Customer Reviews: Star Fox 64 3D
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on September 9, 2011
I truly believe that Nintendo should include a warning label on every copy of Star Fox 64, both the original 64 version, and now this new 3DS remake. It would go something like this: "Warning, this game is so incredibly addictive, yes, so absurdly fun that it may, in fact, destroy any stability and desire in you to do anything productive. Relationships, work ethic, and basic personal hygiene may suffer. Play and have a blast at your own risk." Seriously, this game is so fun, it will devour your soul. I don't know anyone who was ever a "casual" player of Star Fox 64, and for good reason, because this was one of the funnest, most classic games on the Nintendo 64. I played it a ton in its original form when I was a kid (ah the memories), and now I am happy (and somewhat nervous, given how addicted I and many others can get with it) to say that this remake is just as great as the original. As a matter of fact, in some ways, Star Fox 64 3D vastly surpasses the original.

Chances are, you already know what you're getting here with Star Fox 64. It's essentially a 3D space shooter with tantalizing arcade appeal, excellent control mechanics, a ground-breaking (for its time) story branching mechanic that allowed roughly 25 different possible paths through the story based on performance, near limitless replayability, a more cinematic feel (at least compared to Star Fox on the SNES), and enough cheese-smothered charm to feed an army of mice. All of these selling points are back and better than ever. It's great, but the enhancements in this remake are amazing and really add to its quality.

In a time when most companies lazily port old games with no update whatsoever (I'm looking solely at you Rayman 2: The Great, um... I mean "Rayman 3D"), Nintendo once again shows us how it is done. Star Fox 64 3D retains what was great about the original (the levels, gameplay, and audio) and completely enhances what has perhaps aged quite a bit, namely the visuals, and by adding some new features. The graphics are jaw droppingly gorgeous, especially if you remember the original. Seriously, compare pictures/videos of them side-by-side and you'll be amazed at how far technology has come in 14 years. Bravo, Nintendo EAD and Q-Games, you did great! The 3D is also one of the best implementations I've seen yet on the 3DS. Lasers, meteors, enemies, background vistas (which look fantastic), particle effects, the Arwing, you name it, the 3D really does it all justice and, most importantly, actually enhances the gameplay itself. The audio has been enhanced a bit as well, with rerecorded voice-acting and some of the sounds and music have been remixed or remastered, but overall, it has thankfully remained pretty much untouched. The classic musical score by Koji Kondo and Hajime Wakai is as epic as it ever was, the voice acting is still awesomely cheesy, and yes, Falco is still a hilariously smug jerk, and thank goodness for that. That character alone makes my day. The others are great too though. ;)

They did add some new things other than the obvious visual effect. There is also a scoring mode after you complete the campaign that allows you to go back for medals, adding even more to the appeal for arcade gamers. There's also a save system now,a huge update from the original, thank goodness. There are also two control-modes of play, the classic N64 control scheme that utilizes purely analog stick and button inputs, as well as a new 3DS scheme that takes advantage of the 3DS' gyroscope capabilities. I prefer the N64 controls, but the gyroscope-mode works surprisingly well and is incredibly fun to use, but it usually nullifies the 3D because of position change. So there is a trade-off there.

I'll be honest, I don't care a whole lot for multi-player in Star Fox 64 3D, but it's there. There's no mode for playing against others on the internet, unfortunately, but there is a 4-local multiplayer for you to play with your friends if one of you has this game and all of you have your own 3DS (duh). They did add some power-ups to that mode and overall, it plays fairly nicely, based on my limited experience with it. If you have friends who all own a 3DS to play this with, then you'll love it.

Star Fox 64 was one of my all-time favorite N64 games, right up there with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,Super Mario 64, and the original Super Smash Bros. If all video game remakes were like this and Ocarina of Time 3D, I'd get every single one (here's hoping for a Majora's Mask remake too). Star Fox 64 is a classic that has been given a really great treatment in this remake. It enhances all the aspects that needed updating, while keeping the core addictive awesomeness of the original Star Fox 64 perfectly preserved. This really is a timeless game, and I give this 3DS version the highest recommendation. Buy it, blast n'splode it, and soar through the galaxy, saving the Lylat system in your iconic, trusty Arwing!
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on September 10, 2011
Even after 14 years, Star Fox 64 is a stellar action title. Every level, every boss fight has something new to show the player about the potential of the simple mechanics at the game's core. Throw in great music and very, very tight controls, and you have a package many modern games can't match. And that's all *before* you take into account the awesome refinements on display in the 3DS version -- improved graphics that somehow maintain every bit of their original charm, surprisingly good rerecorded voice acting, a 3D effect that feels totally natural and complements the game well, and even a stage-by-stage Score Attack mode that the N64 release desperately needed.

