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on June 17, 2016
I am a HUGE Star Fox fan so this game excited me a lot when it was announced. Having played through Star Fox 64 for countless hours, this remaster of the game was gorgeous on the 3DS and made very good use of the 3D available to the system. The game is 98% identical to the original one and overall, I would say superior in almost every single way.

Positive Changes from 64:

- You can now select specific missions after you have gone through them once (GREAT feature especially if you just want to crank out some of the later missions on a commute)
- Now there's a specific score attack mode with even more challenging goals for medals
- 3DS gyroscope control mode which actually surprisingly works rather well for this game
- Local DS Download multiplayer that is pretty fun
- Changed Falco's line to "Hey genius" instead of "Hey Einstein." There's less sass but it's consistent with their world at least so I like it.

Negative Changes from 64:

- Multiplayer lacks the ability to play in the Landmaster or on foot as in the original game
- Some of the music score remasterings I did not like at all. One of my main complaints was the Boss C track remastering. The beginning just sounds SO wrong


Overall, I found the game to be a satisfying experience and if I could remove nostalgia goggles, I would have to say that it is better than the original. It is truly one of the greatest games of all time remastered with modern graphics for a modern system. I think fans of the N64 version would enjoy it, but also anyone who is a fan of space flight combat would also love it as well. There are rich space environments ranging from an asteroid belt to an ocean planet, a lava planet, etc. Go out and buy this game while you still can!
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on May 3, 2013
I have a lot of fond memories of my time with the Nintendo 64 console. From Super Mario 64, to Mario Kart 64, to GoldenEye 007, and others. The Nintendo 64 was a great system with so many classics. However, sometimes when you go back to play games you remember fondly, things don't end up being the same. It may be the gameplay, the controls, or the visuals, but something ends up feeling off. Thankfully with Star Fox 64 3D, that is not the case, it is still as fun and entertaining as ever. In other words Star Fox 64 is still a classic, and now in 3D.

I won't write a long review since most of the other reviewers have already said so much about Star Fox 64 3D, but instead I will point out a few things that make this release worth a look. For one, just like the original Star Fox 64, this game remains perfectly balanced for all players. Just beating the game will be easy enough for most players, it really won't matter if you have limited experience with shooters like Star Fox. It really is easy enough for anyone to pick up and enjoy. However, earning a medal (which requires eliminating a set number of enemies) on each stage remains a good challenge to this day. This is what made Star Fox 64 so great when it first came out on the Nintendo 64. Obsessive and completest gamers had something else to shoot for with these medals, while everyone else could simply beat and enjoy the game for the fun it provided. Chances are most will become obsessed with earning all the medals again with this release.

The levels themselves also remain fun to play through now, but best of all they look better than ever. The game was given a nice facelift for the 3DS so everything looks cleaner and more vibrant than they do on the Nintendo 64 (which still looks good to be honest). It is nice to replay through the levels and see the little touches that were made for this version, especially if you still remember the original vividly. I just wish they had designed some new levels, which brings me to one of my slight disappointments with this release.

As great as it is to replay a classic with some nice new visuals, it would have been great to have some more additional content, particularly new levels. I do understand this is not a new installment in the Star Fox series, but a 3D update/re-release of Star Fox 64. However, considering how well Star Fox 64 plays and looks on the 3DS, I can't help but wonder what some new levels that took full advantage of what the 3DS could do would have looked like. Regardless, this is a minor complaint as the old level are still so fun to play.

