Customer Reviews: Star Trek: Enterprise: Season 2 [Blu-ray]
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on May 5, 2005
The title pretty much says it all. Star Trek has fallen victim to these awful reality shows that are polluting the air waves. It's a sad state of affairs when people are more concerned when a staged setup is more important than quality storytelling. Stand up against Hollywood, and boycott ALL reality shows!!!!!

As for Enterprise, I felt that it got back to the roots of Star Trek that TNG, DS9, and Voyager had somewhat departed from. Don't get me wrong; I love, own, and enjoy all of the Star Treks.

The entire cast was one of the most gifted I've ever seen in a sci-fi series, with outstanding performances by Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock as Archer and T'Pol. The stories were sharp, the interaction with the crew enjoyable, and the visual FX among the best on all of the Star Treks to date. People complained about the theme song, which was a radical departure from the previous series, but in my opinion, not to its detriment. The spirit of 'Where My Heart Will Take Me' so captures the basic feeling for Enterprise that I found it to be far more suited to this prequel series, than anything I can imagine being composed for it.

The second season continued the ideals of exploration, while hinting at the larger storylines, such as the Temporal Cold War, showing how First Contact was made with many of the species from the Original Series (giving those species a much needed makeover), and man's early forays out into deep space. This continued to be an important theme throughout the series, beginning in the groundbreaking 1st season, the tense and exciting 3rd season, and the amazing multi-arc 4th and final season, covering the distance between First Contact with the Vulcans (seen in Star Trek: First Contact) and the Original series. The second season, though a bit less exciting than the others (which also happened with TNG, DS9, and VGR), contained some outstanding episodes, such as 'Carbon Creek' where a marooned crew of Vulcans (including T'Pol's grandmother) must adapt to 1950's Earth while hiding their alien origins, 'Stigma' which shed some light on the intolerance of Vulcan society (kind of a mirror for ours), 'Future Tense' which continued the Cold War and introduced the Tholians, 'Regeneration' which shows what happened to the Borg Sphere that reached orbit of 21st Century Earth in 'Star Trek: First Contact', and the nail-biting conclusion 'The Expanse', which set up the beginning of the 3rd season-long story arc on the Xindi.

Quite frankly, I'd bet that anyone who says this show isn't good, is one of those beer-drinking bumpkins who considers garbage like 'Survivor', 'The Apprentice', 'The Bachelor', 'The Simple Life', and 'The Contender' to be good TV.

Ben Stein, once hosting "Win Ben Stein's Money", and former worker for Nixon (Don't hold that against him), has stated that Hollywood has lost contact with the common man. Make a statement to them, and demand that they bring good shows back, instead of those garbage-reality shows.

Enjoy the second season, and indeed all the seasons, of Star Trek: Enterprise and stick it to Hollywood, prove that quality is more important than cheap thrills.
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on May 15, 2005
As a long time fan of the Star Trek franchise, I tend to be among the more lenient fans as far as where the writers and producers take the stories. I suppose this is what to expect from a fan who was drawn in by Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed Enterprise as a series on it's own, but it is very obvious that there are differing views on where the fans wanted the series to go as opposed to the writers.

I understand the producers desire to explore new ideas (Temporal Cold War, Xindi) but we Trek fans are nitpickers, and there were so many good opportunities to "fill in the gaps" created by the other four series. What caused the various conflicts with the Klingons and the Romulans? How was Section 31 started? And season four left me wanting for more about the early development of the Federation.

There were some very notable episodes this season, particularly Carbon Creek, Horizon, and Bounty. Minefield makes you want for more of the origins of the Starfleet-Romulan conflict, and Dead Stop seems to foreshadow the Borg storylines better than Regeneration, as I feel it was unnecessary to actually have the Borg in Enterprise at all.

The ultimate shame is that the last season was the one that the fans wanted, and was actually so good that I was anxiously awaiting the next episode after watching each weeks' story. It might be nice to see an occasional made for TV movie with this cast, maybe with a creative idea for a Romulan war (hint, hint.)

I will say, though, if you are only willing to invest in a single season, wait for the fourth one. It's truly worth it.
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on May 6, 2005
Captain Archer and the tuff decisions he had to take during each episode is very refreshing.

