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on November 22, 2013
Not a very good restoration. Some parts of Star Trek the motion picture show that the master it came from has some wear.
The VHS my mother got back in the 1980's is cleaner as it was transferred from the master soon after the movie left the theaters.
The newer the movie the less wear to the point where the master has not enough wear to show up.
The Captains summit is a nice attention. However it's not so much a captains summit as it is just William Shatner with Leonard Nemoy (Of TOS) and Patrick stewart with Jonathan franks of TNG. None of the other captains however as this box set only represents the movies starting ToS crew so the absence is justified as is the fact that it's whoopi goldberg doing the interviews so she's focused on the people she knew. The star trek she grew up with and the star trek she acted in.
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on March 6, 2014
Well, it finally arrived. I have been waiting for this delivery with high expectations. Star Trek was a major part of my growing up. What a way to describe a movie/television series. For years I have wanted to own a copy of the movies and finally I was able to purchase a copy for myself to watch whenever I wished too. Upon opening the package, I noticed that the individual cases were slimmer than the normal DVD case, but none the less, this just made the entire series fit within the Larger display box. I have not had a chance to watch ANY of the DVD's, yet, but if a problem arises, I will update this review. Otherwise, the DVD's appear to be in New Condition and the whole package is as described. Yes I would recommend this package to anyone who likes this type of Science Fiction. After watching all the DVD's, they all performed perfectly. I have to state, the bonus disk, Captains Summit, was actually pretty good.
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on July 25, 2011
The Star Trek films have never looked or sounded better than this BluRay release. Paramount/CBS should be proud of what they've done.

Star Trek The Motion Picture, while not being the superior 2000 Robert Wise-supervised director's cut, is still an amazing experience on BluRay. If one divorces oneself from the Star Wars hysteria of the late 70s and watches this movie as its own experience, it actually holds up rather well in its original theatrical version. While there are occasional flaws that would eventually need cleaning up in restoration, the HD picture just sparkles with life I certainly don't remember from the theater. There is detail and color, especially in the visual effects, that render this a hypnotically beautiful film.

STII's restoration is a true eye-opener that demands repeated viewings to appreciate all the colors and textures that never had the opportunity to catch our eyes in previous remasters. The story, of course, is classic, and has never looked or sounded better.

STIII, was a surprise, especially since I had read some reviews saying the picture was squashed with too much DNR. It was bright, colorful and filled with fine detail, and Harve Bennett's script was better than I remember it when I first saw it.

STIV was just as good as STIII's HD master, and of course the story is one of ST's most enjoyable.

STV did not age well at all. The HD remaster revealed the low quality of Bran Ferren's poor visual effects in a way I had never expected, bringing the whole visual experience down two notches. The sound, while powerful, had too much dynamic range, forcing me to do multiple volume adjustments during playback in order to balance dialog with louder action-oriented passages. Even Lord of the Rings, with its ubiquitous battle sequences, had a soundtrack I never had to adjust once in my home viewings. And of course, no amount of remastering can save this horrid script, but I did sit through it all again from start to finish.

STVI was probably one of the best looking and sounding movies of this set. I was very satisfied that they elected to go with the original theatrical version of this film instead of the multiple home video versions released in the past. For one thing, the 2.35:1 framing (over the 1.85:1 of the previous DVD) gave it back the grandeur that it originally had when I saw it on opening night back in December 1991. And the plot was better served by the tighter editing--the extra scenes included on past home video releases were entertaining, but totally unnecessary.

The extra "Captains' Summit" was an entertaining conversation. It is worth one view, but probably no more.

This is a fabulous set, which I recommend to both Star Trek fans and general HD movie buffs. I do have to give Paramount extra credit for honoring the history and legacy of these films in their original forms, as we all saw them in our local theaters way back when, unlike a certain media mogul who's initials are G.E.O.R.G.E. L.U.C.A.S.

Order this set now, if you haven't done so already. Your BD player will be very happy.
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This is the first six movies also known the original series movies that bring the cast back and show how the characters have changed from the series. Also has special features with the cast and crew about making the movies and the mythology of the Star Trek universe.
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on May 21, 2017
Well we've all seen these movies so no review of them is necessary, but the quality is very good, picture and sound crisp. I'm glad to have these movies in my collection in Blu-Ray.
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on July 29, 2014
At discount price, this collection is well worth the purchase when in pursuit of the Original Cuts in decent quality HD. Good commentaries too. Earlier DVD versions, however, featured superior directors cuts of "Undiscovered Country" "Wrath of Khan" and a vastly improved cut of "The Motion Picture." It is my understanding that those versions were not mastered in HD, which would require Paramount to start from scratch if they want to sell them on Blu-ray. Then again, why can't they? They've meticulously remastered all the seasons of "The Next Generation," which was never mastered on an HD medium to begin with. Why not the whole movie collection? Trek geeks will pay their parents hard-earned dollars. If you build it...
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on August 4, 2012
I not only like to have these extra documentaries for reference, but I'm also a bit OCD and when I upgrade I hate to lose anything from previous formats. I bought this on sale at Amazon and felt it was worthwhile to go from DVD to BD because of the sale price.

I previously had the box set of Original Trek movies containing these six films in the two-disc versions (Collector's or Director's Editions). I was very interested to see if the BluRay set had everything from the DVD set.

First, some good news. Each of the BD versions has at least one (often more) Bonus Features, in HiDef, which were not on the DVD versions.

