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on December 6, 2011
This set is of reasonable quality, given its price. Be cautious, however, that the case pictured may not be the one your receive. The two photos from Amazon depict a compact (11" x 8" approximately) case that has sockets in both halves. You may receive one that is 16" x 10" with sockets only in the lower portion, as displayed in N. Tung's customer images. The tool set appears to be the same in either collection.

That was a bit of a let down for me, as this was a gift intended to replace a small (and incomplete) set being used by a space conscious relative. If there were a way to exchange it for what's in the picture, I would do it in an instant, but that does not seem possible.
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on May 6, 2012
The reviews are all spot on target. I needed a new set of socket set and I was going to go down to Sears to look at some but I almost buy everything directly from Amazon.com now. Especially with the Prime membership it has the free 2 day shipping so I always get everything quickly. This is a quality socket set. I'm sure you can spend much more than this on a socket set on a Craftsman but really you don't need to spend more than this unless you are a professional car repair person. I'm not and not working on my car at all. I use it around the house to assemble or disassemble things. Or on the bike or to attach the bicycle rack on the trailer hitch on the SUV. It works very well.

Someone in another review mentioned the reverse didn't work on their set but it sounds like a fluke. It all works well in reverse or forward. What's nice is the pieces all fit snugly in place. Some sets are very lose with them falling out all the time but everything fits snugly in it's place.

A quality product at a very good price.
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on July 13, 2011
These tools are pretty complete for small jobs and item and feel tight and strong.
I can only hope they don't rust as bad as all my other sockets, which of course being crv or crovan they should not.
The first picture is false the second one is right for what I received.
I bought them to use and sell and have sold one already so I recommend getting them on sale seem like a good price.
To the bad news the case is thin blow molded plastic, latches feel weak but otherwise tolerable.
I still say a strong 4/5 even if you have to keep them in a coffee can....
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on June 20, 2010
I have yet to give these the torture test, but in my limited use they worked fine. Handy set even has a driver handle with different bit sizes, which makes it a good starter or all around set. The case is somewhat different than the one shown, all the sockets and tools are on the bottom, the parts fit snugly inside the case but are easy to remove. So your tools stay in place until you are ready for them, no opening the case to find them scattered all over. The biggest drawback is the lack of deep sockets, if you want or need deep sockets your choices are to buy a different set or purchase the sockets separately.
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on April 7, 2011
I am very excited about my Stanley socket set. I just received it and couldn't be happier. This is the first time I have ever purchased an entire set of tools. I've always used my father's tool or borrowed a friend's. As a new home owner and the one usually taking care of all the things done around the home: it was time to have my own tools.

The set is wonderful. I was told I should have got a Craftsman Set it was "the only set worth buying", but I couldn't pass up the price and didn't mind to not have 'top of the line'. Now that I see them, I couldn't tell you the difference. The Stanley set has a lifetime warranty and a hard case. What more could I want.

The tool case opens and there are your ratchet, sockets and extra parts on one side! Guess this means I won't be opening it in the wrong direction and spilling everything out(as I have seen others do with their sets). Not only is the case easy to open and the tools all on one side, but they are also securely held in place should I somehow manage to open it upside down anyway. Even turning the tool case over doesn't make the parts fall out!

Dropping it while open from a few feet onto my carpet floor and they still stay in place.

Each slot is clearly marked with protruding numbers so they won't wear off like ink or paint leaving me guessing where each piece goes should I take more then a few out.

Over all, as a female handyman buying her first tools, I am thrilled.
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on February 17, 2012
There are socket sets and then there are socket sets. Usually you get a set and it has everything but the one thing you needed in the first place. This is a nice set. Complete in both standard and metric sizes, can't mess up with that. Nice enough for a gift and that's what one was used for. The case is nicely fitted so the pieces are easy to get out and snap back in securely. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
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on February 4, 2013
First be warned! All the sizes aren't there, but this is a good set for most general uses. Stanley has a lifetime replacement gaurantee...if anything stops working just send it in and they will replace it. I wish there was a gauantee against loss, but no! The sockets wouldn't be worth bothering with, but it's nice to know you can get a new rachet if you play breaker bar with it and it strips.
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on February 17, 2015
Nice variations of sizes of sockets, extensions, and other ancillary tools. Works well, well organized. Not sure if I would put a lot of pressure on a locked bolt, I think you might bend the extension. But on easier and medium jobs it is a nice size socket set.
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on March 12, 2013
I bought this 60 piece Stanley set a few months ago, so far I have only used it to change sparkplugs and the 5/8ths socket is so far off in size that the sparkplugs get stuck in it, I mean stuck like you would need a hammer and chisel to get the plug back out, and the socket also got stuck in the engine block, the socket does not stay on the extension very well, and I had to take the new sparkplug back out of the engine and buy a new (different brand) extension and 5/8ths socket to actually get the sparkplug in without having the socket stuck in the engine.

The ratcheting handle is ok, but I recommend being skeptical about the socket sizes, and getting a one-piece extension and socket for changing your sparkplugs
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on August 12, 2016
I used this tool set for a few years and all of the sudden the wrench has broken. I can no longer switch the wrench to tighten or loosen. It appears to be jammed. I wont buy Stanley again.
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