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on February 25, 2016
Only reason I give it 4 stars is because of the acting and usually the directing usually being good and with good actors. But quite frankly...season 3 sucks. Some major issues:

-A drug using, emotionally unstable Vulcan, really???
-Starfleet attacking innocent people and stranding them in space. Umm, we wouldn't do that now and have laws against it in civilian life, military law (UCMJ) and international law.
-Starfleet shooting first and asking questions later??
-Some real serious plot holes.. I mean gigantic plot holes, to the point it almost feels like they're trying to insult their audience on purpose.
-And yeah that opening song. Who thought a wannabe Rod Stewart song would be a good idea. Seriously?
-All the time travel. Literally at least half of the episodes deal with time travel.
-They have the same or better technology in "Enterprise" then they do in Next Generation.
-Lots and lots of inconsistencies. From plots to technologies.
-Almost all of season 3, and good parts of season 2 and 4, with the whole time traveling/Xindi story arc. Its literally episode after episode in season 3...gets real old real fast.
-A "captain" of an ROTC squad has better judgement then alot of the stuff they wrote for Bakula. Ticks me off cause I like him as an actor. Its like watching all those good actors in that movie "Noah", amazing how bad writting and production can make good actors look bad.
-The persistent message that scientists and science and technology are bad.

Part of what makes good science fiction good is that it has, at the very least, somewhat believable technology and holds true to at least the basic laws of physics. Its almost like they totally reject all things technical and in fact demonize it. Not a real smart thing to do for Star Trek fans or any sci-fi fan. If I wanted that, I would watch Star Wars. I know a lot of the actors dont like the techno-babble as they say, but umm, you know how many Trekkies have schematics and blueprints of the Enterprise ships?? Or have figured out how Warp theory might actually work?? We like the techno-babble... alot of us do the techno-babble in real life. Who did you think your audience was?

The main reason this one is always rated the lowest out of all Star trek's is this: It diverged too much and in too many ways from real Star Trek. Star Trek shouldnt be used as an experimental vehicle for your lame ass ideas.

They try to add in all this action and lots of scantily clad pretty people...its so overt it comes off as an insult. It makes you wonder if the shows producers and writters actually like Star Trek or sci-fi at all.

If you turn the whole Xindi/Time-travvel thing into maybe 4 or 5 episodes instead of half the series, this would have done a whole lot better. And for gods sake get rid of the song, its soo bad, and its your first impression of every episode. First impressions count. I dont care if Berman or Braga take this the wrong way....they got too selfish and forgot who they were making the show for and did not treat the legacy of Star trek with respect.

Star Trek is popular because of Gene Roddenberry's vision, not his employees vision.
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on March 28, 2013
I am bringing this review over from the DVDs. It still holds true!

This is a long time coming, and I know there is already a ton of reviews for this series. I just have to give my take on this series just too kind of cleanse my soul after watching it for the second time.

Broken Bow was the start of the series, and it had a lot of promise and it gave me so much hope for the show. Who wouldn't want to see the missions before the Original Trek Crew of Kirk and Spock? In this episode we see the Klingons for the first time in the Trek universe and to any fan of Star Trek you immediately notice something that most casual fans might not. So it starts to make you think about the possibilities of what could have happened. It was a great time to be a Trek fan.

Season One started out strong and for the most part was a great first step in building the Trek universe, That said Season two was dragged down by time travel, too much was used to try and explain things. It was unnecessary and a cheap way to explain things. In my opinion it brought the show down and ruined what could have been an outstanding show. The second season turns Enterprise into an acceptable TV drama that was to busy trying to confuse everyone.

Season two brought more time travel into the mix with trying to expand the "Temporal Cold War". Season one had the "Temporal Cold War" and if you didn't get it by the end of season one, season two and three throw it in your face every time they can. It really cheapens the Trek universe and it reveals too much to Captain Archer. Even with all the future information given to him you wonder why he makes some of the decisions he makes knowing full well what would happen if he just did it another way. With the information given to Captain Archer about the Federation being formed you feel as if it deprives you and him of the experience of creating it. There was no need for time travel in this show. Season two was were a lot of the fans left the show on to better things.