Star Fox 64 3D is a classic revisited that is worth playing. That is not always the case with re-releases, whether they are 3D or HD (or both). Often with re-release you tend to wounder why you had love for the original release or you see blemishes and bad ideas you missed the first time through. Thankfully that is not the case with Star Fox 64 3D, it remains a classic worth playing.
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on March 1, 2015
Just like all the other N64 remakes on the DS and 3DS this game kicks butt! I never got to experience the entire game as a child since my family was not very well off. I have been reliving my childhood through these games and really enjoy it. The graphics have been updated and the controls feel much nicer than I remember on my friends N64. I am glad to own the last real Starfox game and you should grab one before the prices get insane! Also, you can choose from traditional controls or a newer version that utilizes the gyroscopic capabilities of the 3DS.
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on October 5, 2011
I was very hesitant to get this game and been backing away from the many ports Nintendo has produced over the last few years but this is one I could pass away after watching it in the 3DS's e-shop. The 3D visuals are incredible and give everything a lot of depth. Its one of the best example (if not the best) of how great 3D visuals for games can really be. I can't say enough how amazing it looks.

Beyond that, the controls are accurate. there is no troubles at all steering around and shooting. It also has gyroscope support as well to maneuver around by moving the 3DS. Everything runs very fluid and the game has a score system and you can open things up after beating it. I opened up a sound test mode on my first playthrough.

My only complaint is that the multiplayer isn't supported online. It was a terrible decision that was said to be because of timing. It only supports local play. It supports four people and as you shoot each other, you can see each other's face above the spacecraft through the camera. It is pretty funny and was a creative idea. Its just sad it wasn't expanded upon with online play. Even with that, I recommend this game. It is pretty short. It doesn't offer a expanded campaign but the game never gets old and its a great show piece for the 3D visuals.
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VINE VOICEon September 15, 2011
I am writing this from the perspective of someone who never played StarFox 64 back in the day (though I did enjoy the original on Super Nintendo). In fact, one reason why I wanted this game was because I've never played 64. So here's the scoop:

You play as Star Fox, with 3 other animal dudes on your team (a rabbit, a frog, and a falcon). Each mission is on a different planet, and tasks you with flying through, shooting enemies, and taking out bosses. There are actually two types of missions: one is a straightforward linear level with enemies and obstacles flying into your field of view. The other is a wide-open map that features full 3D movement and is closer to games like Ace Combat than StarFox.

The controls are simple but good. You have a basic laser, as well as a limited number of bombs. You can brake or boost. The game is fast-paced and smooth (I am pretty sure it is 60fps), and the controls are responsive. There is optional gyro control, which works well, but I prefer the circle pad.

Nintendo has upgraded the graphics nicely here. The textures are sharp and the effects are extremely good. Snow, water, and lava are all shaded and pop with color. There's none of the dull N64 work you might be expecting. It's a more substantial upgrade than Ocarina of Time. The 3D effects also look great.

The core of the game is, then, a basic but well-executed arcade-style flying game game. It's the sort of thing we used to get all the time, but rarely do nowadays. What is unique about this game is the structure. You start on the planet Corneria, and need to progress to the planet Venom. Along the way there are 15 planets, but you only need to go through 7 of them. Your path is dependent on actions which happen on the planet. For example, on Corneria, Falco is in trouble. If you help him out, you go one way. If you don't, you go another way. This gives the game a ton of replayability. You can mess around and see the different paths. Each map is very different and offers unique challenges. Though one play through is fairly short, Star Fox 64 is not the sort of game designed for one play through.

Also helping the replayability is a score attack mode and the ability to earn medals based on skill. This game plays well enough for a score attack mode to work, and the combination of it and the replayable campaign means that there is plenty here for anyone who gets into it.

The combination of sharp mechanics, great level design, and charm (the characters are goofy and have lots to say) make this a keeper in my opinion. In fact, it just might be the 3DS' best game yet. I know the system has received its share of criticism for the game library, and I guess a port of a fourteen year old game doesn't technically address the problem. But for anyone who has not yet played StarFox 64, it is absolutely a gem of a game and worth checking out immediately.
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on October 10, 2013
What does star fox 64 3d has to offer?

