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on December 24, 2015
not bad but like other reviewers stated it could have had more klingon episodes. the original star trek episodes have the original shots in them and not the remastered cgi shots. i like how they managed to make the klingons likable on next generation. the backstory shows that this race does believe in honor. worf was the best character to bridge the gap by being both a klingon and having had to live with humans as foster parents after his real parents were killed. i was happy to see the character on deep space 9. the other cool klingon is worf's brother kurn played by tony todd. todd is currently doing the voice of zoom on the flash tv series.
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on November 14, 2006
I only wish that the set had two more episodes. The first one is "day of the dove" (TOS) with Kang. There were only three major Klingon episodes in TOS. Two of them are on here" (Errand of Mercy" has Kor, "Trouble with Tribbles" has Koloth.) but not the third one which is "day of the dove".
Because Worf was a main character in TNG and later DS9 there are many Klingon episodes in those series. So there is no way to include them all. With TOS however, just the addition of "day of the dove" would make it seem more complete. There, is another reason it could have been included. All three Klingon captains make an appearance in one DS9 episode mentioned below.

The episode "Blood Oath" from DS 9 could have been included. It has Kor, Koloth AND Kang (all three characters played by the orignal actors) in it. In fact, I think it would have been a better episode to include than "the sword of Kahless". (somehow the episode seems redundant to me. perhaps an inclusion of a "b" story would have made it a better episode"

For the TNG Klingon arc, "Reunion" should have been included. The events that happened here are after "Sins of the Father" and are referred to in Redemption (Worf killing Duras, the first apperance of Gowron, Picard becoming the arbiter etc).

"Barge of the dead" seems like a token episode just to include at least one show from "voyager".

It is a good collection in the sense that it has shows from all the series. I have all of DS9 on DVD. So the ones in the set are repeats for me. (The Q collection, for example, has only one DS9 episode. The rest are TNG and Voyager only...but it is a good collection because it has EVERY Q episode in it. Unless you count the TOS episode "Squire of Gothos"). "The Way of the Warrior" from DS9 gets a text commentary on here, (that isn't included on the DS9 Season 4 set) which I enjoy.

To sum it up. The collection would be more complete with the inclusion of
"Day of the Dove" , "Bload Oath" and "Reunion". It would still fit on four discs.
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2013
I have been a fan of Star Trek since the first original series. When this Klingon fan collection DVD series first came out I immediately bought it because I really enjoyed all the Star Trek series when they showed the "Warrior race" Klingon episodes. Even though I have seen this series several times, I recently decided to watch the entire collection for the fourth time.

I throughly enjoyed watching this series which includes the following: Disc 1: Broken Bow (Star Trek Enterprise), Errand of Merch (Star Trek the Original Series), The trouble with tribbles (The orignal series). Desc 2: A matter of honor (The next generation), Sins of the father (The next generation), Redemption part 1 and 2 (The next generation). Disc 3: The way of the warrior (Deep Space nine), The sword of Kahless (Deep space nine, Disc 4: Trials and tribble-ations (Deep space nine), Barge of the dead (Voyager).

In conclusion, if you are into the Klingon warrior race Star Trek series you will enjoy this collection, even though I agree with many of the previous reviewers that they could have added other Klingon episodes and made this a better collection.

Rating: 4 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: PR-24 Police Baton Advanced Techniques)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 30, 2006
For those who are Star Trek followers but can't afford the very steep price of the regular seasonal dvds, Star Trek Fan Collective - Time Travel is a definite must have. The Fan Collectives Borg & Q are also worth dropping your hard-earned dollars for. I myself am a huge fan of the time travel concept so I jumped at the chance to own this box set. This collection contains some of my favorite Trek episodes: "Yesterday's Enterprise," "Time's Arrow," "All Good Things," "Trials and Tribble-ations," "Endgame," and the all-time classic "The City on the Edge of Forever" (boy, Joan Collins never was sexier).

I've no gripe with the episodes that made it to this box set; they are all great representatives of their particular series. Several time travel episodes I thought could have been included are:

"Timescape" (ST: TNG) - On board a runabout, Picard & several crew members rendezvous with the Enterprise only to discover their starship frozen in time and moments away from annihilation.

"The Visitor" (ST: DS9) - Tony Todd guest stars as the adult Jake Sisko attempting to save his father, who is trapped in temporal limbo.

"Future's End (Parts 1 & 2)" (ST: Voyager) - A face off with a futuristic Federation timeship temporally catapults Voyager back into 20th century Earth.

