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on October 2, 2016
This is a tricky series to review. I really enjoy watching the series on Amazon Prime because there's no distraction from commercial interruptions. Continuity is maintained throughout these re-views and let's you appreciate staging, lighting, set design and overall production values. John Billingsley, Doctor Phlox, is my favorite character in the series. He steals every scene he's in. Scott Bakula, Captain Archer, and Jolene Blalock, Tpol, the series Vulcan science officer, do most of the heavy lifting, or onscreen presence in the series. Have a little fun watching the fine actor Connor Trinneer, Enterprise's Chief Engineer, do a perfect impersonation, intentionally, of then Present George W. Busch in many of the scenes he appears in. There's lots of subtle nuances in Star Trek: Enterprise. I am not a Trekkie and I enjoyed it. Watch the closing credits at the end of the episode to see who does the behind the scenes heavy lifting. You'll find some of the best people in the industry worked on this series.
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on January 10, 2017
Bear in mind that I am already a fan of all things Star Trek. Even when something is completely improbable and hokey - no matter the series - I enjoy suspending disbelief for a little while to watch it. Because of this, I don't obsess over every little detail of "accuracy" for events that are, at the end of the day, merely fiction.

But I understand why other people might not like the series so much. In this case, I'm giving it 5 stars because content delivery has been flawless, over a variety of devices. The ability to binge watch entire series - including this one, where I've missed a few episodes - as well as the new content show that video is a great part of being a Prime member. I still know a lot of people who have Prime and don't take advantage of things like this, and they're missing out.
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on July 13, 2016
The second season of Enterprise builds on the strengths of the first season. Shrann and the Andorians return and the P'Jem incident casts a shadow across the early half of this season. There are several episodes that are stand alone. They are one off episodes that are pretty much take it or leave it as far as trek is concerned. "Marauders" is a replay of the original series "Private Little War", and "Precious Cargo" is a more intimate retelling of two trek stories, where a princess must be rescued from danger and taken to another planet in spite of the love that grows between her and a crewman. Also there's a retelling of "Piece of the Action" from the original Trek. In fact, much of the season Enterprise casts about trying on past Trek storylines. Even the Borg show up and Archer has a Star Trek "Undiscovered Country" Klingon prison/trial episode. SoBerman and Bragga are firmly stuck in the past and only the Andorians and episodes like "Carbon Creek" and "First Flight" save the season.
Now a real beef: I have several CBS DVD sets and they all have digital errors on them. Columbo and Enterprise have entire shows where they digitize the images, the screen freezes or jumps entire segments. Very poor quality that mars otherwise entertaining programs.
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In Season 2, Captain Archer and the crew of the Enterprise really start to get their feet wet for the first time as the traverse out into the distant stars. They meet many strange alien beings and find that they are all surprisingly different except that most of them are dangerous one way or another. One of my favorites is episode 22, Cogenitor. In this episode, Trip finds himself in real trouble after he takes a liking to an attractive alien woman known as a Cogenitor. I don't want to ruin it for anyone but Trip feels that the society the cogenitor lives in is discriminating against her and he tries to help her as mush as he can without the Captain's approval. It ends very sadly and Trip gets really reamed by Captain Archer. The show has some great space adventure shots that you won't forget as the crew goes about interacting with the Cogenitor's race. As I said the end a bit of a surprise and sad. Also, the last episode of season 2 is the start of the supercharged and best of Enterprise to come in seasons 3 and 4 where Earth comes under a barbaric attack that kills millions in the state of Florida where Trip's sister lives and Enterprise is Hell bent on finding out who did it and these seasons are the true basis of the Enterprise experience. The enemy is called the Zindi and wow Captain Archer and crew go all out to track down these barbarians and what a show. Enterprise is almost totally destroyed several times in grueling space wars in these seasons. It's really a sobering survival of the fittest and not a show for the faint of heart. It is Action and adventure Sci Fi to the max.
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on April 19, 2017
A very good follow-up to season #1. A wide variety of themes over the episodes for the season. Still too much dependency upon "humanoids" and "English" language but some good original plots as well as new takes on old plots from the original series. Still have the Captain on the "away party" far too often. One particularly good aspect is that the episodes continue to build upon one another in small ways. Still my favorite of the Star Trek series!
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on September 19, 2016
Can't pass up Star Trek. They've taken the playbook from DS9 and turned the theme into a prequel. T'Pol substitutes for 7o9 with the same sexual innuendos we saw before. Small ship, lots of first contacts that are 99% humanoid, plenty of ethical issues from a decade ago and some that are "timeless." There is a thematic element that runs through a lot of Season 2. A temporal cold war. I'm not sure how I feel about that. After watching Dr. Who for decades, I think they should have thought through timey-wimey issues a bit better. The theme seems more of a writers crutch than something that was thought out. One shining creative item I have to mention, and that's the theme song. In the first season and I think the second, the theme song really shines. In season 3 they doctored it up and lost a lot. I know it sounds like such a nit, but my wife and I both really loved the message and "heart" in that song.
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on February 4, 2017
I love this series as it proposes a visceral beginning of Starfleet, pre-Federation where earth is in its first few years of inter-stellar travel, set about a hundred years from our present day. The characters are imperfect, (Capt.) Archer takes actions that would be against the Prime Directive in successive iterations. The representations of violence and death are not 'tidy', as in the original series, or NextGen, Voyager or DS9. What I like most of all is that the series episodes are mostly interconnected, so it makes a great series to binge watch ... One can follow how the crew develops and socializes, the interesting relationship between Topal and Commander Tripp Tucker, Starfleet's pursuit of the Xindi (six species, one extinct), the uneasy relationship with the Vulcans.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon May 18, 2015