If Season two was not enough to make you turn it off, Season three was another good reason to do so. As with season two and one the "Temporal Cold War" plays a big role with the Xindi learning of how Earth is going to destroy their home world from another faction of the Cold War feeding the Xindi lies. This in an attempt to destroy humans so the other species manipulating the Xindi could eventually take over the known universe. So you guessed it, more time travel and more nonsense. The Season starts off with the Xindi sending a massive weapon of mass destruction to Earth which ends up killing 7 million people. So humans and Enterprise has to go to "The Expanse" to find the Xindi and stop them from completing an even bigger weapon that would destroy Earth in one blow. This Season also tries to strengthen a romance that you feel was developing slightly in the First and Second seasons. The season ends with Enterprise being thrown back into time. Once again you're left wondering if they will just let the "Cold War" die and get back to being Star Trek!!

If you managed to stick with the show you're finally made it to the best part of what unfortunately became the last season of this show. It started out weak with the whole time travel thing, but they finally stopped the nonsense with time travel and focused on what was important. It got the series back on track, and featured more of the aliens we have come to know. The first part started off with the Augments and even has a reference to the "Botany Bay" and "KHAN"! The show also started to explain the Klingon disease that changed their appearance to what we saw in the Original Show with Kirk. This Fourth season was what we craved the show to be from the start and it was delivering on so many levels only to destroy you in the finial episode.

The last episode is what makes people cringe with fear when they watch this show. They know what's coming. I for one hated the last episode as it basically makes you feel the whole experience was a joke from the start. Was it real or all fake? The little joke they had going though the whole series about a chief which you never see until now makes you wonder was it all worth it. The last episode cheapens what the whole cast had worked for and basically turned it into a half baked Star Trek "The Next Generation" episode.

A few things could have been changed and this episode would have been great! Change one would be get rid of the TNG cast and all references to TNG. Let it be about Enterprise and not William Riker! Don't kill off an awesome character that everyone agrees is one of the best in the show for no reason. This was done just to make fans talk, and it was senseless, there was no point in the killing and it seemed so forced like it was a joke to the writers. Lastly show the speech we all wanted to see. Why was this never shown? It was start of the federation, the speech that made it comes into being and nothing was shown. If you took out all the worthless TNG crap they would have had plenty of time to show the speech. Besides that it was an ok episode and I understood what they were trying to do, but it failed miserably. ( I really believe if you just take out the one death, everyone would be happy with this episode, it would not make it so hated like it is. Still a bad episode but that one death thows it over the top of being bad).

Besides the last episode and the clunky 2nd and 3rd season, this is a great show. The fourth season really does hit a home run, and it's too bad they canceled it. I hope they could do something in the future with Star Trek. It's like something has been missing for so long from TV and it needs to come back in the "Original Time Line". Maybe the first episode should try and fix the damage done to Enterprise with another holodeck recreation of the 'Real Events". Having said how badly this show ends, I would still recommend this show to Trek Fans. It's a great show and it was enjoyable to watch twice though.


I got the Blu-Ray and I am not blown away by the picture, but I am very happy. I never really owned the real DVD set so(I bought my DVD's in Afghanistan, so what I really have is a Ripped version of the show. :-), I thought it was about time I buy the show in a proper format.

First, I would like everyone to understand the reason why the first season of "Enterprise" is not up to picture quality like "The Original Star Trek" or "The Next Generation". This is not a remaster of "Enterprise". This is simply a transfer of the original film to blu-ray disk. I am not the only one to realize this, Blu-Ray.com does not really talk about this, but another review does. Read the Digitalbits review it's very spot on!!

The picture is an upgrade over the DVD's, but its not a huge upgrade. If you are like me and have not bought the DVDs yet, than this is the set you want. You will not be disappointed in the quality. The first episode was the worse picture out the whole season, but it did get better along the way. I believe this is due to the fact that the show was filmed when HD was still very young. On the plus side it's the first Star Trek filmed in Widescreen.

The sound is not great, but it is 5.1 and it's an upgrade over the DVD's. The best thing about "Enterprise" on blu-ray is the special features. Words can not express the amount of extra's you get on this Blu-Ray. The extras alone prove how much love CBS put into this Blu-Ray set. If you think CBS is taking your money for a substandard blu-ray than the Special Features prove you wrong. All of the DVD extras and even the Best Buy Extras are presented here, plus a few new ones that will blow you away on the amount of information given on why the show was not what it could have been.

