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on May 14, 2016
The season-long story arc is a risky venture even in the conceptualization phase. With good writers, however, it can succeed and become a classic, which is the case with season three of Enterprise. My only complaint is the revised theme song, the faster tempo doesn't do it for me, the slower version is more introspective and melancholy. The special effects are impressive considering this was a TV series on a minor network and the budget must not have been very big. Overall a very satisfying experience.
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While season three introduces us to the newest threat to the evolving federation it also shows a weakness in the stories that the writers made for the third season as well. The new enemy threat felt too much like a copy of what the Dominion was in Deep Space 9 though not too much but it can be seen. The season gives us more history also of the early triumphs and tragedies of the infant federation as the Enterprise captain and crew meet new aliens and new civilizations and also get into one spot of trouble after another too.

The cast still act their roles very well so kudos to them and of course the special effects are nicely done as well but a decent budget didn't hurt either.Overall the season was entertaining to watch and worth getting especially if you already have the first two seasons already.
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on January 9, 2017
I did not see this series in its original broadcast except for an episode here and there. It seemed interesting but not enough to keep me coming back. Recently, I decided to give it a try and start from the beginning. I have been pleasantly surprised. On every level – characters, plot, effects, development - the show excels. It has a grittiness and rawness that we would expect from the early days of space exploration. Even the Vulcans have a rough edges. It is not perfect but what show is. Some of the episodes are weak, and the complex story they are developing can get a little unwieldy. But this is made up for an overall intriguing progression, surprise episodes, and nice character development. I am finishing up the Third season going on to the Fourth. I will be sad when it is finished.
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on January 23, 2016
I hate to say it but I almost like this series the best of all. However, like all of these shows, it appears the budget must be getting tight and the writers fatigued. The plot is beginning to drag and the effects are getting a little cheesy and if Archer gets the crap beat out of him again this season the doctor should get a Nobel prize for patching him just like new every few days. But it has won me over from the great intro music to the original naivety and eventual jaded desperation. Kick only broke the high ideals for sexy alien women or to recover Spock's brain (little stuff like that) while Archer is moving closer to a marauder with each episode. Hopefully he will redeem himself, after all the stakes are only the future of the universe.
Although the aliens are getting a little cheesy and the plot aging rapidly, they still throw in some gems and interesting twists. Often the secondary story going on in the background is more interesting than the actual adventure. Raising an eyebrow I must say it's interesting how much the Vulcans changed during the next 400 years. Just saying.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon May 19, 2015

Enterprise takes a lot of flak for supposedly ruining the Trek franchise. But that is a little unfair overall.

There are some things about Enterprise that don't fit with the general continuity of the rest of the franchise. The main one of those things is the general look and feel of the show. While it looks cool and realistic, it doesn't flow with the rest of the franchise. In the show's defense it does occur 100-200 years before everything else in the franchise. Things are bound to look a little different. But it's also presented in widescreen, where the rest of the franchise is 4:3. But that's really the biggest issue with the series.

But Season 3 gets weird. The show gets slightly retooled and tries to introduce the Xindi as a villain that is hell-bent on destroying Earth because they have word from the future that humans are going to attack them. It's a stupid sub plot that never should have happened. First off the Xindi are 5 different species from the same planet for no apparent reason. Second, the whole "message from the future" was supposed to be a running theme of the show that involved time travel from the future visiting the original Enterprise crew. This was supposed to happen a lot, but it never materialized in large quantity. (Rightfully so) So the Xindi time travel plot was left in the show kind of like an orphan story line that served no purpose. Season 3 loses a star for the entire Xindi plot.

But the non Xindi related episodes are great and well worth your time.

It's a well made show. If you watched the rest of Trek you owe it to yourself to bring it home with Enterprise.
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on January 24, 2016
Startrek Enterprise, season three opens up with the earth being attacked by an unknown race that uses a automated probe to lay waste a large section of the planet including the area of the north American continent where Cmdr Tucker's sister lived. After that incredible start to this chapter of the story of the earth's first warp five capable starship the action only gets more intense and the problems for the crew get more impossible to comprehend. Not only do they have to find out where the alien probe that attacked earth came from and who, or what sent it, they also have to discover out why the maker's of the probe want to destroy the earth and every one who lives there. So sit down and watch as the crew of the Enterprise not only find out more about the plot against the earth and the aliens whose whole purpose is to destroy mankind, see the crew find out how their own relationships with each other can help them discover the best way to combat the threat to mankind.
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on December 6, 2016
Ordered this early as a gift and when opened it was season 2. Unfortunatelyrics it is beyond the return window. WARNING. Check the inside before giving as gift. At that point, you may not want to give as a gift as you now have opened it.
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2014
As a Trekkie and Trekker, I sometimes feel guilty about my impressions of different incarnations of Star Trek. I should love everything Star Trek, but I do not. I love some things more than others. As a sci-fi fan, what I enjoy the most is a coherent story arc. Star Trek, as a grand space opera, allows for that arc--but so often individual writers and stories interfere with that arc. DS9 provides a very coherent arc that carries through much of the series, albeit with a fair amount of skipping forward, especially in the first couple of seasons. TNG, like Voyager did have the Borg, but again, rewatching them there is a lot of skipping to get to the central arc. That brings us to the third season of Star Trek Enterprise....

The story of the Xindi threat to Earth, the Expanse, time traveling, interdimensional beings, along with the gathering of clues and information leading to a final resolution at the end of the season is the finest effort of Star Trek producers to make just about every episode have some element of the canon and arc. Now, I cannot say everything was "edge of the seat", but the last 4 episodes of the season, and the satisfying resolution combined with another cliff hanger makes this season of Enterprise potentially my favorite of all the series.

I reserve the right to change this opinion since Amazon Prime is providing me the ability to sift through and rewatch DS9 (and truly there was a lot of satisfying canon within DS9)!

Update: 2-5-14 As I have sifted through the central story arc in the 7 seasons of DS9, and move towards the series finale in Season 7, I am thinking that I am about to change my mind. The episodes dealing directly with the Prophets, along with those integrated with the Dominion War, present the best Star Trek ever.
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on November 4, 2016
As with the original Star Trek, STE grows and grows on one. The acting in season 3 and the plot lines are very, very dark and serious. It's all very exciting and suspenseful. But, on a lighter note, the ladies are allowed to explore something that only STE and DS9 do, which is sexuality and sex. (Now, it's not as funny and earthy as the great Farscape, but, it's pretty intense. But, there are no instances of Hynerian sex!)

I heartily recommend STE to all, and can only ask, "Where have your gone, Jolene Blalock? A nation turn's its lonely eyes to you. And, Linda Park too!)
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on May 3, 2016
The aspect of Season 3 that bugged me the most was the change of the theme song from a quieter, folksy sounding sound to an obvious rock beat. The original just fit the opening better. The episodes were ok, though I'm not sure the continuing story line helped to keep viewers. I did like that TaPal left the Vulcan command and that they softened her look. That made for some interesting romantic/sexual situations.I have enjoyed the StarTrek: Enterprise series, mostly because it sets the stage for the Original Series... and it reminds me of one of my favorite Star Trek movies, First Contact. If you are a Star Trek fan, you will enjoy this season, if just to say you saw it once.
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