Next, bad news. Film I had three BFs on the DVD version which were not included on the BD version. Also the DVD version was the Extended Cut and the BD was not, nor were there Deleted Scenes on the BD version. Similar issue for film II -- Director's Cut on DVD but not on BD and no Deleted Scenes (though the BD did have all the BFs from the DVD).

More good news. Films III through VI were not missing any BFs from the DVDs and they all (IIRC) had Deleted Scenes (though I don't remember the DVD versions being Extended or Director's Cuts anyway).

More bad news. All of the DVD versions had a Text Commentary track from the Okudas. This is a version of the film with popup boxes from time to time with tidbits of info. I like these text commentaries over audio commentaries because you can watch and listen to the film while still getting extra info. With audio commentaries, you mostly can't hear the film dialog so you either listen to the film with no commentary or you listen to commentary. All of the DVD versions had this text commentary but none of the BD versions did (that I could find).

So, to sum up -- the BD set has more Bonus Features than the DVD set, but is missing a few BFs and some scenes that were available on the DVD set. The BD set is also missing the text commentaries from the Okudas.

And so my end rating is four stars. The film quality itself is good enough to allow for five stars, so any adjustments I make are based on features. Although I get some extras here not on DVD, I'm missing others, and my OCD won't let me give five stars for not completely superseding the previous format.
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on January 21, 2013
This is a really, really good collection. It has all the films from the Original Series cast and the movies look great. The menus are simple to navigate, the sound is fantastic, there are commentaries on each film and there's only one thing I can complain about.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. They included the theatrical cut. This cut edits out four minutes of scenes. The bulk of that deals with Peter Preston. Don't remember him? He's that cadet that Kirk picks on at the start of the film and the one Scotty brings to the bridge after the first battle with Khan. These scenes explain who he is and why Kirk and Scotty paid so much attention to him. (Still doesn't explain why he took a dying man to the bridge and not sickbay, but maybe he though Kirk was awesome enough to heal the kid through the power of charisma?) I'd suggest finding the Director's Edition of WoK as a supplement to this set, so you get the whole movie. The Director's Edition is also called the TV Cut and is director Nick Myer's preferred version of the movie.

The Motion Picture is also the Theatrical Cut, but other cuts only serve to put ALL the effects shots from the pre-release cut back in, so I don't see the point in complaining about less padding.
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on April 11, 2013
Just got started with this set. Decided to start in the middle, and will have to get to all of them soon.
I'm perfectly fine with the fact that these are all supposed to be the theatrical versions. I like some of the little changes on the previous home releases of these movies, but it's kind of nice to see them make these available in their "original" form. I'm sure that if they didn't, some would surely complain, and it'd be kind of sad.
Think about it - the real original Star Wars movies (4-6) are only available on a badly transferred, letterboxed-inside-4:3-Standard-def-DVD, as a bonus disc, on out of print DVDs (circa 2006, which, I do own).

These Star Trek movies are high quality, high definition transfers of 6 classic movies, as they were, "warts and all," and I'm fine with that. Maybe someday, they'll put out a set with "directors cuts" etc, and sure, I do see the point some have made about "why couldn't they have just done seamless branching" - but - this is still really nice to have the best qualtiy copies of these movies, using as much of a disc as they can, even with a few extras on each one.

Nice set. Well done. Not overdone. Nice simple menus, though I don't understand the promo for the 11th movie on these in the beginning. It's a box set. If anything, they should've put that on the bonus disc, as a bonus trailer or something. No reason for it to be on the main discs. Kind of cheesy. Kind of lame. It's not like most fans haven't heard of this, or wouldn't go see it. Then again, I suppose it doesn't really hurt anything. I do have an individual blu-ray of IV, so I'll have to see if it's also on that too. At least it's not taking up too much space.

Transfer seems nice on III so far. I'm sure the others also look great. Pretty cool to have a good box set of all of these on blu-ray.

Checked one extra on III before starting the movie, and it was really cool to see and hear the stories from some of the folks who worked on these movies. Digital effects are neat at times, sure, but these guys really made some great things happen with the tech they had to work with.
Real models and effects are still great. No matter how great computer graphics get, and no matter how cool some of it really is, the capture of something really tactile and really reacting is ...well... more real... These folks also have another great point - they had a lot of fun doing a lot of this work, and I can really respect the work they did to bring us their efforts.

All in all, this is a good set. If you already have a DVD set, it might not interest you that much. If you don't care about the theatrical versions, it might not matter to you. To me, it just seemed like a fair deal to finally get this collection, and as a long time fan, I am not in the least bit disappointed. I am quite happy to have this set, and to be able to enjoy these classic films once again.
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on March 3, 2014
I won't review the films themselves, since there are plenty of ST reviews available online.

The box set is packaged tightly and looks good on a shelf if you're the kind of person who likes displaying your collection. Overall, the film quality looks AMAZING on Blu-ray, especially the earlier films like The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan.

Sound is great, but I viewed these discs on a standard audio setup with no surround sound. Still, everything was crisp and clear and there were no muddy sections in the audio.

My only gripe is that there is a plastic sleeve that fits around the box set itself. Looks great, but it's slightly too tight. I've nicked up the corner on the box itself (cardboard) while taking the sleeve on and off. But the quality of the films is amazing, especially for a Trek fan like me. If you're a nut about displaying your collection (I'm not) then just take a little care when removing the sleeve, but otherwise it's a fantastic value.

Based on the crazy Amazon Deal price I got, it's impossible not to give this set a 10/10.
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