Overall the score for this release is a solid 8 out of 10 for me. The picture could have been remastered, but I understand the reason why it was not. The picture was state of the art back in 2001 but today it does not hold up. The sound is good but could have been great. Despite the little problems "Enterprise" on blu-ray comes warping out of space dock onto your TV in a great package and is a overall great value.
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on January 31, 2016
I've never seen this before. I quit watching TV in general, and Star Trek in particular, right before the Voyager series finale. Up until then I had watched all the episodes of all the Star Treks since the Next Generation, but I'd heard talk that people didn't care much for Enterprise so I didn't bother to watch it. Now, while faced with a hiatus in Sense8 and Gotham, I decided to look into it. What I found was not bad at all. The best thing about it is that here is a whole new harvest of Star Trek shows that I've never seen, and they follow the Star Trek formats pretty closely. It's refreshing that much of the Star Trek universe, technology, rules and traditions are not yet in place, and they're in developmental stages.

On the negative side there are also a few points. 1) I don't know who these people are or hardly what their jobs are supposed to be, and 2) there are so few of them! It's like a skeleton crew. 3) I don't find them sympathetic either - well, maybe the Asian woman is better defined, and so is the captain. Too much is made of the Vulcan woman's figure, above and beyond the Star Trek norm. And the captain has too much bravado, similar to Captain Kirk.

However the pros outweigh the cons, and I have been watching this regularly, in spite of plenty other shows I might be watching
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on May 2, 2017
As an old trekkie, I was skeptical, but they did a great job in this series. All of the characters are developed nicely with each episode, and while they are not Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, (who could equal them) they have grown on me. Am currently into watching season two. I rate this series as number two in the pantheon of trek series.
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on March 27, 2013
Over the next few weeks there is likely to be a lot of online chatter about how this blu-ray release is a disappointment. Having spent several hours already viewing season 1 of Enterprise on blu-ray, I'm not here to disagree. It is a disappointment, but only to a certain degree. When TOS and Next Generation were debuted on blu-ray, everyone was stunned by the improvement in audio and especially the video quality. That excitement will not likely greet this release, but Enterprise on blu-ray is still a great thing, and I wanted to give what I hope is a balanced view of the good and the not-so-good.

I'll start with the not-so-good: The video quality on season one is a major disappointment. Ironically, the newest star trek television series is the least compelling in its blu-ray release. The clarity is not spectacular, the color is rather dull, the dark scenes look particularly muddy. And that's just the live action footage. The CG work was not re-rendered in 1080p, but upscaled from its original 720. The cheaper approach definitely shows. There is noticeable artifacting that occurs when you do this, especially when objects like space ships are in motion. It's not awful, but it's disappointing.

There are a few comforting realities. The series pilot (Broken Bow) is noticeably worse than the others; it does not represent the overall quality of season one. Don't watch it and assume all of season one will be as bad. According to a review on Digital Bits, there is a likely explanation. When the pilot was being shot, it wasn't yet decided if the series would be broadcast in 4:3 or widescreen. The decision was then made to broadcast in widescreen, and apparently the pilot had to be reframed for this, which would reduce the resolution. Having had the chance to compare the video quality with other episodes in season one, this is exactly what it looks like happened. I can't confirm this, but it would explain why the pilot looks especially bad. The second episode was noticeably improved. I then decided to jump ahead to the season cliff hanger, and it looks better yet. For whatever reason, the look of the series seemed to improve over the course of the first season, at least in its first blu-ray release.

As an experiment, I pulled out my dvd edition of season 3 and popped in the first episode. I was immediately jolted by how horrible it looks! I had forgotten what an upgrade hi-def, even not stellar hi-def, provides. And I have a reference quality blu-ray player with good internal upscaling. So yes, even though this blu-ray could have been better, it's still quite an upgrade from dvd!!

More of the good stuff: There is a significant improvement in sound quality with the lossless 5.1 audio. CBS did not choose to give the audio the 7.1 treatment, but it's still very satisfying, with better low-end and clearer dialogue. The menus are nicely done and the series theme song (which many people hate!) has never sounded better!

And the best of the best is the ton of extras included. Among those is an hour-long dialogue between Rick Berman and Brannon Braga about the series inception, high points and problems. It's the most frank discussion they've ever given on the topic. These two men were vilified by many star trek fans when Enterprise was floundering. In my opinion, much of the criticism was undeserved, to the point of being hysterical and bizarre at times. The interview is a good window into these two men, and the struggles of bringing Enterprise to the small screen when interest in Star Trek across the board was waning.

All of the previous special features from the dvd release of Enterprise are carried over, as well as several other new documentaries that are presented in HD.

All in all, I would recommend this blu-ray release to most Star Trek fans. If you want to buy it only to be dazzled by the new HD presentation, you will be disappointed. However, don't view the pilot episode and assume the rest will look as bad. The other episodes are better. If you are interested in the history behind this series, and a perspective on how it fits into the Star Trek universe, you will have hours of special features to give you such insights.