"Storm Front (Parts 1 & 2)" (Enterprise) - Archer and his Enterprise crew find themselves back in time in an altered WW2 Earth, having been influenced by the Temporal Cold War.

Special features present text commentaries on three episodes: "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" (Star Trek: The Original Series), "Yesterday's Enterprise" (Star Trek: TNG), and "Little Green Men" (Star Trek: DS9).

How about a Fan Collective of all the episodes involving the Holodeck? The seminal "The Big Goodbye" and "Elementary, Dear Data" have to be solidly in that compilation, as well as the rollicking "Bride of Chaotica," while the cute "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" (ST: DS9) might also make it. Anyways, any chance to revisit with Dixon Hill, Data's Sherlock Holmes, Prof. Moriarty, Captain Proton, Arachnia (and her irresistible pheromones), and Lt. Barclay is a very good thing indeed.
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on March 27, 2017
I got this dvd with fast shipping. I love this dvd!
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on December 19, 2007
These fan collectives are a brlliant addition to the Trek family of DVDs. Surely only the most rabid and rich fans (rich in money AND in time!) could afford the thousands of dollars required to gather and watch all 5 series of Trek. For those of us unblessed by such qualities, these fan collectives are most welcome. Because Trek fans are among the most knowledgable (and most opinionated!) fans as a group, their populist choices to appear in these groupings of shows will represent the best episodes of each series. It also allows the viewers to see many of the 2-part episodes together without having to buy separate seasons of the shows. The only drawback is that these sets have been left entirely to the audiences' whims, without any overarching control. Thus, "City on the Edge of Forever" is in the Captain's set too; "Endgame" is in the Borg Collective. Finally, I'm disappointed that this set does not include anything from Enterprise: much of the 3rd season involved battle with a species with temporal weapons - were none of these shows more worthy that "Little Green Men"? Or worth putting on instead of "Endgame" that was already on the Borg Collective? I'm also not sure about "Tomorrow is Yesterday" as the second ToS choice - I prefer "All Our Yesterdays" and even "Assignment: Earth" is about the same level.

This set includes:

Tomorrow is Yesterday (ToS) (3.5/5) - a damaged Enterprise accidentally travels to 1960s Earth. In defending themselves, they destroy an airforce fighter and capture its pilot, who has a critical role in history. How can the crew get home and restore the timeline?

City on the Edge of Forever (TOS) (5/5) - McCoy accidentally passes through the Guardian of Forever into 1930s Earth. The timeline is changed and Kirk and Spock must right the timeline. Guest-starring Joan Collins as an idealistic soup-kitchen missionary with whom Kirk falls in love.

Time's Arrow (TNG) (3.5/5) - In its original run, I remember being quite disappointed with this cliffhanger/premier combo. It's certainly not as compelling as "The Best of Both Worlds" or "Redemption". Archaeologists on Earth discover Data's head, which has been buried in a cave for 500 years. In the course of their investigation, they discover time-travelling alien soul-sucking vampires (?!) on Earth at the end of the 19th century.

Cause and Effect (TNG) (5/5) - The precursor to the feature film, "Groundhog Day" - the Enterprise experiences the same day over and over after being stuck in a time-loop following collision with another ship. Features the most compelling "teaser" segment of all Trek shows: the Enterprise is destroyed with all hands before the opening credits!

Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG) (5/5) - during the battle that destroys her, the Enterprise C is thrown into the timeline of the Enterprise D, altering the future so that the Klingons and Federation are at war, Tasha Yar is still alive (and obviously Worf is not a member of the Enterprise D's crew). Only Guinan can sense the original timeline, and she must convince Picard to allow the Enterprise C to return to the battle (and sure destruction) to repair the timeline. This episode is supurb, but sets the stage for the very unfortunate subplot of the half-human/half-Romulan Sela who plagues future Romulan-based episodes.

All Good Things (TNG) (4.5/5) - The series finale of Next Generation. Q teleports Picard between three timelines - the "present" (season 7 of TNG), the past (Encounter at Farpoint, i.e. the beginning of Season 1), and the future, where Admiral Riker is in command of the Enterprise, the Klingons and Federation are no longer allies, and Picard is suffering from an Alzheimer-like disease. Picard is set a puzzle to solve that will save humanity if he succeeds, but destroy the entire race if he fails. A very interesting idea, but the solution is somewhat contrived, and the episode suffers on repeated viewings.