Star Fox 64 3D is so good, so incredibly fun and so strangely fresh after all this time, that it puts the rest of the system's library to shame. If you've got a 3DS, this is the game to get -- its only real peer, so far, is Ocarina of Time. If you don't have a 3DS, this is a damned good reason to think about getting one.
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Hard to believe that it has been 15 years since Nintendo unveiled the N64 game system, which revolutionized how we see games, in the richest graphics around. No question about Nintendo and the joy they've made so many gamers all around who've loved Super Mario 64 and The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time, it really is a time for Nintendo gamers to celebrate. But it also has been awhile since Nintendo came out with a driven Star Fox game. It feels like the series with Fox McCloud and company with Slippy, Falco and Peppy had lost a lot of way with gamers. After the lackluster performance of Star Fox Adventures and Star For Assault (which I personally enjoyed on the Nintendo Gamecube,) many wondered why there is no Star Fox game set for the Wii, but there is one now for the Nintendo 3DS. This one though is a nice blast from Andross' past.

Star Fox 64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, brings back all the action from the classic Nintendo 64 game. Yet, nearly 15 years after it debuted, it still feels just like yesterday seeing the madness and mayhem as Fox and company go after the vulgar Andross from invading and destroying the Lylat system. The gameplay feels strong and well, as Fox and company battle through 15 planets and satellites to try and defeat Andross and his foes including the Star Wolf team, villianous bosses like the Sector X robot, and a series of tracking missles set to destroy the Great Fox aircraft in Sector Z. Everything from the original Star Fox game has been brought back to the new Nintendo 3DS well.

What is new to the game that can be a bit shaky is the new 3DS control scheme. Like Star Fox Command from the Nintendo DS era, it can be more frustrating at times to maintain for those who've mastered the game before. Thankfully, you can play only the control pad and traditional N64 scheme which works much better for die hard fans from the past, as well as new gamers. But aside from that, the game looks great re-designed for the 3DS. Nintendo did a good job making it look better than before like they did with The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D, taking the N64 legend to a new generation of fans.The music sounds good as well, by keeping a new take on the score and voice acting from the original game to its core and no re-scripting the game. The multiplayer does add a few wrinkles with handheld gaming, but not really anything that makes it feel different against gamers than what the gameplay was before.

Overall, Star Fox 64 3D is a good reboot of why the Nintendo 64 had great games, and bringing this game back to the core for those who own the Nintendo 3DS. It is a good game from start to finish, but not anything fresh and new for veterans of the original game. Still, it is nice to see another classic deliver well to a new audience of gamers. If you've played the game before, whether it is from the Wii because of the virtual console download or owned the N64 edition, Star Fox 64 3D is worth a try. If you are new to the Star Fox games, it also is worth the arwing flight.

Graphics: B+

Sound: B

Control: B+ for N64 control scheme, C for 3DS motion gameplay

Fun & Enjoyment: B for solo play; B- for multiplayer

Overall: B
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on September 9, 2011
3DS owners have had three options for games for the last month: old DS games, free NES games and maybe two or three above-average 3DS titles. Over the next few months, that horrible dry spell will fade away. Star Fox 64 3D is the starting point.

Unlike the recent Ocarina of Time 3D version that felt a bit light on the graphical overhaul, Star Fox 64 on the 3DS makes serious, awesome adjustments. Those flat, murky water effects are tossed aside for sparkling waves, generic white snow becomes layered sheets of ice and sleet. Virtually all of it runs smoothly in regular and 3D play. The only loss from the N64 version that I can see is the cockpit view, and I have to admit that stings a little. The 3D effect...actually didn't seem as intense as I thought it would with this kind of game, albeit the screen can be too hectic to bother noticing every little thing that flies at you.

The controls can be tweaked enough to satisfy the majority of people. It includes the two sensible weapon/speed button layouts and lets you switch between standard and inverted flying. There are also gyro controls, which I haven't got a chance to try yet, but it can be turned off or even used alongside the buttons.

The story mode has changed very little, it's just been slightly modified. You still go through a string of missions, where alternate paths and hidden bosses can be unlocked by accomplishing certain achievements. The only major change is the ability to choose whether or not you wish to continue with an unlocked path or go the "regular" route. Note that this doesn't mean you can cruise through any mission you want without first unlocking the OPTION to. This is (mildly) offset by the ability to replay the last stage you completed at the expense of a ship/1-up. You can also just play around on individual levels and aim for the best score, but it looks like you have to unlock the stages in each "difficulty," via the story mode. There's two difficulties, but I see no glaring differences between looks like you could stick with one and not miss anything.