CBS obviously decided that this series did not have a large enough audience to justify the financial investment that would have been involved in making it look spectacular. My guess is that season two, and especially 3 and 4 will look at least a little better than season one. Hopefully CBS will continue to offer fascinating new special features to accompany these coming seasons.
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on May 31, 2016
I watched several episodes of Enterprise when it was released but never really got into the series. Binge watching the first season again several years later, I have come to realize that the biggest problem with Enterprise was the idiotic them song Berman chose for some unknown reason. What kind of mood altering chemicals were they feeding their focus groups that helped with that decision? Using the skip ahead feature of the Amazon video player eliminated the annoyance of the lyrical theme song and leaves behind an interesting take on "how we got here" for the series that in reality preceded Enterprise but in the story came much later. It is a shame the show only lasted four seasons as I am quite enjoying re-watching what many considered the "ugly stepchild" of the Star Trek universe. Great series.
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on January 31, 2016
I have not owned a TV in 38 years. Life is simply to full for me to waste hours and hours watching TV. I was in junior high school when the first Star Trek came out and loved the idea and show. The other Star Treks were not as good because they were too preachy. Every episode was about proving a social issue using space aliens to prove everything from the need for women's rights, to the need for a socialistic society. However, I was greatly impressed by Star Trek: Enterprise. The time frame was much better, not every problem could be solved by technology. Enterprise has action and a sense of adventure without all of the preaching. Yet in the end, like all great television, the show does convey an important message to the viewer. I believe that Star Trek: Enterprise is my favorite show in the entire Star Trek universe. There, I said it!
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on May 3, 2015
I really enjoy this cast very much and I think they do an outstanding job. Unfortunately the show was canceled before it could acquire audience dedication that happened in many other spinoffs in the Star Trek franchise. I was very disappointed that it was going to discontinued after four years. Although I am not a trekkie, I was eight years old when the original Star Trek series began and was livid when they canceled it after only three seasons since every episode began with Captain Captain Kirk telling us they had a five-year mission... I bet NBC never stopped regretting that foolish move.

Star Trek enterprise is a pre-quill and was very good in many ways; however, sometimes they are technology seemed more advanced than the original series which doesn't make sense. Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable series and I just ordered the second and third season. (I am planning on order the ordering the fourth soon.) Enjoy!
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on February 26, 2016
I didn't like the new series at first. It was like they went too far back into the future history of Earth. The Vulcans weren't our allies, they were cold, arrogant and even cruel. And the ship was kind of pathetic compared to other Treks. Also I didn't care much for some of the crew, Hoshi whined a lot as did Malcolm. And Archer was a bit of a geeky snob with his water polo. Who watches that crap? Anyway, the show had a slow start but by the time Shrann (Jeffrey Coomb) and the Andorians showed up, I was hooked. Finally we were on our way. I liked the season enough to recommend it to my sister who promptly took the first season box and kept it. I liked the show enough to buy a second copy for myself.
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on August 1, 2012
This show had real potential, the idea of making the very first Enterprise adventures should have been a sci fi wet dream. The show promised to put a new spin on the franchise. After watching a few episodes I can see why the show faltered and eventually failed. Here is what I see

Opening: Terrible Rock 80's ballet!! Say Wha- They used a horrible opening song, so bad in fact I could see people turning the channel to wait for it to be over, you never want veiwers to turn the channel. We are opening to an adventure about the galaxy in all its glory, stick to a classic epic orchestra opening.

Captain Archer: The very first captain of a StarFleet vessel, a very exciting role, yet they write the character to be nieve, spineless, and really boring. The writers give him some bold lines and actions every once in a while but a true personality is never pulled off, and you are left with a inept captain. This is following some great personalities in the ST Universe: Kirk a resourceful from the hip cowboy, Picard an intelligent by the book gentleman, and Janeway who is bold and stubborn yet nurturing.

The show itself: Never really sets itself apart from the rest. Here is humans first shot at the galaxy in the first ship capable of exploring, but you feel like you are watching just another ST series. They crew basicly remains faceless, the ship is a cold eviroment that sees to every comfort (yes they call it different things but reprocessed protien is still replicated food) and the main characters are the officers. I was expecting a rag tag crew of hot heads and volenteers, a group willing to risk space adventures, a ship with personallity (Millenium Falcon, Serenity in Firefly, etc) and ship officers who had the beef to control it all.

Overall the show is not bad, but so far it does not live up to its potential.
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