Little Green Men (DS9) (2/5) - the weakest show in the set. Nog, Quark, and Rom become the Roswell aliens after an accident with their warp drive sends them to 1950s Earth.

Trials and Tibbleations (DS9) (5/5) - taking a page from "Forrest Gump", the crew of the Defiant chase a Klingon agent back in time. The agent is trying to kill Kirk for interfering with Klingon plans during the TOS episode "Trouble with Tribbles". One extremely clever and seamless special effect has Kirk questioning Chief O'Brien about his involvement in a fight on the space station.

Year of Hell (Voy) (3.5/5) - a species tries using a time-travelling weapon to wipe out its enemies and make itself all-powerful in its region of space. Unfortunately, its "incursions" in space-time always have unintended consequences. The Voyager is caught in the middle by virtue of its temporal shielding, and attempts to find and destroy the temporal weapon while simultaneously taking on different iterations of the enemy species' conventional warships.

Endgame (Voy) 4/5 - The season finale of Voyager. Admiral Janeway, 30 years in the future, returns to "present time" Voyager with technology and a plan to get the Voyager home 25 years early, thus saving the lives of those she knows will die (or, in Tuvok's case, go insane) before Voyager makes it to Earth in the normal way. The plan involves a risky confrontation with Janeway's old nemesis, the Borg Queen, who is guarding a Borg-controlled wormhole-infested region of space.

As usual, this collective is bare-bones - text commentaries on "Tomorrow is Yesterday", "Yesterday's Enterprise", and "Little Green Men" are the only extras. But for those not wishing to purchase many Trek shows/seasons, this is a great "primer" full of worthy episodes.
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on February 10, 2006
Star Trek Time Travel Fan Collection is a four-disc boxed set spanning all of the Star Trek series, with the exception of Enterprise, and includes 12 episodes that were selected in an Internet poll compiled by Paramount of favorites then voted on by more than 200,000 fans. It is the second theme boxed set to be released involving the Star Trek franchise, the other is Fan Collection - Borg. While theme sets are not always popular, Paramount may have hit upon winners in these two collections, especially for fans who have been unwilling or unable to purchase the pricey complete season boxed sets of each series.

Disc One includes:

Tomorrow is Yesterday, ST: The Original Series, Season 1. Capt. Kirk and crew are thrown into a time warp that transports the Enterprise into the past. They find themselves orbiting the Earth in the 1960s and are spotted by U.S. radar and labeled a UFO. They end up transporting an Air Force fighter pilot captain aboard then have to figure out how to return him safely and get back to their own time without affecting the past.

The City on the Edge of Forever, ST: The Original Series, Season 1. This episode is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, of the entire three-year run of the series. Capt. Kirk and Spock travel back in time to a large Earth city during the Depression through an ancient Time Portal in an attempt to find Dr. McCoy, who has gone mad after accidentally self-injecting a powerful drug. McCoy, who went through the Time Portal first, altered the past erasing all that came afterward. So, there is no Enterprise, no Starfleet, and no way to restore reality unless Kirk and Spock can stop McCoy in "time."

Yesterday's Enterprise, ST: Next Generation, Season 3. The U.S.S. Enterprise-D finds a bizarre rift in space, revealing an unidentified and badly damaged space vessel, which turns out to be the Enterprise-C, believed destroyed 20 years ago. The ship is in an alternate time line in which the Federation is at war with the Klingons. Security Officer Tasha Yar, who was killed in the line of duty in the present day, is alive on the Enterprise-C. Eventually, the Enterprise-C is sent back through the time rift to right events and stop the war. (Includes text commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda.)

Cause and Effect, ST: Next Generation, Season 5. The Enterprise crew are trapped in a time, causality loop and are traveling to their own destruction via a head-on collision with another Star Ship, the U.S.S. Bozeman, also trapped in the same loop. Eventually able to escape without colliding, the crew finds they had relieved the same day for 17 days, while the Bozeman crew had been trapped repeating events for 90 years.

Disc 2:

Time's Arrow Parts I & II, ST: Next Generation, Season 5/6. A cliff-hanging story arc that ended the fifth season and opened the sixth season of the series. The crew are in San Francisco when Data's head, very old and dusty, is discovered along with 19th century artifacts in a cavern. Investigating, they end up being transported to San Francisco in the late 1800's and have to deal with aliens who travel back and forth in time to steal neural energy from humans.