The story itself is 100% unchanged, as are the methods to unlocking different routes and defeating the bosses. Dialogue has been completely redone - supposedly by the original actors - and whether or not you enjoy it depends greatly on your tolerance to the cheese factor. And for those who really care about it, prepare for a shock: not every line from the N64 game makes it verbatim. You've been warned. Oh, the music's been tweaked a little as well, but I honestly can't spot the differences off the top of my head, so be aware of that as well.

Now aside from the graphics and audio, the big draw for the game appears to be its multiplayer mode, which allows aerial dogfights between four local players using a single cartridge. While the ability to see less-than-great video feeds of your friends in the game is...different, the total lack of online play really brings down the experience. Keep in mind: the Star Fox on the original DS managed to do this, and even though Nintendo wants to show how much their online enthusiasm has grown, the perfect game to make use of that cobweb-infested friends list goes unused. Not cool. I expect much better interactivity in Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

Even if 3DS owners weren't in this current drought, I would still recommend Star Fox for anyone who can bear the sting of a wasted opportunity for online play. It's still an incredibly fun game, only now it doesn't look ugly and it's in portable form.
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on October 5, 2011
I was very hesitant to get this game and been backing away from the many ports Nintendo has produced over the last few years but this is one I could pass away after watching it in the 3DS's e-shop. The 3D visuals are incredible and give everything a lot of depth. Its one of the best example (if not the best) of how great 3D visuals for games can really be. I can't say enough how amazing it looks.

Beyond that, the controls are accurate. there is no troubles at all steering around and shooting. It also has gyroscope support as well to maneuver around by moving the 3DS. Everything runs very fluid and the game has a score system and you can open things up after beating it. I opened up a sound test mode on my first playthrough.

My only complaint is that the multiplayer isn't supported online. It was a terrible decision that was said to be because of timing. It only supports local play. It supports four people and as you shoot each other, you can see each other's face above the spacecraft through the camera. It is pretty funny and was a creative idea. Its just sad it wasn't expanded upon with online play. Even with that, I recommend this game. It is pretty short. It doesn't offer a expanded campaign but the game never gets old and its a great show piece for the 3D visuals.
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on March 1, 2015
Just like all the other N64 remakes on the DS and 3DS this game kicks butt! I never got to experience the entire game as a child since my family was not very well off. I have been reliving my childhood through these games and really enjoy it. The graphics have been updated and the controls feel much nicer than I remember on my friends N64. I am glad to own the last real Starfox game and you should grab one before the prices get insane! Also, you can choose from traditional controls or a newer version that utilizes the gyroscopic capabilities of the 3DS.
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on May 3, 2013
I have a lot of fond memories of my time with the Nintendo 64 console. From Super Mario 64, to Mario Kart 64, to GoldenEye 007, and others. The Nintendo 64 was a great system with so many classics. However, sometimes when you go back to play games you remember fondly, things don't end up being the same. It may be the gameplay, the controls, or the visuals, but something ends up feeling off. Thankfully with Star Fox 64 3D, that is not the case, it is still as fun and entertaining as ever. In other words Star Fox 64 is still a classic, and now in 3D.

I won't write a long review since most of the other reviewers have already said so much about Star Fox 64 3D, but instead I will point out a few things that make this release worth a look. For one, just like the original Star Fox 64, this game remains perfectly balanced for all players. Just beating the game will be easy enough for most players, it really won't matter if you have limited experience with shooters like Star Fox. It really is easy enough for anyone to pick up and enjoy. However, earning a medal (which requires eliminating a set number of enemies) on each stage remains a good challenge to this day. This is what made Star Fox 64 so great when it first came out on the Nintendo 64. Obsessive and completest gamers had something else to shoot for with these medals, while everyone else could simply beat and enjoy the game for the fun it provided. Chances are most will become obsessed with earning all the medals again with this release.

The levels themselves also remain fun to play through now, but best of all they look better than ever. The game was given a nice facelift for the 3DS so everything looks cleaner and more vibrant than they do on the Nintendo 64 (which still looks good to be honest). It is nice to replay through the levels and see the little touches that were made for this version, especially if you still remember the original vividly. I just wish they had designed some new levels, which brings me to one of my slight disappointments with this release.