The Season 3, and the long term goal to safe Earth from the Xindi keep waiting from week to week. Similar to "Alias" or "24".

Overall, is sad that the show is being cancelled.

I don't understand people coming here and writing bad things about Enterprise. If they don't like it, what are they watching it so much? I don't watch shows I don't like, and I don't go and write reviews about them.
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on July 14, 2005
First off let me say that I am a huge Trek fan. I loved TOS, and thought TNG was a bit too cerebral; not enough phaser fire and maneuvering for my taste. When DS9 came out they completely lost me until Voyager. Even though Voyager had some strange characters, for instance the clown fish Neelix, I really could not miss it. They ended it in the right way too. Then Enterprise. They picked my favorite actor to play Captain Archer, and the crew was OK too. Some of my favorite episodes came in the second season: Carbon Creek, DeadStop, Regeneration were among them. Unfortunately someone got nervous about the writing which was getting better with each episode and came up with that season long battle to save Earth from the Xindi in year three.

Year two featured my favorite Episode. It was called Deadstop. THe crippled Enterprise, far from home, needed help to be able to get back to warp drive over Warp 2. Like magic a "Repair Station" appears and conforms itself to fit the ship and account for the crews taste in food and enjoyment. All for the price of a little warp plasma? Archer senses this is too good too be true and he is right when his helmsman is killed in an "accident." You'll have to watch the story to see how it turns out.

-Enterprise- A show just not given enough time. In a day when reality rules apparently there is just not enough money to put quality Sci-Fi on network TV anymore. What a shame that Enterprise was cancelled. jetsax
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on May 29, 2005
As a DIEHARD Star Trek fan, I find that with most of the new series a couple of seasons have to go by before the writing and acting start to become palitable. Enterprise is no exception. I wanted to give the 2nd season 2(**) stars but hesitated because it hurts me too much -- I love everything about the concept of Star Trek even when it is not good. However, being brutally honest, while the 2nd season is better than the first, it still is not that great. The 3rd season is far better with the introduction of the Xindi race who try to build a machine to destroy earth based on another races prophecy (or manipulation).

Get the 2nd season to have a complete set -- also because the show is cancelled, so there will be some nostalgia there ... but don't expect the depth of TNG or DS9. I'm sure that is why the show was cancelled. Shameful but true.
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Star Trek "Enterprise" is my favorite incarnation of the Star Trek franchise, although I love them all. Enterprise features a cooler looking ship, more realistic weapons and equipment, and a connection with the present day (it is only about 150 years in the future) all of which I find make this series really appealing.

The second season of Enterprise features mostly excellent episodes that showcase the excellent acting abilities and good chemistry of the cast. Captain Archer really becomes the captain by this second season, and the characters of the other main cast are nicely developed as well. T'Pol's role as science officer becomes nicely complex, as she struggles with her divided feelings toward the illogical and brash humans, who nevertheless surprise her with their achievements and unexpected abilities to cope with problems. Dr. Phlox is simply fabulous. Trip, Travis, Hoshi, and the rest of the "Senior Staff" all develop well in this second season.

There are some really fine episodes in this second season. A couple of my favorites are Carbon Creek and Cogenitor. Both of these were panned by critics, but I found them to be insightful and moving stories. Go figure. How anyone who likes Star Trek could fail to enjoy Carbon Creek (the story of an early accidental visit to Earth by a Vulcan survey team) is simply beyond me. The interactions between the Vulcans and Earthmen in this episode (really a story about how a small 1950s American town is perceived by the highly technological Vulcans) is first-rate. Cogenitor deals with the Enterprise's encounter with a three-sexed race of beings who are more advanced technologically than Earthmen, but who harbor, from a human point of view, downright inhumane attitudes towards their third sex. Problem is, it is not clear that the human point of view should predominate, and therein lies an excellent story. Some very good acting in this episode, in my opinion, particularly in the ending scenes between Trip and Archer.

Star Trek purists have criticized Enterprise for not hewing perfectly to the overall Star Trek history, and this is a valid criticism. I found that once I got past this issue, the Enterprise series nonetheless is great entertainment and it is a shame that Enterprise only went for 4 seasons. One of the best things about this series is that here, space and alien civilizations are new, the technology of the Enterprise is somewhat untested. This gives a freshness and sense of wonder to the series that the otherwise excellent Next Generation Star Trek, in particular, lacked. (There, in my opinion, space was too well-travelled, the alien races too familiar.)