A memory of my childhood!
Star Fox 64 was the first video game bought along with the Nintendo 64 when I was a kid.
I loved everything about star fox that involves aerial to ground combat! (Oh and the one mission that evolved the blue marine.)
Unfortunately AI still do a lot of the same thing. True challenge is earning all the medals to unlock hard mode!
If you were a star fox 64 fan then i'd suggest you get this game! I have only been playing the star fox 64 version on the 3d.
The alternative path are the same and especially when fighting Andross in alternative path still very easy imo.
They added the skip option for ending scene after you completed the story line the first time.

Challenging and fun!
Unlocking all the medals what gives it a challenge.
You can continue later on since the game saves after each mission is completed.

Retail price at store is going for $40 is not worth imo and $30 isn't that much more better.
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on February 3, 2017
I've never played the N64 original but found this to be a blast--it has great replay value because you can go back and find secrets in certain levels allowing you to take different courses throughout the game. The game play was a blast and the graphics were well updated from the original. The gyro controls (moving the 3ds with your hands to move your view in the game) worked well and I thought it was an innovative move from Nintendo. I would recommend this game if you are looking for a fun game to play on your 3ds!
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on October 26, 2011
As a long time platformer, my first N64 game was StarFox64. Staying true to its layout and function with the original game, the 3DS version brings new excitement with highly detailed game elements and added physics (they aren't as obvious but if you played the original enough, you'll notice the difference). Oh, and the shooting control has been modified to reduce a touch (a slower push on the firing button results in a rapid fire of four shots rather than one per press.. it will save your hardware, I killed more N64 controllers with the original).

One minor downside, they redid the voice acting for every scene in the game; some of which were reworded or altered to where they sound more... cartoon like? (Andross just doesn't sound as sinister any more).

If you are looking for a new experience with StarFox64, turn on the gyro controls which utilizes the accelerometer hardware in the 3DS itself. Its a bit tricky and you'll find that you want to sit on a swivel stool or a computer chair with no arms to keep yourself from falling to the floor.

I haven't gotten a chance to use the multilayer function too much, but from the solo battle, I can see that the battles could be quite intense with four fighters duking it out for barging rights.

The only thing I can say is I wish the 3DS 3d screen was a little bigger. But that's for another review.
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on May 2, 2013
This is an awesome game for our six year old who is into flight sim games. I am not saying this is a true flight sim, but it is fun to play even for us. This is a top notch Nintendo game.

The game has 16 levels which are all short. Perfect for a handheld. You cannot visit all 16 levels in one play through. The levels that you get to play depend on if you do certain things in the level like save your AI team mates or destroy a certain something. This makes you play the game multiple times to play every level in the game. You could go from start to finish of the story in under an hour if all you care about is the main objective in each level and don't want to spend the time to unlock the multiple branching paths.

The game is a very loose on rails shooter in some levels. What I mean is, if you are supposed to head in a direction, the game will not let you turn around, but you can explore the map while flying in that direction and deviate a little bit from the straight path. There are also levels that let you play around the whole map with no constraints.

There are some changes/additions to the 3DS version when compared to the original N64 version. It gives you the option to play in the 3DS mode or N64 mode. In the 3DS mode it autosaves after every level.In N64 mode, I believe ( I haven't tried this) it asks you to save in stead of auto saving. You can enable the 3DS Gyro mode to use the 3DS gyroscope sensor to control the Arwing.

There is only 1 slot for a save game. But there is a guest mode where you can still play the game without saving and it will not over write the save game on the card.

There is a offline multi-player mode called battle mode which allows 4-player LAN multiplayer via download play. I haven't tried this yet to comment on it.

I bought this for under $20 and it was definitely worth that price. I did not know the length of the game before buying it and playing through it since I didn't play the original. I personally don't think it is worth full price this long after it has been out.

I would recommend it for kids who are into flight sims.
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on February 15, 2017
A Nintendo classic. Buy this if you like sci-fi flight simulators or Nintendo. One of my favorites. This game can be finished in about 4 hours or less but has a lot of replay value!
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