Enterprise takes a lot of flak for supposedly ruining the Trek franchise. But that is a little unfair.

There are some things about Enterprise that don't fit with the general continuity of the rest of the franchise. The main one of those things is the general look and feel of the show. While it looks cool and realistic, it doesn't flow with the rest of the franchise. In the show's defense it does occur 100-200 years before everything else in the franchise. Things are bound to look a little different. But it's also presented in widescreen, where the rest of the franchise is 4:3. But that's really the biggest issue with the series.

The show is NOT just tacked onto the franchise with no reference to the known Trek universe. In fact there are numerous references to the rest of the Trek world. The Eugenics program with references to Khan is a multi episode story arc that features the ancestor of Noonian Soong, played by Brent Spiner. That story arc also includes an explanation about why Klingons from The Original Series look different than Klingons from the Next Generation era. (It's goofy, but it's fun) There are just many many references to the Trek universe you know and love, and explanations on how that universe developed into the one you know from 'the future'.

Season 2 gets into some early meetings with the Klingon Empire, which is cool. The Borg that were sent back in time in Star Trek First Contact are referenced in season 2 as well, with the crew trying to figure out what these cyborg humanoid creatures are. (Of course they have never seen a Borg and no one will make contact with the Borg Collective fro several hundred years). So the season is filled with neat references like that.

It's a well made show. If you watched the rest of Trek you owe it to yourself to bring it home with Enterprise.
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on November 1, 2015
For me, the very best Science Fiction stories reflect back on current culture and/or specific human situations enough to broaden our perspective and allow us to imagine possible futures. I believe Star Trek has always done this better in television format than any other series and Enterprise is closer in spirit to the basic Star Trek ideals than any of the other television series since the original. Exploration in it's infancy, developing morals of behavior, discovering other cultures and their motivations and as each situation enfolds we learn, along with the crew, more and more about ourselves through our behaviors, reactions and emotions. Not every story in the series is worth the 5 stars and comparing it to a series with a very large budget and cast would not be fair, but on the whole I consider it great SciFi. My only complaint is that it seems too "American."
Yes, I've loved the Star Trek universe since I was very young. I also love Doctor Who for the witty fun of it, Battlestar Galactica for the fascinating characters - I'm a very open-minded, uncritical, fan so everyone on the Enterprise could all be wearing green shirts and I'd still thoroughly enjoy the stories.
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on May 2, 2016
Okay, they got the temporal stuff done for a while.

Minefield I loved as it introduced the Romulans but never showed them.
The Communicator was a GREAT episode. It showed just how much impact you can have.
Stigma was great not for T'Pol's story line but for Trips. Phlox and his wife... My kind of folks.
Future Tense was the best Temporal Cold War episode of them all.
Judgment was perfect as it showed the Klingons but not at war. It was the embodiment of the trial from the movie but better.
Cogenitor was a great one. A bit heady in my opinion but hit on the key social issues.

Regeneration is my favorite of the this season. It's a good little bridge episode of sorts. Introduces Cybernetic organism.

The finale setup Season 3. A brazen attack to ruin all the pretty niceness. Just what the Trek Universe needed I think. A slap the to face.
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