One thing that I did not care for in this series was the repeated use of the time travel theme. In my opinion the wonders of interstellar travel should provide an infinite amount of thematic material, and there is no need to resort to implausible time travel scenarios. What could be more interesting than the findings of Earth's first deep space interstellar spacecraft? There is no need for time travel stories, and I would have been happier had the series omitted altogether the "Temporal Cold War" theme.

Overall, the second season of Enterprise sees the series approach its very excellent potential. This is a must have for all of us Star Trek lovers and will provide hours of enjoyable viewing.
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on July 13, 2016
The second season of Enterprise builds on the strengths of the first season. Shrann and the Andorians return and the P'Jem incident casts a shadow across the early half of this season. There are several episodes that are stand alone. They are one off episodes that are pretty much take it or leave it as far as trek is concerned. "Marauders" is a replay of the original series "Private Little War", and "Precious Cargo" is a more intimate retelling of two trek stories, where a princess must be rescued from danger and taken to another planet in spite of the love that grows between her and a crewman. Also there's a retelling of "Piece of the Action" from the original Trek. In fact, much of the season Enterprise casts about trying on past Trek storylines. Even the Borg show up and Archer has a Star Trek "Undiscovered Country" Klingon prison/trial episode. SoBerman and Bragga are firmly stuck in the past and only the Andorians and episodes like "Carbon Creek" and "First Flight" save the season.
Now a real beef: I have several CBS DVD sets and they all have digital errors on them. Columbo and Enterprise have entire shows where they digitize the images, the screen freezes or jumps entire segments. Very poor quality that mars otherwise entertaining programs.
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on February 16, 2006
I really loved this season. Like many of the other reviewers I could go over each episode. However, I am not going to do that because there is more to this show during season two than several episodes. The character developement was really good, you could see the chemistry between the actors. Captain Archer was excellent and he made me think of the cowboy american mentality. Its like what Captain Picard said to spock about cowboy diplomacy. This show really seemed to represent what I think our initial mentality would be about space. Niave and eager to explore and make freinds. In the first season I didn't really feel a connection to the storylines or characters but during this season I could not get away from it. I would recomend this show to any sci-fi fan.
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on August 23, 2013
I think there's little question that Season Two of 'Enterprise' topped Season One in its quality of storytelling. The character development seemed more cohesive, the actors looked as though they were finally settled into their roles, and the writing was better.

The quality of the Blu-Ray treatment for Season Two also appears to be a big improvement over Season One.

The big treat me for me is newly-produced VAM (Value-Added Material). Series co-creator/producer Brannon Braga sits down with the entire main cast (yes, all seven including Jolene Blalock) for a candid, casual discussion. This is very much like the 'TNG' cast sitting down together for the Season Two Blu-Ray of 'TNG,' except the 'ENT' actors are very candid and not afraid to talk about the controversial stuff. The three-part documentary is also very informative.

My favorite episodes this season include "Marauder," "Carbon Creek" (one of the finest Trek episodes period!), "Regeneration," "Minefield," and "Stigma." In fact there are so many good episodes that the less-than-stellar episodes seem pretty good.

Overall this is well worth the price, even though it didn't sell for $59.99 on release day, like the first four seasons of 'TNG' and the first season of 'ENT' did.
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on May 2, 2016
Okay, they got the temporal stuff done for a while.

Minefield I loved as it introduced the Romulans but never showed them.
The Communicator was a GREAT episode. It showed just how much impact you can have.
Stigma was great not for T'Pol's story line but for Trips. Phlox and his wife... My kind of folks.
Future Tense was the best Temporal Cold War episode of them all.
Judgment was perfect as it showed the Klingons but not at war. It was the embodiment of the trial from the movie but better.
Cogenitor was a great one. A bit heady in my opinion but hit on the key social issues.

Regeneration is my favorite of the this season. It's a good little bridge episode of sorts. Introduces Cybernetic organism.

The finale setup Season 3. A brazen attack to ruin all the pretty niceness. Just what the Trek Universe needed I think. A slap the to face.
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