All Good Things, Part I &II, ST: Next Generation, Season 7. The final episodes in the series, Capt. Picard finds himself at the mercy of Q, suddenly traveling unbidden between the past, present and future while trying to prevent the destruction of all of humanity, which he learns he caused.

Disc 3:

Little Green Men, ST: Deep Space Nine, Season 4. Quark and Nog end up traveling to Earth in a shuttle but are caught in a time warp and crash land in July 1947 in Roswell, N.M.! (Includes text commentary Michael and Denise Okuda.)

Trials and Tribble-ations, ST: Deep Space Nine, Season 6. Fantastic episode with incredible special effects that blends footage from the episode The Trouble With Tribbles, from ST: The Original Series, with newly shot footage of the Deep Space Nine crew. The DS crew travels back in time 100 years to Space Station K-7 and The Enterprise to hunt for Arne Darvin who has used a Bajoran Orb of Time to find and try to kill Capt. Kirk. Great scenes of Sisco, Dax, Bashir and O'Brien appearing to interact with the original Enterprise crew.

Year of Hell, Part II & II, ST: Voyager, Season 8/9. Another cliffhanger that spans seasons. Voyager becomes the victim Krenim time weaponry, which continues to alter the present and the memories of the crew while experimenting with establishing its dominance in that region of space.

Disc 4:

Endgame, Parts I & II, ST: Voyager, Season 7. Ending the series, these episodes weave time travel in an emotionally charged story that results in Voyager's eventually triumphant return home, as well as the destruction of the evil Borg Queen.
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on August 14, 2006
This is a great set and really shows how the conception of Klingons evolved over the course of five series (so they should have put the Enterprise ep on last!). Errand of Mercy is far superior to Day of the Dove, and The Trouble with Tribbles is a classic that just can't be left off. As for TNG--I think that A Matter of Honor is superior to Heart of Glory which is a bit one-note, and the fan collectives have been a bit light on Riker, so I'm glad that this is included here. While I would have enjoyed classic Suzy Plakson and Alexander episodes--the other TNG eps are about Klingons, not just about Worf, so they fit. The disc three DS9 episodes are great action pieces, and I for one don't mind the T & T-lations double dip as much as some of the others between the four sets (at least it's just one ep instead of the double-length TNG and Voyager finales). Also--there's a very good text commentary for this episode that wasn't included in the time travel set. Barge of the Dead seems like an appropriate choice for Torres and Voyager.

I can understand the point of view of those who point out some missing classics from each series--but in fact this is a good Klingon set as opposed to being all Worf all the time. Dorn is featured on the cover, at any rate, which seems to be very appropriate! The finale of Enterprise infuriated me so much that I refuse to watch any ep of that show--so I'm glad that they only used the pilot here and no later Klingon-centered shows that I understand hadn't been shown in time for voting. The collectives are very light on Enterprise eps, and I for one am glad (with apologies to that show's fans).

Double-dipping can't spoil the joy of owning classic Star Trek episodes without being required to buy 28 seasons of shows which it would be tough to really watch and enjoy in any lifetime. I really like skipping from series to series, and owning a collection that takes up a very small amount of shelf space and can be viewed in a few afternoons. I've bought all four sets, and despite skipping all Enterprise episodes, as well as the Hugh/Borg trilogy, I feel like I've gotten my money's worth and like I have a representative sample of more than 30 years of Star Trek. For the price of just a season and a half of any one of the 5 series, I have four great thematic sets that I really enjoy.
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on January 6, 2015
I purchased this set back in 2006 and decided to watch them again. This time I was disappointed because the episodes are in " full screen" format. So if you have a digital HD tv, the images are distorted and look wider than normal. Also some of the scenes seem jerky like the DVD is skipping. The first time I watched the episodes I guess I didn't notice the problems or 8 year old DVDs are wearing out after two or three viewings.
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on March 2, 2010
This is a great collection of Klingon based episodes in the Star Trek Universe. We definitely need a 2nd boxset because there is so much more good stories to have in another boxset. This colection includes the deep space nine 4ht season opener "The Way of The Warrior" which is one of my favorites because it introduces another war with the klingon empire which brings Worf back on the screen and therefore enhances the deep space nine show and gives it more depth and style. All of the episodes in the set are a part of different story lines and are well written. If your a big fan of the charicature of the klingons as I am, then after watching this boxset, you will be left craving more episodes on the subject. Thats why I pray that there will be a "Star Trek Klingon Fan Collective Volume 2.
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