As great as it is to replay a classic with some nice new visuals, it would have been great to have some more additional content, particularly new levels. I do understand this is not a new installment in the Star Fox series, but a 3D update/re-release of Star Fox 64. However, considering how well Star Fox 64 plays and looks on the 3DS, I can't help but wonder what some new levels that took full advantage of what the 3DS could do would have looked like. Regardless, this is a minor complaint as the old level are still so fun to play.

Star Fox 64 3D is a classic revisited that is worth playing. That is not always the case with re-releases, whether they are 3D or HD (or both). Often with re-release you tend to wounder why you had love for the original release or you see blemishes and bad ideas you missed the first time through. Thankfully that is not the case with Star Fox 64 3D, it remains a classic worth playing.
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on September 15, 2011
Star Fox 64 3D is a remake of a very old game, but it is still better than the majority of games currently available for the new Nintendo 3DS. This is because the game has a timeless quality that seems to be lost with most games nowadays, so gorgeous reimagined graphics, an addictively chaotic multiplayer mode, and a few extra layers of polish were all this game needed to become more than relevant again today.

Take the epic scale and nature of the space battles in Star Wars, replace the humans with animals, and make the whole thing painfully hilarious and you've got the essence of Star Fox. The gameplay is very cool and stylish, and makes you feel like the galaxy's savior while playing it (the presentation and music go a long way in creating this amazing atmosphere), but for all of the theatrics, the voice acting and dialogue make this alternately one of the cheesiest games of all time. Seriously, every time you blow up something there's a chubby rabbit telling you that you're becoming more like your father, and when you beat a level a cocky jerk bird will tell you exactly how pathetic you are. To top off the increasingly eccentric cast is a slight androgynous toad always getting himself into trouble and overreacting in every situation. It's hard to convey just how silly hearing all this is as you're in the midst of saving the world, but the pitch-perfect delivery does the job. I guarantee that you will be laughing out loud at something of the unintentional humor the original Japanese game designers came up with years ago.

In terms the gameplay itself, Star Fox is shoot-em-up game that is "on-rails" (which means in most levels you can't venture off the predetermined past). It is very much and arcade style game and the new Score Attack mode which is exactly what is sounds complements the game's genre perfectly. The only downer is that there are no online leaderboards for it. There are a total of 16 levels in this game, each of which are only a few minutes long, and the variety of shooting different enemies and navigating different paths on different planets keeps things fresh for the game's short duration. While the short length is one of the game's biggest detractors, there are a few things that make it super-replayable such as high-score attacking (mentioned above), finding secret alternate paths through the levels to experience whole new planets, getting the different endings, and just plain seeing all the levels the game has to offer, as it's impossible to play through them all on your first or second run. It might not have a whole lot of content, but that content is compelling enough to keep you coming back again and again and justifying the relatively steep price of $40.

The last thing I'll go into in this review is the game's third pillar--its four-player multiplayer component. While this mode offers tons of fun and great customization for awesome fights, it's download-play only which means you can't play your friends online, which is pretty ridiculous in this day and age. The multiplayer itself resembles a dogfight version of Smash Bros., and is a total riot with the CPU and even better with a few friends.

And that, my friends, is Star Fox 64 3D. A lovingly crafted testament to how fun video games used to be, and simply the most polished game on the 3DS, Star Fox is absolutely a must own title for any age. I guarantee that this strange and hilarious of world of rabbits and toads blowing each other to bits in space will suck you in like no other and won't let you go for a long time.
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on November 20, 2011
I never played StarFox 64 on the Nintendo 64, so it didn't have a lot of expectation to live up to. That said, it's a really cool little space shooter that makes great use of the 3DS capabilities. Not a lot of replay value, as once you've completed the 3 story arcs you're pretty much done...but fun while it lasted.
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on September 11, 2011
I was a huge fan of Starfox 64, and I'd play it all the time. This new remastering of the game takes things to a whole new level, and ever since I picked it up on launch day, I haven't been able to put it back down.

As you would expect from a remastering, this is the same exact Starfox you remember from the N64 days, except its visuals have been improved by leaps and bounds, making each level a visual treat. Unlike Ocarina of Time 3D, however, the audio in Starfox 64 3D has also received an overhaul. The music is refreshed and sounds much better. The voice acting has been revised, and some of the more corny dialogue has been changed (Falco calls Fox "genius" instead of "Einstein" when he's shot by friendly fire). While some may think this lessens the experience, it's nothing to lose a star rating over.

The game lets you play with the new 3DS controls or the old N64 controls, and also features a mode that lets you steer your ship by moving your 3DS around. And with wireless multiplayer increasing the fun even further, its replay value is tremendous, just like its predecessor.

This is Starfox, bigger and better than ever before. Recommended!
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