row of stitches across to keep it from sliding and tilting to the extreme. STANLEY...fix this minor thing Please! The tool works and passed a lot of tests! Pouch modification. Pics shows how it was, how it is now, and the mod on the back showing stitching. Works great now.
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on August 3, 2015
For $12, you shouldn't expect a Leatherman, and this is no Leatherman. But it is more than I would have expected for $12. I needed a tool for a business trip, something I could ship ahead for cheap since I couldn't carry it on the plane, and I wasn't checking bags. For $12, I could afford to lose or break it, if necessary.

The build quality overall is very good. The joints are a bit loose, but the tool is well made. Opened up for using the pliers, it's comfortable in the hand. It's decent sized, so you can get some leverage. The knife is nice and sharp, as is the saw blade. The screwdriver tips are good quality as well. Closed up, things don't line up as precisely as a more expensive multi-tool, but again, for $12, who needs to complain. I don't know if it would last like some more expensive tools, but if you wanted a couple to throw in a toolbox, tackle box, truck, car, RV, etc. for quick repairs, this would do you just fine. I've had other multi tools in this price range, and many of them weren't worth the price. This one is a good value.
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on September 11, 2017
What a FANTASTIC product without even having to break the bank. This is my Go-to tool for any simple projects around the house, ideal for a Bug-out-Bag, and would highly recommend it for a disaster preparation kit in the case of an unfortunate event. Everything works as you'd expect and more. Be warned—The Saw on this multi-tool is extremly sharp and highly effective. You'll see..Hope the photos help and let me know if you have any questions!
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on June 7, 2016
For the price, I'm happy with it. I mean, this is not an expensive, high quality multi-tool. But it turns out to be better quality than I expected. The problem I have is that the tools are quite difficult to deploy. Not just stiff but inconveniently designed. You need relatively long, hard fingernails to get at them. I often have to make several attempts and have actually have chipped my nails a couple times. I told my wife that I needed a tool to get at my multi-tools! I have a few cheaper multi-tools to compare this Stanley to and it's a surprisingly poor design. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive multi-tool that you don't mind losing or breaking- this one is actually pretty good. Just make sure your finger nails are nice and strong!
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on February 26, 2015
So far it looks and feels well made. The weight and size is convenient for pocket or belt carry. The belt pouch is set up in a way that lets the top hang out away from your body too much for my taste. So it can catch on things pretty easy, however this is something I've noticed about may belt pouches of various qualities so it's hard to blame this particular product. The pouch is well made, I didn't really expect that so as long as the belt loop doesn't rip like many I've used, it should hold up well.
The small tools did require me to open the large tool first to open them up, at least the first time. Now they open just fine. They do require some grip and if someone is weak or lacking in grip, they may have trouble, at lest at first till they break it in.
I can open everything and close everything with one hand if I use my leg or torso, so if you're injured while camping or something, this tool could probably still be used. Same thing if you have to hold something with your other hand. The pliers don't have a spring, but hold open well enough for one handed use.
I was worried about the skeletal design, I had a pocket knife with a similar design and cut myself a few times with it just by reaching in to pull it out of my pocket. This one however has smaller holes and I can't get enough of my finger in there to get cut. I can feel the teeth of the saw blade but not enough to worry about. I probably won't carry this in my pocket often, but if I have any problems with it, I'll update this.
I would buy this again and probably will by a couple more, one to keep in the car and one for my wife.
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on February 15, 2018
I love this tool, especially at $12 or less. I keep this in my car. I wouldn't want to carry it in my pocket or even my camping backpack, but in the car the benefit very much outweighs the weight and size.

When you need a pair of pliers, you need a pair of pliers. A pocket knife is not going to work. This will work, and will work pretty well. After that, the pocket knife's tools are the same — except that this tool's tools work better because the size isn't quite so compromised. Just think of it as the ultimate pocket knife (plus pliers!) for 1/2 the cost of a pocket knife; the downside is that it's a bit heavy, which your car really doesn't mind.
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on February 3, 2017
Stainless CR2 steel according to the stamp on the pliers. Was told that's the Chinese equivalent to 200 grade stainless steel.

The bad: Phillip head is too small for most applications. There is a can opener but no bottle opener. The can opener will not open a beer bottle. The small blade is very wide agled and more of an awl blade.

The wire cutters feel very blunt,, but will cut individual copper strands on romex. I was able to strip the indivisual sheeting on romex with them as well. For the price ($8 and change at the time I purchased it) it will let you do electrical wiring in a pinch.

Blade main is pretty sharp from factory. Will cut boxes. Files are good enough for filing down nails. Have not tried filing metal or wood with it. Fine file on one side bastard on the other.
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Top Contributor: Campingon March 13, 2017
I have been looking for cost friendly and efficient products for my bug out bag. I have checked out the big box stores and other online retailers for similar products. What I found was they charge double or more for the same thing. The others may hae far superior quality but this is not a tool I will use everyday. Nor will I put it thru terribly hard times. It's incase of emergency. My only issue is that the loop on the holder cannot be opened so as to attach to my molle pack. Not a necessity just a luxury.
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on November 16, 2017
I've been using this multi-tool for a few months. I especially like it on Eastern Sierra hikes. It works great for pulling out treble hooks without harming the trout. The other day I caught a deep cactus spine in a finger. To my surprise this tool clamped on the spine and pulled it out. Nothing else worked on the spine.
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